Anabel Schunke Booted From Facebook for Revealing Sexual Harassment Against Herself

The well-known German opinion writer Anabel Schunke has earned a thirty-day suspension from Facebook for exposing (if that is the right word) the obscene harassment she experienced from a culture-enricher.

Nash Montana, who translated the video below, includes this brief introduction:

Apparently Anabel Schunke was blocked on Facebook for thirty days for posting a screen shot that showed an immigrant sexually harassing her, telling her that maybe she just needed some [details redacted].

She says she is crying and sad about it because she was planning a Christmas donation campaign. She had talked to several authors and friends about donating autographed books etc. to raise money for the local homeless shelter and animal shelter.

Facebook is not the end-all of campaign donations, but I understand why she’s upset. She has a huge following and could have raised a fair amount of money.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Hello, dear friends,
0:03   I just… I’m having a bit of a hard time speaking right now,
0:06   because I am… I’m very sad right now.
0:13   What happened is that I just got kicked out of Facebook.
0:20   I am now blocked…
0:24   for thirty days,
0:28   therefore right until Christmas,
0:33   because of… the post
0:36   that I wrote,
0:39   a screen shot that I posted of a message
0:46   that I got from some guy
0:50   who had written to me
0:54   that I should just try out a such and such [male member],
1:01   or maybe that I needed one, whatever he wrote there,
1:04   I don’t rightly remember now;
1:07   it could be looked up…
1:11   And… yeah, I was basically sexually harassed,
1:18   I think he wrote “You just need a such and such [member] in you,
1:21   a real [member] in you”…
1:26   I posted that because that’s how I defend myself as a woman,
1:32   against such things,
1:36   and for that post I now have been blocked.
1:40   But that is not the reason that I react so sadly or whatever,
1:44   I mean being blocked by Facebook won’t end your life.
1:49   The reason I am so sad is simply because
1:53   I had planned a Christmas donation campaign on Facebook.
2:00   It is really important to me,
2:03   I wanted to collect for the homeless shelter and the local animal shelter,
2:10   and in order to motivate donations
2:15   had worked really hard the past few days and weeks
2:22   to talk to fellow friends, authors and acquaintances,
2:29   asking them for book donations, magazines, whatever,
2:33   autographed, and then I wanted to raffle them off
2:37   in order to create a bigger motivation to donate,
2:44   and yes, I really wanted to do that,
2:47   especially because Christmas time is my favorite time.
2:50   And I just think it’s incredibly important to help
2:54   the weakest in our society,
2:57   and now I can’t do that,
3:00   because I will be blocked until Christmas, and
3:03   that just makes me really sad, and I’m sorry because it’s really not like me
3:06   to show myself like this in front of the camera,
3:09   but this really bothers me deeply,
3:12   because it is so unjust.
3:15   I haven’t done anything wrong;
3:18   rather I am the one being victimized here.
3:21   And I merely defended myself as a woman.
3:25   In any case I wanted to let you know about this via this venue,
3:28   because they never give you time, they don’t warn you
3:31   ahead of time or anything,
3:34   and I had no opportunity to inform you and let you know,
3:38   and I don’t have the possibility of writing messages on Facebook now.
3:42   So this is my only opportunity here,
3:50   and now you know,
3:54   and I am very sorry that it’s not going to work out.

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31 thoughts on “Anabel Schunke Booted From Facebook for Revealing Sexual Harassment Against Herself

    • No do not trust‼️
      Send her info on Gab a.i all welcome and we are just staring free speech
      Contact me Kanydoe on Gab K Borthwick Chalifoux Twitter
      On FB not in a while?????????

  1. This also happened to the Polish-Syrian activist Miriam Shaded, who got a message from an Arab in Poland saying he’d kidnap her and do various things to her… Facebook banned Miriam for 30 days – but a couple of days later apologised and overturned the ban. Perhaps they realised their mistake, or they didn’t like the growing bad publicity… nonetheless, it’s worth publicising the case and appealing to Facebook, imo.

  2. These women folks (including myself) just do not want to learn the rules of the Islamic Republic of Germany. But it is easy! Just open the Quran and you can read all about it. For rape and sexual assault the woman is the responsible party! So it is obvious that Facebook following the teachings of islam doing what Sharia law demands and silence the woman who is obviously sinned by getting molested.

