Why Must I?

We recently posted a piece by the German opinion writer Anabel Schunke. Below is another essay by the same author from Roland Tichy’s blog. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation:

I don’t have to ANYTHING

by Anabel Schunke

If the state terminates the social contract by not keeping with its duties towards me, and isn’t even capable of protecting me anymore, then I can withdraw my obedience. And I am hereby doing just that.

“Syrians could bring in up to 500,000 family members” the FAZ headline read today. After newest calculations of the Ministry for Migration and Refugees, BAMF, Germany has to expect with hundred of thousands more refugees because of family reunification. Thus the BAMF analysis contradicts every prognosis that had been made in recent months, speaking of higher numbers than this. It’s questionable whether the BAMF calculated number is realistic. And I don’t have to believe anything just because it’s official.

Much more interesting than the number itself, however, Is the daily rhetoric laid bare. Germany MUST. And yes, even months after the asylum crisis I am still not tired of asking: Why exactly MUST Germany? Why does it seem that hundred thousands of people who illegally set foot into Germany have more rights than me and every other German? Why does it seem that in this crisis we only have duties, but never a say in it? Why has nobody yet asked me if I even want that “must” and if I even have to view that “must” as a must?

Strictly speaking, I did not want Angela Merkel, with her selfies and her open borders, to invite everyone into Germany. Why should I now want these people to bring in all of their families? And again: Why do we “have to”, and why do the others not have to anything?

For months I’ve heard nothing else but that we must, even though in Article 16a it says nothing requiring us to accept and grant asylum to people who have traveled through secure third countries. Apart from the fact that our asylum actually only pertains to politically and religiously persecuted people. At this juncture the Geneva refugee convention comes into play. If we don’t have to based on our Constitution, then we have to because of the Geneva refugee convention. But even considering that, it appears that only we have to accept an infinite and uncontrolled amount of refugees, while other countries have long ago set a maximum limit for themselves.

The truth is that there is no legal basis for my “must”. And nevertheless I must, and I have been disenfranchised by my own government. Just like all the others who also were not asked. And I have to pay for it all. With my taxes. Well, I probably will have to pay with entirely different things as well. For instance, with restrictions on our liberal Western values because of the influx of millions of Muslims. And with the transformation of our culture, which I actually found to be great just the way it was. And I pay with my rights and my safety as a woman, which is something that many women during the course of this year have so bitterly had to experience already. And in the end, even with the security and stability of an entire country, in which I felt great and perfectly comfortable until a few months ago.

80% of the people who immigrated in the Spring of 2016 do not possess the necessary identification documentation. But I, on the other hand, will be hunted down like a rabid dog should I fail to pay a traffic ticket on time. A minimum of 500,000 unregistered people are moving about completely undisturbed in Germany. I don’t know who they are, where they come from, and which one of them might be a terrorist planning an attack. The fact is, that there are is a significantly higher number of terrorists among these refugees than what we were told a few months ago. But the politicians that I once voted for do not care for my safety. The Leviathan has ceased to exist. (“Der Leviathan ist längst nicht mehr existent.”)

And this is exactly where the escape lies for this “must”. If the state terminates the social contract by not keeping faith with its duties towards me, and is not even capable of protecting me anymore, then I can withdraw my obedience. And I am hereby doing just that.

I don’t have to just watch how my country is morphing into something that I, from the bottom of my liberal conviction, deeply reject. I don’t have to unconditionally tolerate and respect a foreign culture that has no regard for my culture and that poses a danger to freedom and tolerance as a whole. I don’t have to make up for the deficit of millions of people who illegally came here and who, if it were up to me, wouldn’t be here in the first place. Especially not when nobody can explain to me under which legal basis this is all justified.

Instead one MUST finally begin to ask me what I want.

Just like a majority of Germans, I am all for helping those that are the weakest. That we protect women and children from war and persecution. I am for solidarity and I don’t have a problem with giving. But not unconditionally and infinitely. And especially not to those that do not abide by the rules that we have established for ourselves and that apply to everybody, if a state has to function. Asylum is one thing, immigration is another. Asylum can and should be granted according to given rules. But when it comes to immigration, we have to negotiate and we have to determine the rules by which we want it to work. As a nation, government, and society.

