Losers of Modernization? It’s the Islam, Stupid

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The deceptive security of the familiar

Losers of Modernization? It’s the Islam, Stupid

by Anabel Schunke
November 23, 2016

It’s not modernization that frightens me, Mrs. Merkel. It is the uncritical attitude, the silence of our establishment about the true problem — the reactionaries of Islam.

Merkel wants a fourth term. Anything else from the cowardly, tunnel-vision CDU would be very surprising. It seems like forever that the party has been leaning on the allegedly sturdy shoulders of the chancellor, and hoping for security. But she herself has caused the lack of security, and now there are no longer any certainties. Ultimately, the question is: who else should do it, other than the one who tipped the balance?

Oh, how people in Germany turned up their noses at the United States. Because, in the end, only these two hated candidates were left. As if Germany were any better. As if the haggling about the presidential election and Merkel’s renewed candidacy had not demonstrated what a sad swamp of mediocrity — indeed underperformance — our political landscape is. It is a land where, ultimately, the decisive posts are held by a former bookseller from Würselen who resembles an undertaker, a failed teacher who derides some of the population as a “pack,” and two people with upside-down smiles, of whom one refuses to congratulate the future president of the US, while the other, during one of the country’s greatest crises — which she herself has brought about — is blathering that digitalizing and insufficient broadband have caused the crisis. As she always was, Merkel is the one-eyed person in the land of the blind. The fact that she is clung to despite her proven incompetence when pro-active moves are required of politicians, despite her estrangement from reality and inability to recognize people’s genuine problems, says less about Merkel and more about the political system and especially about her potential competitors.

How little self-confidence must a country have, how anxious and cowardly must a society be, to listen to such people? A society that has put up with all the impudence, the arrogance of recent months, and at the next opportunity checks the same box again?

Voting for the Horror We Know Out of Fear of the Horror We Don’t Know

This, in truth, demonstrates how great the fear of freedom is, and how much perceived security is still preferred in this country. So aside from the question of who else is there, there is another component: the desire for predictability. Another four years with Merkel and the great coalition is probably bad, but they are at least predictable, and in such a time of global terrorism, Trump and Brexit, when nothing seems predictable anymore, we long for the familiar. Even when much of the insecurity was caused by those who offer perceived security through predictability.

I just don’t want that anymore. I no longer want some one-eye at the helm of the country I live in, just because our party system is so screwed up that it swirls only the blind and the one-eyed to the top. I don’t want predictable people anymore, because this predictability palls on me.

Instead, it is high time to realize that it is not meet and proper for a country to be governed by such people, and that there is no security to be had through the agency of these people. We must realize that we have northing to lose, faced with politicians who characterize potential voters who are intended to be helped, to be brought along, as “modernization losers.”

I am no loser to modernization. Not economically dependent, not overwhelmed by digitalization and not simply enraged about the lack of broadband. I do not criticize Islam and the asylum policy of the government because I am stupid or have never met a person from a foreign culture. In fact, I am young, digitally fluent and have friends with immigration backgrounds. I am everything which — according to the government — speaks against Islam-critique and in favor of leftist and multiculti. And I am sick and tired of having to hear people who live in their own bubble tell me that it isn’t so. People, who in their hubris and even more their incompetence, are, even after years, incapable of recognizing what really bothers people, and that it has nothing to do with anyone being afraid that some illiterate Afghan will take his job.

The opening speech for the CDU convention in Essen predicts difficult times. “We ought to…” Nothing in recent years has exposed the chasm between politics and large parts of our society as much as the dressing down of Islam-critics as modernization losers. It demonstrates not only the boundless unworldliness and detachment from society, but, beyond that, the striking helplessness and perplexity of our politicians, which should disabuse everyone, down to the last person, of any feeling of security in connection with the elites. Yes, the last thing I get from these people, and above all the chancellor, is a feeling of security, since they and their ilk, after over a year of the refugee crisis and years of debates about Islam, have still not been able to come to the nub of the problem.

