Uppsala Has Fallen

Our Swedish correspondent Svenne Tvaerskaegg sends this grim report on the demise of the Swedish city of Uppsala.

Uppsala has fallen

by Svenne Tvaerskaegg

The ancient city of Uppsala, the fourth-largest in Sweden with roots going back to Viking times, has fallen. Earlier this week, August 23 2018, Uppsala police announced that they are no longer in control, and criminal gangs have taken over the city.[1]

Uppsala is home to the immigrant ghettos of Gottsunda och Valsätra, both classified by police as amongst the worst ghettos in Sweden, where crime is rampant and law is in the hands of gang bosses and clan leaders. Police and other services are routinely attacked if they enter the ghettos, and even the fire brigade and ambulances have to wait for a police escort before they can respond to an emergency. Riots there are regular occurrences. In 2016 the twin ghettos were the scene of riots lasting for two days in which roads were barricaded with burning containers and cars were set ablaze. Molotov cocktails were thrown during pitched battles with the police, and the ghettos were deemed too dangerous to enter by fire brigades who were often forced to stand by at a safe distance and watch fires burn themselves out.[2]

Over the years immigrant gangs in Uppsala have spread their influence far beyond the ghettos, and have been waging open warfare against the police for control of the city. Shootings are common and police stations have been attacked with hand grenades. In what was a clear warning to the police and a show of what the gangs are capable of, the car of the chief of police was blown up outside his home. Prime Minister Stefan Löfven denounced the attack, which caused shock waves throughout the country. The Interior Minister promised severe measures would be taken against the gangs.[3]

What such measure might be nobody knows. Everything tried so far has been unsuccessful. In 2014 a new chief of national police, Dan Eliasson, was appointed who promised to regain control of Sweden’s ever-growing ghettos. In 2018 Dan Eliasson admitted defeat and was removed from his position. Under his watch the number of ghettos actually increased and immigrant crime continued to rocket. According to chastened ex-police chief Eliasson, police resources are overwhelmed by out-of-control immigration, gang shootings and crime, and “many in Swedish society do not fully realize how troubling the situation is.”[4]

Now, incredibly, police in a Swedish city have announced officially that they have lost the battle against the immigrant gangs. According to the police spokeswoman Lisa Sannervik it is the criminal gangs and not the police who are now in control of Uppsala.

Whoever is appointed Prime Minister of Sweden after the general election next week might have to do what present Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said he was considering, but never dared to do: send the military into the ghettos.


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60 thoughts on “Uppsala Has Fallen

  1. They’ll probably hand this mess to Sweden Democrats, build their cordon sanitaire around them and demand that they fix it…and then scream if they attempt to do so.

    • That’s not gonna happen Dymph.
      According to the latest polls, for what they are worth, the SD is stuck on roughly 25%. Not enough for a majority cabinet.
      The other parties will form a cordon sanitaire to keep the SD out and will muck about for another four years as before.
      Most Swedes are still living in their rainbow/unicorn lala land and don’t realize the mortal danger they are in.

      But don’t worry some day they will.

      • I have experienced before that the Swedes, as a collective, ARE capable of performing drastic turnabouts. It just takes a lot to break through their inertia and make them stand up against the lies of their own officials. Expect more and bloodier attacks, but some day, one of them will be the one too many.

        • Fight the uprising in the ghettos with military force, as if they were foreign invaders. Use force, such as machine guns, grenades and other military might, as no other way is possible at this stage. Do not delude yourselves by thinking that you can negotiate with these criminals.
          Second, stop all immigration into Swedentill law and order has been established.
          Establish curfew from 6 pm till am 8.
          Deport all those that are caught prisoners from the ghettos. Then, set strict immigration rules by law.

          • To fight the uprising as if they were foreign invaders should come naturally, since they really are foreign invaders by any definition.

          • Why should there be any immigration at all?

            Your screen-name says “MD”.

            When you’re giving a patient treatment for an infection – do you tell them: ” please don’t inject any more of that infectious agent into your body until we get this rampant infection under control with antibiotics” ??

            Once that infection is controlled – do you tell them they’re good to go on cutting themselves and exposing the open wound to infection once again?