As long as this is not happening, I feel disenfranchised. And as long as I feel disenfranchised, there is no social contract and therefore, de facto, there is no foundation, which is why I have to do something. And still, if it were up to the political caste, I should just take it and pay for the damage. But that’s not how this works. I am 27. I have to live here for quite a while with the consequences of these politics, if I don’t emigrate.

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  1. Great piece of a young woman. Unfortunately, until enough people start thinking like she does, nothing will change. By than, it will be too late, because the invaders will have brought their family member to our countries and dominate the society with the help from our politicians.

    • A very erudite and succinct posting by a brave lady. I heartily agree with your comments.
      However engraved on my mind for ever more is the picture of the young German lady displaying her sign ” I would swap 100 racists for 1 rapist” plus the countless other welcome signs, love hearts balloons etc displayed by others actually applauding the arrival of the third world dross invading their country.
      In the West as a whole the left wing media, the LGBT community (who in particular seem to have a death wish), the feminists (inexplicably seem to want to be subordinated)
      have let their countries down very badly indeed.
      Merkel, totally unopposed, has become the de facto queen of Europe. Her acts have been declared constitutionally CRIMINAL and yet she still walks free, having destroyed Greece financially and virtually surrendered her to the invading hordes. The rest of the EU expected to follow supinely in this former non description community’s wake.
      When I watch her repulsive prostrations to the Turkish Tyro on the news I feel physically sick and I do not understand how the proud German people stand for it! Maybe the first step should be her impeachment or even sanctioning on the grounds of insanity. Learn from history, even the Romans only tolerated Tiberius and Caligula for so long!

        • England, Ireland and Scotland will soon become united under a Caliphate with the mainland, as invaders take over, changing laws. Shiria law is well advanced in some countries now (Sweden, Germany, France, England, etc) more so than others. European majority (few will oppose) will bow to a Caliphate as they worship their neo Marxist pro Islamic leaders. Men don’t care if their wives and girls are taken away and families are broken up. You can’t fix stupid.

      • A psychiatric study of all this would be fascinating. Why are European states’ elites subordinating the ordinary people of their nations to an incoming tide of migrants? Why do they seem to believe this is necessary? The scam that this was for ‘refugees’ has been stripped away. It’s becoming clear that why they’re doing this is rooted in a strange sort of secular ‘end times’ or apocalyptic attitude, a form of national suicide that offers up people in their country to suffer huge displacements as if to forestall some worse outcome. What’s behind their thinking?

        I also get a whiff of an inferiority complex raging through the elites about Europe, their belief in the need to bring in vital, energized ‘new blood’ to renew a dying country. Then by some weird alchemy they seem to believe Muslims are the right group to invite in … perhaps because Muslims’ apparent self-confidence and conviction of Islamic superiority makes them look like a highly-energized group that would supercharge the nation. It sounds ridiculous.

        We’ll likely never know what collective neurosis led to this great betrayal.

        • Your intuitions about our “collective neurosis” are spot on. But the roots of the betrayal are by now well known.

          American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character is a tour de force. The fact that it was met with such widespread fulminating by soi-disant “conservatives” is telling. In fact, the frantic attempts to establish a cordon sanitaire around her work were also telling.

          See the Baron’s exposition on whatever unseen force kept that phenomenon in place:


          That is the crux of a much larger series of pushbacks which were necessitated by bullying attacks and outright lies that went on for several years. See the list of posts here:


          If you work your way through her book, and then through the long slog of rebuttals the B wrote, and finally on to Diana West’s own answers, The Rebuttal: Defending ‘American Betrayal’ from the Book-Burners you’ll know only too well “what collective neurosis led to this great betrayal”. The opposition was broad; it included pieces in National Review, Pajamas Media (who didn’t allow Diana West equal time), American Thinker, Gatestone, and particularly David Horowitz’s relentless assaults on her book and her character. This is only a partial listing. Some sites simply said “I haven’t read it and don’t plan to read it, but I agree with David Horowitz”.

