News From the German Apocalypse

Below are three recent news stories from the nightmare that Modern Multicultural Germany has become under the Merkel regime. A dystopia would actually be an improvement over the apocalyptic conditions that have spread across the country along with the culture enrichers.

Silentium Voces, who translated all three articles, includes this brief note about the first one:

Someone apparently shot a schoolboy in the head in a random attack. Merkel’s politics are causing a state of civil war.

The translated article from

In Saxony-Anhalt a 15-year-old was shot in the head.

Bitterfeld-Wolfen — A 15-year-old has been shot in Bitterfeld-Wolfen in Saxony-Anhalt and sustained a serious head injury.

The police in Dessau initially reported neither background details on the incident nor the type of bullet used. The teenager had to undergo an operation in the hospital.

The 15-year-old was on foot in Bitterfeld city on Tuesday morning, when he was suddenly hit by a projectile. He was taken to a hospital. According to the police a projectile was removed from his skull.

The police are now looking for witnesses.

The second article is from Junge Freiheit:

Significantly more sexual offenses at Oktoberfest

MUNICH. Despite a decrease in visitors to the Oktoberfest the number of sexual offenses has risen sharply.

The police recorded 31 sexual offenses during the festival, which lasted two weeks. This represents an increase of 47.6 percent compared to last year. At that time, 21 sex offenses were registered.

According to police reports, four acts of sexual coercion, two acts of exhibitionism, two cases of “sexual abuse of incapacitated persons” and 22 insults with a “sexual basis with physical contact ( ‘fondling’)” have so far been registered. There was also a completed rape. The victim was an Australian.

Perpetrators almost all foreigners

Of the 18 arrested accused, two have German citizenship. The remaining 16 are foreigners, including six asylum seekers.

Between September 17 and October 3, 5.6 million visitors came to the Oktoberfest in Munich. That was 300,000 less than the year before. It was the lowest visitor count for 15 years. (Krk)

And from the Berliner Zeitung:

23-year old mother raped by migrants in broad daylight in front of her toddler

In Lüneburg, there was a sexual assault on a 23-year-old woman. The woman reported the incident to the police on October 1st.

According to the woman, she was pushed and held whilst walking with her son. As the child was being held, there was a sexual assault on the woman. The perpetrators later left the woman and fled.

The police took up the search and describe the perpetrators as about 30 to 35 years old, male, Mediterranean appearance. One of the perpetrators also had a beard and a blue hooded sweater.

15 thoughts on “News From the German Apocalypse

  1. I have very mixed feeling about this. As long this slowly creeping changes going on, a little violence here and there just not going to change anything. From the tactical point of view it would be better if the whole civil war should start openly sooner the better. Of course that will be bloody and ugly but in the long run, less live will be lost. Every year spent slowly giving up everything the western civilizations worked for, will give less and less chance to successfully battle with the cancerously spreading Islam.

    • I agree with you. Unfortunately, when it comes to taking up arms, the authorities will side with the muslims.

      There appears to be an unwritten rule that the invaders can do what they like and, if they are charged at all, they are given laughably light sentences while anyone who tries to resist them feels the full force of the law.

      Isn’t that Dhimmitude?

    • “As long this slowly creeping changes going on, a little violence here and there just not going to change anything.”

      Yup. My thoughts exactly… and any German speaking out stands to be ostracised and cast as a “Nazi”. If you can’t even talk about a problem, how can you fix it?

    • Women have to start carrying box-cutters and then slash & slice & really fight back not with the object of fending the attacker off but of murdering him. Even if it’s 3 or 4 attackers, better to lash out & do as much damage as possible. You might be saving hundreds of rape victims, & even lives, a few weeks or months down the road as momentum to fight back spreads. Small groups of women could walk together running sting operations with the aim of killing rapists. Why not? Rapists need to start being killed b/c the Eurodhimmi German cops & courts do nothing.

  2. What’s happening with the world? In England, there is a “Clownpocalypse” currently happening. In Germany, for over a year the Merk-pocalypse is taking place. While over the Pond, in America the impending Trumpocalypse looms over the election…

    • Why Trumpocalpse? Why is it so unthinkable to have a blue-collar billionaire with the guts to fight back after generations of limp squids? Trump is the best bet America’s had to fight the rot & corruption & Islamics in years.

  3. 18 arrested have German citizenship. Do we know if they are ethnic Germans, or merely citizens of Germany?

  4. ” Mediterranean appearance” Wow, that really narrows the search down. It’s like that “Southern appearance” label equally popular. No body want’s to say “they looked like Arabs”

  5. The problem is, that modern feminism in being hostile to men, seems to have created two things that will lead women to slavery, true slavery this time. Firstly, the men have given up protecting women, so why should they oppose islam, and secondly, the women have stopped having enough children to continue western civilisation. Europe as we know it will be under sharia law in 30 years. The Europeans will be old, the muslims young. All those who want to fight, better do it now. You will be too old in a few years. Thank you for your work in keeping this site. However, with Obama giving the internet control over to the UN, and muslim states, it won’t be up for long. Be warned.

  6. I cannot see any solution to this problem other than repatriating all muslims to muslim countries. Give them a choice of becoming an apostate if they want to stay, otherwise go to their own kind. It sounds harsh, but it is a better choice than they give us, convert or die, or if a Christian or Jew, survive as second class citizen, pay the jiza, and be liable to be killed anyway. I cannot think of any other way, and it is kinder to us.

  7. It seems to me that daily we have this problem shoved in our faces, with daily news all over the planet of muslims killing and obnoxious behaviour, yet no one is proposing solutions to the problem. The problem being, a satanic religion dressed up in pious clothes, when it is totalitarian control.

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