            There seems to be some sort of psychosis that many in the Western world are suffering from in regards to immigration. Does Sweden REALLY need immigration of ANY FORM? Why couldn’t Sweden JUST be for the Swedes? If they’re not capable of overpopulating their small section of the planet all on their own – (since that seems to be some sort of goal here) – maybe we need to look at WHY the Swedes themselves can’t take care of the problem on their own.

            An MD should understand root cause analysis. Ask the simple question of why is ANY immigration needed AT ALL , and proceed from there.

      • 25% of the vote in a parliamentary election in a failing country is going to end up being the largest faction. If none of the politicians who helped cause this mess will align with them, then government will cease to function.

        That might be a good thing.

        • That’s not how things work. If the party with the maximal vote is unable to form the government, the right goes to the second-largest. That’s how most multipartisan countries operate.

          • True. Nut if the other parties keep refusing to work with the one with the most votes, one can expect that the biggest vote-getter will keep on growing until it is able to form its own majority government.

            Especially if the other parties continue their heads-buried, see-no-evil approach to immigration and assimilation.

  2. Now, incredibly, police in a Swedish city have announced officially that they have lost the battle against the immigrant gangs.

    Then it is time to engage whatever remains of the Swedish army. Channeling the ghost of Gustavo’s Adolphus?

  3. Today Uppsala. How long before other police forces in other countries are forced to make the same admission? Also, have you noticed that nobody mentions islam any more?

  4. If the police have actually announced they’ve lost control then the people who gave permission for that to be admitted along with the person saying it should be fired. This will only embolden more criminals to rise up and seize a petty fiefdom for themselves.

    The police hierarchy have effectively outed themselves as a bunch of gutless losers. No surprise given they’ll be there by political appointment and the national government is no better.

    • The police at the end of the day have to comply with the laws of the government.
      It is the political leaders in government that have the control of the laws, and the resources.
      Not the police.

      The people who vote, are the ones who give direction. Do they support the politician or party who says, this is what it takes. This is where “the buck stops here”.

      However all of the Western Civilization philosophies have been subverted to supposed other focused ideals.
      Principles, that allowed a lot of freedoms, but not total freedom, as account-abilities, responsibilities, also had to be a balancing factor, that have been through the tests of time, have been abandoned.
      A price, blood sweat and tears, and/or “danegeld” or the modern “jizya” will be exacted for at least a few generations to come. For how long and how much will depend on the choices made, and the political will of the people, if they can hold on.

      RonaldB below points to 5 choices.

      1) surrender
      leading to the other choices under islamic systems is become;-

      6) “dhimmified”
      become subservient in the ‘islamic slave system’ and pay jizya while you are alive.

      7) Be killed
      Examples of great public cruelty as a control factor.

      8) Convert to islam.
      Be come part of the eternal killing terror machine of muslims, shia, sunni, alawite, etc. etc..and all females accountable to a patriarchal male.

      So what is it to be Sweden?, Western Civilization?

      Dar al-Islam (Arabic: دار الإسلام‎ literally house/abode of Islam; or Dar as-Salam, house/abode of Peace;
      or Dar al-Tawhid, house/abode of monotheism)

      Dar al-Harb (Arabic: دار الحرب‎ “house of war

      Dar al-‘Ahd (Arabic: دار العهد‎ “house of truce “) or Dar al-Sulh (Arabic: دار الصلح‎ “house of conciliation/treaty”) [but we must recall that hudna is another way how treaties/truces are to be treated by muslims, that is until they are stronger. ]

      At all times sharia and jihad will be practiced on all.

      • I heard that police had been resigning in great numbers – & reckoned this was due to the fact that their hands were tied – if they ever were to use serious force against the criminals/terrorists then they themselves would be liable to prosecution and with no backup.
        So basically, the state has just held its hands up & admitted it’s a problem beyond their control. The country is lost – but I’m sure that sharia would control it

  5. I see them as having several choices:

    1) Surrender:
    This is indistinguishable from what they’re doing now. Withdraw the police, allow sharia law, sharia enforcement police, sharia courts to do as they wish, and continue sending in welfare and public assistance, including housing and medical care, for any Muslim from the area who applies for it;

    2) Partition
    Build a wall or impenetrable fence around the area, move any Muslims or immigrants in the surrounding area into the partitioned territory, and leave it alone. The main difference between this and surrender is that people from inside the area will not be allowed into Sweden, and no assistance will be given. They can apply to the EU, Saudi Arabia, or anyone else who wants to give them money. Whether they starve will no longer be a concern.