          I also recommend this post:


          It’s the account of yet another attempt to hit-and-run, in an endless line of them. All attempts to finish off the indestructible Ms. West. In that one, the B quotes from a major Australian journal, “Quadrant”:

          A former leftist named Steve Kates had this to say about the book in Quadrant:

          No book has ever frightened me as much as American Betrayal. The only thing wrong with reading it is that you find yourself so surrounded by impossible odds that it seems there is no way you can go that isn’t in the wrong direction. Trying to fix things is as bad as just leaving them alone. But because the story the book tells is so incredible, you realise just how unbelievable her thesis would be unless you had read the book yourself.


          Having read Blacklisted by History I looked forward to seeing what National Review would make of it, which turned out to be an extended piece written by Ronald Radosh, an author whose name and background I was quite familiar with. Having read the book and then Radosh’s highly negative review, I have mistrusted Radosh ever since to the point where I can only think of him as a far-Left socialist plant here on the Right.


          As a result of reading West’s book, I now look on the United States as a big dumb ox, led around by a cabal of its enemies whose intent is to take the beast out to slaughter. It is a very large beast and will not go quietly. But given what you will learn from this book, you will be in some despair in trying to work out what can be done. This is a very troubling book which I nevertheless encourage you to read.

          So there you go, Mr. Carter: an extended and thorough look at our collective sickness. In this light, Islam is merely an opportunistic sarcoma, popping up on a sickened body politic. To carry the metaphor further, think of those who are fighting back as the T cells still remaining, “T” for tenacious.

          We will never give up.

        • It’s all about votes, the politicians are electing a new people so that they can maintain executive power.

        • Stephen C.: Will be interesting to see how all this plays out and reaction of men who will be forced to give up their wives and girls and families split apart. Mass genocide of those who refuse to convert during the final take down of Europe also, country by country. Are the brains of Europeans “withering away”? A MRI or CT scan is needed for a head exam, to see if anything lies between the ears, perhaps.

        • Islamic superiority? what have these societies accomplished besides visiting misery on millions of others? Their culture is still circa 700 A.D.

        • The masculine image the moslem men are trying to portray to the west is like most things in islam, a lie.
          People have forgotten 1967 and 1974 wars when moslem soldiers were running away at the sight of a few israeli soldiers. Look at the photos of that time. Stupid scared faces, begging for their useless lives. Israelis didn’t even bother to take them as POWs, just stripped off weapons and let them go. They were not brave when the numbers were 100 to one in their advantage. Islam produces scum, not men. Western females will find it out the hard way.

          • They are like vicious street dogs that attack in packs. Women need to arm themselves and fight back.

  2. Great article. Of course, the author is confused about why this is happening. The simple answer is that the governments (which actually means, the political class and bureaucrats) are there to server the interests of the government, and not those of the citizen.

    Understand that you are ‘tax livestock’. The farmer cares for his livestock by feeding it, giving it a minimum of medical care when necessary, working to ensure the livestock doesn’t get spooked and escape and protecting the livestock from other farmers. Of course, the farmer doesn’t actually care about the livestock except for what it can produce for him – but he doesn’t need to consult the livestock’s opinion when he lays his plans.

    So too the politicians and bureaucrats (who persist much longer than the politicians) work to serve their interests. They make soothing noises to the tax livestock as this allows easier control, and they consider themselves much superior to the livestock. Of course, quote often they are not smarter nor better informed than the people they control – they just think they are.

    To people who don’t understand they are tax livestock and think the government exists to serve the needs of the livestock instead of the government then the actions of EU governments are producing confusion and cognitive dissonance.

    To those that understand the government does not care about except to make soothing noises to control us more easily then the behavior government is showing is entirely consistent and expected.

    Take the Red Pill. Understand what the government and media really think about you.

    • People who don’t understand they are mere tax livestock includes the entirety of the Left.

