Jo Cox and Political Assassinations

Paul Weston of Liberty GB weighs in on yesterday’s murder Labour MP Jo Cox in Birstall.

Jo Cox and Political Assassinations
by Paul Weston

At the risk of boring everyone to tears by asking the bleeding obvious, why does the liberal-left try to link the “right wing” to the murder of British MP Jo Cox, whilst fanatically disassociating Islam from any act of Islamic unpleasantness, be it anti-Semitism, homophobia, misogyny, terrorism, supremacism, subversion, beheading, electoral fraud, gang-rape, slavery, honour violence, infanticide etc etc etc?

The double standards involved here are simply jaw-dropping. Most of the Islamic downsides mentioned above can be directly linked to the scriptures of Islam, but left-liberals will deny this until their last pseudo- sanctimonious breath. And, as far as I am aware, there are no “right-wing” groups in the West which command members to murder their political opponents, yet left-liberals will go to the most extraordinarily wicked and immoral lengths in their attempts to link just such a scenario.

The horrible murder of Jo Cox is apparently now being blamed on Nigel Farage and his anti-immigrant campaign poster. The blame is being directed toward those who wish to leave the European Union, and of course on the political party / street movement Britain First based on hearsay evidence that was later retracted. The term “hate” keeps on cropping up, as though the lunatic who murdered Mrs Cox was the product of some trained political movement rather than a lone wolf with psychiatric problems.

There are any number of witless articles springing up about Jo Cox, but I want to look at two in particular, simply because they say so much about modern Britain and so little about the genuine threats Britain faces both today and in the future. The first article is from the Guardian and disgorges the following statements:

Jo Cox was an MP driven by an ideal. The former charity worker explained what that ideal was as eloquently as anyone could in her maiden speech last year. “Our communities have been deeply enhanced by immigration,” she insisted, “be it of Irish Catholics across the constituency or of Muslims from Gujarat in India or from Pakistan, principally from Kashmir. While we celebrate our diversity, what surprises me time and time again as I travel around the constituency is that we are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us.”

This was no random event, and the police are investigating reports that the assailant yelled “Britain First” during the attack. This is not merely a chauvinist taunt, but the name of a far-right political party… the thuggish outfit denounced Ms Cox’s murder, as it was bound to do. But their brand of angry blame-mongering could very well serve to convince particular individuals that some people are less than human, and thus fair game for attack.

The slide from civilisation to barbarism is shorter than we might like to imagine. Every violent crime taints the ideal of an orderly society, but when that crime is committed against the people who are peacefully selected to write the rules, then the affront is that much more profound….The idealism of Ms Cox was the very antithesis of such brutal cynicism. Honour her memory. Because the values and the commitment that she embodied are all that we have to keep barbarism at bay.

There is a lot to be said about all of this vapid and dangerous rubbish, but bear with me a moment and take a look at some excerpts from the second article I want to talk about, which was penned by Alex Massie in the Spectator Magazine:

The poster unveiled by Nigel Farage this morning marked a new low, even for him. The mask — the pawky, gin o’clock, you know what I mean, mask — didn’t slip because there was no mask at all. BREAKING POINT, it screamed above a queue of dusky-hued refugees waiting to cross a border. The message was not very subtle: Vote Leave, Britain, or be over-run by brown people. Take control. Take back our country. You know what I mean, don’t you: If you want a Turk — or a Syrian — for a neighbour, vote Remain. Simple. Common sense. Innit?

And then this afternoon, a 42 year old member of parliament, who happens — and this may prove to have been more than a coincidence — to have been an MP who lobbied for Britain to do more to assist the desperate people fleeing Syria’s charnel house, was shot and stabbed and murdered.

When you shout BREAKING POINT over and over again, you don’t get to be surprised when someone breaks. When you present politics as a matter of life and death, as a question of national survival, don’t be surprised if someone takes you at your word. You didn’t make them do it, no, but you didn’t do much to stop it either.

OK, let’s take the Guardian article first, which clearly thinks in terms of supposed idealism that the growing presence of Islam in Britain is a good thing; that if you disagree with this you are evil and that if barbarism is to be kept at bay we should support Jo Fox and reject political parties which think Islam presents a clear and growing threat.

The values and commitment so glowingly attributed to Jo Cox by the Guardian are in reality the commitment (however well-intentioned) to strip Britain of her culture, traditions, history and people, and to replace them with a people, culture and ideology from the 7th century in terms of real, genuine barbarism. Exhibiting sanctimonious virtue toward Muslims is ALL that matters in left-liberal land you see, whilst the future and the feelings of the native English merit no consideration at all. But this is most certainly not the “idealism” shared by the majority of this country, even if it encapsulates the Guardian class.

The Guardian never stops to consider whether there could be a downside to Islamic expansion within Britain; never stops to consider whether Jo Cox was completely and utterly wrong with regard to her values and beliefs and never stops to consider whether the “far right” think the way they do because they were born monstrously evil (as left-liberals think) or because they have impartially evaluated the situation and reached an informed conclusion which fails to agree with the ill-informed and emotional conclusion shared by Jo Cox and other such people from our ruling elites.

The Spectator article penned by Alex Massie apportions the murder to the “right-wing” in general but singles out Nigel Farage in particular for his temerity in suggesting (quite rightly) that it is perfectly reasonable for Britain to stop importing people from an utterly alien culture and civilisation who fanatically subscribe to a religious ideology that has no intention of co-existence and every intention of total, brutal domination.

Alex Massie suggests it is hysterical to present politics as a matter of life and death and national survival, but suppose that is exactly what politics has become in the second decade of the 21st century? What can only be the logical consequences of a demographically dying Europe, which unasked and against its will was forced to accept a demographically exploding culture and people with a history of fanatical enmity toward Christian Europe? Unless human nature is no longer human nature, and unless history never repeats itself, and unless inter-ethnic, inter-religious warfare is 100% a thing of the past, then surely this is about life and death? Surely this is about national survival?

The two articles I mention here are important because they represent the group-think, the cultural hegemony of the entire Western establishment. They see evil amongst those who quite naturally, morally and ethically wish to survive as a race and culture, and they see only virtue and celebratory diversity in those who wish to destroy us. They refuse to recognise the real problem despite the problem being explicitly codified in a book freely available to purchase and study and they disingenuously invent the scenario of murderous “right-wing” politics where today (for the moment at least) there is none.

And the worst thing here is that if the establishment has adopted an ideology which threatens us (maybe not oldies like me, but certainly the young and yet to be born) quite literally in terms of life and death and national survival, then there will be, there can only be, any number of genuine political assassinations in the future.

What is at stake all across the West is far more important than the issues which historically spawned terrorist organisations such as the IRA. Fighting for your national survival — your very survival — is far more important than fighting for mere independence. As such, I have no doubt extreme organisations will spring up over the coming years and I have no doubt they will target the politicians who through malice, fear or ignorance have placed themselves on the side of evil against good, of destruction against survival, of them against us.

I hope democracy will avail itself before this dystopian scenario unfolds. In some Western countries there are glimmers of hope that politics will solve the single biggest issue of the 21st century. Holland, France, Germany, Sweden are all close (ish) to electing politicians who wish their countries to peacefully survive. Britain is not even close, though. Which is why I predict Britain will be the main country to witness the political assassination of members of its traitor class. And it will be entirely the fault of the Left.

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. He is now one of the leaders of PEGIDA UK, and is also the leader of Liberty GB. His website may be found here, and his political Facebook page here. For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

132 thoughts on “Jo Cox and Political Assassinations

  1. I think it’s blatantly obvious that the media and politicians in Europe will never engage Islam with so much intensity like they do with the right wing.

    • What’s ‘right wing’ about not wanting to live under shariah law?

      A quick read through the reports at the USCIRF website on what goes on in Islamic countries is enough to put any morally sane person off that idea.

      • You misunderstand, what I’m saying is that the media/politicians will always protect islam from slander, where as they will do all they can to disenfranchise people with “right wing” tendencies

        • What’s ‘right wing’ about not wanting to live under shariah law?

          A quick read through the reports at the USCIRF website on what goes on in Islamic countries is enough to put any morally sane person off that idea.

          • @Jake
            I’m merely making a point that there is nothing ‘right wing’ (whatever that is supposed to mean) about not wanting to live under shariah law.

            Lots of people read this website, and this incorrect use of the term ‘right wing’ needs to be exposed for what it is, at all times, at every opportunity.