    3) Mass Expulsions. This will take some real planning, as a place must be found to expel the immigrants to. The Israelis had the right idea: pay a head tax to some local despot for every head he accepts, and don’t concern yourself too much with what happens to them after they get there;

    4) A horrific crackdown, completely discarding individual rights. Simply a military movement will not have much effect, because the organized Muslims can simply assassinate anyone who gets in their way. You would have to have a security apparatus akin to Saddam Hussein’s secret police, or Savak or the British Tans who controlled Ireland. The city would be treated as occupied territory. Unfortunately, the welfare and aid would probably continue under this scenario;

    5) Genocide. There are so many other ways of handling this that genocide would be profoundly immoral.

    Those are all the possibilities I can think of. I don’t think there is a possibility of putting a lid on the situation and pretending it’s been settled. The Muslims feel its time to assert their control, so they’re now in the last stages of jihad and aren’t about to pull back for bribes or appeals to reason or civic pride.

    • Pay Russia or China to build a prison industrial complex in Siberia. Equip it with WiFi touch monitors so prisoners can email their friends and loved ones their plight. Money sent from home buys their plane ticket to last known Home of origin if no crimes were committed in Europe. Otherwise they must work at making furniture, license plates, etc to pay for their room and board and plane tickets. No more freebies and mooching off the government and taxpayers. Electronic messaging will spread like wild fire warning future economic migrants of a similar fate!

    • I would ask one question of you – who is already committed to genocide? Maybe counter genocide isn’t as immoral as you think.

    • I can think of one more possibility; pay them to leave, then make sure they get on the plane. It might sound absurd, but consider the welfare costs over time one migrant soaks up from the state. In effect capitalize the amount, cheque in hand as you get on the aircraft, and of course no right to return. Done this way, there is no opportunity for the Liberal do gooders to get in the way.

  6. If you people knew Uppsala forty years ago as I did you would be physically ill. There was no more languid, peaceful, serene, lovely town where one would think twice about walking the streets at night, even a woman.

    • I spent the winter of 14-15 in Gave working, and as you said, I’m very disappointed in the what I see these days.

      • You could repeat that sentence with the names of hundreds of cities and towns all over non-Eastern European countries that used to be so nice and serene, yet we are constantly browbeaten into believing the erroneous myth that “diversity is our strength”. Sweden was a country whose citizens all had the mind set and it worked as the majority of people adhered to its philosophy. You just cannot import people from the 3rd world and expect things to remain serene and lovely. Sadly, those days are way, way behind us and lost forever.

        • Sweden was a country whose citizens all had the mind set and it worked as the majority of people adhered to its philosophy.

          The B and I continue to marvel at the similar patterns of behavior in American places largely settled by Swedes generations ago – Minneapolis/St. Paul, for instance. We became aware of their problems with Somalis almost as soon as we started this website, so as the problem increased there, we were startled to see how very similar the old country was…amazing. Carl Jung was right.

  7. And what will the military do in the ghettoes? What the US military did in Afghanistan? Unless the ghettoes themselves are destroyed and their inhabitants – returned to the countries of origin, the military will not be more successful than the police.
    The other effective measure – that white Swedes themselves organize into armed groups in order to suppress and extinguish the gangs – it is even more unthinkable. Uppsala is lost, but the battle to destroy the national identity and even the male self-perception of Swedes was won by the “progressives” decades ago.

    • Swedes are capable of being good Militia. They will hold the ground assigned, after Soldiers and Marines support policemen in clearing out neighborhoods. Start with an information campaign, offer a stipend to go, with a deadline to be gone or else direct action for removal begins. Begin with demolition of mosques as a public demonstration of how unacceptable the presence of invaders is. All of this will require political will of Swedes to save their country.