  3. We, none of us, need Facebook, or ever needed it. People were raising money through other methods long before Facebook existed. Unfortunately Facebook has got most the people right where they want them, policing themselves, afraid to breath too hard for fear of offending someone. In a way it’s our fault for submitting to it instead of quitting en masse. My sympathies to Anabel but I believe Germany’s reached the tipping point.

  4. This simply proves to me that facebook is absolutely worthless. I do not have an account there nor will I ever do so. I have noticed, from outside remarks, that facebook is rather totalitarian.

    well, that’s my comment, for whatever it’s worth. Not much…

    • I think “worthless” is the wrong word. Worthless implies a quality of benign or inconsequential. Facebook’s behavior is actually complicit and has an aiding quality to enemies of German women with its policies.

  5. I so much like it when the leftists get it
    The waking up is hard but better late than never
    Oh I am so sad facebook. Boo hoo hoo
    What do you expect ? Congratulations from mutty merkel?
    The Germans still support merkel the criminal 3-1 so they riser even everything they get

      • yes indeed,Baron. She is a hard fighter of our cause and has a language that everybody can understand.A very precious person, not a wimp.

  6. Facebook needs to explain publically. Much too arbitary so they need to investigate and get control over their delegated decision makers.

  7. I couldn’t get through Anabel’s obsequious video. This woman has issues, which in many ways are emblematic of what Germany is becoming.
    She snivels, wimps, and weeps. This seems to be the same official Deutche response when muslims sexually molest their children and females.
    So sad to see this human doormat.

    • NOT nice. And if you read GoV regularly then you know that she is anything BUT what you have just described. I’ve translated I believe 4 of her op-eds and JLH has done a couple too if I’m not mistaken for GoV.

      To equal her response with that of Germans sniveling and weeping when muslims sexually molest their children is …. outlandish and inappropriate.

    • She might be a bit emotional, but I suspect she already talked to people at the shelter(s) so it might feel like letting them down.

  8. Anybody out there figured out what’s WRONG with this “faceboook” [redacted} [redacted]?
    Truth, Justice, and the American Way are not to be found there (apologies to Marval Comics and Superman, of course).

    So WAKE UP already.

  9. Ms. Schunke is among that small percentage of human beings who have an abundance of the Milk of Human kindness at their core. This goodness and sensitivity comes at a price. Namely ; the difficulty to understand the lack of empathy toward other people…and the nasty core that happens to be the essence of people who gleefully cause pain in others. Take heart Ms. Schunke ……. You are a giant among these pygmies….and a good part of their enmity toward you is based on their real self awareness of their inferiority and lack of virtue in comparison to people like you. In short ; They hate their Betters. Keep doing what you are doing…and in time you will be less distressed by the actions of your inferiors. Take heart also in the fact that people like Wilders..Le Pen..Orban..Trump and most of all “Putin ” are the instruments of a new revolution based on Judaeo Christian values that will soon sweep these Godless Cretins who hate humanity ; out of our lives.

    • Oh that is so well stated!!! Thank you!

      I just sent her a message on Skype to let her know I translated the video and it’s up at GoV. I think she will read this soon.

    • Well said!
      Despite their pestering, I’ve never signed up to Facebook (or as Dymphna calls it ‘Faceache’) or Twitter.

      BTW, I don’t hate humanity, only islam; and yes, I’m one of the godless.

  10. I’m ready to look at alternatives to Facebook and post a link to Schunke’s video. Facebook is not that important to me, but I’m going to hold off and see what develops.

    For one thing, there is the question of how much local autonomy the German Facebook group has. Another is to see if they recant. We know the Muslims are organized to complain about anything which offends their so-called religion, and it’s possible Facebook received masses of complaints and didn’t investigate before acting.

    Thanks to GoV for bringing up this case. I have been arguing against government compelling the social media to accept all viewpoints, but I support 100% any effort to develop alternative channels.

    • Let me add another observation.

      Facebook is a publicly-traded corporation, which means it is controlled by an independent board of directors and subject to shareholder votes. In other words. its sole concern is making money and avoiding regulatory hassles. It is no longer the plaything of Mark Z, as totalitarian, obnoxious, or sociopathic as he might be.