            Anyone who wants to consider for themselves whether not wanting to live under shariah law is ‘right wing’ needs to spend some time reading the USCIRF reports on what goes on in countries that do live under shariah law.

            Anyone who sees for themselves what actually happens in Islamic countries will soon discover that not wanting to live under shriah law is not ‘right wing’ at all. It is merely an expression of moral sanity.

            Those USCIRF reports contain some devastating material. I first came across them in the references of work by Majed el Shafie and Raymond Ibrahim.


            btw I watched the movie about Jake the other day, the one with Diamond Dallas & Scott Hall – inspirational stuff! I mean, just fantastic. If you haven’t seen it, you really must track it down – I got a copy on Google Play, so I know it’s on there.

            best wishes my friend,


    • What is the reason we have so many Muslims in Britain,it cant be the good weather or the availability of homes,they do not want to integrate, they have their own schools,they even have their own legal system,sometimes I wonder if this is just a quite invasion and that sooner or later they will declare their selves the majority and take over.

      • HarryP-

        It is a quiet invasion.

        Mosques are forward operating bases they use to establish and anchor their parallel society. This process is described in their holy books. It is also similar to the Jesuit mission system that was used in the American southwest and Latin America.

        • As much as I disagree with,and dislike Jesuits, I prefer them to Islamists.!
          I know a couple from Brazil when they were working here and attending our church.
          They said many Priests including Jesuits tried to help the street kids (she was also involved with when a social worker) putting their lives on the line to do so,and she is not RC either.

          I prefer to compare Islamist infiltration more to infiltrating Communists. So many in the West were on the KGB payroll, yes traitors. It is astounding as written and talked about by dissidents such as Jamie Glazov from former USSR and KGB defectors such as Ion Pacepa , and also by the brilliant Diana West.

  2. Excellent article. The decline in standards at The Guardian has been astonishing. I started reading it as an undergraduate in 1975. Now I find most of it to be unreadable. Only to be expected, as I’m getting older and it is increasingly a style-guide for the millennial generation and strangely obsessed with transsexuals; but I could forgive it for that. The real problem is the utter hypocrisy. Debate is closed down. Readers’ comments are rarely allowed on articles on immigration or Islam, and when they are, anything departing from the party line is moderated (= removed). The “groping jihad” was completely ignored for a full week, and Asian “grooming gangs” were only given coverage when the convictions started flooding in. Yet comments threatening the painful deaths of Cameron, Osborne, bankers, neo-liberals, etc., are allowed to stand.
    The Guardian was also rather shy in reporting the “Panama Files” on dodgy tax arrangements, for reasons obvious to anyone who knows how their company operates.
    My sense is that The Guardian has made a deliberate decision to cultivate the millenials as future ad-clickers and generators of revenue. Nothing must be allowed to outrage the thin-skinned young puritans who want to shut down debate in case anyone is offended.
    That sad sound you can hear is the ghost of John Stuart Mill quietly weeping.

    • There ought to be classes in basic philosophy at every British school where Mill’s arguments for freedom of thought and expression are discussed and analysed, so that young people actually understand why at a practical level, freedom of speech is actually quite important, don’t you know … that is to say, it works & benefits everyone.

      • Forgive me if I am wrong but JSM was one of the first male feminists? The Guardian must be really worried. Can you think of anyone else like Edmund Burke, for example?

        • You mean he treated his wife with respect? What’s wrong with that like?

          If you want to get to grips with the issue of freedom of speech, then Mill put forward a series of arguments showing why it worked at a practical level, and how it benefitted everyone.

          So those arguments would be the starting point in any philosophy class I would teach to younger people today.

          Look at it this way: that is the area of greatest need, so that is the thing that needs to be done first. Everything else would follow from that.

    • On this side of the pond the Guardian is seen as a virulently anti-Semitic and cultural Marxist publication that routinely demonizes the West, sort of an obscene handmaiden of the BBC. After seeing a few of its anti-Israel cartoons years ago I turned away in disgust. Since then I’ve only associated it with the most scurrilous sort of anti-journalism. Of course they’re EU fanatics. The situation seems no less dire in both the US and Canada, but for different reasons. I won’t bore you with the Canadian scene, 3 Leftist leaders (2 provinces & federally) that have turned things upside-down and launched the nation into serious decline at multiple levels.

      In the US it’s truly astonishing how desperate things have gotten. Leftist discourse (& even Republicans) are aghast at a Trump presidency, and there’s no fear at all of what would be the most dismal outcome imaginable, a corrupt Clinton cashocracy bringing in a million+ migrants in 2017. It truly is no exaggeration. All across the Western world it’s a time of life and death and national survival. This is what the Left has brought us to, everywhere. Most real conservatives see this as very likely America’s last election, because there won’t be any easy comeback from the collapse Clinton would cause.

      I’m beginning to see an ineluctable quality in all this, that a reckoning is unfolding that requires every Western state to address the crisis of radical Islam in our nations, who admit themselves having “no intention of co-existence and every intention of total, brutal domination.” This crisis is not going away, and the Left’s response to condemn conservatives as hyperbolic and hysterical is at best an evasion, at worst treason. I agree that political assassinations could very easily become a routine thing given Muslims’ blatant expectations.

      A reckoning also might be facing the Left. Like Islam, they appear incapable of change, and grow more doctrinaire by the day. They seem either on the verge of collapse or a breakout into unhelpful ‘revolution’ and violence. The ingredients all seem to be there, in spades.

      Imagine if the Left loses, in Britain with a successful Brexit, in the USA with a Trump presidency, or in Canada (which, frankly, is unlikely, Canada’s that far gone). The fallout will be blistering, extreme, and very likely violent.

      There truly seems no peaceful way out of this. Either war, or civil war, or mass Muslim insurgency with weekly terror attacks, or economic meltdown as our long ride on the Fiat Funnymoney Express crashes.

      Good luck, Britain. Good luck to us all.

      • A very good summation. Accurate.
        But change “weekly terror attacks” to “daily” when things get worse, which they must.

        And just think, much of this misery is occurring simply because most people agree with the nonsense that most of the followers of islam are ‘good people’.
        They follow the Koran…..

        • Peter35-

          Most Westerners are woefully undereducated when it comes to Islamic doctrine and how it is implemented and followed.

          I’ve been recommending Coughlin’s “Catastrophic Failure” and “Questioning Islam” to try and educate people, but it is slow going.

    • It’s the same thing here in Australia with The Guardian. It has become quite unreadable. Whenever I see anything on my Mobile News Browser from The Guardian I simply do not read it at all, knowing that I will be subjected to utter, one-sided tripe from the beginning to the end of the piece. Such a shame. It was once really good. As far as I am concerned The Guardian and its staff should simply pack up and leave the arena. Breitbart
      would easily fill the vacuum!

  3. I think that Mr. Weston has touched on something of fundamental importance here, perhaps unknowingly: He talks of how ‘oldies’ like him (and me) are not going to see all of the consequences of this disastrous social engineering experiment, which may or may not be true. However, what I have been seeing lately as I look around our washed-up land is that the younger people in this country are all either brainwashed & accept the anti-intellectual tosh that passes for profound thought nowadays, or they don’t care about any of it because after all, Britain’s Got Talent is on at the weekend, & that’s obviously far more important than issues like that whole, freedom thing. And neither group of youngsters even knows how to think properly, to examine evidence, to apply logical principles and draw their own conclusions. They are not being taught how to do that!

    In short, if we don’t sort this, then an iron curtain will fall upon us all, silencing all that is good and beautiful in this human life, and there will be no one, and no way, to lift that iron curtain from upon the faces of our children, our nieces, and our grandchildren. For we will be gone, and they won’t even care.

    • Those things can be done at home. Relying on government is the leftists set of mind and yet many, who think of themselves as conservatives, unable or unwilling, to do what a good parent must do.
      I want to ask, if I can bring up 6 kids, who are totally immune to any leftists propaganda, why can’t you do the same and want the government to do your job ?
      The last thing I would trust the government is to install ideas in my kids mind.

      • You are making a good point, although I think it would be better phrased if you were to use a different personal pronoun.

      • Perhaps you could enlighten us a bit, as to how you managed to pull off such a feat with your kids? In particular, where are you based? And were your kids at state school, private school or home-schooled?

      • Your kids may be immune to Leftist propaganda, but are they immune from PC MC axioms?

        I could list many, but one comes to mind now:

        “Not all Muslims want to destroy non-Muslim societies on Earth.”

        You’d be surprised how many non-Leftists hold this axiom.

