HORRORS! These Francophones Want to Live in a White Christian Country!

The following video is Part 1 of a documentary entitled “Hungary: The Promised Land.” It concerns French and Belgian expats who emigrate to Hungary to escape the relentless cultural enrichment of their native countries.

The narrator makes clear his sneering disdain and condescension towards the poor benighted WAYCISTS who choose to move to Budapest. Imagine — they want to live among white Christians! What’s wrong with them??

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Hungary, the Promised Land
00:04   We are selling everything, and
00:08   We’ll start over. Anyway, since over there most places are furnished,
00:12   we won’t burden ourselves, [Hungary] isn’t next door either. —Yes, you’re right.
00:16   He’s a truck driver, she’s a stay-at-home mom.
00:20   In a month and a half, Steve, his wife Priscilla and their two children leave
00:24   Verdun in the Meuse [department]. They leave behind their job, their house
00:28   and France. Forever.
00:32   We have lived here for three years, and
00:36   So we feel relatively well here, but we find,
00:40   like everywhere else, the general problem with France.
00:44   Here we’re under impression that we lost our values, [that] our traditions
00:48   aren’t necessarily respected; even the mentality has changed,
00:52   I think. For Steve Nicolas the country
00:56   is in the process of sinking. Abandoned by its leaders,
01:00   overrun by immigrants.
01:04   There’s a problem with immigration, clearly, meaning that
01:08   we find a lot of unemployment in those populations,
01:12   insecurity, drug dealing. —You here in Verdun,
01:16   you feel insecure. —Pretty much, yes. Less than
01:20   in Nancy or Metz, but, let’s say that starting at
01:25   7-8pm things happen, though, voilà. —What’s going on, for example,
01:29   what type of things, here in…? —A lot of conjugal violence, there was a young girl
01:33   who was attacked by a migrant at 6am, which shows it’s not only happening
01:37   in the evening. A story that made a lot of noise in Verdun.
01:41   The problem: the young girl is suspected of lying.
01:45   No judicial follow-up. It didn’t matter: [since] an arrival of dozens
01:49   of migrants in the town plunged it into fear.
01:53   Priscilla is angry, she feels harassed on the street.
01:57   I avoid wearing high heals when I go out alone; I avoid
02:01   wearing pants, I mean leggings, to avoid honking and whistling from the cars,
02:05   because it’s really unbearable — unbearable, yes.
02:09   Over there, I can walk quietly in the street, no matter what
02:13   things I’m wearing. “Over there” is Hungary. The Promised Land
02:17   for this couple who cut themselves from their loved ones and who no longer recognize their country.
02:21   What are you going to look for in Hungary?
02:25   Values, traditions, a society that is
02:29   a little patriarchal, meaning that the man has his place, the woman has hers;
02:33   I don’t see why we should allow two women to get married or two men to get married,
02:38   or… No. That isn’t a family.
02:42   And in Hungary we are reassured by the fact that we know it isn’t going to happen.
02:46   Because a family, voilà, is traditional,
02:50   is natural: so it’s a man and a woman, who have children; quite simply.
02:54   It’s the story of French people
02:58   who dream of a white and Christian Europe
03:02   to the point of settling down
03:06   under the most conservative skies in Europe. Hungary, ten million inhabitants.
03:14   Leading it, Victor Orbán, an ultra-nationalist
03:18   prime minister. With his anti-migrant barbed wire,
03:22   he became the star of the hard right. The savior of a continent
03:26   which is allegedly drowning.
03:30   We will, of course, accept real migrants: Germans, Dutch, French, Italians.
03:38   Those who, uprooted, want to find in our country a Europe
03:42   which they have lost.
03:46   Since the attacks, some French people plunged into hatred. For them,
03:50   the fight has to be led from the inside.
03:54   Some new crusaders would even consider violent actions against
03:58   Muslims in Paris. —I’m not a terrorist
04:02   We aren’t here to provoke. We are here to offer security [prevention and defence].
04:06   A bunch of extremists are preparing for war,
04:10   while others chose exile, like these dozens of French, Belgians,
04:15   who moved to the East.
04:27   It’s glued well… What’s left from their previous life in Belgium is contained
04:31   in three large suitcases. It’s been a month since
04:35   Frédéric Leroi and his three children arrived in Hungary without knowing anybody.