  3. This seems to be typical of the breakdown of law. The breakdown occurs not because the people on the street are not bound by the law, but because the police, ministers, courts, and Prime Minister are not bound by the law. Actions are made on the basis of power, rather than of laws.

    We have the same situation beginning to occur in the US, where the President disobeys and ignores clear provisions of the law, and amazingly, the Supreme Court backs him up. Without law, there is only power. Without law, there is no moral basis for cooperation, or for not substituting your own morals and inclinations for community standards. Tyrants are rulers who are not bound by the law. The leaders of Germany, and the other European countries, and indeed, the US, are turning rapidly into tyrants, rulers who rule by decree rather than by law.

    We lose the benefits of our civilization. Tyrants are functional in a Muslim society, where the law is savage and primitive, and the only progress is achieved through the military and the strongman. But, our leaders have thrown out the law in a society where it functioned.

    • Hi RonaldB,

      RE: Civil wars.

      I am preparing, and hope to have it finished soon, the next part, which will deal with various aspects, including the likely spill over of the civil war(s) into the US, and the situation there. Also, the potential political developments; primarily in Europe with a degree of predictability and the US, less predictable. It was planned to be ready earlier, but personal problems, bereavement etc.

      It should be ready in three to four weeks, latest. And it will be long.

      Referring to part 1, this has been re-written, and MANY THANKS for your input. You will know chunks of it directly, as well as partly; i.e., the re-writes. Other sections will be unknown to you. It’s now about ten pages A4/Foolscap, depending upon typesetting or font size. It would make sense to re-read it – and also, I do value your comments.

      On the other hand, I don’t want to be indulgent, so I wait for your reply, ** if you so wish**, I will repost part 1 here in this thread about five sections.

      I don’t know if you refer back to this post/thread. If not, I’ll try to catch you on another one.


    • Excellent analysis. That is why we need strict Constitutionalists on the bench. A laboratory of the states in US and sovereign nations in Europe. Freedom. How I weep for my country and Western civilization, but it is time to suck it up and elect leaders who will chase the islamofascist kelb back to the hellholes they came out of.

      • Can you outbid the Saudis and Soros for control of your ‘elected’ leaders?

  4. What we MUST is choose our side in Islam’s Civilization War against us:

    “At present it’s the wolves against the sheep. The general rule is that the sheep lose the fight as sheep lack the teeth and claws needed to kill the wolves. And, any attempt on part of the sheep to discuss and reason with the wolves is bound to fail. This has to do with the nature of the wolf. Yes, the wolf who’ll always be a wolf and never a sheep.

    The prevailing philosophy of our part of the world has for a long time now been one preaching the gospel that wolves do not really exist; only misunderstood sheep that we in our ignorance and prejudices “judge” to be wolves – as they have all the characteristics of wolves and no similarities to sheep at all.”

    Read more: https://vigrid.win/islams-civilization-war/

  5. Why MUST we?
    Because Frans Timmermans has spoken: “Europe WILL be diverse.”
    There we are. It has been decided.
    It is ordained from on high by a ruler we never elected and whom we cannot dismiss.

  6. Be aware of these facts and share them. This is from a speech by Tatiana Festerling earlier this year;
    • The organization for Islamic Cooperation is composed of 57 Islamic states.
    • It has 26 million square kilometers of land.
    • That is 75 times the area of Germany.
    • It is 6.5 times as large as the entire European Union.
    • There are 1.5 billion people in the OIC. 10 million refuges would only amount to 0.6% of their population.
    Her point being, settle the refugees in already muslim lands. They will more easily acclimate to the culture and it will improve European security as well.

    • The corollary is that for the OIC it’s not about finding a ‘refuge’ for displace people, it’s about taking over political control and confiscating the wealth of a wealthy target nation. Muslim states know they can only grow rich and gain power through conquest. The European elites are cooperating in this b/c they’re practically infantile in their analysis, and know they as a group will definitely benefit, and that possibly (distantly) even the nation might benefit in the longer term after the rapes and abuse and troublesome period is gone through. The OIC knows exactly what it wants and how to ease their way towards that. Europe is going along with it out of sloth & moral weakness. Some ordinary people realize they’ve been conned, and thus as the writer says, the social contract has been vitiated and cancelled. But in practice Europe will enforce the pretense of laws against their own nationals with brutal force.

