Zero Tolerance for Islam

Miriam Shaded is a young Syrian-Polish human rights activist Islam critic. She was born in Poland to a Polish mother and a Syrian Christian father.

Below is an interview with Ms. Shaded that was published last month at a conservative Christian Polish news site. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation:

Miriam Shaded for Zero tolerance for extremism

Are rapes carried out by immigrants in Germany and the bombings in Western Europe going to continue indefinitely? What to do to halt this vicious cycle of violence fueled by Islamist fanatics? We talk about it with Miriam Shaded, a social activist and the president of the Estera Foundation.

Q. In just the last few days in Germany there have been a number of rapes carried out by Islamic immigrants. Is this phenomenon going to escalate further with time?

A. If Germany keeps the same immigration policy that they have so far, this issue will obviously escalate further. Today, Muslims in Europe go unpunished. Rapes are unpunished. The perpetrators get caught, judged, but then are released into the wild. Women who have been raped do not receive justice. However, I haven’t noticed the governments of Western Europe react to their grievance.

Q. Where is this immigrant aggression against European women coming from?

A. As I have mentioned many times before, Islam condones the rape of women who have been “taken into possession.” It condones the rape of infidels and those women who do not dress like Muslims. The more Muslims that arrive in Europe and the greater the consent for their behavior and for their promotion of hatred against women, the more rapes will occur.

Q. What to do to somehow stop or stem the wave of those rapes?

A. I think first of all you have to change the policy; the law simply has to be applied, and punishment for the perpetrators of this type of crime should be increased. Unfortunately, the situation is bad. In Sweden, for example, every three minutes a Swedish woman is raped, and everything is trending in that direction, and those statistics will continue to be that high, also in Germany and other European countries. At the moment, when it comes to risk of rape, Sweden is in the third place in the world. We can see clearly where the policy of multi-culti and Islamization is leading.

Q. So there’s a simple correlation — the greater the passivity of the authorities and tolerance towards crime, the greater the escalation…

A. Yes. It’s exactly like that.

Q. One thing is the immigrant attacks against the local population, but there is also a terrorist threat. The French prime minister recently predicted that future attacks in his country are inevitable. What can Europe do, while it’s being consumed by fire more and more?

A. First of all, you need to identify who the enemy is and why it comes to this type of event. I keep saying that the enemy is the teaching of Islam. There are parts in the Koran saying that any Muslim who kills an infidel, or commits a terrorist attack will receive the greatest reward in heaven and that he is more important than any other Muslim. This is the root cause of the problem, and as long as Europe doesn’t realize it, when they don’t realize that every pious Muslim who strongly believes in the teachings of Muhammad is a threat, until then Europe won’t be able to handle this problem.

Q. What concrete action can be taken against this threat?

A. We should take appropriate steps to outlaw Islam. We need to defend ourselves against attacks that are happening and the war that is already underway. It is a war against the infidels. We have to clarify who the enemy is that we are fighting against. Finally, we must open our eyes and start reacting adequately to the situation.

Q. However, is there any hope for countries such as Germany or France, where the Islamic problem is very far advanced? We can still say “No” to Islam, but can the Germans and the French still do the same?

A. They need to gradually start the process. First they should begin with the most radical imams operating in these countries. They need to deport everyone who has committed any crime. Gradually, they should deal with this using existing law, and after a while they switch to more radical methods.

Q. Methods that would pull out this root from which all those events are sprouting, namely the Islamic religion?

A. Yes, but first they have to deal with the most radical groups. Germany and France should also introduce rules that would cause deportation of entire families in connection with the crimes committed.

Q. Bottom line: all hope for Western Europe is contained in the words “Zero Tolerance”?

A. Yes exactly. There is hope. There are still a lot more of us than Muslims in Europe, and it seems to me that at this moment we still have a very good chance, if in fact we apply the principle of zero tolerance and if we really implement it. If the policy of multi-culti and political correctness continues, Europe will fall, and we will lose other countries, like we have already lost Sweden.

Thank you very much for the interview.