No, I am not a modernization loser. Like the people I talk to every day, who are beyond-the-norm academics and entrepreneurs. Presumably I am the exact opposite of the coarse picture German politicians try to lay over everything and everyone, and pass off as an answer. Yes, it is that ignorance more than anything else that makes me so angry. Even angrier than the actual failure of the supposed elite, who still believe they are entitled to their hubris and their condescending manner to people like me.

Characterizing critics of Islam and/or religion as modernization losers, and thus representing medieval culture and religion as part of the modern, is an unparalleled grotesquerie and a betrayal of the values of the Enlightenment, such as could hardly have been thought possible a few decades ago.

I don’t criticize Islam because I am suspended. Or because I don’t have broadband or am overwhelmed by digitalization. I criticize it because I think it is stupid. Because I see nothing positive in the culture of Islam as compared to my own culture. Because it is good for nothing, and the unconditional and uncontrolled acceptance of Muslims into our land is not a sign of modernity. The sign of modernity is the courage to follow our understanding and logic and reject this backward step.

It is not modernization that frightens me, Mrs. Merkel. It is the lack of discrimination and the silence of your establishment in the face of the true problem. It’s the Islam, stupid!

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42 thoughts on “Losers of Modernization? It’s the Islam, Stupid

  1. I hate to say it Anabel, but you Germans are done for. The writings on the wall, demographics do not lie. I’ve just watched a piece on France 24. It mentioned that there were 750,000 births in Germany last year, half of which were to foreign mothers. I work in the Middle East, the vast majority of families here think nothing of having 4-5 children per family. When your new landsmen get a sniff of the generous German benefits, that’s when you’ll really see a rise in your population. Germans are being replaced, it’s as simple as that.

    How many children does Mutti have? Absolutely none, so what does she care about the next generation? She will go down in history (that’s if any record is kept) as the woman who ultimately rid Germany of its Germans.

    I wont say aufwiedersehn as that translates to something along the lines of until we next see each other. It’s more of a farewell Germany, it was nice knowing you.

    • It’s not only Germany that is experiencing such a trend. France, Britain, Spain, Italy and other European countries have a similar trend. Eastern Europe also has a low birthrate, although more due to the massive costs of raising a child there, than because of any lifestyle choices.

      But there are some bright spots. The German, Catholic family I stayed with, when I was on a school exchange in Germany just over 20 years ago, had five children. And others with more traditional Christian values are likewise known for having more children, although I suspect they’re not a big percentage of the German population.

    • No, Del. This battle is actually not about demographics. This battle is not even about modernity vs not. It’s about — isn’t it always? — about totality vs freedom.

      If the rulers of Germany wanted to open it’s borders to an influx of people from poorer countries who wanted freedom, rule of law, equality before the law, and the other values the West justly used to be admired for, it wouldn’t be in the pickle it’s in today — as long as those people were not devotees of Islam. Many of those peoples would have been from Ukraine. Others from the far reaches of Russia. And some would have been from southerly Asia or Near East or Africa — but they would have been folks like Wafa Sultan or Ayaan Hirsi Ali, folks who appreciate the opportunity to live as human beings rather than feudal serfs.

      Make no mistake about it: German elites are using the demographic argument as just another way to keep the Germans down, ashamed, feeling guilty for what is being done to them.

      • I strongly disagree. It’s ALL about demographics. If you haven’t already, read Mark Steyns America Alone. He highlights fantastically why Europe as we know it is teetering on the brink of extinction.

    • “750,000 births in Germany last year, half of which were to foreign mothers.”

      When they say “foreign” they also mean births by non-German European women….

    • Imagine; Germans are being replaced, and by what?
      In the future the west will be lucky to get donkey carts from Germany, you can forget the high tech cars….

      decades ago I read the world’s I.Q. was going down, strange, that!