      Chances are, they have a group to handle complaints. They received hundreds of complaints from organized Muslims, and their first reaction was to try to make the complaints go away. I predict they got negative publicity, and have now reinstated Annabel’s account. If I give the impression of a reed in the wind of public opinion and government pressures, I’m succeeding.

      In my opinion, it is a losing proposition to depend on Facebook and the other mega-social media to be susceptible to pressures to carry alternative views and news. It’s like depending on CNN, NBC, Fox News and the like to carry information on the Muslim invasions. In actuality, we have to support independent sources of information like the Gates of Vienna.

      This is rough on people like Stephan Molyneux, Mike Cernovich, Bill Mitchell, and others who have developed a living presenting alternative (and generally high-quality) news on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Their revenue can be dramatically affected by arbitrary changes in the advertising policies of, say, YouTube. YouTube is owned by Google, another humungous corporation highly susceptible to the pressures of political correctness, public opinion, and the threat of government interference.

      The relatively new network moguls supported Hillary for the reason that monopolists always support more government regulation: the more onerous the requirements of simply entering a business, the more barriers there are to competition with new technologies and new ideas. It’s the independently-wealthy businessman like Trump that they really want to hit hard. They don’t object to oceans of wealth: they object to the total discretion of the wealthy person to spend as he wishes. Of course, with Trump, we also get Soros: yin and yang. But, Soros makes his fortune sucking on the blood of bloated government financial structures, while Trump actually created value.

      The bottom line is, I think it would be a huge mistake to try to use the government to rectify the abuses of the mega-network corporations. The real news will have to be provided by real journalists and not highly-paid entertainers. There is always an inflection point for any enterprise: is it going to stay small and lean and effective, or is it going to make lots of money?

  11. I know there is a lot of talk about why use Facebook when they’re so obviously biased. There are so many examples of their bias.

    I have over the years created 5 Facebook profiles, which I all use as backups when I get booted from my main profile. All my profiles are well established and so far the Facebook police has not asked me to “verify” my “real” name, and if they do I will gladly provide them documents stating my name is in fact “Nash Montana” and “Penelope Pitstop”. But until then…

    My point being that sure, one might ask, why bother with Facebook. I say, precisely because they are such [epithets]. I love to be a thorn on their side. One of my profiles has almost 2000 followers (not FB friends, just followers), and they are all people that at one time or another either sent me a friends request that I denied, or they click ‘follow’ because they are leftist and muslim trolls.

    My main NM profile gets huge traction and some of my memes have been re-shared thousands of times. Until last August, that profile has been suspended 4 times in 2016 each for 30 days long. And ALWAYS because of stuff I posted about muslims.

    As long as I can, I will not delete my Facebook profiles because I love the friction, I love the trolls, I love to slay people with facts. Even if, in the end, it makes absolutely no difference to them. We all know how liberals argue. They always end up calling you Hitler.

    But it doesn’t matter. I have a great time doing it. It keeps me occupied. I cannot think of one single occasion where a banishment from FB has gotten under my skin. I look at these banishments as notches on my belt. But Anabel had a good thing going with her donation campaign and I am sorry it didn’t work out for her on Facebook. There are other venues but her Facebook page, too, is very prolific and gets a lot of traction.

    I just hope that more people would put less weight on Facebook, although I would never delete my profile unless I’m forced to, and take it as it is, a leftist biased site that will suspend you at will. And algorithms. Biased algorithms. LOL

    • +1 it is important to confront the narrative wherever it exists. The PC leftist a relies on acquiescence and silence to maintain control. When that control is confronted through argument the spin out. You may not persuade the brainwashed, but you can destroy the atmosphere of intimidation that places such subjects as beyond debate that allows discourse amongst those who observe and persuade them. If you do it everywhere especially on FB there is no safe space, and the message of compliance and “submission” becomes quite the reverse. I have seen this process take place inAustralia. This had become mainstream, the PC brigade have lost the battle to kill discussion. After this defeat for the Islamists is only a matter of time.

    • Nash, you seem thoroughly capable of defending yourself, unlike Penelope P!

      A more general point about social media: a few years ago, I went with my (ten years younger) brother, who lives in Somerset, to collect some Suzuki jeep parts (don’t ask) from someone he described as a “Facebook friend”. I asked whether said “friend”, who lives nearby, would turn up for my brother’s funeral. He said not, so I ventured the opinion that this was not a friend. This was not well received.