        • “Not all Muslims want to destroy non-Muslim societies on Earth.”

          What’s wrong with such an axiom? Do you think that every Pakistani shopkeeper wants Sharia and an Islamic takeover? Is the support of every single Muslim even necessary to achieve those things?

    • Yes, there is a vast swathe of youth who either go off to university and either become radical leftists and/or start their turn in being cogs in the giant corporate career machine. Either way, most are good little sheep who will toe the “correct” way of thinking on subjects such as multiculturalism, Islam and the EU, and will boo-hoo to shame anyone audacious enough to give an “incorrect” viewpoint. They’re part of what Pat Condell called “Generation Snowflake”.

      But I insist there are glimmers of hope – people who see the light, because their jobs have brought them into contact with some of the less pleasant effects of the wonderful “melting pot”, or because they’re not obsessed with trying to be loved on Facebook.

      Many are to be found in (what’s left of) the cockney community, Rugby teams or those who’ve served in the army (among whom, I’ve heard, there are lots of EDL supporters).

    • seriously? It’s a subject bound to wind up any Englishman. I presume the after-effects won’t impinge on your life as they will on Mr. Weston’s?

    • Winded? (Not ‘long-winded’?)

      As in, having just received a kick in the goolies?

      Well you may be right in that regard, my friend.

  4. they represent the group-think, the cultural hegemony of the entire Western establishment. They see evil amongst those who quite naturally, morally and ethically wish to survive as a race and culture, and they see only virtue and celebratory diversity in those who wish to destroy us.

    Just today I was led back to consider again the furious backlash that arose against Diana West’s seminal book on the betrayal of America. As she shows so clearly, it was an inside job. So I sat down to write a robust defence of England’s cultural history, and how indebted the Anglosphere is to its mother country…and then, and then…

    I began thinking about why it is that I cannot access my family lineage before the 17th century. The English methodically went through Ireland, destroying every vestige of written records in each town, village, and hamlet it reigned over. Every.single.scrap. That is a form of bloodless genocide, erasing centuries of cultural history…

    And while I am so very fond of individual English people (many of them Irish-descended, by coincidence. And it *is* coincidence – I didn’t make my choices based on blood or class divide – though the English continue to do so), I struggle against the reality of English and British history.

    I am with the Brexit folks. But I don’t believe leaving that cesspit, the EUSSR, will restore England’s virtue. I don’t know if anything can, given the treasonous behavior of your elites, who deliberately brought on immigration for their own greedy reasons. Kind of like our President Johnson and his “War on Poverty” – his cynical ruse to make certain black folk would vote Democrat forever.

    With England, and later Britain, the problems and their solutions are far more complicated propositions than our current dilemmas will ever pose for us. Why, I remember the once-voluble British disdain for our Yank prejudice against blacks…

    Whenever I try to sort it out, the karmic threads of England’s leaders’ past decisions seem hauntingly karmic. Leaving aside America’s parlous state (since this *is* about Britain’s crisis) I can’t help but think about the UK node points, some of them quite ancient but nonetheless still working like spirochetes into the muscle of British vigor. Just to name a few – since my knowledge of English (and later British) history is that of an autodidact…thus, these points are NOT in historical order:

    (1)The course of ruin has been heedlessly complicated by the chasm of England’s seriously poisonous class divides. As far back as the Black Plague, there was a missed opportunity to change a basic injustice that left the whole polity still mired in a cultural and intellectual impoverishment. Conceivably it would have been possible to give the best and brightest opportunities to rise to the top. But greed and envy and fear won. A re-reading of “Piers Plowman” might help see how that turning was missed.

    (2) Instead of building up the wealth and industry of the Commonwealth nations while it could, Britain took the easy road of dependence on America’s robust and already-existing infrastructure of fodder and armaments. In the lead-up to America’s entry into WWII, England knowingly took second place – i.e., our odious, treasonous largess towards Stalin, while we forced England to pay every thin tuppence for the inferior leavings of materiel that Stalin got for free…[yeah, America’s bad, but our sinful treachery aside one has to ask your long-dead leaders: why in God’s name did you waste those truly huge potentials in India, Australia, and Canada to create a wondrous industrial and agricultural base. WHY? The neglect of her Commonwealth nations, aside from its sheer stupidity, will remain an ineradicable stain on Britain’s good sense].

    (3) Not as well known, but consider the karma of this typically British behavior: while it was indubitably Britain which virtuously called a halt to the passage of slave ships on the high seas, thus declaring its moral superiority, sadly it was also Britain who’d initiated slavery in the New World to begin with, forcing its commercial colony, Virginia, to take on slavery after they’d run through all those laboring under the strictures of indentured servitude. Our eventual Civil War can be traced back to that British demand on Virginia. Put it on the list of Britain’s karmic debt to the New World.

    (5) Let’s not forget what Britain did to the French Canadians. The British, together with New England legislators and militia, carried out the Great Expulsion of 1755–1764 during and after the war years. They deported approximately 11,500 Acadians from the maritime region. Approximately one-third perished from disease and drowning. Of course, it meant that America would inherit the vibrant Cajun culture during the Louisiana Purchase…but at what cost?

    (4) Not to forget the legacy of the deliberate use of opium against China…the ruin of millions of lives in the quest to open China’s ports to England. China certainly hasn’t forgotten. It forgets nothing.

    (5) And dare one talk about England’s odious treatment of the Jews, worse than that of much of the rest of Europe? They were excluded from the rights granted by the Magna Carta. Then, the “Edict of Expulsion” handed down by Edward I in 1290 (preceded by centuries of persecution before the official boot was given) threw out about 2,000 Jews from Merrie Olde E. And M.O.E. has the distinction of being the first European nation to require Jews to wear an identification badge. But having driven them out, why then would such an odious, Christ-killing group of sub-humans be permitted to darken England’s door 350 years later? What else? England needed money.

    I could go on, but you get the point. No one can read Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” – or any of Anthony Trollope – and not wonder…is there some deep warp in the British soul? Now the U.K. is drowning in murderous Muslims who’ve managed to close nearly all the gay bars in East London, to impose shariah edicts wherever their numbers are large enough, and to get Britain’s leaders to have “racism” crowned the capital crime of the country…while thousands of thrown-away children are groomed and trafficked by Pakistanis, et al. I have the freedom not to be bound to that odious euphemistic lie, “Asians”.

    No country is without its faults and quirks. America has her share, as I well know. But this is about the fate of Britain, about “what is to be done”, about whether or not Britain can survive qua Britain, or whether it is past the point of return, doomed to be ruled by an emir called William, whose wife will don the burka to hold onto the monarchy. Kings do what they must.

    Yeah, Brits, pile on against my unpleasant truths… But your anger won’t erase the reality all around you. I take no pleasure in seeing that green isle sink beneath a sea of murderous Islamic invaders…but my energies, such as they are, must needs turn to salvaging what I can of my own hollowed-out country.

    Oh yeah, one more foundational truth: Karl Marx’s stupid ideas, applied to real life, are the source material for the worst of the suffering and death in the 20th century. Nazi Germany pales in comparison. I won’t bother with the litany, you all know it well. However, I will ask what in God’s name England is doing with a shrine to Marx & Co?

    America is in bad shape. But thank God we are not so ‘tolerant’ as Britain. The lack of genuine discernment in Britain is astonishing. And that characterological flaw, seen by many Brits as a virtue, will be the death of the British Isles.

    • Also,
      with regards to British history, it was Britain who devised the concentration camp during the South African War. ( Boer War )

        • ‘Most Germans did not confront the regime. More common was the experience of Manfred Freiherr von Schröder, a banker’s son from Hamburg, who welcomed the new regime and joined the Nazi Party in 1933. He thought himself an idealist and believed that 1933 was the beginning of a wonderful new period for Germany: ‘Everything was in order again, and clean. There was a feeling of national liberation, a new start.’ Like most Germans, von Schröder knew that Socialists and Communists were imprisoned in concentration camps, but he dismisses this as unimportant in the context of history: ‘You have never had anything of this kind since Cromwell in England. Closest is the French Revolution, isn’t it? To be a French nobleman in the Bastille was not so agreeable, was it? So people said, “Well, this is a revolution; it is an astonishing, peaceful revolution but it is a revolution.” There were the concentration camps, but everybody said at that time, “Oh, the English invented them in South Africa with the Boers.”’ Although these remarks are unacceptably dismissive of the horror of Nazi concentration camps, it should be remembered that the camps which sprang up in 1933 were, for all their horror, not identical to the extermination camps of the Holocaust which were to emerge in during the war.’

