No More “Refugees” for the Czech Republic

For a while Hungary was the only EU country to resist Brussels’ diktats about taking its quota of “refugees”. Then Poland joined. And now Czechia has officially refused any more EU-imposed migrants.

That leaves Slovakia. After Bratislava declares officially against the quotas, what then? Presumably the EU will impose sanctions on all of them, prompting the Visegrad Four to sign lucrative trade agreements with Russia — which will set the international MSM a-foaming at the mouth like nothing else can.

It doesn’t seem to be in Brussels’ best interests to force this issue. But then, ideology seems to trump (not the most felicitous word) everything else.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this article from the conservative Polish news site Dziennik Narodowy:

Czechs will not accept refugees that the EU tries to impose on them!

According to Reuters, the Czech government has decided to refuse accepting the quota for immigrants imposed by the European Commission. All due to the series of attacks that have taken place in the last few weeks.

For several months EU politicians have been threatening Poland and Hungary. They even threaten financial sanctions if they still do not accept immigrants. Now we can add another country to our duo.

“The Czech Republic will suspend the reception of immigrants according to EU refugee allocation quotas. So the government decided after the Monday meeting,” Reuters said.

According to findings, the Czechs were expected to accept 2,600 refugees by the end of September under the so-called “relocation” process. Up to now, a dozen or so have arrived. However, the government has decided that there will be no further reception of refugees.

“Due to the deteriorating security situation and the dysfunctional condition of the entire system [separation of immigrants], the government accepted the request to suspend this system for the Czech Republic,” said Milan Chovanec, head of the Czech Ministry of the Interior.

“This means that the Czech Republic will not accept refugees arriving from Greece and Italy according to an earlier scheme for the separation of immigrants,” he added.

22 thoughts on “No More “Refugees” for the Czech Republic

  1. I can only wish they stand firm under the increased pressure that the Brussels regime is going to put on them.

    • There is not much pressure for Brussels to apply.
      Too much pressure and the Visegrad 4 will say “aw [to heck with] it” and leave the block to join up with Russia.
      This means the entire EU structure would come tumbling down.
      Poof all gone.

      • And all the tumult in Austria again! Maybe they’ll finally vote out the loons, and join up with Visegrad.

        • Czechia seems a good destination for those people in the UK, Germany, France, Austria, etc., who can no longer stand the aggressive islamisation of their native lands. When they have settled there, they might support the Czech people and governments in their efforts to fight off Muslim immigration.

    • I’m afraid there is no chance of that. They will capitulate, all of them, sooner or later. Since the end of communism, the countries of Eastern Europe (except GDR of course) have come nowhere near closing the gap with the west. Take a look at Bratislava, or suburban Tallinn, away from the touristy bits. Romania and Bulgaria are still in the ox-cart stage. It’s hardly different from 1989 economically across whole swathes of Eastern Europe. Take away the EU subsidies and bungs, and their ability to mass-export their unemployed who get paid up to ten times local wages, and every one of them except possibly CZ would be plunged into a massive crisis. There is not the tiniest chance of any East European tub-thumper risking that. Orban will be gone one day. They will take the illegals, all of them and Orban can rest on the laurels of having sincerely tried etc. (And he does seem sincere). If one of them truly has the guts to leave the EU, I would seriously consider moving there.

      • Why did so many countries take EU money? Did they not know this would make them the slaves of the EU. What is just to win an election or two? What has been given, can be taken away. It sounds very similar to the ruling elite in the UK where they all took Arab oil money and suddenly they all think endless Muslim immigration is the Best Idea Ever.

        Why don’t the E Europeans get their economy sorted out, build up their armies and tell the EU to get lost.

        • b/c, once you lost your economic independence, it’s really hard to regain it. During the so-called transition/privatization period [1989-…], my native Poland – e.g. – lost most of its companies, or at least those that were somehow capable of competition with their Western counterparts … to the very same counterparts. They have been sold, and very often for a fraction of their actual value. All with the cooperation of local Commie structures [today known as “oligarchs”; generally those that had some connections to the party] and with no small amount aid from completely clueless society [nobody knew what capitalism is all about, or how to negotiate]. Since then, most of the Eastern Europe is, what one could call, a “foreign branch economy”. We work for Western companies, we do some intellectually undemanding jobs for them, we distribute their products, but we don’t produce anything of value on our very own. Even our “wholesale trade” is utterly dominated by Western companies, making our economies dependent on supply import from the outside. I don’t believe in a complete autarchy, but here – in the East – you can really learn that without some local business and some local industry, you are just a slave, and nothing more.

          Sure, there are other factors, like racial [sic!] or cultural ones – but I don’t think, or perhaps, I would not like to think they are that crucial.

        • EU control was a matter of slow progression. The idea of Europe joining as one in order to rival the United States economically had been discussed for decades. The EU began in 1957 when the Treaty of Rome created the European Economic Community (EEC), referred to as the European common market. Due to the political and economic tumult of the 1970’s, the EEC began to transfer huge sums of money to do things like create jobs and build infrastructure in poorer areas. They also adopt environmental and anti-pollution laws.