37 thoughts on “Zero Tolerance for Islam

  1. 1) The laws are not being applied. Ergo, they will continue not to be applied, unless something major changes.

    2) And banning Islam in Germany or France would mean civil war.

    3) Banning sharia, returning fugees to the country of entry, and banning handouts to anyone who shows up unless they are granted asylum in a stringent process would help a lot, but, see #1.

    • Why not end handouts completely, totally, and forever? Forget the asylum process. When the refugees come, let them starve and freeze. The ones who hung onto their identity papers can request transportation back to their countries, which I would recommend subsidizing. The ones who destroyed their identity papers, ship them to a remote island, give them tents and food, and let them stew.

      You can progressively end any handouts to non-citizens. Give them a few months notice.

      This takes advantage of natural processes, puts the initial burden on those who are not established enough to create organized resistance, and establishes a useful precedence.

  2. May be it’s time people in the non Moslem majority says ‘the problem is moslems’, not just ‘the problem is Islam’. Islam, Koran are just teaching. It is the humans that subscribe to it that kills human, that terrorize people. I’m somewhat sick of anthropomorphizing Islam.

    • Spot on: as with ‘guns don’t kill, gunmen do’.

      The problem in Europe is that hate speech laws just about tolerate criticism of Islam, as pure theology, but criminalise any criticism of its followers.

    • The problem is we have a Muslim problem we are appeasing with millions of our virgins causing a free for all because we have no death penalty for mass rape and murder. What war? Overwhelmingly ISIS Muslims believe they would bring badly needed regulatation to that particular market. For starters the quran source code is accepted and freely available throughout the Christian west, (well done refugees, migrants and dhimmis), as are the megadoses of anti Christian and Jew hatred
      filled mosque indoctrination centers or ‘barracks’ as the Muslims refer to them. Here we go again.

  3. Unsurprising that many of the most clear-eyed, no-nonsense critics of Islam are from families that have direct experience living under Islamic rule. Brigitte Gabriel also comes to mind. Many of the Assyrian Christians I know from the Old World are the harshest critics of the wickedness of Islam and are refreshingly politically incorrect. One time I was delighted when one of them describe Islam, without hyperbole but with Biblical earnestness, as being Satanic and Mohammed as being an anti-Christ; a proposition from which I did not dissent.

  4. Zero tolerance implies PARTIAL free speech. People should not be given freedom to preach Islam, no tolerance about it. Islam should be off limit. The mention of Islam in universities is simply to know it and it’s disastrous effects in history. Teachers are not allowed to promote it, they will be jailed. Yes, SOME FREEDOM (e.g., free thinking about Islam) SHOULD NOT BE GRANTED. That’s the way it should be. Food for thought for freedom fighters.

    • When you concede the right of governments to ban speech, by citizens, you concede the right to ban anti-Islam speech. The most organized factor will end up eliminating its critics.

      The underlying problem is the number of Muslims present. If there is a significantly large Muslim population, what chances do you think a ban on preaching would have? Do you think the no-go zones would suddenly open up?

      You can, however, deport non-citizens easily. You can deport non-citizens who engage in questionable speech, especially as immigration is Muslim-heavy anyway. In fact, you can deport non-citizens for looking cross-eyed.

      But, banning speech itself is a recipe for losing.

    • I must add, the one I wrote above is especially when the moslems have been defeated and the Islam is declared as non religion but an ideology of hate. In that case, free thinking of Islam is bad. In that case, banning the speech about tolerance for Islam is good. I must make the sentences and words specific I guess.

    • If only Europeans who just defeated Ottomans and moslems alike do what I wrote above, willing to give up some freedom that will protect their freedoms; Europe did not have to undergo the present calamities. Partial freedom and partial free speech is just essentially equivalent to partial tolerance, the tolerance that does not tolerate the intolerance. Is this too hard to comprehend?

      • I agree with you Indonesian. It’s time to ban Islam and close our countries to Muslim immigration and intern then deport the Muslims who are already here.It’s to bulldoze mosques and prohibit the practicing of Islam.It’s time to remove Muslims from all position of trust and responsibility within Western democracies.

