Sweden Is Still No. 2, But It’s Trying Harder

According to a report published in September, Sweden has moved into the world’s #2 slot for the per-capita number of reported rapes. It’s second only to South Africa — but rising fast.

Swedish feminists can explain away the statistics, of course — the weather is warmer, more women are willing to report being raped, etc., etc. Anything to avoid looking at the role played by cultural enrichment.

The following article was published last month by Dissidenter in a slightly different form:

Sweden — Number 2 in world rape ranking

The Spectator Index released the world rape report today which shows number of rapes per 100,000 women. Shockingly, the once-so-safe country Sweden is now #2 on the list with 63 rapes per 100,000 women. The small country which in the ‘80s and ‘90s was well known abroad for big brands like Volvo and Saab and safety has in recent years has seen peaking crime rates and a police force that can’t handle the number of reported rapes.

So what has happened to Sweden? If you ask the mainstream media and the left-wing reporters, the big increase in the number of rapes is due to the fact that women have suddenly started to report them. The 600% increase in the number of reported rapes is also, according to the left-wing journalists, due to “good weather”. If you look at the victims it is now in Sweden not only women being raped — since the big immigration from the Middle East 2015 young boys have started to be raped / gang-raped by refugees as a punishment, due to the culture in Afghanistan.

In Sweden the former top police chief Dan Eliasson didn’t want to comment on why the number of rapes has suddenly started to peak — but on Swedish television he did feel sorry for the perpetrator who had molested and raped a young girl severely; he wondered what bad things the refugee has been through in his home country that made him start to rape girls.

Sweden is starting to become a country where freedom of speech is no longer available and dissidents are being silenced by all means, from security police to being deleted from social media and banks shutting down their bank accounts.

Finally 1.1 million of the population voted in the election in September for a big change in immigration policy by giving the party Sverige Demokraterna (SD) their vote. However, since they only received approx 17% of the votes it is unlikely that they will be able to influence the immigration question.

7 thoughts on “Sweden Is Still No. 2, But It’s Trying Harder

  1. One wonders if the Swedes are just afraid to admit to the error they made in importing hordes of third world savages, or if they are truly just dumb. If the latter, maybe forced miscegenation with african and mideast savages will be the key to raising the scandinavian IQ.

    • I think it’s the latter: Scandinavians provide us proofs from the way they think, their behaviour, which shows time and again that they are collectively dyslectic. They are unable to learn lessons. They cannot understand signs, warnings or advice.

      They cannot discern a foe and are unable to analyse the realities around them. If they do, someday they will, and the the giant the so-called Humanitarian power house will make them the laughing stock of the muslim world.

  2. How can so many Europeans be ignorant of the cultures of Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. For heaven’s sake, you don’t have to be an Islamophobe to know that in these cultures women are at the mercy of men, and their treatment is exceedingly ROUGH.

  3. I live there and they are wonderful but just don’t get it. They have found to a state of harmony out of their own rough past and now live in a la-la-land thinking that every leopard can change its spots just by telling him nicely. Where they get really vicious is when someone tries to pop their bubble. Well such is the collective spirit nowadays. Individually, many are quite capable of seeing through the lies. All it takes is enough of them waking up and they’re liable for making collective u-turns. I’ve seen them come around and implement measures overnight in a manner which would have been impossible in my native Germany, e.g. when they suddenly axed the entire system of immigrants employed to guide new immigrants into the Swedish society after discovering the unfixable degree of nepotism and corruption among them. Thousands lost their jobs overnight. “Told you so” doesn’t work on Swedes, they need to make their own experiences. It’s going to get worse before it gets better, but if they’re the first to hit rock bottom, they are the first to get out of it. If it takes too long, well… the forests are deep and hunting is wildly popular.

    • I’m reminded of a comment by that great Brit (part-American, and married to one), Winston Churchill: “You can always rely on the Americans to do the right thing, after trying everything else”.

      I’m NOT knocking Americans (as a Brit, I’m well aware of our own sometimes lamentable behaviour), just hoping that the Swedes may come to the right conclusion before their total demise. The recent election result suggests that this is at least possible.

    • You’re saying there is a reservoir deep in the genes of the Swedes that will let them act when the situation seems disastrous.

      I have no sense of that one way or another. It seems to me the situation seriously deteriorated when the Swedish feminists won their huge victory over non-feminists at the expense, primarily, of the males. Feminine, that is passive and non-aggressive values, were taught at schools, universities. workplaces, and the media. The suppression of masculinity augmented in a negative way, the already-strong tendency to conform.

      One nutty feminist group wanted to make a law that men could not go to the bathroom standing up. Another nutty feminist public-employees union established a “mansplaining” hot line manned 24 hours a day. I had to look up the definition of “mansplaining”.

      It is the masculine trait that gives people the ability to be unpleasant when necessary, to look someone in the face and say “I’m not going to give you what you want”. This is the only way to survive when you’re facing a hostile, organized group.

      The question is, can enough Swedish women see the problem so as to reinstitute some of the old values?

  4. Takuan Seiyo, on this very site, once explained it perfectly using the ancient Chinese theories of Yin/Yang. Yin is the masculine, active, expansive impusle. Yang is the feminine principle of yielding, compromise, subtlety, and gentle change. The west has become so utterly ‘yang’ and feminized that our culture is wildly out of balance and then we welcome in the most ‘Yin’ people on the planet…. Muslims who are grotesquely unbalanced the other way (all Yin and no Yang). Sample this prophetic Jeremiad!:
    The Art of Strategic Citizenship
    Part 3 — Round stones rolled down a mountain

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