  8. In most countries, news that the Police have admitted defeat in a city would be enough to see a government thrown out of office. Sweden has an election next month, it seems unless the Swedish people are too indoctrinated to see sense, the government will be defeated. All the Sweden Democrats need to do is make the election about “law and order” and the failure of the governing party to deliver that.

  9. There is an old Romanian proverb “Man consecrates the land, the land doesn’t consecrate man”. This is what many people, especially in the West, refuse to acknowledge. They believe the rule of law simply exists and will continue to exist forever, independent of the demographic composition of a country. And when reality challenges their beliefs and lawless ghettos pop up in their neighborhoods, there is always a good excuse/lie that the criminals are the real victims and that everything will be sorted out eventually if the taxpayers give away more of their resources and freedoms.

  10. Perhaps the Swedes should seek advice from the Syrian armed forces on how to liberate a City and a province from organised Muslim killers.

  11. Sweden would be the best place to send ALL EU migrants because the Swedish are not racist.

    During the 80s and 90s the Swedish repeatedly pumped out on their TV channels how racist South Africa was. The chickens have now come home to roost.

  12. Have the police tried talking to the gang leaders’ parents?

    RonaldB you didn’t mention this possibility.

    Anyway, Sweden has got what it richly deserves. Yes, the people too. Sweden is a democracy, thus the people let it happen-and many/most will STILL vote the same way in the forthcoming election.

  13. We know what severe measures will be taken, Löfven told us himself after the synchronised arson a few days ago. THEY WILL TALK to the TROUBLEMAKERS’ PARENTS!! The Perps. are quaking in their boots!

  14. “Shock waves” ? After all that has happened, Swedes are still shocked by Moslem antics in Sweden ? The new normal doesn’t really shock anyone these days.

  15. It appears that the “SD” is the only party that even opposes the muslim invasion.
    And…………….. they MIGHT get 1/4 of the vote?
    That other 3/4s will squash them, of course………….so nothing will be done.

    What is the Swedish word for……..’pathetic’?
    It is most likely genetic–the Swedes mostly settled the upper Midwest, and they are letting muslims in to take over, too.

    • Flintlock, I never thought in a million years that we would have [Somalis] taking over once-prosperous Minneapolis with the DFL cheering for it? God help us all.

      • But if you knew the Scandinavian DNA of those who settled in Minnesota, it might not come as such a shock. They love their various enclaves of Somalis, and will protect them from people like us.

        • Dymph,
          Since I am from there, if you get to the subuurbs you find the attitude completely different, especially in St Cloud and Rochester area where their presence is growing extremely thin, the kids in high don’t go without a day there isn’t a fight and now the parents of those same kids are telling them it is ok to fight back(shocking I know right) and the Somali community is howling bloody murder at every turn to their DFLer enablers to protect them, it is increasingly falling on deaf ears of the locals. Bloody madness. At least they are smart to stay out of Northern Minn, for the Jackpine savages up Nort don’t tolerate their 3rd world mentality, and the Nort is filled with folks not to far removed from the Balkans, Poland, Finland Norway, Sweden(sigh), Germans and Italians who aren’t afraid to be very un PC in the responses to untoward behavior. It really is like a Mini Europe there.

          • A conservative Catholic seminary (not at *all* involved in the current scandals) that was based, iirc, in Edina (could be wrong on that – it was some wealthy suburb) picked up sticks and came to rural central Virginia. Built a YUGE plant from the ground up…and now I get to buy their pastured eggs at a store in the next county. That place has a waiting list for admissions.

  16. What is happening in Uppsala looks a lot like what’s happening in many French cities. I know because I live in France. What we need in Europe is more Viktor Orbans and Matteo Salvinis…

    • I agree. And if Europe doesn’t soon get more Viktor Orbans and Matteo Salvinis, then eventually it will find itself with more Pol Pots and Augusto Pinochets. One way or another, this intolerable situation will be addressed.

      • Pinochet is responsible for making Chile a first world economy. He had to make some leftists “disappear”. But that is the only way to handle them when the infestation gets too thick. Then, after a generation passed and his programs had taken hold, he relinquished power. If not for Pinochet Chile would likely have been another Venezuala.