        Islam and democracy are mutually exclusive.You can have Islam or you can have democracy ,you can’t have both.You can choose to have peace and security or you can choose to allow Muslims into your country ,you can’t have both .

        • Angola merits full praise for having banned Islam. I wish MORE anti Islam western leaders would cite them as an example of sense! Why does Angola never get accused of Islamophobia – because it is an African country and not a European one. Western countries need to support this country, and stop buying crude petroleum from the Saudis, Kuwaitis and Iranians. Similarly Japan has shown sense. Albeit, Islam is not banned, it is very heavily restricted and monitored.

  5. Singapore-style canings for rape would get it under control in short order, I have no doubt.

    • Singapore-style canings?

      My vote would be for Philipino-style summary executions. Solve the problem permanently in the temporal realm, and send the perps to Paradise to rape their virgins for eternity.

        • Ordinarily I would say such a penalty would be unnecessarily harsh when applied to your garden-variety rapist. However, rape as applied by adherents of islam is not about sex or even exercising power over helpless victims. Rape in the muslim world and specifically against non-muslims, is a calculated insult and display of power against the weakness of European governments and their laws, and the weakness of European men, who refuse to defend their women or avenge them after the fact.

          As the mass rape of European women at the hands of muslim invaders is about asserting dominance of islam and therefore a political expression, the response needs to unnecessarily harsh and decisive to deter future attacks and demonstrate resolve. Spilling a little blood now will save rivers of it later.

          • I might hasten to add, justice needs to be swift and certain. Trials which take hours or less, and sentence carried out within days or week at most. The current process of justice is a major part of the problem; the perception being that the justice system is broken and dysfunctional when it takes months or years in some cases before trial is concluded and sentence carried out. And the perception by muslim invaders that Europeans are impotent and that they will never face any meaningful consequences for anything which they might do to them or their women.

            Failure to act decisively will inevitably lead to extra-judicial means of seeking justice, and once it has been shown that the state is impotent to impose law and order, the killings will continue and escalate until the situation is so bad that people will once again prefer the slow wheels of justice to the chaos of the lynch mob. And that could take a very long time to happen.

        • Not good enough : they need to appreciate the Islamic concept of womanhood – give them the full works – pump them with hormones, update their genitalia and dump them into men’s prisons for a decade or two. Let them enjoy the idea of paradise but on the other foot.

      • If death penalty will be back… that would be “day of justice”.
        Better day than “new year” or better than “birthday” (for me).
        Its really boils my blood that most violent and evil criminals… get so light punishments.

        Recently i seen story in Russian news…. russian schoolgirl got lured… tied-up…. raped… strangled…. and her body was thrown in nearby trash-bin. IMHO such crimes must must lead to death penalty… but its banned and not practiced. And for me it means that there are no full justice.

  6. The Philippine’s president must have some credible ideas about how to he would deal with disease breeders being injected? Has that country signed you for its fair share of migrating jehadis? I would love to hear what he has to say on this subject? 🙂

    • Pres. Duterte must also look seriously into the problem of population-jihad. Myanmar may be the only country in the world with proper laws for Muslim multiplication. Don’t know about China or Singapore though. Europeans are totally inept when dealing with this insidious baby-bomb agenda.

      Stopping immigration is a good start but the West needs to get serious about stemming the rapid breeding of viscous rats.

  7. “Gradually, they should deal with this using existing law, and after a while they switch to more radical methods.”

    Miriam is a nice and intelligent young lady, but with such utterances she is inadvertently giving ammo to those, like at the OSCE, who claim that anti-Islamists plan a “Holocaust of Muslims”. She should make it explicitly clear, that nothing like this is planned or, even better, not mention this bit at all, but say that banning the teachings of Islam should happen under existing laws. In Poland, these include banning not only incitement to violence and hatred, but also propagation of totalitarian systems. Chiefly, this was to be used against advocates of Nazism or Communism, but surely could also be utilised against those wanting a “global Caliphate”? And surely the teachings in Sura 9 comfortably qualify as both incitement to violence and hate speech? Therefore – why bother with changing the law, when all that’s required is a lawyer with the cojones to apply existing law to Islam?