          Laurence Rees, The Nazis: A Warning from History, Random House, Kindle location 648.

          • Very pertinent to the article.
            Can you remind us how the flood and the extinction of dinosaurs were the fault of Farage and Brexit?

          • @ Highland Rebel,

            WTF are you talking about? The original commenter asked for a reference about concentration camps, Laurence Rees (who has an online history site btw) had written a book in which that subject was mentioned, so I copied & pasted the relevant passage so that the original commenter could take a look at it. And that, as they say, was that.

            Fitever it is that you’re thinking aboot that straightforward interaction is only gan on atween yir ain lugs. I suggest ye keep it there in future.

      • This is another hoary old lie much loved by the terrorist IRA and their sympathizers.
        Napoleon was the first. Also it pays to remember that concentration camps were intended to collect people who could be hostile into one place for the duration of a conflict.
        By contrast nazis used concentration camps as has horrendous death and extermination camps which has altered the meaning of the word.
        The strategic hamlets used by the US in Vietnam were a form of concentration camp. But whatever ones’ view on the rights and wrongs of that conflict it would be wrong to call them extermination camps.
        In the South African conflict wives and families were rounded up from the farms because they were giving support and shelter to the Boer army. That a lot of people died was due to the inadequate nature of the camps because of poor hygiene and disease. The camps were closed down eventually and the women and children allowed back on their farms. This led to significant desertions from the Boer forces because they were concerned for the safety of their families. Before that they were content to let the British look after them.

        • Farranger,
          yes you are right, there’s one website that says that internment camps go back to Assyrian times, and probably before that, but of course there’s very little written / historical evidence.
          I see where the confusion lies now, although during the Cuban war for independence the camps were called “reconcentrados”, the actual term “concentration camp” was first used by the British in the Boer War.
          I only brought the subject up because of Dymphna’s mention of the odious treatment of the Jews, which in most people’s minds conjures up their treatment under the Nazi regime.

      • Stevo: re “Britain devised the concentration camp” – you are mixing up “concentration camp”, meaning that people are brought together (“concentrated”) in one location for whatever purpose, security or any other reason the controlling power has, with “extermination camp”. The Nazis started by creating concentration camps for Jews, Gypsies, Communists etc etc, and then started a policy of extermination. Lazy journalists and people who think that “concentrate” is a synonym for “exterminate” have been making this claim about Britain’s conduct in the Boer War ever since.

        • Phil,
          yes some people do get confused about the two, and I imagine that quite a few SJW’s deliberately blur the definition.
          That’s why I referenced the Encyclopaedia Britannica, they do go to the trouble of explaining the meaning of concentration camp, and also have a separate entry for extermination camp.

      • Britain invented the concentration camp? Oh, I think you’ll find it predates the Boer War and has been used for centuries in numerous conflicts.

      • Most, if not all, of the time when white Western Colonialists behaved in ostensibly ruthless ways to the Third World natives in question (whether in the Philippines, Indonesia, India, or various parts of Africa) it was because the natives were just that savage and resistant to the superior ways of the Western colonizers.

        The way Leftists portray Western Colonialism (and any bloody episode thereof), you’d think the British, French, Spanish, Portuguese, et al., were as demonically evil as the German Nazis were. We can understand why extreme Leftists go down this road of civilizational self-hatred; what becomes less and less explicable (and excusable) is when non-Leftists indulge the same logic.

        • Actually, even that – natives being just as savage – is not the whole story.

          The really ugly truth about colonialism is that many of those same savages helped the colonialists to suit their own agenda, whether it be status, money, luxury goods, offing rivals and such. In essence, they sold out their own countrymen.

          It wasn’t the British who went into Africa and rounded up millions of black slaves. Henchmen working for other black noblemen did, and sold them off to slavers in exchange for material goods.

    • Dymphna,

      “I remember the once-voluble British disdain for our Yank prejudice against blacks…”

      The British have developed hypocrisy into an art form, they’re usually ready to assume the moral high ground and lecture others.

      “The neglect of her Commonwealth nations, aside from its sheer stupidity, will remain an ineradicable stain on Britain’s good sense”

      Yes, indeed, the British quickly abandoned the Commonwealth in the 1970s when they thought that the EEC was a much better deal. Amazingly, some British people actually think that the “Commonwealth” is out there somewhere waiting for “Mother” to return, what a fantasy. My generation hasn’t forgotten, and the UK is now economically insignificant to most of its former colonies.

      Whatever the decision in the referendum, it won’t solve the country’s class and racial divisions.

      That said, regardless of Britain’s past atrocities, the country’s great gift to the Anglosphere is its institutions.

      • Two observations:

        Commonwealth members of the RAF fought and died for The Mother Country, whose declaration of war against Germany was automatically taken to have meant the Commonwealth countries were also at war. Yet decades later, while many were still alive and revisited the UK, they would have to justify their entry into the country to hijab wearing Muslimas at the immigration/customs entry point, while EU Germans who may have flown for the Luftwaffe just waltzed on in.

        Likewise Thatcher’s war against Argentina over the Falklands was about kicking those invaders out after the UK had just passed legislation making it very much harder for the residents of the islands to enter the UK.

        And a third:
        I do remember thinking how grand the mansion was on an island on Lake Windermere only to be slightly taken aback when the skipper of the tourist ferry said the original owner had made his fortune from the Nth Atlantic slave trade.

          • A late friend had been one of two N. Rhodesians out of 47 who joined the RAF and survived the war. He was shot down in France and spent the remainder of the war in Stalag Luft III.

          • Also remember that Ian Smith of the then Southern Rhodesia was seriously wounded in Action whilst flying with the RAF in WW11.
            It was said that during the infamous HMS Tiger talks the only person who hadn’t seen active service in the conflagration was the loathsome representative of Harold Wilson’s Labour Government.
            Paradoxically the despot Mugabe had, in private, the utmost respect for Ian Smith and it is said they had quite civilised conversations together.

    • You are aware, of course, that the (half Irish) Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” was a satire. As phrased above, the uninformed reader would miss that completely.

      • Anyone familiar with “A Modest Proposal” knows it is satire. It really does go without saying by now. If one is familiar with the essay, one also knows its satiric nature.

    • Brit here. I’ve been lurking for a while, and appreciate the generally calm and analytical tone of this site. I’m not going to pile on against what you said. It’s worthwhile thinking about who we are and how we got here, even if it’s painful.

      The class system is deeply poisonous, and every family can show their intergenerational scars from it. But it goes further back than you say. It essentially goes back to the Norman Conquest. It makes me groan when I hear sentimentalising of the Saxon spirit on sites like this, as if that was going to be the source of some revolution. The truth is that Saxon England was brutally subjugated by the Normans, and NEVER recovered. Neither has any working class rebellion gained any serious traction since. The recent-ish Poll Tax riots are the only incident I can think of where the working class got their own way in about 1000 years. The English people are long accusomed to serving an elite that don’t care a whit for them, and consider it the natural order of things.

      This means that historically in England, evil self-serving elites flourish. There are no shortage of examples of their wicked deeds, and positive change almost never comes from our supine proletariat. When change has come, it’s had roots in religious revivial. But there is no sign of that now. On the contrary – England is sinking with terrifying speed back into paganism.

      I guess the question is – can a pagan British Isles oppose Islam? I’m not so sure. Actually what we are seeing is that many are growing sick of social and spiritual chaos and embracing it.

      • So Great Britain is, and has been for over a thousand years, a polity controlled by evil Elites, with the People being little more than an impotent mass of sheep oppressed by those evil Elites?

        With that profoundly cynical view, there’s literally nothing to defend from Mohammedans (except the passing from one evil state to a somewhat worse evil state).

        • Truly, I’d be cheered to hear about counter examples to what I’ve said.

      • Actually you would have to go back to the pre-Roman era for a time when Britain wasn’t ruled by elites.

        Though even the Celts had a caste system of sorts.

        What pees me off though is that technically I am a native Brit. No ancestry anywhere apart from Ireland, Scotland and England, all surnames dating back for as long as there have been surnames in existence. Yet some do scoff at the notion there is such a thing.
        Yet in Canada and the US there are people who’ve lived there for hundreds of years on each side and still get called “Immigrants” by the chattering Left, and invaders even when some of them were forced out of Germany or France or wherever they originated. Only Native Indians are considered native or indigenous in spite of these so-called invaders being in the country for 300 years or ten generations. Third-generation whites in India get called Ango-Indian. For that matter, Chinese people in other countries outside the west still call themselves Chinese.
        But I’m supposed to accept that someone is a Brit just because they are born there and nothing else matters? [To heck with] that.