04:39   We arrived in fact in August.
04:43   So we bought the apartment. And, voilà, I’m really trying to busy myself
04:47   so the children’s room will be perfect.
04:51   They ask me that, because for them, voilà, it’s a radical change of way of life.
04:55   The family’s father invested €70,000 in the buying of this modest apartment.
05:00   This manager of luxurious hotels put his career
05:04   between parentheses. He is on paternity leave and receives €750
05:08   every month — from the Belgian state.
05:12   For now, I’m sleeping here, but we’ll arrange a little better room, because sleeping
05:16   on the sofa bed isn’t really ideal.
05:20   So voilà, it’s 67 square meters [721 sq. ft.], of course, when you come from a Belgian house
05:24   of 150 square meters, [1615 sq. ft.], that’s different…
05:28   You lost comfort compared with your former life in Belgium.
05:32   Oh, that’s for sure. Now: we knew it, we knew it from the start. I mean, we came here,
05:36   not to have more comfort or a better life, not financially, anyway.
05:40   That’s clear. His plan is to open a small hotel.
05:44   For the time being, [all] the sacrifices, this 30-year-old, he accepts them.
05:48   Because he realizes — in this ordinary neighborhood in Budapest — his Hungarian dream.
05:52   It’s really the middle class that lives here, and
05:56   there are families, there are older people, and there’s really no insecurity whatsoever.
06:00   It has nothing to do with French “projects” [culturally enriched]. I think that here, in my opinion,
06:04   I must be the only foreigner
06:08   in the neighborhood, because voilà, they don’t know that here.
06:12   There are no “youths” loitering on the streets,
06:17   or dealing… This doesn’t exist here. Really.
06:21   There’s no such thing. It this former communist country, Frédéric Leroi
06:25   came to live among people, who, so he thinks, are similar to him.
06:29   The same culture, the same religion, to hell with mixing!
06:33   It’s the reformed church, in fact. So you have here two religions.
06:37   The Catholic religion and the reformed religion.
06:41   There are no mosques. They don’t exist. At the same time there are no Muslims either,
06:45   or only a very few. So, voilà, they don’t need a mosque.
06:53   A month after his arrival — Because I adore your country!
06:57   He feels more at home here, than in his birth country, where he was seeing
07:01   Muslims everywhere. —I have to admit that I always
07:05   suffer when I go shopping in Belgium, voilà, when I see
07:09   all those veiled people; sometimes I tell myself that I’m a bit foreign, I feel like a foreigner
07:13   in my own country. And it’s a bit of a shame, and it’s true that it was starting to take a toll.
07:17   To feel a foreigner in my country. Even if I was living in a neighborhood
07:21   where there was not yet a concentrated migrant population, although
07:25   we were among a lot of foreigners,
07:29   and that created this climate of the insecurity. Frédéric isn’t
07:33   amalgamating; for him immigration equals insecurity
07:38   and Islam equals danger. In Belgium
07:42   his three children went to a private Catholic school.
07:46   You OK, Loulou? —Yes.
07:50   But here they started their education in the public school in the neighborhood.
07:54   It was OK, school? —Yes! —You didn’t understand anything at all, as usual, right?
07:58   —Yes, we didn’t know. —So, yeah, voilà.
08:02   They used to be in a Catholic school with Catholic values, and it’s true
08:06   that over the years we saw the demographics of the school change,
08:10   and voilà, it’s true that we worried that the problem of robberies would start,
08:14   and that we would be suddenly in a neighborhood school,
08:18   a little less privileged, yes. Voilà.
08:22   In Hungary the state imposes mandatory classes on morality
08:26   in the schools. In them you learn, in particular, that to have sexual relations
08:30   outside marriage is a sin. But for now
08:34   Frédéric’s children don’t understand anything of what the teacher is saying.
08:38   The language is completely foreign to them; for the homework,
08:43   they have to manage somehow. —What do you have to do?
08:47   It’s math. —It’s math, but I don’t understand the problems.
08:51   What does the translation say? — How many sheep were
08:55   at the beginning when they were 64.
08:59   Neither the language nor the isolation have scared Frédéric off.
09:07   Budapest: a town with no migrants,
09:11   where mixing doesn’t really exist; either on the streets or on the advertisement banners.

