ESW: Report on my Road Trip to the USA

Last month Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff toured a number of states in the USA to discuss Islamization and the crisis in Europe. Below is her report.

ESW speaking in Kalispell, Montana

Report on my Road Trip to the USA

by Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

I only recently returned from a ten-day “roadshow” spanning the states of Florida, Texas, Montana, and Washington. My tour featured ACT! For America and me: not only was I present at the relaunch of two dormant ACT! chapters, but I was asked to provide information on the current state of Europe in light of the ever-growing immigration crisis coupled with the choking of basic freedoms for the indigenous populations. I am pleased to report that the entire trip was a tremendous success, both for the organizers (ACT! For America chapters) and myself (representing Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa).

Chris Hart and ESW, Orlando, Florida

In Orlando, Florida, I attended the third annual March for Persecuted Christians and Jews. Despite an hour-long live radio interview with Chris Hart on the topic, despite the year-long preparations by the organizing committee, turnout was discouragingly low. However, given that the persecution is unlikely to end any time soon, it is to be hoped that Floridians will realize that their voice of outrage needs to be heard — loud and clear — before the persecution reaches the shores of Florida, at which point it will be too late. Kudos to Pastor Lieske, Alan Kornman and their team for their hard work.

Heavy and deadly flooding prevented my presentation in Houston, Texas, which was a disappointment. However, the safety of everyone trumps any disappointment, and my thoughts go out to the victims of the flooding. All I can say to my friends in Houston is this: I will come and visit you soon!

As a result, I flew directly to San Antonio, where I was met by Roy White, the ACT! chapter leader and main organizer for the Texas leg of my tour. Following an hour-long interview with Kat Rowoldt, the owner and publisher of “Christian Reporter News”, my first presentation, which was live-streamed to other ACT! chapter leaders, took place in a church in San Antonio. There was great interest in what I had to say, and the subsequent Q&A period revealed a deep understanding of the subject. Thanks to the live-stream, questions came from as far as Canada and as close by as San Antonio and Houston.

Following a recorded radio interview in San Antonio and live with a radio station in Montana, my next stop was the capital of Texas, Austin. Roy and I re-opened the dormant chapter with a short presentation about ACT! For America, followed by my speech and Q&A. I was honored to meet many patriots, including the inimitable and indomitable Karen Lugo, to whom I am grateful for taking the time to come and meet me. A big thank you to my Jewish sis, who opened her heart and home to allow me to rest. You know who you are.

One of the highlights of my trip was without doubt the final stop in Texas: I presented my speech at the Museum for Biblical History, with two of my personal friends and heroes introducing me: Rabbi Jonathan Hausman and former congressman Lt. Col. (ret.) Allen West.

Rabbi Hausman’s words centered on the Progressives’ comparison of today’s Syrian refugees with the Jewish emigrants of the 1930s. He made the following points:

  • How many Jews were terror threats in the 1930s? Zero.
  • Jews did not enter countries illegally, nor were they a threat to the countries they entered.
  • Jews were singled out for persecution by the National Socialists exclusively. They were not initially fleeing a war. If anyone today has a unique claim to have fled a war and to be accepted as refugees, then it should be the Syrian Christians and the Yazidis.
  • Where could the Jews go in the 1930s? How many options do the Syrian refugees have? The Organization of the Islamic Cooperation, comprising 56 Islamic countries plus the PLO, would be the natural place for ethnically and religiously similar refugees to flee. How many have admitted any of them?
  • Jewish refugees had communities willing and able to resettle them. How many Muslim communities do that?
  • Bottom line: There are alternatives for mass resettlement in the West.

Rabbi Hausman’s most important message was this:

“If you want to remain distinct, you have to know what your will is and you have to understand what your way is. If you falter on either of those, the other side wins. Period. We have the way, the other side has the will.”