        • Part of the Alien and Sedition Acts increased the residency requirement for citizenship from five to 14 years. Immigrants were mostly supporting one politician (Jefferson) it seems. Immigrants (and other minorities) vote as blocks, you see, demonstrating as one person observed that in multiethnic societies elections are merely a head count. Goodbye to what is yours.

          What I can see in France, the UK and the US is that politics have become detached from from dealing with substantive problems. And who would be so dense or dishonest as to claim that the goal of mass third-world immigration isn’t destruction of the homeland? We thought the street scenes in the movie “Blade Runner” were the stuff if science fiction. Amusing really.

          The late witless Ms. Cox was giddy “to assist the desperate people fleeing Syria’s charnel house” but seems to have been comfy with the fact of her country’s helping to keep that charnel house operation in business. Assad the Monster, one supposes.

          In the US, the state-of-the-art view is that some of our national ills are the result of radicalized jihadi, salafist, Wahhabi, Islamist Islamists (Provisional). White Americans who once put a cis-gendered man on the moon and invented the ice cream cone now require Gujaratis, Zulus, Somalis, Chihuahuans, gypsies, and Uighurs to tighten screws for us, write voting machine software, and take discrimination law to a whole nother level.

          The aforementioned, of course, instantly become “Americans” upon naturalization after five years’ residence in which all habits of roasting goat in the bathtub are set to one side.

          Idiot leftism has always pulled strongly to the pursuit of fairies, pots of gold, magic wands, and sugar plum trees so it’s unfair solely to blame foreigner and minorities for aberrations in the body politic. But they sure do supply the crucial distorting votes, that 96% of the votes in the 15% that patriots must cancel out to have any hope of prevailing.

          Oh. And the new America santeria and voodoo are manifestations of “freedom of conscience.” And our lives are the richer for it.

      • Is there ever a time when humans weren’t ruled by their elites? Histories written are full of names of elites. There is barely a mention of the common man. Why is that? Were the elites the ones mentioned because they were the movers and shakers? The founders of the American republic were elites. British history, with all the great documents and concepts of personal liberty and due process under law were brought into existence by elites. One could look at the histories everywhere and it would show the same order of things.

        The elites who managed to put in place the principles and structures of governance were not unanimously supported by their peers. They often were few among their peers. Furthermore, these elites were not disinterested individuals or altruistic actors. They didn’t act for the benefit of the masses. Often they were motivated by their own self interests. Where have the proletarians or the plebs made their mark in the innovations and the changes in history other than being foot soldiers? I can’t recall them.

        I really don’t think change will come from the bottom. Hence, it is to the elite class we must look for change to the better. Look for those who share similar interests or goals as us who desire a cessation of the West’s destruction. But remember that those members who may arise to take the lead will not be universally acclaimed by their peers. Most likely, there will be big fights between them and their opponents. Is this what we are witnessing with Trump? One member of the elite class fighting against other members of the same class to bring about change, with us hoping the changes are in line with what we desire?

      • SherwoodLass,

        Even today a large proportion of Britain’s political and military elite have Anglo-Norman names. So much for social mobility.

      • How in hell could any sane person embrace islam?
        That said, yes, I’ve read that a good number of westerners (not just Brits) are indeed giving in.

        Who was that man who said:
        “never, never, never, never give in!”

    • I am not, and will NEVER BE ASHAMED to be native English. God chose that I would be English.

      I am horrified and deeply and most bitterly ashamed of the terrible, Satanic things that British LEADERS did to the people on your list.

      Please God, Forgive my people for the Great Wickedness perpetrated on other people by our EVIL LEADERS.

    • Why do you keep calling them ‘left-liberal’? They are not remotely liberal. The correct term is ‘left-reactionary’.

    • The thing is, they want to paint anyone who disagrees with them and who wants to choose the form of government under which they live, in accordance with Article 3 of the Atlantic Charter, as morally defective in some way, and deserving of opprobium and of being ‘sent to Coventry’.


      The people who disagree with the elite, and who remember that the Atlantic Charter outlined the ideals we fought for during the war, know perfectly well that it is the political elite and their lackeys in the media who are morally defective, and their efforts to use this tragic event to push their sick agenda only makes morally sane people who are trying to live an authentic life see what the elite are all the more clearly!

      Here is Article 3 of the Atlantic Charter:

      ‘Third, they respect the right of all peoples to choose the form of government under which they will live; and they wish to see sovereign rights and self government restored to those who have been forcibly deprived of them.’

      Let’s remember what our forefathers fought for during the war.

      • The valor of your forefathers is being trampled into the mud, into oblivion, by Islam. The foremost haters of history.

        • However, just like the murdererous elite at the top of the pyramid of control in the Soviet Union who sent the Red Army out to march across known minefields during WW2, the worst culprits of all are the elite who are using their very own janissaries to do their dirty work.

        • May I add that tragic as this incident is, it is no more tragic than the deaths of Britons who were holidaying in Tunisia, people out for a drink in a nightclub in Florida, out at a concert in Paris, working at the office drawing cartoons in Paris, going to an autobank in France, going to school with thier dad in France, taking the tube to work in London, etc etc …

          The fact that this poor young woman was a mum and a wife makes this a terrible event in my view, but the fact that she was an MP doesn’t mean a damn thing. Every one of the people who have had their lives taken from them by Islamic fanatics during the last fifteen years all had jobs too. MPs are not special. As the saying goes, ‘they work for us’. Just like plumbers and car mechanics.

          Isn’t it funny how that poor man who was murdered in Glasgow not long ago was forgotten about the instant it was known that the killer was not white and British? That he was in fact, a Muslim who had driven the length of the country to do the deed?

          What was that poor man’s name again … does anyone at Westminster even remember what happened to him?

          And his family?

          • True. But they are special in terms of politically motivated violence from *right* wing nutters like the perpetrator in this incident. The general population isn’t suddenly more concerned about being killed by a right wing extremist going about their daily life as opposed to jihad killings, which are directed against the general population. In other words this murder was not terrorism, despite the efforts of the establishment to so depict it, perhaps successfully.

          • Of course the death of this young and talented woman is a tragedy.
            However I do not recall such reaction by Parliament when Airey Neave the then Northern Ireland Secretary was assassinated by the IRA back in March 1979.
            The outcome of the referendum which decides the future of our nation cannot be jepardised by the tragic death of one individual. Parliaments sent thousands of young men to their deaths in two world wars without a blink of an eye so I think they doth protest to much!

  5. They have become the “Tella Babies” easily hypothesized into believing anything broadcasted, oblivious to reality.

  6. “doomed to be ruled by an emir called William, whose wife will don the burka to hold onto the monarchy. ”

    Personally I think she has much too much fashion sense to do that. But IF she does I bet she still won’t be wearing any ‘knickers’. She’s a naughty one.

  7. Dymphna,

    When you read “Battle Ground” by Samuel Katz, “From Time Immemorial” by Joan Peters and finally Ron Radosh “Harry Truman and the Founding of Israel” you are struck by Perfidious Albion over and over. Forget Radosh and Diana West for a second, but these (3) authors delineate the utter treachery and backstabbing by the British toward the creation of the state of Israel that the British had promised them over and over. Read the books, but here is an anecdote.

    In late 1945 and throughout 1946 and 1947, the Labor Party of Great Britain kept telling the one million Jewish survivors of the Holocaust, still in the same German Death and Concentration Camps, albeit now clothed, fed and being medically cared for to quit griping and just go back to the countries they came from, i.e. Germany and Poland. That is not being tone deaf – that is being evil. You survive the Holocaust – you want to got to Palestine and you are told to go back to Germany?

    In the Palestine Mandate (promised to the Jews by a vote of 51 to Zero by the League of Nations) from 1922 to 1948, the British did everything possible to stop Jewish immigration to Palestine while allowing unlimited Muslim Arab immigration and movement and then lying about it, and purposely destroying much of Diplomatic records about it.

    If I were Jewish I would hate the British to this day. I am a Christian Zionist so the British disgust me as to their treachery and lies when it comes to Israel. The Brits screw the Jews and now they are becoming a Muslim Nation: The Darwin Award winning nation of the 20th and 21st centuries if you ask me.