  12. I’m agreeing with you Mike. No Facebook for me. Ever. I will google Nash Montana though — her thoughts are always interesting. I hope GoV will feature her more often (hint hint).

    Oh, as long as I am opining, I will say that Mark Zuckerberg (sp) is worthless, nothing but another little piece of um… well I’ll stop there. Do not want to offend anyone more than I have to and of course, bad language indicates a lack of vocabulary, right?

    I am so tired of the leftists, do they not ever think?

  13. It’s difficult to find the words to describe how I feel about how things have gotten so toxic in Europe and the UK for that matter. The men in the West have been so brow beaten, they have all, but given up, yet who can blame them in all honesty?

    The focus of discontent/rage call it what you will, has to change. The migrants simply do what they do, based on their so called religion and also having been raised in backward thinking cesspits. We need to hold the liberal left to account for their outright betrayal of the indigenous European people. Without them facilitating what amounts to an invasion and displacement of our people it never could have happened. Why are these people not living in fear? They brazenly label patriots as Nazi’s and xenophobes. It’s now high time to deal with these people wherever you find them. Educate yourselves, friends and family in all things Islam. In knowing the enemy you can counter the ridiculous drivel and straw man arguments put forward by the libtards. All these years the left has been able to close down any meaningful debate by screaming racist, well those days are rapidly disappearing behind us. With every Islamic attack our position becomes stronger. When I say attack, I mean rape, theft, assault or any other means they might use to kill the Kuffar. Ram this down the lefts throat that by maintaining the status quo they have been aiding and abetting the Muslims in the bringing about the demise of the West. When the libtards blame everything on the West because of our meddling in the Middle East, introduce them to Bill Warner’s video of why we’re afraid.

    People are turning, if they weren’t Brexit, nor Trump would ever of happened. Get out there and spread the word. This is an argument that we must win, our very existence is dependent on it.

  14. Why don’t we all just accept that these liberal billionaires running the social media platforms are not interested in a free exchange of ideas? That way we won’t be disappointed every time they censor for the sake of protecting Islamo-fascists and communist despots around the world.

  15. TOLD YA SO! Sooner or later Twitter, and hopefully Facebook, will be replaced by social media that does not censor speech with which it disagrees

    There’a s new Social Media website called that is becoming very popular with people who value the free expression of ideas, ALL IDEAS. Unfortunately, there is a very long waiting list to get onto I am #140,800 on the list.

    CatchNews Over the last few years Twitter has done a lot to curb the abuse and trolling that have come to be a large part of the noise on it. While the politically correct brigade has cheered on every such move, the curbing of free speech has upset many others. Now, a free speech alternative is here and its gunning for Twitter. Not surprisingly, the first to be attracted are US conservatives.

    Launched in August, is still in its beta phase with a pretty long list of people waiting to get in. With near-total freedom of speech, this platform is attracting users by the thousands. As of 16 November, when this reporter tried to sign up, he was #127,177 on the waiting list. 25-year-old Andrew Torba, a Silicon Valley-based Trump supporter, founded the social network as an alternative to Facebook and Twitter. Gab’s hashtag is #SpeakFreely.

    “At Gab, we believe that free speech and free thought are under attack. Political correctness has risen up at the expense of freedom of speech and has become a cancer on discourse and culture. We think that people shouldn’t treat unpleasant, counter-cultural, or conflicting ideas, words, or behaviors as full-scale criminal offenses,” Torba writes in a Medium post.

    Gab promises to do away with all of that from the get go. It’s a simple website where people can follow others and follows the Reddit model of upvoting and downvoting posts they see on their timeline. There is a tab called ‘popular’ where the most upvoted posts get featured.

    What gives Gab the edge is that it is devoid of censorhsip. Well, except for threats of violence, illegal pornography and releasing personal information without the subject’s consent. Gab’s solution is self policing. “What makes the entirely left-leaning Big Social monopoly qualified to tell us what is ‘news’ and what is ‘trending’ and to define what “harassment” means? It didn’t feel right to me, and I wanted to change it, and give people something that would be fair and just,” Torba told BuzzFeed News.

    Users can mute others, filter posts based on words that have been flagged and view content only from verified users, if they chose to. Gab will not be stepping in to censor anything.

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