Decapitating Granny

A “Swiss” youngster in Frauenfeld became so peeved with his grandmother that he removed her head and carried it away with him.

I couldn’t find any news articles in English about the crime. There’s one story in German, from Blick. But there seem to be hundreds of news reports on it in Albanian. The first name of the alleged perp is Fatmir, which appears to be a fairly common name in Albania.

The following video, also from Blick, contains all the information we have on the incident. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Homicide in Frauenfeld — Did Fatmir T. (19) flee with his grandmother’s head?
00:04   Terrible details are now public about the homicide in Frauenfeld. The alleged
00:08   perpetrator Fatmir T. * (19) decapitated his grandmother. The cantonal police of Thurgau told
00:12   LOOK: “When the forces arrived, the head was separated from the body.” Apparently Fatmir T.
00:16   did not leave his grandmother’s head in the apartment. Because the spokesman announced
00:20   that the head of the victim was “secured”. Where and when, the police spokesman did not want to
00:24   announce “due to ongoing investigations”. Cell Phone Turned In — After the crime Fatmir turned
00:28   in his cell phone at the police station and without a word according to media spokesman M. Graf.
00:32   “The emergency call did not arrive until ten minutes later. There was no reason to detain the
00:36   person.” It is not unusual that people leave items at the police station. Now the question arises
00:40   whether Fatmir T. even recorded the act on video. “The data from the mobile phone is
00:44   currently being evaluated,” says Graf. At the moment, no more could be said concerning the
00:48   cell phone material or what Fatmir T. said while being questioned by police on Wednesday. On
00:52   Wednesday morning, the 19-year-old suspect was arrested in Kloten near the airport. Whether
00:56   he planned to leave the country after the fact is still being clarified.
01:09   Violent Crime in Frauenfeld
01:13   On Tuesday in Frauenfeld a dead women was discovered in her apartment.
01:17   It is assumed to be a homicide.
01:21   The first rumours circulating are saying this was family situation that escalating. Can any
01:25   information be given about the background of the situation? —We are unable to give any
01:29   information about the background or individuals involved in the situation at the moment.
01:33   The police searched for the perpetrator with a large contingent.
01:42   Now a suspect has been arrested.
01:46   The 19-year-old completed apprenticeship in the region.
01:51   Blick — A video from Marco Latzer and Luca Hunold

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