  8. People like her and her Syrian migrant families who were a big failure in stopping islamizaion in Syria, should not be in Poland at all. It is like she is making it worst for those genuine Polish natives who have problems surviving in Europe that are constantly being invaded by Moslems and people like her.
    It is good to be anti-Islamics but it will be even better if she go back to Syria and prevent further islamization of Syria.

    • “prevent further islamization of Syria.”

      LOL. Fat chance of that! But at least with her in Europe, she can help to alert Poles and other Europeans to the looming danger…

      What would you rather? That Europe was only full of far-leftists, and clueless man-children obsessed with Pokemon Go?

      • The Poles and other Europeans don’t need people like her who originated from predominantly Islamic and other Eastern Oriental countries who are using the already diminishing resources of Europe to speak out their whatever self-interest agenda they may have .
        If she or her Syrian family is really anti-Islamic, she could even blog anonymously to alert Poles about the danger of Islam from Syria.
        I do find people like her tend to be a bit hypocritical. It is like they would collaborate with Islamics for their many “enriching business venturers or partnerships with Islamics” but once in Europe they used all the resources of the European people to act as if they are some sort of savior for European people.
        By the way, isn’t she a bit too late in alerting the Poles?

    • Would you have liked to have been in a Christian religious minority in Syria, where one is raped or murdered? The Christians had NO chance there. You are talking like she should be put into a Delorean time machine and transported back in time, hundreds of years ago, before Muslims were a majority. She is a warning to non Muslims in Europe. She is on YOUR side. She may not be Polish to YOU, but she is to me. She is clearly a patriot, which is better than a minority in Poland who want to take in refugees and migrants. They are the traitors mate.

      • There are Christians who are really bad too. In fact, I do know so-called Christians(Asians) who nastily tried to push us towards those horrible Islamic community. Many Christians are guilty too of indirectly and directly pushing the spread of Islam due to their ignorance, greed, selfishness, nastiness and shared non-white ethnicities.

        I think those brave European who may still be quite strongly Christians are still very different compared to those more submissive Asian or Middle East Christians that tend to be more full of hypocrisy, more accepting of the many nonsensical Islamic imposition.

        • Islam doesn’t own evil, it is simply one of its most able practitioners. Who are these “Asian” Christians who were “nasty”? Is “Asian” one of those p.c. words meant to misdirect our attention from particular ethnic groups? Christianity has been in MENA since the get-go. Saint Augustine of Hippo (a city in North Africa that disappeared under the onslaught of Islam) is considered by some to have written the first autobiography, in addition to preserving and syncretizing Christian belief and Greek philosophy.

          Certainly there are many stupid Christians – and evil ones, too. But you won’t find such behavior outlined in Christian holy books.

          As for whether the “brave Europeans who may still be quite strongly Christian” – why compare them at all to the “more submissive Middle East Christians”?? What is your point? M.E. Christians who come from Christian traditions that preceded Islam are quite courageous. They pay with their lives for refusing to submit to Islam. That’s hardly “submissive”. The Egyptian Copts are a good example.

          Whether or not individuals are “really bad” or “really good” is beside the point of the evil of Islam’s political structure. It’s not a religion; Islam is a supremacist political structure designed to keep people in line.

          I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make?

          • What I’m trying to say is that even though Western Christian world while heading towards more secularism is still really much more resistant towards any form of Islamism. When compared to Oriental or Eastern Christian world (e.g. Asia and Middle East), Islamic degenerating influence is much more worse even in “normal” day to day life due to people are more preoccupied with gaining more wealth than paying attention to our individual choice and our freedom. More people need to be educated that just as wealth is important, protecting and defending our freedom is as equally important.

            Of course, I agree, the supremacist political structure of Islam is really evil. We can’t let them take away what little wealth or what little freedom we have left with us. It is good that more and more people are awake to the horror of Islamism.

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