A Glut on the Gender Market

It seems that Germany is rapidly approaching the point when every citizen will have a right to his/her/its own distinct gender, officially recognized by the state.

The following video shows a humorous opening greeting in the Brandenburg state parliament by Steffen Königer of AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). Non-Germans will find it amusing but mystifying: why was the AfD delegate listing such a multiplicity of genders in his introduction?

A brief report from the AfD website provides an explanation. But first watch the video.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is the text from the AfD website, also translated by Nash Montana. A slightly different version was published earlier at Vlad Tepes:

In the state parliament in Brandenburg the AfD party spoke against the “Action plan for acceptance of gender and sexual diversity, for self-determination, and against homo- and transphobia in Brandenburg”.

“We reject this kind of egomaniac politicizing. We do not achieve equality through ideology and we cannot destroy discrimination this way,” says Steffen Königer, AfD spokesman for social-political matters.

During the debate at the parliament Königer addressed 60 possible gender descriptions in his speech. “I didn’t want to insult anybody, I wanted to show this ideological insanity of the red/green action plan,” he said.

“The reaction of the delegates from other parties, many of whom had a hard time keeping themselves from laughing out loud, showed me that my intro made people think.”

The action plan developed by the SPD, Left party and Bündnis 90/The Green Party is intended to improve “the legal and social equality of lesbians, gays, bi-, trans-, intersexual and queer (LSBTTIQ*) in Brandenburg.

Video transcript:

0:00   Dear President, dear ladies and gentlemen,
0:05   dear gays, dear lesbians,
0:09   dear androgynous, dear bi-gender,
0:14   dear woman-to-man, dear man-to-woman,
0:18   dear gender-variable, dear gender-queer,
0:23   dear inter-sexual, dear neither/nor genders,
0:30   dear no-gender, dear non-binary,
0:34   dear pan-gender and pan-sexuals,
0:38   dear trans-males and trans men,
0:42   dear trans-females and trans women,
0:46   dear trans-humans, dear trans-with-asterisk,
0:50   dear trans-with-asterisk-females, and trans-with-asterisk-women,
0:55   dear trans-with-asterisk-males, and trans-with-asterisk-men,
0:59   dear trans-humans, dear trans-feminine, and dear trans-gender,
1:06   dear trans-gender females, and trans-gender women,
1:10   dear trans-gender males, and trans-gender men,
1:15   dear trans-gender humans, dear trans-gender masculine,
1:21   dear male trans-sexuals, and dear female trans-sexuals,
1:25   dear trans-sexual men, dear trans-sexual women,
1:31   dear trans-sexual persons, dear inter-asterisk-females,
1:36   and dear inter-asterisk-males,
1:40   “someone who has a question” “I’m not even finished with the greetings, Mister President, sorry”
1:45   dear…, dear inter-asterisk-men, dear inter-asterisk-women,
1:50   dear inter-asterisk humans,
1:53   dear inter-gender, dear inter-sexuals,
1:57   dear two-gender and dear hybrids,
2:01   dear hermaphrodites, dear two-spirit third gender,
2:06   and dear fourth gender,
2:09   dear XY-women, dear butch, dear femmes,
2:15   dear drag, dear transvestites,
2:18   dear cross gender, dear zero-gender,
2:22   and of course, as well, dear all other genders,
2:27   “Do you understand this insanity?”
2:30   dear underlined Nonnemacher,
2:33   dear underlined Bader, and dear underlined Muss,
2:38   The AfD party rejects your proposal. Thank you.

14 thoughts on “A Glut on the Gender Market

  1. The spit on the keyboard moment was when challenged by the dais he turned and said “I haven’t finished the introductions.”
    And that really is how absurd this discussion is.

  2. What the lefties don’t understand is that there are some among us who can both:
    1. condemn the current ‘gender’ insanity; and
    2. also condemn any religiolegal system that demands the death penalty for unorthodox sexual expression, or any violence inspired thereby.

    • Raisin’ my right hand right here, Bible ready to go! Yep, I 1) condemn current “identify as ___ gender” weirdness/fad, and 2) also condemn religio-legal systems demanding death for unorthodox sexual expression.

      Orthodox Christianity does *not* throw gays out on their…ear… when they’re discovered not to be hetero (usually in their teens). Aware priests will have taken Continuing Education classes on the subject, esp. from + Fr. Thomas Hopko, whose POV on same-sex attraction was that it was “a ferocious cross to bear” but not a disqualification in any way from being a Christian.

      Whereas, when I was teaching and working with middle- and high-school-age teens, I would hear two or three times per school year that a friend of a student had been “thrown out of the house” when it was learned that he/she was, or the friend came out to his/her parents as, SSA. I’m sure we can all “hear” those recriminations in our minds without too much prompting.

      But I’ll put my hand up any time to agree with your post, Salome. Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  3. This is when you come to realize that we truly have destroyed ourselves. No sane polity could proceed on such a basis, taking something like this in all seriousness. It’s like offering an opening prayer to Zeus. This is the context in which Islam has realized the West is utterly ready to be trampled into dust.

  4. Dear present life forms!
    They may even need at least 30 different toilet rooms in every public building one day.

  5. Mosaics–when parts of the body can have different X and Y chromosomes (and different autosomes too)–adds infinite sexuality possibilities. Eg part of your brain could have two X chromosomes (female like) and part could have an X and a Y ( male like), and your right kidney might have two Y’s and one X.

    Using words to describe these is like using words to describe a tangled knot of string. You can’t.

    • Basic biology – If you are born with a penis you are male, if you are born with a vagina you are female, if you are born with both male and female genitalia you are an hermaphrodite.
      What you do with your genitalia (you sexual proclivities) is entirely a separate issue.

      There is no such thing as gender choice or the multitude of genders on offer simply by either chopping bits off or adding bits on.

      • I agree. The genderists, the latest and silliest of all forms of human lunacy, are giving new meaning to the words asinine stupidity–a disgrace to the human race.

      • The only way I would suggest changing your post is to update the terminology. Doctors and other medically trained personnel changed the term “hermaphrodite” to “intersex” some time back (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intersex ).

        Estimates of how frequently babies are born with ambiguous sex characteristics vary from 0.018% to 1.7% of live births (same source).

        I was born female. I have lived as a female. I now live as a female. So far as I can foresee, I will also die as a female, whenever that may be (not soon, please, God). When I was a kid, I sometimes “wanted” to be a boy for the usual reasons:

        –boys got to climb trees because they weren’t wearing stupid dresses. Solution: Wear shorts under the dress!
        –boys talked about interesting careers after high school, even though I was taking the same science and math courses they were. Solution: Go to a mostly boys’ college. (This was a mixed result, alas.)

        But can you imagine what would’ve happened and what will happen to any girl who says these things today??? She’ll be drugged, medicated, and in therapy before she even realizes that she said something actionable.

        Very sad. 🙁

  6. Western civilization doesn’t have time for this absurdity! Kudos to the afd for challenging the absurdity.

  7. At least the esteemed gentleman was totally Politically Correct (culturally Marxist) he did not want to bruise any ‘person’s’ feelings by omitting to address them.

  8. Perhaps we should just refer to ourselves as “humans” and have gender-neutral restrooms and absolute equality/acceptance of variability in employment, education, and. . .well, everything. It would simplify life a very great deal.

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