Anabel Schunke: Islam is Not Being “Abused”; This is the REAL Islam

Anabel Schunke is a German model and journalist whose opinion pieces, in both text and video, have been featured here in the past.

Below is a recent video from Ms. Schunke in which she talks about how fed up she is with Islam, and discusses — among other things — the Koranic doctrine of abrogation.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:10   People always write that Muslims and Christians should all
0:13   go on the streets together and protest,
0:16   but I honestly have to say that I have arrived at a point
0:19   where I really have had it with a whole lot of Muslims.
0:22   I generally have, and I am sorry to say that in such a harsh way,
0:25   but I’ve just had enough of these people,
0:28   and I’ve had enough of their ideology.
0:34   It is super-hard for me to endure,
0:37   I honestly have to say this, meanwhile I literally develop fits
0:40   when I see all those broads with their headscarves,
0:43   because this is just such a visible symbol of conservative Islam,
0:46   and in the meantime…
0:49   for me the train has really left the station,
0:52   I find that a large percentage of Muslims have made it clear
0:55   that… yeah… that they’re of the opinion that
0:58   all that has nothing to do with their own religion and culture,
1:01   and with that the topic for them is closed.
1:04   But to me this is just not enough,
1:07   because just recently I wrote about this too,
1:10   if someone were to abuse MY religion,
1:13   as they like to say, they always say,
1:16   “Islam is being abused, that is not real Islam, etc.”,
1:19   then I would have this inner need to go up against it,
1:22   and protest against this on the streets,
1:25   and I would be infuriated and everything,
1:28   because it would be insanely uncomfortable for me.
1:31   I would feel insanely embarrassed,
1:34   that this religion is being “abused”
1:37   for the purpose of terror, OK? And at this time, this is
1:40   the only terror we have going on, it’s Islamic terror.
1:43   But… of course I am of the opinion
1:46   that the religion isn’t abused for terror,
1:49   but that it is one to one Islam.
1:52   Dear people, that is Islam, just look at the Koran,
1:55   just look at the Koran,
1:58   read through the corresponding Suras
2:01   and how many of them there are,
2:04   then you’ll find that this is Islam,
2:07   and in my opinion all the Salafists, and the Islamic State people,
2:10   and the Wahhabists and all those who claim they walk
2:13   the “path” of jihad etc.,
2:16   they actually all live Islam a lot more genuinely
2:19   than the peaceful Muslims.
2:22   That is the actual Islam, that is Islam the way it’s written in the Koran,
2:25   and that’s what they live according to, OK?
2:28   And they can say, yeah, there are also nice things written in there,
2:31   and blah blah blah,
2:34   but in Islam there is a rule
2:37   that when… cough, when two Suras
2:40   contradict each other in their content,
2:43   then the one which was written later counts,
2:46   with respect to the one further at the end (of the Koran).
2:49   And all that stuff like “Kill the Infidels”,
2:52   that all was written at a time
2:55   when it was all about conquest and stuff,
2:58   and all the ‘Kill the Infidels!” stuff is further at the end [of the Koran].

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5 thoughts on “Anabel Schunke: Islam is Not Being “Abused”; This is the REAL Islam

  1. So obvious…Ms. Schunke “Restates the Obvious”. So Brilliant to demand that Muslims band together and deny legitimacy to the warlike behavior of Islamists. She is well aware that Islam is a WAR CULT and the Koran is not subject to any revision at all; because the MOON GOD { A Meccan creation ;way before Mohammed was born } can not have any of Allah’s directives revoked or modified because his Messenger Mohammed wrote these directives in the Koran. The Koran is the word of Allah and not subject to revision. Self deluding political leaders as well as weak minded academics will witness their own destruction. Ignorant Innocents will suffer. The Orbans and Wilders as well as the keen minded Tony Robinsons are speaking truth to what seem to be ; Two legged farm animals instead of human beings.

  2. I think that she has it right on:

    Islamic State et al actually have the correct interpretation of Islam.
    Islam is the actual problem.

    Most Muslims, the vast majority, are NOT the problem, and delude themselves with peaceful/correct/modernised “interpretations” of Islam being the right ones, because as human beings, they are decent people, and do not wish to see their religion otherwise. At times, these movements even seem to get broad social approval. I only wish these people well, and I hope that they will one day succeed in a true reformation. At the present time, it seems that the “literal interpretation” variants are on the upswing, with the results that we see.

    At times, derivatives of Islam which attempt radical reform somewhat take root. The Bahai faith, the Druze (and maybe even Ahmadiyya Muslims) fit into this category). I have no issue with these derivative faiths, as they wish others no harm.

  3. I will guess she is still in “Germany”, as she is speaking in half-measures, in order to not be arrested for hate speech.
    It would be interesting to see what she really thinks, if she were permitted actual freedom of speech.

  4. The fundamental problem with Islam is that it is completely divorced from any roots in the Western tradition. It shares no roots with all the brilliant pagan Greek and Roman philosophers. It is explicitly opposed to the Jewish and Christian traditions.

    Thus, it is no wonder that Islam and its followers have no intentions of integrating in Western societies based on that tradition.

    Thus, Ms. Schunke should realize this and let go of her frustrations. If she needs help with that, I am readily available! XD

  5. We are being set up for the biggest simultaneously launched terrorist attack ever and it will involve tens of thousands of suicide attackers and their support teams this i know is coming because the pakistani SSI and saudi Arabia have been grooming tens of thousands of young pakistani boys known as bus boys ( youtube documentary pakistans shame ) these boys are rounded up every Friday and taken to saudi sponsored mosques all over pakistan where saudi guest imans lead prayers teaching the quranic verses that explain how allah sends all who take part in homosexual acts to the hellfires for all eternity but allah forgives all sins for those who die fighting jihad ie become a suicide attacker / bomber and paradise and the 72 virgins awaits you don’t and you’ll burn in hell with the vile filthy infidels , so knowing that these boys were first intended to be used in the worldwide biological weapons attack put together by the MIT educated biological agents expert Dr.Aafia siddiqui who was showered with awards and honors from governments around the world for her work in spreading the peaceful religion of islam apparently only to the infidels because luckily for most of the planet we found out that she was certainly singing a different tune when in the company of her fellow Muslims including the seven muslim governments in on her worldwide biological weapons attack re: youtube video USA generals given seven muslim countries list for destruction ) this was punishment for their active participation in this horrible insanity they were going to Unleash in every non muslim city on earth , we must release this plot to everyone on earth and not worry about what we will do or not do to muslims in our countries because in the end every Muslim is one mosque visit away from becoming a suicidal mass murderer even those you choose as poster child for this murderous religion of death as Dr.Aafia siddiqui has proven

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