The Birds Fly Over Sderot

Hamas is currently at war with Israel, launching missiles and incendiary kites on a daily basis into southern Israel. The news about the attacks only makes it onto the world’s TV screens if one of the puir wee bairns among the Palestinians gets killed — usually because the child’s school or crèche is used to store missiles or arms, making it into a target for the IDF.

Our Israeli correspondent MC sends this report on the situation, literally from his own front yard.

The birds fly over Sderot

by MC

It was a rough night. It started at 10pm and finished at 10am after some twenty missiles were launched in five attacks.

The small arms shooting is still going on as I sit here (8:20pm).

These are photos from about a minute after multiple Iron Dome intercepts occurred right overhead. The photos were taken from the front garden!

This is where the ‘humanitarian’ aid to Gaza ends up. That is your tax money up there burning up.

Islam is incorrigibly malicious. Its doctrines are the doctrines of evangelism by violence and coercion. It seeks to conquer and forcibly convert, and if genocide is necessary, then so be it.

Shooting missiles at random against a civilian population is acceptable in Yemen, Syria, and against Israel. And the world looks on complacently: Not my front door —Yawn!

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

8 thoughts on “The Birds Fly Over Sderot

  1. You are on the outposts of civilization, manning the ramparts against the dark. Thanks for your persistence and devotion to duty. You raise up all civilized peoples by persisting in protecting your lands and your identity.

  2. I know a lot of the “Neo-cons” in Washington and UK are of Jewish origins and even share dual citizenship but they are a very small minority and a whole people should not be vilified because of a minority. Israel has earned the right to exist as a nation. We in the West should stop the ridiculous demonisation of the tiny State and its people. They are a beacon in this wicked region of democracy and reason. We face the same enemy-militant Islam that has lost all claim to “understanding” and compassion due to its murderous behaviour.

  3. I just read in the Jerusalem Post that the Islamic Jihad announced it accepted an immediate cease fire brokered by Egypt, effective immediately…and that the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) did not as of yet confirm or deny this. That’s after Gaza fired 34 rockets on Southern Israel to which Israel responded by firing 80 rockets into Gaza. Well, I think that’s a nice start by the IDF. Don’t stop. Keep pounding them. Do it for the next 3 months. Every weekend. Maybe that will stop the “protesters” congregating at the border and send them scurrying back to their homes to protect their possessions and women folk…

    • It seems to me sometimes the rush to create a truce between two sides is actually harmful. No issues are settled, and the stage is set for regular flareups. Perhaps outsiders ought to think twice about arranging cease-fires, rather than allowing the conflict to reach a stable conclusion. Egypt is a local interest, and I have no dispute with their actions in a cease-fire, if they see it in their own interest.

      I have a strong repulsion to the injection of UN troops into a dispute. Besides not being of the highest caliber, the UN troops seem focused most strongly on making sure no one side achieves a victory. But, if you have neighboring countries with conflicting interests, the only way to reach a stable settlement is with a more-or-less clear victory by one side or another.

  4. Intolerable provocation, yet the restraint of Israel to deny the terrorist a propaganda victory is amazing. Stay safe MC.

  5. I must say, this time, it’s different.

    The LameStream media don’t seem to have done as much of a hit job on Israel as they usually would. It’s more of a big yawn all around. Which is, actually, a huge improvement!

  6. Yes I agree! The UN troops are “peace keepers” not “peace makers”.
    Peace keepers sweep things under the carpet and no-one is right or wrong, peace makers know and speak the TRUTH – acknowledge right and wrong and work to achieve justice.
    “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God” (Matthew 5:9)”

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