World Peace through the Germanisation of Islam

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble has proposed a solution to the problems currently roiling Germany due to the mass influx of millions of “Syrian” “refugees”: Create a German Islam.

What a brilliant idea! Now, why didn’t I think of that?

Below is a sardonic op-ed about Mr. Schäuble’s “Eureka” moment. K. from Germany, who translated the piece for Gates of Vienna, includes this explanatory note:

I chose to replace the “faithful Eckart” with Sancho Panza because I thought the figure is more familiar to the Anglosphere, although the latter implies something about his master which is not there in the original. It just felt so fitting, but maybe a translator shouldn’t do that. The faithful Eckart is simply a loyal knave.

The translated article from Die Achse des Guten (“The Axis of Good”):

World Peace through the Germanisation of Islam

by Thomas Rietzschel

Until now, Islam was a safe haven. Invented by Mohammed, it has remained over 1,300 years what it was supposed to be in the first place: the religiously gilded ideology of a warlord and conqueror. Although the Quran’s interpretations later varied and different lines oppose each other so intransigently that their adherents crush each other’s skulls and present each other with bombs, Islam as a political concept of exercising power over the mind has survived the course of history unscathed.

Far away from Europe, Muslims could let the humanistic movement of the 15th and 16th century pass them by as well as the subsequent Enlightenment. In any case, Islam was spared the challenges of secularisation. With the pure doctrine in their heads, its adherents continue to move to Europe even today. The thought that this could change, that the next thousand years can’t go on like the previous thousand years, would never have occurred to us.

Mohammed has found his master

But now we know, even Mohammed has found his master: Wolfgang Schäuble. In yesterday’s edition [October 2] of “Welt am Sonntag”, the Federal Minister of Finance let the cat out of the bag. On the agenda, he wrote in a guest comment, was “the development of a German Islam”. Tasked with that is the “Deutsche Islam Konferenz (DIK)” [tr. German Islam Conference], which was brought into being by himself. The Muslims will be all-out full of happiness over these glad tidings. Wolfgang Schäuble as the Reformer of Islam — what better event could ever happen to the believers? Morning after morning they will now hasten to the mosque to see if the Minister has nailed his thesis to the door overnight.

To some it may be like scales falling from their eyes. Why hadn’t they thought of it right away? Every sheikh knows that Germans build the best cars and tanks which raise the desert sand properly. So why shouldn’t they succeed in secularising Islam? Who if not they should accomplish such a feat? And who else but the little Lucifer from Swabia could think that up?

The pacification of the world through the Germanisation of Islam — this would dwarf everything else we have failed in before. With this plan, Wolfgang Schäuble even outdoes Christian Wulff, who once tried to cause a sensation with the crackpot idea that Islam would “belong to Germany”. But unlike the fallen Federal President, Angela Merkel’s faithful Sancho Panza is not driven by pure vanity. The man is simply scared s***less. After all, he isn’t stupid. Despite sometimes having difficulties with calculating, he can well interpret the numbers in the latest election results.

He knows that the mood across the country is tipping over, that the citizens fear that with the mass resettling of Arab Muslims, an ideology could take hold which would throw us back by a thousand years. This in itself wouldn’t rob the crafty politician of his sleep. But the consequence of the voters’ turning away from him and his ilk, from all those who want to sell us the threat to internal security by provoked immigration as “cultural enrichment”, this voter migration seems to have utterly robbed him of his senses.

Schäuble between a rock and a hard place

To stop this trend, Wolfgang Schäuble now proclaims the squaring of the circle when he wants to make us believe that Islam would let itself be reformed the Germanic way after a thousand years of history. Instead of advising the necessary — namely the supervision of Muslim communities and associations as influential organisations of an Islamic movement striving to establish its political power worldwide — the Minister undertakes the attempt to induce a foul quietude by proclaiming a “German Islam”.

On the one hand, Muslims are supposed to continue to hope to get into the political act here somehow also, as Muslims, which would already be incompatible with the constitution, in that religion — for which they pass off their ideology — is purely a private affair. And on the other hand, we are supposed to trust the Islam Conference to successfully give the Muslims extra tuition in enlightenment. One promise is worth as little or as much as the other.

Only one thing is for sure, that Wolfgang Schäuble now sits where it is loneliest, which is right in the middle. His idea of a “German Islam” is a contradictio in adjecto. Somewhat more simply, one could also say: A big pile of nonsense.