          When Communism collapsed across central and eastern Europe it brought Europeans closer together. In 1993 the EEC created the Single Market with what they called the “four freedoms”: movement of goods, services, people and money.Two treaties were signed to further this slogan – the Maastricht Treaty on European Union in 1993 and the Treaty of Amsterdam in 1999. Finally, the Schengen Agreements allowed Europeans to travel freely through European borders without the use of passports.

          I believe that the idea of creating a political and financial union was in the planners minds from the start. The people of Europe didn’t realize this though, and they went about their lives as their freedoms and borders were slowly robbed from them. Now the EU has political power and can badly damage any country that goes against them. The UK got out officially, but in reality it will take a long, long time to extricate themselves completely from EU clutches. Your’re right – the only answer is for individual companies is to build economic strength. But in order to do that they must turn their backs on Socialism and its giant welfare net. That will be a big pill for most Europeans to swallow, though I think that Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic will do it eventually.

          On a side note, I visited Hungary just after the EU began giving everyone money to rebuild. The city of Budapest seemed to be under complete renovation with new buildings going up everywhere. On a tour I took I asked the guide how people were feeling about the newly formed EU given Hungary’s history of political oppression. She said jovially, “Oh yes, Hungary has had a terrible history of oppression and the people don’t forget. Hopefully this time we won’t be conquered.” I think they now realize that if they don’t leave the EU, they will have been.

  2. If human life is priceless, then how much weight would any financial sanctions carry on issues of life and death?
    That highlights the loss of values in EU. They don’t honor even human life anymore.

    • Oh Pete, EU has unlimited esteem for all muslims and jihadis. The more criminal the more value. What the EU has no value for are its native people.

  3. I guess this where the EU army will come in handy.
    Slap people back into line.

  4. I don’t understand why this is such a big deal.

    Czechs and Slovaks decided they did not wish to live together in the same country (Czechoslovakia) after decades and decades of peaceful coexistence. They peacefully split and now live in two separate countries. The UN , US, and EU approved and recognize both countries.

    The Bosnians, Serbians, Croatians, and Montenegrins likewise decided they did not want to live in the same country (Yugoslavia) and violently split into at least four different countries. The UN, US and EU approved and recognize all the new countries.

    Now the Czechs have decided that (having gotten rid of Slovaks) they don’t want to accept Asian, African and Middle Eastern refugees.

    Why is this a problem? After having cleansed their country of Slovaks (as the Slovaks cleansed Czechs) why should they be required to accept alien people and watch the creation of even more alien colonies within Czech borders?

    • Because it goes against the projects of the West’s ruling élites. While the breakup of Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia didn’t.

    • The answer to virtually any political question you can ask is money and power. Who has it, who wants it. There are enormous profits to be had for politicians when they reside over a docile, compliant people. Politicians like Angela Merkel are getting their palms greased like there’s no tomorrow from this “refugee crisis.” Of course, its an entirely fabricated crisis. There were certainly refugees in need of help in Syria, but the refugees flooding in are largely from Africa and the rest of the Middle East. There’s no way to do background checks.

      It would always have been easier and more convenient for these people to have been temporarily housed in wealthy Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia. Merkel negotiated with Erdogan to to have them filter through Turkey and sent to Europe, which Erdogan delighted at since he wanted a hijra to begin with. Merkel just provided an easy way to launch one into Europe. Won’t the Europeans be shocked when they find that not only do they belong to an increasingly iron-fisted political union, it is slowly being taken over by Islamists who want to install Sharia law? Injecting millions of Islamists will change the culture, the political and social structure and the financial status of the continent. I really hope the Germans realize this and kick Merkel out in September.

  5. How many people are there in Africa who ‘didn’t make it?’ Let’s say, very conservatively, 200 million, now add in the middle east crowd, and even from as far away as Bangladesh, now let’s say you have 300 million–all going to live in little Europe! Right.

    My point is that Europe cannot possibly absorb all these marginal people who produce nothing and are a colossal drain on every country they infest, while many of them are illiterate, so why accept any more?

    To make matters infinitely worse, all are moslems who say straight out they are not in Europe to integrate; who can be radicalized at any time by a visit to the nearest mosque, and you are left with today’s Europe. What a malevolently contrived mess!

    • Yes, Europe looks more and more like a cross between South Africa and Saudi Arabia with every year that passes.

      • With a person like Merkel in charge, Europe will accept millions of Islamists until they are financially unable to accept more. They’re already kicking European citizens out of their own houses or forcing them to share houses with these economic nomads. Gradually, their political structure will Islamize and laws will be passed to outlaw religion and cultural practices that Europeans prize. Throughout the process, the migrants will continue to rape and kill and shout out that their God is greater. Europeans will find out what it felt like to be Jewish in Nazi Germany.

    • I sure hope they do. They’re pretty independent minded. They still teach in their schools what it was like to live under the oppression of the Nazis and the Communists. I think their biggest hurdle is economic – they’ll be hit with huge economic sanctions if they leave and may be restricted from conducting trade with other EU nations. They do fight though – right now the EU is attempting to disarm all of their citizens and the Czech’s have launched a lawsuit against them with the European Court of Justice.

      • What a great time to disarm your citizens, right? Just as you flood them with millions of Islamic jihadis. Thanks, EU!

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