      The only sensible response is to gradually and very thoroughly make a transition to another place entirely. Change your savings to gold; get a foreigner’s safety deposit box in Singapore or some place; relocate using a 1-year visa initially; then at some point do the immigration paperwork. Or just stay based on rotating 1-yr visas. Write off any expectation of receiving a national pension, all that will implode when currencies start making huge daily swings. (In Germany retirement age shifts to 72 next year, I believe.)

      • @Stephen Carter

        You are mostly correct. Europe is finished…unless something amazing happens to stop the trajectory.

        But I wouldn’t have anything to do with Singapore with its Islamic bent.

        The best places to emigrate, according to my limited experience, are Chile and Costa Rico. In Chile you can rent a single decent house for as little as $350 per month. Visas not required. Residency permits easy.

        Thailand. Okay. My only living experiences there were Sattahip, Udorn and Ubon. Not necessarily a country for old men, depending on location.

  7. At 27 how about having some German babies. These savages will out breed everyone unless the native Europeans decide to reproduce. No babies no future. Bankrupt the welfare state by claiming any and all benefits and when it is broke what will the savages do? But,ultimately it means you breed or you or you are extinguished. Harsh but true.

  8. The whole EU “Project” was and is still an Islamaniic MB Trojan Horse. It started when Nazis fled to Moslem countries and “reverted” to Islam then borrowed Hassan al Banna’s plan to take the West through infiltration of the MB into western governments, in which the Sadiq Khan is the latest example. Petraeus, Clinton and Obama are all stooges or “members”…..

    Read up Giselle Littman “Eurabia”.

    • She actually wrote the book under the pen name of Bat Ye’or. Good book, but people may be thrown off if they don’t see the author listed as you name her.

      I think at the time the book was published she was still successful at hiding her true identity, no more.

      Time has a way of outing most everyone with a nom de plume:
      Mark Twain, Dr. Seuss, Fjordman, Erle Stanley Gardner (who BTW graduated from my high school in 1909); perhaps the only person I can name who pulled it off was William Shakespeare.

  9. 500k family members is an absolutely insane figure…that is a larger number of people than Nuremburg, currently the 14th largest city in Germany.

  10. Her views are way too tepid. She is all for asylum, for solidarity, for helping women and children (Muslims, of course). She will have to ditch all that if her country is to be saved. But it is a start I suppose. Obviously a former multi culti lover who has had an eleventh hour reality check.

  11. The Germans are akin to the diabetic who regrets a lifetime of gorging on sugar and drink.

  12. It seems every person in the West- when dealing with their governments- In Europe, England or the USA all have one thing in common- we all feel disenfranchised by our governments- the people we elected to do what we ask them to on our behalf- and yet- they have all gone rouge- and we must pay for their ignorant choices.
    You ask yourself, what’s going on? How is it we are all having the exact same problems- how have our ELECTED LEADERS all gone rogue?
    THIS IS THE DOING OF THE UNITED NATIONS- Google Agenda 21- a socialist came up with the plan in the late 80’s- in the US Bush 41 signed the agreement and Clinton 42 implemented it. They need to decrease our population- they have created a clash of cultures to do this- they are also taking away farm lands, they plan to stop allowing you to own property, they are attempting to disarm us at this point- I can’t see that happening! I was born in Europe and it’s sad to see what’s becoming of it- and to know I can never go back again. It’s getting bad in the US, not as bad as Europe- but bad. Our only hope is to vote out all those who agree with UN Plan Agenda 21 and hope people wise up and Trump becomes President! Read this: http://americanpolicy.org/agenda21/

  13. I wrote about this very thing at least a year ago, in this forum, if I recall, re Merkel: since she has chosen to disadvantage her German citizens and punish them by permitting lawlessness at the hands of immigrants and migrants, then she is an illegitimate “official,” and needs to be removed.
    A leader who has abrogated her chief duty — which is to protect the people who elected her and to guard the country’s sovereignty — has no legitimate claim to govern. Germans must remove her — and at this point — she’ll be wise to leave quietly before things get out of control.