      • I remember reading – may have been Mark Twain’s description – an account of the way Egyptians lost over several generations the skills necessary to build carts. As did probably several other places. If your overlords can simply commandeer the cart you built – or bought from the cartwright – then there is no incentive to keep buying them and none to build them…

        …thus do cultures lose their skills and intelligence. Turns out one may have to re-invent the wheel after all. Hard to believe that could happen in the same place that the pyramids were constructed, or the Nile was engineered to keep the water in check for irrigation – until the Bedouin sheep herders let their flocks roam over the terraces, destroying the complex construction. The desertification of land is an Islamic specialty.

        • So much of human history is determined by chance. The wheel was not discovered/invented in the Americas because there were no native animals suitable to haul carts and the like.

          More broadly, Europe and Asia had plants and animals which lent themselves to domestication; hence agriculture, surpluses, towns and cities, specialisation, exploration, colonies, empires. People in less favoured areas engaged in bloody tribal wars, subjugation of their neighbours etc, but on a relatively limited scale. I am indebted to the American biologist turned anthropologist Jared Diamond for these insights.

    • Liberal “values” have created the problem of third-world inundation and internal Muslim arrogance. Westerners are not required to accept the destructive results of this stupidity.

      “Illiberal” solutions have ever been available to be adopted by Westerners. Border guards can, for example, be authorized to mark boundaries, warn with sound and signage, and use deadly force to protect Europe. Any dead refugee who advanced to the border despite clear warnings would be the LAST refugee who would attempt the approach or the crossing.

      Word would spread with the speed of light that Westerners have abandoned cowardice, stupidity, and despicable submission and reverted to their native “kick (redacted)” ways.

      Do not doubt me. God did not mandate that we forever put up with (redacted) for forever and a day and treat third-world and Muslim savagery, superstition, and ignorance as Divine gifts.

      Any auf widersehns are premature.

    • Yup germany and the EU. I just visited the EU and the only families I saw for the most part with more than one child were Muslim. In a generation when the EU has fallen apart and Muslims are replacing natives, you only have yourselves to blame. Just look at the middle east and now it’s all right there in your back and front yard and it will collapse everything.

  2. Lately there’s also been talk of another type of “insular” person – the hip, trendy Hillary voter who’s so persuaded that their candidate will win, because they’ve never seen anyone who admits to being a Trump supporter.

    Hence, after election day, they’re shellshocked… because they were also in their little bubble of Hillary supporters, unaware of there being any wider world around them.

    Could this also be the state of the German “mainstream”, so religiously convinced that Merkel and multi-kulti are the only way, that they’re unable to fathom that others may think differently? And could they in fact be even more insulated than the “modernisation losers” they like to sneer at?

    • Of supposedly a ‘bubble of Hillary supporters’, because many people wouldn’t even admit that they were going to vote Trump, or at least not Hillary.

      • I live in Florida and crossed approx. 6 states recently. You couldn’t find a hillary for president sign, while Trump signs were everywhere.
        It was the main stream media on the east and west coasts who kept saying clinton was unbeatable.
        We got rid of our detestable witch, and I hope Germany get rid of theirs.

        • We couldn’t find any Hillary signs in southern VA whilst driving around; just a few Trump signs. Finally, a week before the election, a few H’s sprouted up. We did see a lot of signage for the Democrat woman running for Congress. She lost, though.

          In small, rural places like this, people are shy about publicizing their preferences. Didn’t used to be the case, but that was before the spontaneous generation of fragile snowflakes, Professional Grievance mongers and such. My mother said that in Ireland in polite – i.e., public – conversation, one didn’t talk about religion or politics. Too divisive.

          • Indeed.My mother always said that one never discusses sex ,religion or politics at a dinner party because it’s just “not done” But nowadays the conversations at your average dinner party would make a sailor blush.

            .I remember a friend from school being absolutely enchanted when my mother (driven beyond endurance by her mending-back in the day when people actually mended their clothes) said’ damn” and then immediately apologized for swearing.