27 thoughts on “HORRORS! These Francophones Want to Live in a White Christian Country!

  1. The problem isn’t that Europe is becoming less white. The problem is that they are importing losers and extremists. There are many decent, hardworking and even Christian non-white people in this world, but that is not the population Europe is importing. There are also many fine, decent Chinese that would love to escape China where they have no religious freedom. They would fit in. Don’t make social cohesion a racial issue. We need to embrace non-whites with Christian and European values. It’s a mistake to have very many emigrate, but certainly they could benefit from European education and cultural influences. There’s nothing inherently good about being white–just visit Appalachia some time!

    • “The problem isn’t that Europe is becoming less white.”
      There is no reason for Europe to become less white.

      “…many fine, decent Chinese that would love to escape China…They would fit in.”
      It’s not the responsibility of Europe to provide homes to the people of the world.

      “Don’t make social cohesion a racial issue.”
      Whether we like it or not, racial differences diminish social cohesion.

      “We need to embrace non-whites with Christian and European values.”
      You can love and respect people without bringing them into your home.

      “…they could benefit from European education and cultural influences.”
      They could stay where they are and work to make their countries better.

      “There’s nothing inherently good about being white…”
      Then why do all the non-whites want to move to white countries?

    • It’s not as easy as you imagine it to be. Christian values differ greatly between Europe and other parts of the world. Someone once said Europe didn’t become great only because of Christianity, but because its other root were values of ancient Greece and these two things mingling is what makes up European culture. So even if Christians from the Middle East, China, or elsewhere come to Europe, they will still be foreign, because they are missing that other essential.
      Now, of course, Christian immigrants will be no danger compared to muslims, but that still doesn’t mean they are going to integrate well.

      And the thing about race is, there ARE biological differences. If 3% DNA makes the difference between a human and a mouse and 1% between a human and a chimp, how can anyone dare say 0,2% difference between races has no influence at all? It’s just nonsense. And because of those differences, people of different races react differently to various situations and values. So no, you can’t really take race out of the equation. That doesn’t mean any race is less human than the other, but blindly acting as if everyone can easily understand the same things is very dangerous.

      • It is generally accepted that the three strands of Western civilization were Greek, Roman, and Jewish/Christian. From the Greeks, we got philosophy and science, from the Romans, come government and administrative laws. Our moral laws originate in Jewish and Christian beliefs – e.g., the Ten Commandments.

        The differences between/among peoples are genetic, not biological, but that’s not the same as customs and culture. Those arise locally and throughout history were absorbed as places were invaded, cultures were amended. Some peoples were absorbed, some not. For example, Brittany, distinct from its neighbors. And the endless unrest of the Basque, who refuse to be subsumed under the Spanish. There are lots of others.

      • in the middle ages, Europeans throw away ancient philosophers as it was thought to be blasphemy. After that, the European philosophers came. They re-found the ancient philosophers at the Muslims’ library. So you are wrong about it a little bit, it’s more Christian philospophy [in my opinion]. Even the economics schools in Europe are affected by the different Christian values and laws that originate from the specific nation social rules that have been passed from generation to generation.

    • To Barbara: I agree with you.
      I am from Europe and I would love to see more Chinese, Vietnamese, etc, coming to settle here. These people come from countries with high cultures and civilisations. Their presence would be beneficial to Europe.
      But what we are importing today is hordes of Middle Eastern young men who are usually Muslims. And Muslims, wherever they go, come not to integrate but to conquer. Their values are the opposite of ours. They are destroying our way of life. I resent their presence as an infestation. I fully understand those who want to go to Hungary.
      Personnally, I have chosen to stay. I do it as a gesture of respect to my elders My. paternal grandfather fought in the trenches in WW I and my father fought in WW II. I am ready for whatever comes.

  2. France is lost if even men flee and do not want to defend their homes.
    About something similar wrote Exupery in his book “The Wisdom of the Sands”

  3. If multiculturalism is such a good idea, why isn’t the UN promoting the same for muslim countries, for China and Japan, for Africa, for Israel? Why is it only a good thing for [Western] countries?

    • In Israel Arab citizens comprise 20% of population, from my perspective it is multiculturalism enough. Oh, wait you had no idea about it?

    • Oh they are promoting the same for Japan, they are trying very hard to do that, in fact, it’s just that Japan won’t take any of their excrements and it’s hard to play the “racist” card against an Asian country (at least for now). So it’s more about successful countries, it just so happen that Western white countries make up the majority of highly successful countries.

  4. Thank you for your wise opinion! We don’t choose our race, nor the country we are born in, but we can (and should) choose well our moral standards, if we are decent, and reasonably healthy in mind and body!
    Everybody with Christian values, or, at least, everybody who respects them, can integrate, in the long run, in an European-based society. That is not the same as to say they should be given free entry rate NOW in every country, but perhaps there could be a plan for this migration, to make it legal, with strong rules of behaviour for the immigrants, and strongly enforced laws to stimulate social cohesion; if they can’t integrate, or don’t want to , it should be made clear they would be sent back.
    Skin colour is not important; moral standards and respect for law are!