Allen West talked about the importance of education and the seeking of information. His introduction spanned a host of “Did you knows” culminating in “We cannot afford twenty years from now to look at our children and say ‘We got it wrong. We just made a mistake. Forgive us for that.’ We got to get it right, right now. […] How did we get to a point where we are more concerned about hurting people’s feelings than truth being expressed? […] Carry on the legacy of ‘Molon Labe’. I don’t want to see what happens in Europe come to the shores of this great nation. Because if it happens here, where can people go?

Many thanks to the new ACT! For America chapter leader in Dallas, Don Crusius, for his service and dedication.

Amil Imani and ESW

I was also very pleasantly surprised by another person who greatly influenced my thinking with respect to Islam: Amil Imani. When I began my journey into the heart of Islamic theology and thought, Amil’s writings were at the forefront of my daily readings. I look forward to the day when he, my friend Henrik and I sit in the sand, with the waves of the great Caspian Sea at our feet, each of us holding a beer to toast Persia’s freedom.

The following day I said good-bye to the Lone Star State and flew north to Montana. Absolutely amazing what Caroline Solomon and her team made possible: on a Friday evening, no fewer than 250 men and women gathered to listen to my presentation! I was flabbergasted, just as I always am when people take time out from their busy schedules to deal with the current state of affairs. I am well aware that each of these people could be spending their Fridays night at a myriad places more fun than at an hour-long lecture about the horrors taking place in Europe. The good people of Montana have their own “refugee resettlement” crisis to deal with, so they were eager to learn more. A robust Q&A session following my speech rounded off this successful event.

Maj. Gen. (ret.) Paul Vallely and ESW in Montana

As in Austin and Dallas, I was once again surprised by the presence of a very special person: US Army Major General (ret.) Paul E. Vallely and his lovely wife Muffin graced the event with their presence. Mr. Vallely and I both serve the Lisa Benson Show as advisors, and I’ve always wanted to meet him in person.

ESW, Caroline Solomon, and Cal Beringer in Flathead County, Montana

I was very lucky and grateful that I was able to see some of the beauty of Montana as Caroline Solomon and her ACT! partner Cal picked me up the next day to drive me to Glacier Park with its breathtaking scenery.

Lake MacDonald, Montana

As a native of Austria with its mountainous regions, I immediately connected with the snow-covered peaks surrounding Lake MacDonald. As a matter of fact, I wanted to hit the ski slopes which, despite the late season, still beckoned to me. Hard to believe that in just a few weeks’ time there would be thousands of tourists milling where now only birds were singing and melting glacial waters united with Lake McDonald.

ESW in Montana

How peaceful and serene I felt, so united with the beauty of God’s nature, which only a free person can appreciate to the fullest extent. As I sat on the exposed root of a mammoth tree, over looking the lake, I reflected on how only a few hours later I would again warn Americans to cherish their freedoms by highlighting the lack of freedoms in Europe. What a contrast!

Kerry French (ACT! chapter leader in Washingston State), Trevor Loudon, and ESW

Alas, all too soon I had to return to Kalispell to catch my flight to Seattle, where I was met by ACT! chapter leader Kerry French, a lovely lady who opened her heart and home to me for the next two days. Kerry drove me straight to my next and last venue in Pierce County. The meeting was co-hosted by ACT! For America and a local Tea Party organization, with me as ACT!’s guest speaker and Trevor Loudon as the Tea Party’s speaker. Incredibly, I hadn’t heard of Trevor before, which is a great shame because he is a wonderful and very engaging speaker. He is the author of the book “The Enemies Within — Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress”, which is a must-read for freedom-loving people. Mr. Loudon notes in the book’s prologue:

[The] Constitution has never been under more threat that it is today. That threat is primarily internal [from having been systematically infiltrated by sympathizers and “useful idiots”]. The U.S. Constitution is being destroyed before our eyes by the “Enemies Within”.

Every Westerner who wants to see freedom flourish on this planet, to liberty and prosperity spread across the globe, must stand with America now. If America can be turned around, its Constitution restored, its economy re-energized and its military superiority secured, this planet has a very bright future. […] Every Westerner who loves freedom owes a huge debt to America. Many of us wouldn’t be here had it not been for the U.S military, and the willingness of hardworking American taxpayers to fund it.

