Die, Germany, Die!

If an immigration critic in Germany so much as whispers a negative remark about immigrants, he is likely to be hauled into court and prosecuted. But when the Greens and their Antifa brownshirt allies call openly for mass slaughter and the destruction of Germany, that’s just business as usual.

Many thanks to JLH for translating this piece from Politically Incorrect:

Green Politico Oomen Refuses to Apologize

by Michael Stürzenberger
October 2, 2016

After a phosphorous bomb from World War II was found last week in Dresden’s Räcknitrz area, the Green politician Matthias Oomen celebrated the recurrence of the bombing of Dresden. This perverted hatred of humanity, also demonstrated by the radical leftist “anti”-fascists with their Chants of “Bomber Harris[1], do it again,” was even too much for the ex-Green head, Bütikofer. But his urgent counsel to apologize and delete the Tweet did not move Oomen. In the lead picture, the cartoonist Götz Wiedenroth describes this brutal mind-set of the so-called anti-fascists and their leftist mentors.

Oomen is standing by his wishes for a repeat bombing attack, as the Berliner Zeitung reports:

Ex- Green chief Reinhard Bütikofer[63] responded to his party colleague via Twitter in good Berlin patois: “You’ve lost your marbles! Can’t you, after such a mega faux pas, at least say you’re sorry and delete the Tweet?”

But Matthias Oomen seems to believe he is in the right, and answered instantly: “ For God’s sake, Büti! Ultimately, a phony apology will bring the Saxony CDU into the Bundestag! Night-night!”

The Morgenpost24, too, is more than irritated:

What is an educated, politically committed person trying to tell us with a post like this? That Dresden should be bombed off the map, because there are things going on there that Mr. Oomen doesn’t like? That the only people who live there do not share his political attitude and therefore deserve to be obliterated?

The politician seems to be referring to the Second World War, when Dresden was bombed to smithereens by Anglo-American squadrons in February 1945. Ten thousand people died in a firestorm. Can a normal human being — even a politician — make jokes about that, or call for a repeat (Do it again!)?

MOPO24 tried to reach Mr. Oomen Friday evening. Thus far no luck. We are staying with it.

In the Green state’s Berlin association, Matthias Oomen is the speaker for the State Association of Non-Statutory Welfare Services, Mobility. He should effectuate some of that mobility, and disappear from Germany. A mind so sick that it wants a new firestorm in which ten thousand citizens are consumed has no business in our land.

This mental illness is widespread in extreme leftist circles. Yesterday (Saturday), dysfunctional leftist “anti”-fascists demonstrated in front of the Nuremberg Meistersingerhalle, where the AfD head Frauke Petry was making an outstanding plea for healthy patriotism, a Europe of sovereign national states, securing the borders, ending the abuse of asylum, containing extra-legal Islam and a policy for the German people. The leftists demonstrated their anti-German opinions on posters:

  • “Germany, you lousy piece of crap”
  • “Never again Germany”
  • “War on German conditions”

The question comes unbidden: Why don’t these Germany-haters take off for the socialist paradise of North Korea? But there, probably, the work-shy get no support. This anti-patriotic and Germany-hating attitude is apparently hunkered down in the brains of many leftist politicians. For the Day of German Unity, for example, the Linke [Left] representatives in Dresden, Juliane Nagel and Lutz Richter, are using an Antifa poster promoting acts of violence against the police and burning down of buildings, under the motto “Antifa Action — make the Unity Celebration a Disaster.” Morgenpost24 reports:

Uproar about a poster in the display window of a Linke representative in Dresden. It calls openly for violence on the Day of German Unity.

The message of the poster is clear. There is a building in flames, masked figures throwing bottles at police officers and the exhortation: “Antifa Action on October 3rd” and “Make the Day of Unity a Disaster” next to the Antifa emblem.

These calls are already being put into action. On the night from Saturday to Sunday, three police cars were burned — presumably by extreme leftists. About 2.5 kilometers away, according to t-online, they sprayed hate slogans against the Dresden police.

On that night, there was another incident. There was graffiti, including “All of Dresden hates the police.” According to police, a suspect was arrested in the area of the spray-painting. It is now being investigated whether there was a connection to the burned-out police cars 2.5 kilometers away.

It is high time for the “Battle against the Right,” which has been conducted only against the “Right,” and is false even in its characterization, to be re-named the “Battle against Extremism” and therewith become a battle against all totalitarian, antidemocratic and violence-prone extremists. Then attention will be directed equally to extreme leftists and Islamic fundamentalists.