    • I hate to break it to you, but although you are 100% correct, skin color still is a great deal. Appearance is the first thing humans base their judgement upon, to ignore this simple fact is a road for disaster.

  5. For me, preservation of races is also important and I’m strongly against mongrelisation. A mongrel is a poor person, deprived of any cultural heritage and may go any direction. A part of a mongrel’s mind is always busy with identity problems.

    I believe a Westerner who believes race does not matter is just inexperienced in these things. Please let me give you the example of my uncle. Unlike most people in my country who don’t know who they are, I’m from a completely known background- at least 11 centuries of known history. However, my father’s grandfather married a Yemeni against all tribe rules. By Yemeni I mean these Arabs who live in Iran and think they are Aryans, not someone from Mecca or Sana’a.

    The genes of this Yemeni woman has created some serious problems. My uncle was brown and my father was snow white like her mother. My grandmother never really loved the brown son and everything good was for my father. Brown boy developed many bad behaviours and finally fell for Islamist groups. After all, his face resembled theirs not ours. Joined Wahhabi groups in United States and committed crimes against interests of American civilians. Arrested and sent to jail twice there. Such a disgrace. His life is a pain and so that of his offsprings. Nobody even lets him pay a visit and he did not inherit anything from his mother also. As I understand it, his sad fate was decided by skin tone and still some consider such things unimportant. Why mongrelise and create such poor animals?

    Of course every human grouping must decide for themselves who to let in and who to marry, that’s none of my business. But please consider your next generations may not appreciate your open-minded views and will condemn you the way I condemn my father’s grandfather.

    • so-called “mongrelization” is offensive to the millions of Americans who possess the genes of two different races. That would apply to nearly every black person in the US (leaving the Somali immigrants aside – but they were probably mixed in their country of origin).

      I have cousins who are part Asian, some part black, and some part Native American. They are all smart and accomplished and their parentage goes back many generations in this country. So I disagree with your choice of words and the sentiment behind them.

      You can’t help your bigoted grandfather.

      I am a first-generation American.

        • I see one of your comments…besides this one.

          Commenters do have problems sometimes — e.g., coming up as Anonymous. But I’ll let others tell you what problems they’ve experienced since we can’t see them from our end.

  6. “The problem isn’t that Europe is becoming less white.”

    Oh, but it is. In Belgium, a woman with Belgian ID has 1.35 children. Given the fact that around 18per cent of those are already of foreign extraction, it’s even less for the “original” haplogroups. I would wager that your run of the mill cream-white truly Flemish woman has on average around 1.2 children. It’s catastrophic, really. Catastrophic. Ca-ta-stro-hic. They simply don’t want to be mothers anymore. One should not be fooled by coming across the occasional mom of two or three. For every one of them, you can count two women who deliberately stay barren.

  7. so the French who are tired of the diet of politically correct pablum that they are being fed have chosen to go Hungary.

  8. if I were Hungary I wouldn’t take these people in they are the same people that destroyed France and the other Western European countries. How do you know they are not leftists intent on destroying hungry and the other eastern countries?

  9. Welcome to, not just a “brain drain” but, also, a “gene drain”, as culturally enriched Western European populations lose their best and brightest to countries that actually care about the national security of their people. Europe’s Islamic enclaves will come to represent collections of genetic duds. What a perfect solution to the EU’s demographic replacement problem.

  10. I find it strange that in the likes of the U.S. where they have many nationalities, that it is a given that the all the different races tend to stay among their own whilst serving their sentences. Blacks tend to mingle with blacks, Hispanics with Hispanics, Whites with Whites, etc. This has been happening for decades. How is it the powers that be do not insist on all races co-mingling in prison?
    Isn’t it just a primal thing that different races are just drawn to their own kind? I’m truly very confused why it’s seen as such a heinous belief that White people are generally more comfortable around other White people.

    • n the” White ” world, even people with dark skin on top. Remember the famous black musicians of the mid-20th century. These were people of “white culture”.

      • Their work and talent was acceptable, but not themselves. Thus, Nat King Cole, one of my favorite singers from that era, was limited in his appearances. For example, he reported that hotels which featured him in big cities didn’t always allow him to stay in their rooms or to eat their food in public.

    • Mary, I agree. I think it is a primal thing that people are drawn to their own group.

      In the old days everyone, even white people, took it for granted that living with your own people was natural. You didn’t have to explain it to anyone. Everyone just did it on their own anyway. No one got worked up over it.

      But suddenly white people have decided that it’s morally wrong to live in white societies.
      That seems like a pathological idea to me.

      Muhammed Ali’s 1960’s interview with the BBC is half a century old but still relevant, and funny.


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