            She actually walked out of”A fish called Wanda” because of the swearing.

        • Could it be that the new Snowflake Generation behind Hillary don’t put signs up on their lawns, on who they’re gonna vote for? And that instead, they just go on Facebook to berate Trump, or do so when meeting their friends in the bar?

  3. Well said, Anabel. I recall reading an article by Fjordman in the early 2000’s. I do not know whether it was on GoV or on the now defunct Brussels Journal in which he predicted accurately the current European situation concerning islam and that it would be countered by a rise in the Right.

    We will see what we will see but the present situation in Germany cannot be allowed to stand.

  4. Btw, I grew up in London in the 1990s, being of a “migration background”… many of my friends there also have a migration background: Polish, Chinese, several Irish, Indian-Filipino, Croatian – to be precise… guess how we all voted in the big Brexit referendum? Hint – it’s not what the mainstream media snobs would have you believe!

    • Good on them! They understand why one should immigrate to a new country: to really become part of it and support it.

  5. If only there were more Germans like Anabel Schunke. Love her.
    Meanwhile, it’s the express train to the Third World for the European Union.

  6. >This, in truth, demonstrates how great the fear of freedom is, and how much perceived security is still preferred in this country.”

    So very much in one sentence.

  7. That there are still Germans like Anabel, who do not follow the evil leader but speak the truth, is a commended phenomenon. Anabel, both Germany and the whole free world need you. May God be with you and give you the strength to continue.

    • Do not take this as a criticism but no matter how many times I hear this I just find it hard to accept.

      My paternal grandfather died in the early 20th century and, while he was no war criminal or instrument of Satan, I cannot imagine even one circumstance under which I would think myself even remotely responsible for anything he ever did in his life. Ditto for my father.

      Ditto for all the guys and gals down in the local jail or in the penitentiary. One of them could have chopped up his or her spouse with a chain saw and I fail to see how it reflects on me.

  8. May I suggest introducing the verb “Merkelisieren”? It would be used to describe someone violated when they had the right to be protected.

    For example, “Noch ein Madchen von Fluchtlinge merkelesiert.”

    German family evicted to make room for refugees? “Noch ein deutscher Familie merkelisiert”

    You could start a hashtag @NochMerkelisiert.

    As is apparent I have neither the command of German nor the familiarity with this “Interweb” thingy to do this, but if it caught on it might make a difference.

  9. It hasn’t happened yet. The Germans need to ditch the idiot who “leads” them. They can change it if they want to, just start repatriating…..
    It is a choice that can be made by free people. They can vote to preserve themselves or vote for extinction. It is up to them. It is not beyond the wit of man. The just have to want to hard enough.

  10. The political elites are helpless because they have unleashed a misery on their people which is now way beyond their control. How can one extricate, on what grounds can one extricate whole populations from within the Body Politic without causing catastrophic disturbance? How can such an Ejection Project be administered?

    Rounding people up, pushing people onto trains, bussing them to airports – it will be horrendous and those people will resist. They are already violent and angry as hornets. The West willbe turned into an armed camp.

    No-one wants to face the fact that every nation in the Europe is facing a Yugoslavia Crisis – and look at the result of that debacle – more Muslims pouring into Europe through Kosovo along with massive crime.

    Parallels to the Holocaust rise up like nightmares in the mind. What is the perfect solution? There isn’t one – except for the total and complete annihilation of the ideology of Islam, once and for all. Eventually that will have to be faced, the sooner the better.

    Every single Islamic nation, as well as most Third World nations, bring misery to their populations and that is the source of the entire problem. The most corrupt government in the world is the Iraqi regime for which Americans died to liberate from the tyranny of Saddam Hussein. What a waste!

