Somebody Must Have Insulted Islam Again

Here’s another meme from Matthew Bracken. This one not only covers General Petraeus, but also the downing of EgyptAir Flight 804 (which as of this writing was not definitively brought down by a terrorist bomb, but it sure looks like it — most likely the work of the Islamic State):

13 thoughts on “Somebody Must Have Insulted Islam Again

  1. The names of the pilots have been released and the Mohammed Coefficient is 100%.

    • Well, it was an Egyptian airline, right? I don’t doubt there is a Mohammed Coefficient of some sort, but it is most likely ISIS Mohammeds…with IEDs.

      • Even more disturbing is one of the pilots second name is Achmed (of course, what else? (‘puppet’ of allah, sarc-off)) , in the 30s, pretty well off, and then the news reports said they were not religious!!!!! Profile is perfect for the last flight. Oh yeah, a non believer with those names, and from Egypt. Uh huh, my taqiyya alert struck 100%, too. Sounds like Egyptians are really sensitive to the image of running any more suicide pilot flights to islam “heaven”, really, really, sensitive, and think of the world public as Gruber and Rhodes and the establishment think of the low information American public, as a giant mass of stupid suckers.

        Ah well, pretty much normal, that new normal. The zombies are all around us, eh?

        Sadly, it could have been a cockpit fight, again, from a slow acting ‘brain wash’, that just took effect.

        • Since this isn’t the first example of a plane brought down by on-board explosives, I think I’ll stick with Occam’s Razor on this. From the aftermath of the Russian plane explosion:

          Aleksandr Bortnikov, the Federal Security Service director, has told Russian President Vladimir Putin that traces of a “foreign-made explosive substance” were found by experts analysing debris from the plane and victims’ belongings.

          “During the flight, a homemade device with the power of 1.5kg of TNT was detonated. As a result, the plane fell apart in the air, which can be explained by the huge scattering of the fuselage parts of the plane,” he said.

          His announcement marks the first time the Kremlin has acknowledged that a bomb brought down the plane. The Kogalymavia A231 air crash on 31 October left 224 people dead, making it the deadliest air accident in modern Russian history.

          Putin has vowed to find the culprits, reports Russia Today. “We will search for them everywhere wherever they are hiding. We will find them anywhere on the planet and punish them,” Putin said.

          An Islamic State video, released earlier this month, showed a Russian-speaking jihadist praising his “Sinai brothers” for taking down a Russian passenger jet.

          UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has previously said there was a “high probability” that a bomb planted by an IS supporter might have caused the crash.

          Putin’s hot air response isn’t exactly what we’ve come to expect from him…ISIS isn’t “hiding” and it’s known that these guys are in France by the thousands.

          Here’s an image of what ISIS says is the soda can bomb they used on the Russian plane:

  2. The reports on Flight 804 are very strange. It’s as if someone can’t quite decide which way to go with this event.

    One minute they say that they’ve found debris of the plane PLUS two (2) bodies floating in the water, and now the reports say that the debris they’ve found is not from flight MS804.

    Question: what about the bodies??? Have they found bodies or not?

    Debris is NOT from Flight 804


    Then see earlier reports of debris PLUS two (2) bodies.

    Mirror (UK)

    “So far two bodies and pieces of debris have been found in the search of missing EgyptAir Flight MS804 – just hours after the plane plunged 22,000 feet into the sea, it is reported.”


    “…Al Arabia channel, quoting Greek sources, has reported that two bodies from the flight have been recovered.”

  3. If the plane disappeared from radar as it was falling below 10,ooo feet, how do we know that it actually went into the sea? Maybe it came out of the dive and flew at low level to Libya? The rate at which it was going down seems important. Radar could calculate this. If it were too fast, then it couldn’t pull out. No one talks about this theory….so far.

    If I were an ISIS planner, I wouod rather have an intact airplane. I coud then do something really spectacular, like screwing the Suez Canal for months or flying into 10 Downing or into the base of the Eiffel Tower.

    If the plane were intact somewhere and we knew it, there would be a rescue raid as soon as possible. No one would be allowed to talk about this idea on the TV.

    • I doubt any of them has the skills necessary to get the plane off the ground and/or land it, not to mention maintaining it, even in an ideal environment never mind in those primitive conditions. The 9/11 hijackers could only manage to maintain the controls once the planes were airborne and they never bothered learning to land the things.

      They can indeed make IEDs to destroy stuff, though.

  4. The initial sharp right turn could indicates structural damage to the port side of the A/C, the crew then get control back but the plane flicks into a right hand spin either through further structural damage or the strain of holding the ‘plane straight (maybe by throttling back the starboard engine) or both.

    Airliners don’t make steep turns and don’t spin on the whole, they break up after about 1 turn.

    Cockpit ‘struggles’ are a bit too Hollywood, especially as the plane would have been on autopilot. At 20 minutes out he would be starting his descent under control from Cairo approach, but no contact was made……

    If it had been pilots after martyrdom, then the little Satan was about 150 miles to port, they could have gone out in a blaze of (Islamic) glory.

    To speculate, it looks to me it looks like a bomb maybe causing a peel back of the outer skin on the port side creating a violent turning moment to port, corrected by the pilots, the skin then detaches and the plane spins in the other direction as the corrections applied by the pilots now cause a reversal of the turning moment.

    The MB do no not like Sisi, and this will be the final nail in the coffin of the Egyptian tourist industry. Egypt has nothing much else and will be in dire straits. IS, ALQ and BHO all seem to be MB affiliates, need we say more.

  5. I am very keen to see the results of this investigation.

    This is because myself and several colleagues regularly fly through De Gaulle for business and leisure purposes.

    Our travel patterns could be radically altered if it is found that an extremist cell at CDG planted a device onboard MS804.

    RIP to the poor souls stuck on this plane. I hope they passed quickly, without suffering.

  6. Something like 86,000 security cleared airline workers in Paris. What is the Mohammed coefficient of those I wonder? Amazing watching CNN this AM, as they could not figure out how this could be even possible, given that Paris is the most secure place to fly out of in the world. Totally could not even guess how anything like this could possibly happen anywhere, and what possibly it could be associated with (honestly they just had no ideas what so ever). Wait a minute, I have a wild guess here, how many of those security clearances were given to somebody named Mohammed, and what religion were they associated with?

  7. It has also been reported that the plane was is various North African countries before Paris, many with poor security.

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