      • I’m Canadian and I realize practically every nation mistreats a smaller nearby nation. I’ve had several Irish-Cdn friends whose opinion on Britain was fairly intractable. It used to vex me somewhat. Though now I’ve come to see it more from their side. Class, yes, is ingrained in the English, and will likely always be a problem despite Britain’s best efforts to eradicate it. Race has the same role in the US, it’s intractable & apparently can’t be solved. The Left doesn’t want to solve it, of course, they need it to maintain a permanent grievance underclass. I confess that after Obama & Holder I have zero patience now with blacks, period. I just don’t care about their narrative anymore. But there it is, ‘race’ is America’s unsolvable dilemma. In Canada it’s language, the French-English divide. It too cannot be solved. So be it.

        What I’m saying is that we all face an evolving crisis of national survival, due entirely to how the Left exploits the national problem in each case. In Canada it’s been national blackmail by the French since the 60’s. It was resolved with massive jizya paid out in provincial transfer payments from the rich provinces to the poor, primarily Quebec, which is no longer poor. In Britain Labor openly admits they ramped up Islamic mass immigration specifically to spite the Conservatives (i.e. the upper class). And the Democrats demagogue race to keep the GOP permanently prostrated. The USA is unique in that most of all that is flatout untrue; it was the Democrats who wanted to keep slavery, segregation, and opposed civil rights. Then they magically ‘flipped’ roles with the GOP, and overnight the GOP became the Democrats, and vice-versa. I’ve had so many liberal Americans tell me that with a straight face! LOL

        So we all face a No Exit scenario, no better or worse for all of us. I really think that. Looking afield, it looks worst for Germany, though there are likely internal tensions that led to the elite pursuing such a strange suicidal path. That’s what I thought before, that Germany & Sweden were in the worst straits. Now I think we all face a literal crisis of ‘national survival’. Canada has quietly taken in 28,000 migrants in the past few months, which is dire given that Canada is really just 11 or 12 biggish cities in a necklace across the continent. The numbers of Muslims now in Montreal, Mississauga, & Calgary are huge. It’s expected the first big Islamic attacks will hit those cities first.

        Good luck to all of us.

    • You say: “The British disgust me as to their treachery and lies when it comes to Israel. The Brits screw the Jews and now they are becoming a Muslim Nation”

      I’m native English. You are disgusted by me because I’m native British. I’m a Christian. The Jews are my people. Nothing can change that.

      • Yes, there is a gulf between the British elite and the British people the size of the Grand Canyon. The deeds of those Satanically-inspired beings have absolutely nothing to do with me.

        The fact that I was born in a British hospital half a century ago is neither here nor there. It certainly doesn’t mean that I, being a sentient being and a moral agent, can now be held responsible for the choices made by other people whom I have never even met, who made those choices decades before I was even born, and who at this moment in time are in fact, dead.

    • The British disgust you? All the British? And you can’t even see the profound and repulsive bigotry?

  8. JO Cox was an Anti=Semite. Her death had nothing to do with Britain First. It was a staged attack by the left wing REmainians who sacrificed her to the European Union.

    • She wasn’t one of the Labour MPs who recently got into trouble for that, was she?

      • She wasn’t anti-Semitic in the strictest sense, but one does not get elected in that part of the country without expressing support for the Palestinian cause. Supporting ‘Palestine’ is a matter of either being brainwashed or expedience, neither of which are illegal as such.

  9. And it goes without saying that suspending campaigns over this most important of issues – that is what is an ‘attack on democracy’.

    Here is Article 3 of the Atlantic Charter:

    ‘Third, they respect the right of all peoples to choose the form of government under which they will live; and they wish to see sovereign rights and self government restored to those who have been forcibly deprived of them.’

    Discussing the actual issues fearlessly and openly, making sure the voters can make a truly informed choice when it comes to exercising their right to vote – that is democracy in action.

    So by standing on the brakes here, it is the elite themselves who are engaging in an ‘attack on democracy’.

    • And they may claim to be doing that out of respect for the woman’s family etc, but why then would they have this on tv 24/7, asking ‘what do you think was going through the killer’s mind as he brutally stabbed this lovely young woman to death?’ etc etc, with her children being able to see this on TV all day and all night. Respect – these people don’t know the meaning of the word.

      So if they’re stopping all campaigning etc – that’s not why they’re doing it.

  10. You know the old saying that a lie can go round the world twice before the truth gets its boots on?
    Reading this essay I was so reminded of a Saturday Night Live skit in 2008 which featured a Sarah Palin look alike, Tina Fey, claiming (while in the part of Sarah Palin) “I can see Russia from my front porch.”
    Of course Sarah Palin said nothing of the kind. What she did say was that from parts of Alaska you can see the Russian coastline, which is absolutely true.
    More than 5 years later one of my sons brought up this statement that “Sarah Palin said” and both my husband and I corrected him…
    My point here is that the damage is done in regard to the MP’s horrible death. Lo-fos are now imprinted with Britain First and Brexit being complicit to murder. And this will not go away in a week…
    My hope is that those that cannot discern info also can’t be bothered to vote.

  11. Well said Paul and you are absolutely correct in all your points. I think a BREXIT offers an earlier (still years away as the political classes still do not grasp what is unfolding) opportunity for draconian anti Islamic laws to be introduced and the resultant civil war to be slightly less bloody than that which will occur after a “Remain” vote. I am so pleased to see Eastern Europe taking a lead in preserving Western civilisation even though I am ashamed of the foolishness shown by West European leaders.

    • Does the British government have to acknowledge the result of the vote, or can they simply ignore an exit vote?

  12. Her death was of course tragic.
    However she was pro Palestinian and in my view a bigoted antisemite.

  13. I have zero sympathy, she was a casualty of war. The left are hell bent on destroying our culture, I heard Cox’s maiden speech in the commons and she mentioned how third worlders have enriched our culture. What I’ve come to learn is that Leftism is a mental illness. If one of her daughters had been abused by one of the many ‘Asian’ (they won’t even call it what it is, Pakistani Muslim) grooming gangs, you might think that would bring her out of her delusion, but I doubt it would. There was a case recently of a Norwegian MP who had been sodomised by a Somali immigrant, after incarceration the Somali was deported. The Norwegian MP went on record as saying that he felt guilty that this poor Somali was deported and felt in some part responsible.

    On a slightly different note, whilst watching France24 this morning something dawned on me this morning that I’d not previously noticed. They were covering Muslims in France during Ramadan and they were interviewing a Muslim male who was persisting that Islam is a beautiful, peaceable religion and we infidels should educate ourselves. The likes of ISIS were twisting his beautiful religion. That being the case, why are the so called moderates not out there explaining to the Islamic extremists (not us) but their co-religionists that they’ve got it all wrong. It’s incredible that this dross makes it on to mainstream TV. The constant barrage of telling us that the extremists have it wrong should surely be better aimed at their brothers and sisters. When all’s said and done, there’s not much point telling an infidel who has just lost a loved one, “sorry, Ali didn’t quite understand the context in which chop off their heads was meant”. Never was the old adage of actions speak louder than words more poignant than today.

  14. Mohammed said; kill homosexuals, kill apostates, kill non-believers, kill jews, kill anyone that is not the right sort of muslim.
    Really it should be enough to just quote these commands-to-kill in order to convince anyone that Islam is criminal.
    Bukhari (84:57) – [In the words of] “Allah’s Apostle, ‘Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.’”
    Tabari [7:97] The morning after the murder of Ashraf, the Prophet declared, “Kill any Jew who falls under your power.” 
    Ashraf was a poet, killed by Muhammad’s men because he insulted Islam.
    Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”  
    No reasonable person would interpret this to mean a spiritual struggle.
    al-Tirmidhi, Sunan 1:152 – [Muhammad said] “Whoever is found conducting himself in the manner of the people of Lot, kill the doer and the receiver.”

  15. But Mr Weston you have called for harsh measures against “traitor class politicians” and commentators at LibertyGB have called for their execution.

    And I imagine you would regard Ms Fox as a traitor.

    And Mr Mair has given his name in court as “death to traitors”.

    So should you not be supporting him as one of the vanguard in the counter- revolution / backlash?

    • No one has even considered public assassination as a solution to the Traitor Class problems.

      Don’t assign conclusions to others which they never suggested.

      • I beg to differ. But I am not going to wade thru comments for examples. Tho kangaroo courts followed by execution are a more popular option. See comments on LGB by Francis.

        • I should have been clearer: no one on Gates of Vienna – admin, essayists, or commenters – will ever suggest such a thing. Only reckless blowhards talk like that.