1. Decorated British airman

Cartoon inset photo: Matthias Oomen

Note from the Baron: The title is not a Simpsons reference, although Sideshow Bob did cross my mind when I typed it.

42 thoughts on “Die, Germany, Die!

  1. If Germans do not have the spine to stand up to the Antifa, they actually deserve oblivion. Good riddance to people who have no self-respect and purpose.

    “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.”
    – Proverbs 29:18 (KJV)

  2. Multiculturalism and the modern extreme left- the human variant of mad cow disease.

    • That document is as sad an indictment of human nature as there is. It ends on naïve optimism. The weapons have become far more terrible. The “civilized” powers are drumming up another war in the wake of their recent scandalous, corrupt pretensions – and miserable failures – of making the world a better pace. Civilization was not saved. Opportunities to safeguard it were squandered for political expedience. The demise of civilization – that thin veneer of pretence – was only postponed.

      Human nature has not changed much in thousands of years.

  3. And we talk of progress! Modern progressive politicians have gone back to caveman mentality. Only they are more stupid than cavemen (who, in all probability, reserved their hatred for hostile tribes and not for their own folk).

  4. Is there something sick going on in Germany? Again?

    Has Angela Merkel been hospitalized yet? Just wondering.

  5. Why doesn’t Morgenstern sue the creeps? They are inciting to violence. I don’t see a building in flames in that poster, I see a smoking Molotov cocktail. Until people actually do something than tweet or write their outrage, their boldness will grow. There are laws on the books that will serve. And if Germany is unwilling to hit lefty incitement, then the court case would out that.

  6. I’m German, I was born in 1980 and during all my life I’ve been trained and forced to accept and believe that we are the villains of this planet and the only way to “expiate” the sin of being German is to embrace with animal ferocity the notion that we deserve all kind of torments from dark races and we owe them everything. Pride, selfsteem, patriotism, desire to have a traditional family are deadly sins in modern Germany.

    • . . . and by now you are paying taxes to fund the statist brainwashing of the next generation of spineless, collectivist droids. It happened after Fichte. It happened under the Nazis. It is happening today. Freedom was still-born in Germany. That’s why my ancestors left there in the 19th century.

      Now you are importing and celebrating cultures that are even more alien to freedom.

    • And the funny thing is, that no-one actually wants Germany to lose these values – apart from Germans!

      Is it just my impression, or does the German desire to “atone for Nazism” by eliminating any patriotic feeling actually increase, along with the time passed since the war years?

    • Get rid of your guilt for World War II. Don’t be afraid to say that you bear no personal guilt. This is from one whose father had to run from Austria after the Anschluss.

      The problem is, the leftists are admirably suited to worm themselves into bureaucracies, although not much else, unfortunately. The centralization of education, media, and commerce regulations has put haters of German culture (and all Western culture) into very strong positions.

      Begin with pride and love of yourself and your heritage. You have a Christian heritage. Jewish culture in fact flourished under Christian rule, though it did not necessarily dominate. If you love yourself, you will react naturally and appropriately to the head of a major movement advocating the mass destruction of German lives. No one will hire them or give them the time of day. It doesn’t need to be organized. It will be spontaneous.

    • It is telling something about the nature of this ideology that its “dark races”, just like the same ideology preaches in countries that fought on the other side of WW2, rather than actual main victims of the Third Reich – Poles, Jews, Russians, French. In fact it is the same “German” “antifascists” who are quite happy to yell at Poland that they are racists and should take “migrants” or else, or at Israel that they should let the local Arabs do pretty much anything they want. In certain circles in Poland this raises funny quips like “look out, another German socialist politician making threatening, hateful tirades towards Poland and trying to order it around, does that remind you of someone?”
      In effect, such misdirection of the German guilt is clear proof that the people involved do not give a damn about anything that Germany really did, they are just using it as a tool of convenience to implement the same ideology that their peers do in all the other countries.

    • Claudia, it is not just Germans. Currently the non Muslim left world in general is shooting up on the Islamic contagion. There is no interest in looking at the facts. You are not alone.

    • Claudia, I’m serious with this question. When you say I’ve been trained and forced to accept…….”, who do you hear that from? Your parents? Teachers? The news media? The entertainment media? Friends? I hear the marxist propaganda from the usual sources in the media but I rarely find individuals that agree with their bizarre ideas-but I’m in the States so I’m curious as to how they release the poison, so to speak, in Germany.

    • Germany has paid enough for her sins. More than any other nation in the world. Just take Turkey. The Armenian (plus Greek plus Assyrian) genocide was as bad as Shoah. How much repentance did we see from Turks?