The audience was treated to an exceptionally educational evening: my speech set the stage by warning about Europe’s descent into chaos as a result of failed immigration policies (or none at all), the continuing escalation of violence against the indigenous population and the ongoing dismantling of basic liberties (unnoticed by the population). Furthermore, I covered the pressing need for Americans to defend their rights as granted by the Constitution, as the Constitution is the only guarantee to upholding these freedoms.

Trevor Loudon complemented my thoughts by explaining the infiltration of Communism and its agents in the United States, in particular in the current administration and Congress.

One striking aspect of that night in Pierce County, WA, demonstrated that it needed two non-Americans, one Austrian and one New Zealander, to remind Americans of what is at stake for them: the loss of their God-given freedoms, the undermining of the United States Constitution, and the greatness of a strong United States. After all, America has come to the rescue of an ailing and suffering Europe more than once. And now America itself is feeble, made unstable by enemies from within: the leftist-Socialist ideology and Islam. As Trevor Loudon aptly warns: “If America goes down economically and militarily, we, the free world, go down. We will be finished… for a very long time.”

Once again, I was treated to a wonderful surprise visit: Citizen Warrior took the time to listen to my presentation. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with the people behind this very educational effort. Thank you for all you do!

And thus my tour came to a successful end. After touring four states — Florida, Texas, Montana, and Washington —, meeting a host of patriots, both young and old, I conclude that there are indeed grounds for hope and change, though surely not in the way the Progressives envisage. True change, based on the provisions of the US Constitution, must take place soon if freedom is to prevail. To echo Trevor Loudon, only a free and strong America can help the free world strive for a life in liberty. Only a free and strong America can once more come to the rescue of a fully Islamized Europe.

Finally, a note about the many helpers before and behind the scenes who helped make this tour the resounding success it was: Thank you to Roy White and his family and friends, Susan Watts, Caroline Solomon and her team in Montana, and Kerry French. I was very impressed by the professionalism and care. You do ACT! For America proud. See you very soon.

For previous posts on the “hate speech” prosecution of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, see Elisabeth’s Voice: The Archives.

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  1. It was an honor to hear ESW speak in Austin. We have been warned, but too many silly individuals think only as if nothing has, or might happen. They are mostly known as DEMS but there are quite a few RINOs who act and believe the same way.

    I was not only pleased that ESW spoke here but we have a chapter again here in Austin.

    • ACT must get a lot of grief in the Republic of Austin. We have a similar ethos in the university town nearest us, Charlottesville, which one of my sons dubbed Berkeley East. Another son was arrested in Austin for riding his bike on the sidewalk. As in “arrested-and-jailed”. He’s not the rowdy type so it must have been Austin being Austin.

  2. Great seeing you again Elisabeth and an honor to be your “travel agent” and driver in TX…lots of great information that I hope will spur “action” among Texans. Look forward to our next adventure together and kudos to Susan Watts (my mentor), Alexander Ardel & to our Jewish friends in Austin and to Don Crusius in Dallas and his team for putting together the event…thanks also to Rabbi J and Col West for their great messages. If people in Texas want to know more about how to get connected with an ACT chapter near them or start a new one, please email me at

    Thanks again!

  3. WE were lucky to have her courage for this short time. A medicine for us.

    I can’t comprehend losing Europe. It is the same raw consequence as if we had lost WWII.
    History changing, perhaps for thousands of years.

    • Now now, we all know that the reason so many people sacrificed their lives during WW2 was so that the whole world would come under the rule of Islam, it says so in the Atlantic Charter …

  4. Baron and Dymphna,

    Got to meet her at dinner after she spoke here in Montana. What a great lady and thanks for reporting on her as much as you do. I had been reading about her on your website for years so it was great finally seeing her in person.

    • Lucky you! I have corresponded with her many times, but she and the B have worked together now for a very long time. When you’re in this deep, it’s hard to remember that there was a time before GoV.

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