  14. With this essay as a starting point, I see a movement of people wearing shirts and hats emblazoned with “MUST I?”

    Once its origins and meaning are understood it would provide great feedback about how many are fed up and willing to drop out (if only to starve the beast)

  15. It seems inevitable that Europe will engorge itself on people until it vomits. Europe is bingeing on immigration. The depressive illness underlying this behavior seems to revolve around the rulers’ impatience with a low birth rate, whereas the common, stressed working family sees a low birth rate as a rational response to modern life. Unfortunately for both the government and the existing European population, gobbling up a rich stew of muslim irrationality isn’t going to lead to a renewal of European élan vital, because such a renewal cannot occur without a serious case of indigestion.
    As usual the governments of Europe overestimate their enzymatic capacity.

    • The elites want Feudalism, and they don’t really care who or what the serfs are, and muslims make wonderful slave overseers, it’s in their blood.

      Feudalism has shown itself to be very stable, the elite dynasties are established and secure, the surfs work themselves to an early death but in that time replace themselves many times over…..

      It is not efficient, but who cares when ‘the Manor’ has a goodly income and the elite live a rich idle life with no ‘fear’.

      It is Satan’s preferred lifestyle…..

      • MC-

        Do not forget that the elite see Islam as the ultimate control mechanism for all their serfs to be.

        Why pay unreliable, heavily-armed mercenaries who might turn on you when you can implement a belief system that creates its own class of fanatical, unquestioning wolves that will dedicate their lives to keeping the sheep in line?

  16. I no longer believe something unique & extraordinary is happening in Germany & Sweden. It sure seemed that way initially. In the week since 100+ bodies crawled through pools of blood on the Orlando killing floor, 49 of whom died, the reactions from politicians in the USA have been as revolting as the discourse we hear of in Germany, Sweden, France, UK. What’s happening in Europe — a strange suicidal willingness to look away from Islam and let itself be slaughtered wholesale — is happening now all across the Western world. I remember the reactions by some Americans visiting Bataclan just a few months ago, shocked at the listless resignation, the absence of anger, the sense of futility. Well, the same inertia & denial is as evident now in Orlando.

    Such reactions to Orlando have been unbelievable, and manipulations by US politicians even more so, especially the President. Our civilization for whatever reason is ready to die, believes it should die, apparently wants to die. I never thought I’d see this in my lifetime.

    So Germany is not a special negative case after all. It’s behaving much as all the West is behaving. How strange. I’m so glad I live in Thailand!

  17. The current administration is bringing in these Muslim invaders into small American cities and towns to change the politics from red to blue and dominate the culture. Once they include the whole family and high birth rates it won’t take long for them to dominate. The Mayor of my small Arizona town said he will strongly resist any Muslim resettlement in our community. We need politicians and common people to stand to the same elite who, for their own agenda, want to socially reengineer America. It would be horrible to see burqa clad women and hear the call to prayer five times a day in my small town. I put up with the call to prayer when I taught in Istanbul, not in my culture. It sickens me that traitors like Paul Ryan threaten to sue Trump if, upon becoming President, bans Muslim refugees till they we can vet them. We need to write Paul Ryan and call him out on this RINO treason. I frankly believe in restricting Muslim immigration. Along with the violent ISIS terrorist coming in we have the stealth Jihadist coming in who will use our own Constitution and laws against us to bring about Sharia and Islamic dominance. Of course the elite will use the violent Jihadist to take away our civil rights and ban gun ownership, the latter could lead to civil war. Being part German I feel for the people and culture of Germany, but those in power are doing the same thing here. Wake up America!

    • Within easy walking distance of Mill Ave and 5th Street in Tempe, AZ, there are pockets of culture that already feel like The Caliphate. (Warning: There is no ‘easy walking’ anywhere in central Arizona’s heat at this time of the year.)

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