    People who have no experience of human rights succumb to tyranny in a heart beat. After WW2 Germany and Japan were FORCED into democracy. We need to do the same now – despite the opposition of Soros and his cronies, despite the deals struck with those corrupt governments by our corporations, World Banks, IMFs and the complete white-washing they give themselves in the ridiculous UN.

    • ‘Ejection Project’. Love it!

      To sum-up Guillaume Faye, resistance is the negative, reconquest is the positive; resistance that is not founded upon the goal of reconquest will inevitably fail.

  11. Dear Annabel, Islam must be exposed as a diabolical enslavement of the wretched souls born into , or visited on nations where it prevails…and as a threat to all civilized cultures.
    The East German “Strudel Shop ” clerk with pretentious of grandeur { Mamma Merkel } is a manifestation of the almost complete disappearance of the Judaeo/Christian culture that once prevailed in the major nations in Europe. Only a return to Christendom will erase the fourteen hundred year scourge on humanity that is labelled Islam. Keep teaching…keep preaching…..The core of the German soul still has a steel will that can carry a steel sword. Speaking of distorted ideals ; Look at the ” FAKE ” pope. He should grant himself a dispensation and marry Momma Merkel.

  12. ” This, in truth, demonstrates how great the fear of freedom is, and how much perceived security is still preferred in this country.”

    Excellent point, and as Benjamin Franklin, that dead white man, said,
    “Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”

  13. Here you are, you guys still debating some kind of high level philosophies about digital literacy? and Merkel’s ability to lead the country…
    She and her people betrayed you! Wake up! It is like debating Hitler economical policies in the basement while the Russians storming Berlin. The problem is as long you stay “civilized” they are winning because every minute of peace will bring them closer their goal.
    Del is correct in the previous comment, you guys are done for if you not do something drastic very soon!

    • “The problem is as long you stay “civilized” they are winning” –
      I am afraid a part of me agrees. The other part of me feels like the election of Trump has given us new hope that these matters can still be solved in civilised and democratic manners.

      • Well the only thing I can see as “civilized” is to legally re-qualify islam as not a religion but an aggressive supremacist political ideology (which is really) and then do what we need to do with totalitarian oppressive ideologies.
        Essentially we must take a page out of their book (regarding to dhimmis). Total ban of immigration of muslims and deportation of the ones are here and not give up their cult. We should only protect the dissidents, the apostates and we should use their knowledge to defeat islam.
        If we are not protecting our values nobody else will protect it for us.
        Do we have a stomach to do this? If we are weak at the knee than better just put our hands up then lie down to die. Countless nations destroyed in history, maybe their name remained in some old book, nobody reads anymore. Why would we think this cannot happen to us?

        I have seen your nickname, mostly on translations from German. Any Hungarian affiliation?

        • ” to legally re-qualify islam as not a religion but an aggressive supremacist political ideology (which is really) and then do what we need to do with totalitarian oppressive ideologies.”


        • What you describe is what I had in mind when I said “civilized”.
          But time is pressing. Law enforcement and military are still on the German people’s side, but they are being subverted fast.
          My only affiliation with Hungary is that I have visited Eger and of course Budapest many years ago. Earlier this year when I was going through some papers, there was the postcard of the painting by Székely which I had bought back then in Hungary. I had forgotten about it, and it seemed to hold significance. Hence the name. That is all, unfortunately; I wish I could speak Hungarian!

  14. Islam is doing what Islam has done for 1400 years – conquest by any method. What is different is that the leaders of the West refuse to see it for what it is.

    • There is also a huge fifth-column of Westerners that refuse to see the current program of Islamic conquest. Many more traitors actively aid and abet the conquest process.

      • That is also a tactic of the muslim invaders. Get a leader to betray their people and open the gates. Not that the present elite needs a lot of encouragement to do so…

  15. The demographics are the inevitable undermining factor relating to that oddly socio-tragic term “modernization”. That term in the craw of the German elite class masks the height of condescending Orwellian newspeak, right out of the pages of “1984”.

