No-Go Zones in Berlin for DHL Express

DHL is a German-based courier service with operations all over the world. Although the German government denies that there are any “no-go zones” in Germany, that’s not true for DHL Express, which now declines to deliver packages to certain culturally-enriched areas of Berlin.

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DHL Express isn’t delivering everything in Wedding

November 23, 2016

The DHL subsidiary Express doesn’t deliver parcels or packages in the Wedding district of Berlin. The reason is the allegedly increasing number fraud attempts and attacks on the drivers.

The DHL Express delivery service does not offer to deliver packets and parcels to the front door in the Wedding district of Berlin. “Unfortunately, there have been attacks on couriers in the past, and there have also been attempts at fraud. In order to ensure the courier’s security and that the shipments for the customers arrive safely, we have decided in this particular case,” said DHL’s spokeswoman Anke Blenn to the RBB.

The Berliner Kurier was the first one to report on this. According to them, DHL Express disallows the delivery of packages in at least three Berlin neighborhoods; certain postal code areas are allegedly no longer approached. They are all allegedly in Wedding. It was also said that DHL stopped delivery in “violent neighborhoods”. The company denied this representation of the facts: Only the subsidiary DHL Express is allegedly concerned, it said. In addition, it is allegedly about “a few individual cases”.

Packages from DHL Express must be collected in individual cases

DHL Express is responsible for so-called “time-defined express shipments”. In agreement with the respective consignors, it would now be decided on a case-by-case basis whether to no longer deliver certain consignments, a written statement said. The recipient is then promptly informed that his shipment is located in the nearest DHL Express pick-up station.

DHL Package continues to provide all packages. There is always a personal delivery attempt. If the recipient is not found or the package can not be deposited in the neighborhood, the package will be sent to the nearest post office where it can be picked up.

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  1. No-go areas, suburbs that are now Third World Muslim enclaves, mosques sprouting like mushrooms, migrants brawling in the streets, mayhem, rape, theft, drug crime, people smuggling, body parts smuggling, sex slaves and all the misery for women living under Islam and, on top of that, the daylight robbery of taxpayers having to support the unemployable malcontents – what a legacy the political elites have bestowed on an erstwhile peaceable West!

    Hitler tried to destroy Western democracy by slaughtering millions of innocents. Merkel and her Brussels team, lacking the nerve of Hitler, are bringing in barbarians to do the destruction for them. They need to be treated as enemies of the West and treated accordingly before they succeed.

    Nuremberg would be the best place for their trial, especially as their cohorts have already done damage there.

  2. In the US, it is well known that many black areas are highly dangerous for taxi drivers, but it is illegal for taxi drivers to refuse any fare or address. Hence, the taxi drivers play a dangerous game of trying to minimize the risk while not getting fined or cited for discrimination.

    The structure of laws is totally rigged against normal people trying to do a good job, but remaining safe. The situation with taxi drivers has existed for a long, long time in machine-controlled cities like Chicago.

    • It existed for me in the early 1970s when I was a taxi driver in the Baltimore suburbs. I used to have to drive downtown sometimes late at night. It was kind of scary going to the bus station. But there were parts of town where a white guy ABSOLUTELY did not go at night. Fortunately I never had a fare ask to go to those places.

        • I was born in Virginia, lived in suburban Maryland in my later childhood, and then moved to Yorkshire for high school when my father was stationed there. After we came back I lived in Maryland again while attending William and Mary. The summer after I graduated I drove a taxi in the Baltimore area.

          Then I moved back to my home state, and have lived here continuously for more than forty years.

    • Looks like Europeans are bent on importing this kind of situation into Europe. The reasons and the history would be much different, but the end result quite similar.

      Indeed, the situation is already in situ in many parts of France.

  3. Doesn’t this set a precedent in Europe? Previously it was just police and rescue services that were unable to go into these ghettoes, now its businesses !!

  4. Westerners, when they start to exterminate you, first attack rotten apples in state structures.

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