          If people elsewhere are intemperate enough to do so, they obviously do not maintain situational awareness no do they have a coherent longer term strategy for dealing with this problem.

          IIRC, it was such brainless fulminations that led to Tommy Robinson’s flight from the EDL.

        • If someone else, on another website, some another time, has ever made comments that you are unhappy about, then may I suggest you reply to that other person, on that other website, at the time.

    • Advocate what extra-judicial measures that you will. Your effort to drag Mr. Weston into that camp is contorted. Has he advocated harsh illegal measures? If not, don’t try to tie him to street killing.

    • You seem to confusing apples and pears my dear chap. One fruit states slaughter the b*******s, the other says put them before a court of Human Rights and try them for crimes against humanity, sedition, treason etc. If found guilty, I would like to see them doing constructive work in prison. Something to keep their minds open. Perhaps conducting outreach classes for those Muslim girls broken and destroyed by FGM could be one particualr “outreach”. What say you? As leader of Liberty GB I get to make the rules you see, but if you want to take the words of some of our more excitable and poorly educated commentaters you are certainly free to do so – if only to satisfy your very clear prejudices.

  16. I am as indifferent on the death of this MP as she was on the rapes and murders and destruction of the British people by the policies that she pushed. The only good thing is that she won’t get to see her own children garner the fruits of her policies.

    • Even if human compassion does not move you, the thing to keep in mind is the longer-term effects of her murder on the larger polity and on your own personal freedoms, such as they are at the moment.

      As Dunne said, “no man is an island”. In this case, a crazy person killed a member of Parliament. That fact does not bode well for the future; no one gains by it and a lot of ordinary folks may become even less free as a result.

      • No man is an island – unless you are a jihadist who murders someone, or blows up a bus, or runs amok with a machine gun. What jihadists do obviously has no connection whatsoever with anything or anyone else. It certainly has NTDWI.

        • Nick, jihadists aren’t men in the sense Western civilization means “man”. They aren’t islands, they are like, oh maybe, coral – accretions that slowly build up formations on which the unwary can end up slicing themselves.

          Each so-called “lone wolf” no longer appears to be a ‘one-off’ (as, say the mentally ill in the West are) but a timed device set to go off by his masters.

          Lately I’ve been thinking I need to get back to that mystical wit, Gagdad Bob at One Cosmos. He says (the mis-spelling is deliberate), riffing on Erdoğan:


          Here’s part of a recent post:

          What really inspires the Islamists, for example? There is no question that they are inspired, and that this inspiration gives them the strength of will to engage in “superhuman” (antihuman) feats.

          This is one reason why Obama’s inability to name that which inspires them is so diabolical. By failing to say what in-spires them (or what they are in-spiring from below), it is as if he is con-spiring with them — or with the spirit that animates them. Which he surely is, for those with eyes to see.

          The question is, why does the left protect and embrace an ideology that runs directly counter to so many of its sacred cowpies, including homosexuality? It must mean that the spirit that unifies the two — Islamism and Leftism — is coming from a much deeper source than mere surface differences. To con-spire is to “breathe with,” and both Islam and the left are definitely inhaling.

          This would explain how the left could oppose Hitler one day, only to embrace him the next with the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. For a normal person this would cause intolerable cognitive dissonance if not ontological whiplash. But spirit is very fluid, easily dissolving such contradictions. There is a logic involved, but it is more like dream logic than the wideawakey version.

          Life is hard enough. It’s harder when you’re stupid, but perhaps it becomes easier if you combine stupid with evil, because then the stupid doesn’t burn as much — or at least you have lots of support in your culpable stupidity.

          I definitely need to resubscribe. I miss his execrably wonderful puns. For sure, we need more laughter…

          • Very good!

            (Note: they may not burn so much now, but further down the line, as my old Mum said of a cowboy builder who fleeced her of her savings: ‘He’ll spend eternity shovelling coal into a furnace … right next to Hitler.’)

      • I understand what you are saying because there is a part of me that feels compassion for her death as a person, for her children and her husband. However because of her policies, what she was pushing I find that my contempt for her policies over-riding that compassion, she would think the same about me were I to be killed by a crazy Islamic in her view of course, for me it would be an Islamic carrying out Jihad.

        Its like looking at Merkel hanging from a tree, the only good part is that she would have no children to mourn her. Their policies are to blame for the coming death and destruction. I won’t do anything myself because I am a law abiding decent person, but I can sit there and think that they took their choice and they paid for it.

        The man who did this had mental problems, he was likely affected by the massive change in the place he lived over his 52 years, adding to his problems. People like her added to his problems with their policies.

        As for being less free, you know as well as I that they would find another excuse if this event had not happened.

        Bluntly put the sooner we get to it the better, and I don’t expect to survive the coming war.

        • I do know where you are coming from, unfortunately. It’s awful that this young woman lost her life, but it is simply a fact that many people die in the UK every week. In fact there was an RTA with multiple fatalities just down the road from me this week. The unfortunate and sad death of this one person, who let’s face it no one outside her constituency had even heard of prior to her death, who happened to be an MP, has absolutely no bearing on the larger political question of the British people having the right to choose the form of government under which we are to live (as it says in Article 3 of the Atlantic Charter). And it certainly should play no part in the thinking of anyone who is about to exercise that right. There are real, long-term, issues that will affect not just the rest of our own lives, but those of our children, nieces & nephews, grandchildren, etc. That’s what matters here.

  17. I doubt if the killing of this MP will actually have any effect on the way people vote in the EU referendum. Those positions will likely to be already firm and few will vote “Remain” out of sympathy for Jo Cox.

    • I sincerely hope they vote to exit, but am not holding my breath, as Cameron and the EU’s are as crooked as a dog’s hind leg, and vote rigging is NOT a thing of the past.

  18. The Atlantic Charter

    The President of the United States (of America) and the Prime Minister, Mr. Churchill, representing His Majesty’s Governement in the United Kingdom, being met together, deem it right to make known certain common principles in the national policies of their respective countries on which they base their hopes for a better future for the world.

    First, their countries seek no aggrandisement, territorial or other.

    Second, they desire to see no territorial changes that do not accord with the freely expressed wishes of the people concerned.

    Third, they respect the right of all peoples to choose the form of government under which they will live; and they wish to see sovereign rights and self-government restored to those who have been forcibly deprived of them.

    In light of all the murders that have taken place in the last 15 years, which have come about in no small measure due to the political elite’s shameless and ongoing betrayal of the principles for which we fought the war, I find no logical reason whatsoever, as a taxpayer and a British citizen, to renounce those principles within myself now, just because of one more fatality. No, this remains an opportunity to honour our forefathers, who fought and died during the war so that we would be able to live freely, and without the ruler of Germany telling us how to conduct our affairs.

    ‘In future days we will look forward to the four essential human freedoms – freedom of speech and expression everywhere; the freedom of every person, and the right to worship God in their own way everywhere; freedom from want; and freedom from fear.’ (FDR, Jan 6th 1941)

    ‘We will accept only a world consecrated to freedom of speech and expression and the freedom of every person to worship God in his own way, freedom from want and freedom from terrorism.’ (FDR, May 4th, 1941.)

    The political elites of today are responsible for creating a world in which everything our forefathers fought and died for is being destroyed. They want a world where freedom of speech and expression is denied, where people who want to worship God as Christians are persecuted and even murdered, and where terrorism reigns, to the extent that no British citizen can travel anywhere in their own country without fear of being murdered. In so many regards then, when one looks at what we fought the war to defend, the political elite of today are an utter failure. And failure through sheer incompetence would be bad enough, but recognising that these people have had the finest educations that money can buy, we can only conclude that what they are doing is deliberate.

    The vote to withdraw from the European system of political control is an opportunity to claw back an inch of territory from a political elite who are doing everything they can to ruin the world we live in. And obviously, as a matter of straightforward logic, the fact that someone has died this week is neither here nor there, so far as the right to choose the form of government under which we are to live is concerned. If anything, it should make us remember all the people who died during the war so that we could make that choice. And we should honour our war dead by making that choice freely, as individuals, without consideration of the lying words of the political elite, who have shown in recent years that they do not have our interests at heart.

    Source of quotes: H.V. Morton, Atlantic Meeting, Methuen & Co. Ltd, 1943.

    • To paraphrase: From Stettin in the Baltic to Galway on the Atlantic an Iron Curtain has descended across Europe.