  17. Self-inflicted, so it’s difficult to care. Political correctness will prevent action, anyway. The opportunity to forestall disaster in Sweden is long gone, and the rank of third-world countries grows.

  18. If they sent in the militärt in one ghetto it would spark a civil war. Every ghetto and migrant area of Sweden would go bananas. Police shot one machete-wielding migrant a year or two back and it sparked a fortnight of car burnings and stone-throwing throughout the nation.

    If they do it it’s basically a declaration of war and they know it. They would have to shoot ten thousand or more and that probably wouldn’t put an end to it. Imagine the headlines: Multicultural warden slaughters 10 000 in one night.

  19. Seems like Sweden will soon reach the point of:
    If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a small chance of survival. There may even be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves. –Winston Churchill

  20. They should build a wall around Uppsala and put all muslims inside. (Snake Plissken anybody??)
    Then sent in food laced with a certain mushroom.
    No, this mushroom is not deadly (what do you think of me???).
    Somewhere in the Pacific a certain tribe of natives uses this mushroom as a way of birthcontrol.
    For a woman this mushroom is totally useless.
    But a male gets infertile in no time.
    It will take some time – a few decades – but then the muslim problem is solved. Peacefully and without bloodshed on our side.

  21. This gets me to thinking, imagine if Russia on a whim, decides to send the army and navy to Sweden and offloads thousands of troops into Stockholm on one fine morning and takes control of the government and Monarchy in one fell swoop? Who would oppose it? No one really, for the Russians could walk across the country in a day with barely any resistance and NATO wouldn’t be able to do a bloody thing except protest. Can you imagine a blue-haired feminist getting in the face of a Russian spewing their usual man-hating mantras?

    Now imagine the 3rd worlders’ shock as to the presence of Russian troops all of a sudden in their streets and the inevitable first clash with a Russian, thinking that they will just fold like a Swede and things don’t go quite as planned, for the Russian doesn’t know how to bend to anyone? Now imagine if the Swedes showed some bloody backbone to the savages inside the gates?

    • Russia doesn’t invade anywhere on a whim. Besides, it is having enough trouble with its near abroad, not to mention its own Muslim population(s).

      Russia’s central issue, though not the only one, is maintaining enough petroleum sources so it can continue efforts in, e.g., Germany.

      • Dymph, What I do know about those pesky Russians where their own problems are concerned is this, they are very good at keep news of their various counter insurgency operations very close to the vest. When they go into an area, they do so with Russian utter ruthlessness that would make one of my own Marines blush with the shock and awe of it all. For nobody walks out of one those operations unless very lucky. One way or another, those pesky Russians will keep the gas flowing, one way or another.

  22. I read a bit a year or so ago, wherein the Chief of Staff for the Norwegian military stated that they had begun contingency planning to close the Norwegian/Swedish border in the event of “massive civil upheaval” in Sweden.

    It’s rough when my kinfolk in the old country can see what’s coming down the pike…

    Jeff B.

  23. All those peaceful refugees trump warned about but was called a racist. military aged men, no women or children, what did you think was gonna happen? stupid liberals

  24. … Shut off the water and electricity. They want to invade, make it a siege…then allow them an avenue to self-deport. Barbarian problems require barbarian solutions.

  25. “…severe measures will be taken…”

    Well, let’s see:
    – kind words haven’t worked.
    – that stern, strongly worded letter didn’t work. Hmmmm…
    – coaxing didn’t work (“c’mon guys, knock it off already. Can’t you act like swedes?”.
    – praying to Mother Diversity didn’t help
    – preaching to all native swedes not to be such racists didn’t help

    What else could possibly be in the bag of Swedish “severe measures”? Cutting off their own heads so as not to inconvenience those rascally “immigrants”?

  26. In the USA, there is a place called Maine. New Sweden, Maine was founded by Swedes back in the 1800s. We are at 46 degrees north and do not have midnight sun, but we have Midsommerfest every year and Swedes come from all over the USA. It is peaceful because we have a Constitution that says we can carry a hand gun if we choose to. We don’t need to ask anybody’s permission. It is our choice. If anybody chooses to emigrate to the USA you will be welcome. Homes and land are inexpensive. We have lots of white birches.

    Roger Ek
    The Northern Maine Land Man.

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