      Nowadays there is a new genocide – that of Christians and other non-Muslims and ‘incorrect’ Muslims – being perpetrated in Syria and Iraq to which the ruling elites of the West turn a blind eye.

      Of course, remembering the Holocaust is important, but right now it is much more important to stop this new Holocaust going on under our nose. Before it spreads to where we live. But those who rule the USA and their junior partners in Europe are actually aiding and abetting this heinous crime against humanity.

      Hitler was awful, but he has been dead for decades. In the world we live in now, it is not Hitler, but Obama who is sowing death and destruction.

      • No, no, no, Anton! Paying any attention to the current genocide dishonours those who died in the past . . . as well as damaging the potential for any political and financial gain that can be squeezed out of the “sacred” memory of the dead. Have you no shame?!

  7. This idiot is a reminder of another leftist, self-loathing Germanophobic politician.
    Last year this Gerwald Claus-Brunner from the political party “Piraten” (Pirates), posted online that the followers of Pegida should be killed by bombs or crushed with tanks rolling over them.
    Just recently he killed a young man who he was stalking before, and then carried the dead body through Berlin.
    Before finally commiting suicide.

      • During the time they were still beeing a young political movement or party it was natural that they attracted all different types of people.
        They even had at the beginning problems with neo-nazis inside their Party (like the German Greens had with pedophiles).
        Every young movement will attract fools, radicals of all sorts, visonarys, drop outs from other parties and intelligent persons alike.
        Only later a stable political line is becoming visible.

        As it goes for the Piraten, they turned out to become just another bunch of leftist loonies (who like social media).

  8. Also note the context. In World War II Germany really was fascist. Today they just want to burn Germany because they hate Germany for no particular reason. Since they are German it’s probably because they hate themselves.

    Well, let them hate themselves. But why should the rest of Germany commit suicide just to please them and appease their own self-hatred?

    • . . . because the governments of the German states teach (brainwash) them that they should. See Claudia’s response (above).

    • This madness is really not about Germany.
      In Sweden it`s the same or even worse, in Norway it`s not as bad but close.
      As far as I can see, one can also find this ideology in Canada.
      And in the US you have the nutty Justice Warriors.

      Basically its all about Cultural-Marxism, and a thing like multiculturalism, is just another tool for deconstructing the West.
      And in Germany the fascist past is a usefull lever point, and usefull to defame any criticism.

      • Please stop calling it cultural-marxism, it has nothing to do with culture. It’s just plain marxism, period.
        Everyone believed in 1989 marxism died but it hasn’t.
        It’s alive and kicking and is now striking back with a vengeance all over the globe.
        Simply put, we are at war. WWIII has already started long time ago.

    • My opinion is, the great influence of these malevolent ideas comes from the stranglehold that leftist incompetents have on bureaucratic power. When power is centralized, and the area to be governed is too large, the bureaucrat is able to use illegitimate power to advance his philosophy, without consequences and without appeal.

      Otherwise, these would just be tinfoil dodos shouting in the street.

      The choice is freedom or slavery. But, you cannot have freedom without responsibility. People have to be responsible for their own families, education, and employment. The welfare state concept is nice, but you eventually outsource your common sense to the bureaucrats.

  9. Funny. As a half-Brit, half-Pole whose grandfather was held for a year in a Gestapo prison, in occupied Poland, somehow I still can’t bring myself to “celebrate” the bombing of Dresden, or sing “Bomber Harris, do it again”… and neither does my grandfather, who also expressed great shock upon learning how German soldiers were treated in the Rheinwiesenlager, after they had surrendered in 1945.

    And, as someone who has lived in Germany for over a year, and visited on many occasions, it saddens me to see its current seeming enthusiasm for self-annihilation. The country’s cleanliness, orderliness, nice architecture, renowned cars and autobahns, and composers and writers of days gone by, and football teams of more recent times, are all things to cherish – as are the self-discipline and friendliness of Germans. It would be a great pity if all this was sacrificed on the altar of political correctness and multi-kulti.

    • These people are bullies, and are delighted when they cause consternation and even better, when people are intimidated by them. It does not mean they actually believe what they are saying… they just find it handy to cudgel people with.

      Nicely asking for an apology never works with bullies, unless they are cornered and have to momentarily appease. But what is a pretend apology worth?

    • Let me say something in defense of the Rheinwiesenlager camps.

      They were set up to avoid the requirement of giving the German soldiers interned there the usual prisoner-of-war rights. The conditions were often appalling, and resulted in thousands of deaths before the camps were closed.