      Love Germans, hate their reichs. For God’s sake, Brexit.

    • Strictly speaking, the people of the UK were not forcibly deprived of their sovereign rights and self-government so that portion of the Atlantic Charter is irrelevent just now. The right to choose the form of government is indeed at issue as an unreachable toadocracy has neutered the parliament and been embraced by sellout politicians of the Uniparty.

      Still, I think Britons, in this case, should not rely on a charter drafted by a small group of wartime politicians, diplomats, and bureaucrats. Britain itself went to war on behalf of Poland, as to which the Charter can be said to have applied in spades, yet Polish troops were shamefully excluded from British victory parades, not to mention the fact that the Poles were sold out at Yalta.

      I think, rather, that inspiration should be sought in British history, particularly its fortress existence and the penalties paid when invaders gained footholds. All eyes should be turned to Boudicca, Harold, Nelson, Wellington, Flashman, the RAF, Powell, Robinson, Garage, and Weston. Those people and their followers were not and are not motivated by charters, codes, and manifestos but by a spirit of “not no but hell no.” Further afield, Thermopylae works too, with special focus on the role of the shepherd. Cox was one of those shepherds. As were and are Blair, Cameron, May, Corbyn, the CPS, the BBC, and a goodly number of chief constables. We shall see what we shall see about the senior military leadership. Judging from the American military these days, I say it’s not looking bright there either.

      • Yes of course but there remains the idea that sovereign rights and self-government were, and still are, good things. So even if those things were taken from people by deception, and not by force, then I would argue that that specific part of the Atlantic Charter is indeed relevant today. And if you think about it, although those things may not have been taken away from us at the point of a gun, they have been taken away from us nevertheless, and any dissenting voices have had harm visited upon them by agents of the state – that is to say the power of the state has indeed been exercised upon those individuals. And the actions of the state may not have been caused those individuals to stop breathing, but more often than not they have lost their livelihoods, their reputation, their liberty, their money, etc etc. So: taken from us by force? Well, if you think about it: yes.

        As for your point about Poland: I have a copy of a telegram sent by Churchill to FDR on that very subject. The Baron has a copy – it can be obtained from the National Archives in Britain. Here is a link:

        • You’re right those are good things.

          I read a something yesterday in which the author spoke of the violence inherent in the system (VIITS). It has a Monty Python origin actually but both sources make your point – it doesn’t take the arrival of the Red Army to jam you up in proper fashion. Point taken.

          But my point still us charters and manifestoes don’t motivate people and the Charter in question wasn’t even followed by the gang who signed it. I want foreigners out of my country because they’re too many, not like me, dislike me, are taking jobs, want to dispossess my people (generic humans with no known cultural or racial identity, of course), and, until then, acting like parasites and dorks. But I don’t think you contest this point.

          Thanks for the link but the site wishes me to pay to read the document.

  19. Ruling elites knew that for 3 months MP Jo Cox received terrifying threats and yet gave her no police protection. The Shameful Authorities are Guilty of Allowing her barbaric murder yet wickedly blame the right for her slaughter.

    It’s terribly sad that MP Cox ignored the severe persecution of Britain’s little, white Christian girls who the EVIL authorities ALLOWED for decades to be gang raped, tortured and forced into prostitution and sex slavery by Dirty, Demonic, Evil, Savage, INHUMAN Pakistani Muslim Monsters – the Spawn of Satan.

    MP Cox was delighted that Britain had been colonised with Muslims by our leaders and wanted a lot more of what she called “refugees”.

    The left are outraged that the right want the massive gang raping, torturing and sex slavery of Britain’s native children by imported Muslims stopped. They want our people to Submit and Accept Satanic Muslim Sex Slavery of Britain’s children – it’s taught in the Blood Soaked Quran.

    Islam’s paedophile founder was a Barbaric Mass Murderer, Serial Rapist and Huge Sex Slaver of Non-Muslims and is highly revered by Muslims as the Perfect Man.

    The Koran authorises sex slaves. Sheikh Saad al-Buraik: Their women are yours to take, legitimately. God made them yours. Why don’t you enslave their women?

    In Colorado in 2006 a Saudi national was found guilty of keeping a woman as a slave housekeeper for four years while repeatedly raping her.

    He argued that the United States was attacking Islamic customs such as not paying your slave and controlling her life: “We are Muslim”, he complained, “We are different. The state has criminalized these basic Muslim behaviors”.

    One of the girls in the Oxford case, aged 12, was branded ‘M’ with hot metal to show that she was property of her attacker, Mohammed.

    • Just google ‘Halifax sex gang sentenced’.

      Still ongoing, but you don’t hear Cameron the upper class twit, or Jeremy Corbyn, who purports to stand up for the working class in Britain, saying a damn thing about this.

      • Did that story tip Thomas Mair over the edge?
        He lived within a few miles and it was covered in the local papers.
        Did he have any links to those affected or to Rotherham?
        I truly do not know and have no sympathy for murderers, but I would like to know.

  20. I think some people have gone off ; but to return :

    “Alex Massie at the Spectator [which has since stopped taking comments]……The poster unveiled by Nigel Farage…..”

    You have probably seen this image ,or one like it.It shows a column thousands strong of strong healthy young men marching to Europe.Question is ; why are they not at home protecting their mothers and sisters? If they are from Syria why do they not join the Democratic Syrian Forces ?
    All theses young men clearly come from lands that were rendered Juden Frei long ago.

    I offer another image.
    The headline is : “RESPECT. 16000 Kurdish WOMEN stayed behind to fight……While millions of fighting age Syrians/Iraqi men fled to EU “.

  21. As I have often observed, the most fundamental commitment of the Left is hatred of the Gospel. Left-wing Islamophilia is a foolish “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” phenomenon. Muslims are given a pass on all the things the Left purports to be the faults of Western Civilization and Christianity — “homophobia”, “sexism”, “racism” — precisely because Muslims are anti-Christian homophobes, sexists and racists. All of the Lefts secular sins are forgiven to those who hate the Gospel.

  22. The whole “right wing” crap is a term of opprobrium we inherited from the Bolshevists who seemed to feel that the Nazi attachment to their nation was old fashioned, and in some sense therefore counter-revolutionary, or at least inadequately revolutionary. But the “right” in “right wing” was about acceptance of tradition and traditional authority, esp. national and monarchical authority.

    How about we drop the (very old) soviet newspeak, OK?

    Just as a point of trivial interest, anti-traditionalism is no more a reliable moral and social standard than traditionalism. And the WHOLE “leftist” agenda of our time is anti-traditional. Anti-traditional to an absurd extent. We are now treated to the spectacle of female marathon runners, drenched from the crotch down in menstrual blood in the name of “free bleeding” (I swear I’m not making this up) in defiance of the tradition of what … not making a mess in public I guess.

    And on that basis the primitive intellectual classes, the products of mindless post-war “education”, who I like to refer to as the lumpen intelligencia, will wildly endorse and promote ANYTHING that flies in the face of ANY tradition — of their home country exclusively of course.

    All that said, if the political classes continue to press down on the quality of life for ordinary, normal westerners, I think yes, normal people will start gunning them down for lack of any workable alternative. If faced with a choice between all that they regard as a reasonable life and the well being of everyone they care about on one hand, and the privileged untouchable status of the political class on the other, well …

    Apparently the western political classes never read the Book of Five Rings, the antique Japanese military combat manual. It says that if cornered, even a rat will fight to the death.

    Regular decent people are a lot more insightful and dedicated than mere rats.

    I very much like the Reconquista motto of the Austrian identitaires.

    Guess what’s coming.

    • On the Jo Cox death which is heartbreaking and tragic,non the less the reaction is heading towards Princess Diana like mass hysteria.They are systematically molding her memory into a godess type eulogy.Kinnock junior, an Mp ,talked on tv about her PURITY,among her perfections were support for things such as abortion,gay marriage,and mass immigration all which i fervently oppose.Jo Cox was as far left as you could possibly find,but in the pc UK it seems to be compulsory to now agree with everything she ever uttered,for fear of offending anyone,or being ostracised permanently for having,God forbid, another point of view.Her main focus was on Syrian refugees which means,any debate on the matter will now be over.Her untimely death does not alter the fact that her views,are opposed by many people,but i fear critical thinking and freedom of speech are now dying sacrificed on the alter of political correctness, you dare not challenge.

    • “free bleeding”? I’ve not come across this phenomenon, but if women are brave (foolhardy?) enough to do this, we should be grownup enough to get over it.

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