    Another inevitable factor ; the German people and their passivity in the face of this tragedy. Imagine North Sea ports filled with container ships brimming over with 2nd and 3rd generation Islamists and Sub-Saharan Africans. Tens of thousands of radical leftists and anarchists in pitch battles on the highways and roads determined to stop the repatriation and every humanitarian organization in the world coming down on them like Thor’s hammer for their “racism”.

    Germany will have to take back their culture one brick at a time, and what will it resemble when the bricks are back in place? That’s why Merkel will win. Reflecting upon it, a vote for Trump was easy, Brexit a no brainer. theirs tough.

  16. You must get rid of Merkel. She’s nothing but a stooge for the globalist agenda. Elimination of national identity is foremost on the agenda.Who decided these people must be accepted by your country?

  17. The problem is racial and genetic as well as cultural and religious. Islam takes a bad situation and makes it worse.

    A low-skilled, violence-prone, impulsive Muslim who renounces Islam is still…low-skilled, violence-prone, impulsive. Israel is having problems with the black Jews, who do not have the baggage of Islam to make them worse.

    Why are people from the northern climates more intelligent than African? Because the unintelligent ones died from the cold. The welfare state takes money from intelligent people and gives it to unintelligent people as help to raise a family. Intelligent people put more work and resources into raising their children, so equalizing the resources available through government redistribution means that unintelligent people will outproduce intelligent people. You don’t have to be a genius to follow that logic.

    Government bureaucrats gain their career advancement and salaries through skimming money off the top from the funds flowing through government. The people making money from government funds naturally have a chronic desire to expand government. An additional incentive is that the larger and more remote a government is, the less accountable the bureaucrats are. The EU is accountable to virtually no one, as is the UN bureaucracy.

    My supposition is that the susceptibility of Germany to Merkel is a result of the success of the German economy and the pervasiveness of the German welfare state. The unintelligent Germans and the incompetent Germans, not always the same, have outbred the producers and the intelligent, again not always the same. So, a large part of the German population simply doesn’t conceptualize that the massive demographic changes brought by uncontrolled immigration is real and completely permanent.

    Islam is like the opportunistic infection that rides on flesh which is already diseased. It is Islam that will kill you, but not only Islam. African bushmen who don’t know or care about using a toilet will also kill you. And their already-low IQ will not go up in the European welfare states: they will go down.

    Why are the Eastern European countries more resistant to immigration? Because under Communism, they redistributed wealth, but there was very little wealth to redistribute, and if you weren’t intelligent, you died. So, the Eastern European countries did not have the time to deteriorate as much as the Western.

    Any culture that hopes to survive has got to stop confiscating the wealth of the productive in order to subsidize the children of the non-productive. It sounds harsh, but it’s only logical. And actually, there are many degrees of freedom to do such humanely.

    Of course, the sine qua non of any program to preserve a people and culture has got to block out incompatible immigrants. Otherwise, the battle is lost from the beginning. Blocking out all immigrants is an even better idea. Some people are under the delusion that they can increase the quality of their population by screening immigrants. But, is a government unable to address the issue in its own population, likely to effectively screen immigrants for genetic qualities likely to improve the native population?

  18. Some well-informed comments in the above posts and if the ‘liberal dhimmis’ would strain their minds and read some critiques of Islam and the jihad they might get on board.
    But every ‘progressive’ friend of mine refuses to even glance at the evidence for jihad and Islamic intentions for fear of being tainted by supposed ‘far right’ sentiments.
    When ‘feminists’ won’t read the hadiths on FGM it’s a sign of something seriously amiss.
    One becomes a lone voice in the wilderness surrounded by a crowd of virtue signalling dimwits who can’t wait to show their diversity worshipping credentials whenever a new terrorist outrage is in the news – assuming the name, religion or description of the attacker is ever mentioned.
    Sad and tragic times ahead as the net closes on the freedoms of the West.
    Viva Le Pen, Geert Wilders and AfD!

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