16 thoughts on “World Peace through the Germanisation of Islam

    • Now you’ve done it. The poor man will be executed for blasphemy.
      Oh dear, never mind, how sad. Carry on.

  1. Wolfgang Schäuble is a fool who has the sort of foolishness possible only to the arrogantly well-educated. What made him think the Muslims would follow him? His own ineffable superiority?

  2. It is obviously a whole lot of nonsense. Islam has a built in lock to prevent changes and very eager followers to murder anyone who dared to think otherwise.

    Let’s quote from here:

    “A meaningful or permanent reformation of Islam is impossible, because a new generation of fanatics, wielding the unexpurgated Koran and Hadith as their weapons, will always declare the reformists to be apostates and murder them. In Islam, the fanatics who are holding the unalterable Koran in one hand and a sword in the other always stand ready to seize complete power and exterminate their enemies.”

    • ‘lot of nonsense.’

      Therein lies the rub; pc officials don’t think it’s a nonsense at all.
      They actually think they can reform Islam form outwith.
      The Germans had a big study and found the more devout, young Muslim immigrants became, the more inclined to violence they became.
      The study came to the conclusion it was the way Islam is taught.
      In various European countries, professionalise Imams projects have been rolled out.

      In Germany Education Minister Schavan said she was “placing a lot of trust” in the new Islamic centers.”
      No kidding.
      The gushing assistant at the Ministry of Education, Thomas Rachel, said the creation of taxpayer-funded Islamic centers in Germany was a “historic development, comparable to the rise of protestant Christian theology after the Reformation 500 years ago.”

      Not only does there seem to be cognitive-dissonance on a generational scale when it comes to the fantasy of a ‘European Islam’.
      But as Fjordman said the Islamisation of Europe, of which the EU is the principal driver, is the “greatest organized betrayal in Western history.”

  3. We keep hearing the koran is unalterable, but we also hear many of the suras have been abrogated, certainly not by mohammed!
    Oh silly me, by allah of course! Must be, since the koran is not ‘man’s law’, but allah’s law!

    I’m tempted to exclaim in disgust that supposedly grown men believe this codswallop, but then the entire moslem world is only 56% literate…

  4. It was Schauble in 2006 who said at first the sentence ” Islam belongs to Germany “. Wulff repeated it in 2010, and became the man famous because that sentence. Merkel did just repeat like a parrot in 2015. Schauble is the engineer of the islamisation of Germany.

    • Yes, and he was Interior Minister back then, right at the perfect place to get this ball rolling. One is almost tempted to believe he is hell-bent on seeing to everything around him gets destroyed in a me-against-the-universe vendetta after what had happened to him (he is paralyzed since an assassination attempt in case any reader is unaware). Nobody ever dared to talk about it, but I am more and more convinced that the bitterness of this fate made him utterly unsuitable for any office with significant power. You want to feel sorry, but people with such heavy baggage just can’t be trusted anymore.

  5. Assasins bullet didnt finnish the job on schauble :((

    This german nazi wolfgang schauble, few years ago a german patriot and hero shot schauble, leaving him paralysed abd deformed, sadly schauble survived abd since then has been involved in implementing the rape and murder of many thousands of german women, girls, and murders of german citizens,

    Schauble is a murderer, a criminal, a traitor, and his days are numbered,

    I hope u reading this schauble, you stinking nazi murderer.

    Soon one morning your going wake up, and outside yiur house theres going be a big crowd of german patriots, who will drag you from your bed, into cold street, and do to you what yiu have done to millions of innocent germans.

    Hell awaits you wolfgang schauble!

  6. At the beginning of the year, before events in Cologne became publicly known, I talked with a German who assured me that the influx of Syrians would “rescue Germany’s health system”, as so many are doctors!

    Now, it looks like there is another, even better dream – that Herr Schäuble can rescue Islam!

  7. Germany has already tried that. A thousand year Pan-Germanic global order, or Ummah. A true and final Prophet. A perfect Man to be obeyed and imulated, never critiqued. That worked out well.

    • In fact, according to Albert Speer’s memoirs, the Fuhrer actively regretted that Germany was a Christian nation, and not a Mohameddan one… looks like a hundred years later, his wish may actually come true!

      • I wasn’t being facetious. I have read a couple of Historians argue effectively that Hitler’s fascination with the Mufti of Jerusalem had at least as much to do with trying to understand Mohammed’s trick of establishing a cult as it did with mutual Jewish hatred.

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