Gang-Raped by Culture-Enrichers Outside a Nightclub in Freiburg

This photo, which shows Majd H. with a machine gun, was published two years ago by him on Facebook, where he wrote: “I am a Kurd and my heart is iron. I am from the city of Qamishli.”

Another day, another round of culture-enriching horror from Germany.

Actually, this incident occurred several weeks ago, but the report only made it out of the police files and into the media within the past couple of days. I assume there has been a concerted attempt by the authorities to keep this sort of thing out of the press for as long as possible.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The accompanying article from Bild, also translated by MissPiggy:

Up to 15 Men Involved in Group Rape of 18-Year-Old Girl in Freiburg

Freiburg — Two weeks ago the evening started with a techno party in a Freiburg disco. For a girl (18) the night ended in a nightmare: the Syrian Majd H. (21) raped her in front of the club in the bushes. After the deed, the refugee brought his friends, and at least seven other men (19-30 years) raped the defenceless woman (she was drugged) for over four hours. The seven perpetrators are Syrians; another suspect (25) has a German passport. Everyone is now in custody!

Unbelievable: According to BILD’s information, the main culprit, Majd H., was already being sought for another arrest warrant by the police before the gang rape. He should have been in custody at the time of the crime!

The unbelievable act: On the night of October 14, the victim went to the disco with a friend. The girls met Majd H. and one of his friends there.

Majd H. is said to have sold an ecstasy tablet to the 18-year-old. After taking the pill, Majd H. gave her a drink. Whether there were knockout drops in it will be clarified through the police investigation.

According to the latest findings, Majd H. led the girl out around midnight. What happened next the police described on Friday as follows: “In nearby shrubbery it came to a sexual assault, according to the victim. After this, more perpetrators are said to have raped the incapacitated girl.”

The girl told the police that she was unable to move or call for help in the bushes. BILD learned: Investigators believe that up to 15 perpetrators raped the 18-year-old! It was not until four o’clock in the morning that the tormentors left her.

She filed a complaint on the same day. The police were able to secure the DNA. Five days later, the DNA database of the Federal Criminal Police Office reported a match: On October 20, the police arrested the friend (19) of the chief perpetrator in an asylum center.

The police continued: “Further investigations, interrogations, forensic investigations as well as covert measures have led to the gradual arrest of further suspects last week. On October 25, we were able to arrest the last one.”

Who are the rapists?

ALL ARE KNOWN to the police; the Syrians lived in refugee homes. According to BILD’s information, Majd H. came to Germany in 2014. He is a Syrian Kurd; his family (parents, brother, uncle) also live in Freiburg.

Baden-Wuerttemberg Interior Minister Thomas Strobl (58, CDU): “If the allegations even begin to be confirmed, we are dealing with a vile act. My sympathy goes out to the woman.”

Video transcript:

00:00   Near this nightclub location in north Freiburg is where it happened.
00:05   According to police a young woman met a 19-year-old man in a disco.
00:09   She was given a drink by this man. They were drinking and then left the club together.
00:16   A nearby bushy area is where the attack occurred.
00:22   This is where the incapacitated 18-year-old was raped by her 19-year-old acquaintance
00:26   as well as several other men. In recent weeks the police have been arresting suspects one
00:31   after the other. Seven of the eight suspects are refugees from Syria.
00:36   And that is why the mayor of Freiburg is appalled, but warns against general suspicion [of migrants].
00:41   Consequently, regardless of nationality or background, criminality and criminal behaviour
00:47   will not be tolerated or accepted; this applies across the board. We will take further measures
00:56   together with the state government to make Freiburg safe. —The alleged suspects all
01:00   have previous arrest records for assault and property crime. The police are now investigating
01:04   whether more men were involved in this crime.

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  1. Merkel doctors and engineers came , Germany is sooo dumb to believe what that government is lying, lying, to the people, protect your daughters and wife’s if You still have [masculine equipment] , it’s pure tragedy..

  2. A main reason this will not end is bc of the cowardly use of “man” and “regardless of nationality” uttered (endlessly) by the media and zombie politicians like the mayor of Freiburg.

    • You may be right, but on the other hand, is there anyone who really believes that these “men” or “groups of men” raping or killing women or attacking other “groups of men” are Germans? A few weeks ago I read about a wedding whose several hundred guests first attacked each other and later the police as well as the ambulance. Who apart from some hardcore multiculturalists would think, the violent wedding guests were Auntie Erna and Uncle Egon celebrating the marriage of Franziska and Gregor-Konstantin?

  3. Caroline Beckenhaupt. What is “bc” meaning? Is it “because”? We are not teenagers please Madam and prefer English to “textspeak”. Please respect the English language.

    • I find it laughable that you are correcting someone on their use of the English language! Why, you may ask? Because your comment is riddled with errors. I would hazard a guess that English is Caroline’s second language. I also highly doubt you are a Bishop. 😀

  4. No, the Bürgermeister does not seem appalled at all. He recites his little speech obediently as if he had memorized it. I suspect that he’ll be using it for all the future attacks. I also suspect that the botox with which he has injected his forehead (there is no movement in his face except for his mouth and his eyelids) has gone too deep and flooded his brain cells which would explain his robotic bearing. Sadly, this seems to have become an accepted way of life.

  5. Majd H and his degenerate mates need to be locked up for a long time, refugee status revoked and deported at end of sentence. No appeal, next plane out and banned from future visits or residency. That’s the sort of “we will take further measures” response needed.

  6. “……. regardless of nationality or background, criminality and criminal behaviour will not be tolerated or accepted; this applies across the board. We will take further measures ……….. to make Freiburg safe.”

    Yes Mr. Mayor, Yes Mr. Mayor, Yes Mr. Mayor. But criminality and criminal behaviour IS, if not fully “accepted”, not adequately punished (light prison sentences at worst, without deportation) and by the day, more and more of these whatever they are – you choose the word – are being brought in to destroy our countries, our cultures and our way of life.

    So these are just words, Mr. Mayor, lying words spoken by an idiot. Freiburg can only be made safe by mass expulsions and a total ban on all future immigration from countries where the religion of peace is widely practiced.

  7. Freiburg.
    Isn’t that also where the student Maria Ladenburger lived? She was the teenage daughter (of yet another EU apparatchik) who was savagely raped and then dumped in the river, if I recall correctly.
    Freiburg appears to be a magnet!
    … yet, still, ‘They’ bleat on about “Welcome Refugees”!
    Mind boggling.
    Nay. Incurable insanity!

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