      The purpose of the camps was to isolate and prevent any guerrilla activity by the most fanatic of German soldiers. They needed to be isolated while the danger existed.

      On the whole, I think it is a good principle that the safety of your soldiers takes precedence over the well-being of the enemy. Otherwise, we have things like the “rules of engagement” in Afghanistan, where US soldiers die in preventable incidents because of excessive attention to meeting Islamic and sharia demands. Also, if cutting enemy supply lines means bombing civilians, I don’t think there should be a dilemma.

      Having said that, the source I looked at,
      said the camps were closed in a relatively short time, although there were still many deaths from exposure and malnutrition.

      I think the Rheinwiesenlager camps were more defensible than the bombing of Dresden, which according to
      was known to be totally separate from the German military effort and was only bombed because of the Russian desire to demoralize any resistance to occupation.

      • Sure, I can understand that the Allies wanted to avoid guerilla warfare and “Werwolf” attacks… but how could it be justified that those soldiers were not give PoW status? And how defensible was it to leave prisoners in open fields, with not even any tents to give protection from the cold and rain, let alone adequate food rations?

        • The only justification would be that the Allies didn’t have the resources to afford all the detainees POW status, and they still needed to be interned.

          If the conditions were a deliberate attempt to punish the Germans and unnecessarily harsh by intent, I agree with you.

          • From what I know, the Allies did not allow the Red Cross to visit, or bring aid into the Rheinwiesenlager – so yes, this would seem to be a deliberate action on the part of the Allies.

          • Btw, I have slept for nights outside, with no tent. Believe me, it’s not nice. And I can’t imagine how it would be in the rain, in the winter, or for many months on end.

        • A surrendered soldier faces his greatest peril in the hours and days right after the battle. Firstly, he may be executed by some of his enemy who have their blood and anger still raised by the horrors of the fight. Then, as with the Rheinwiesenlager, their presence may simply overwhelm the logistical reality of a situation in great flux, and his welfare will take a very low priority.

          Example: After Paulus’ surrender at Stalingrad, the 90,000 or so Axis (mostly) soldiers were herded into barbed wire pens with no food or shelter – in some cases for up to three weeks. They were given NO food . . . because the Red Army soldiers themselves were starving at the end of a tenuous supply line, and they were still fighting an expanding theater battle. Very few of the “POWs” survived those days. The ones that did, probably resorted to cannibalism. Then they were loaded on cattle cars bound for Siberia. Less than 5000 made it back to Europe. [About 30,000 HIWIs – Soviet citizens having joined the Axis forces – also surrendered. They were simply executed; their bodies were dumped in piles, because the ground was too hard to dig until the following spring.]

          • As I wrote earlier, the Red Cross had some supplies, but were denied access to the camps… this seems to have been deliberate. And it was not just a question of food. There were not even any tents, or other protection from the rain at night.

      • Not quite so, RonaldB. The Red Army was thinly stretched advancing into Germany in early 1945, and might have been pushed back by a determined German counter-attack.

        To achieve this, the Nazis would have had to use the rail network t0 transfer men and munitions from the Western and Italian fronts, via the major railway hub at Dresden. Stalin therefore asked the Western allies to bomb the marshalling yards, which the Americans did several times; the RAF dropped incendiaries on the city itself.

  10. sounds as though germany has worse problems than invading moslems.
    thanks for the info.
    germany needs prayers.

    • You’ll hate me, but prayers will not help Germany or anyone. Prayers are like candles and teddy bears–useless.

      Only the Germans can help themselves and their country.

  11. Prayers won’t help Germany or the Germans. The only thing that can help them is to wake up and shake off their suicidal political-correctness before it’s to late.

  12. Do Germans think that the world will like them or respect them if they despise themselves? Do they believe that they can atone for something that – mostly – other people did many years ago by self-flagellation? Have they gone completely nuts?
    Why are their schools instilling such psycho-diseases?

    • Best as I can tell some European countries have surrendered everything from border control and airport security to Muslim radicals with beards. As many Muslims say out loud, “So, you think by being a Muslim sympathiser this will somehow keep us from killing you? You are a very special kind of stupid”. A kind of insanity?

    • It’s not only their schools. I studied for a while in Germany. Everywhere, there was “anti-Imperialist” and “anti-reactionary” graffiti. Many students wore Che Guevara t-shirts, while in the canteen every table had a newsletter from Antifa.

      Germans make every effort to be “cool”. Which for them, often means being as “anti-right” and “anti-fascist” as possible and, taken to extremes, ironically makes them just like the fascists!

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