10 thoughts on “The Avarice of an Empty Pantsuit Speaking to an Empty Room

  1. The Clintons between them have committed adultery only twice. Bill with Monica Lewinsky, and Hillary with the Muslim Brotherhood.

    • You must be rather young to have missed the rest of Bill’s sordid record.
      Touche on your second point, however.

  2. My prediction is that Hillary will not get the Democratic nomination.

    Her negatives are getting extremely strong. She does not trigger the tribal instincts of the blacks who identify as blacks, and they will not vote in massive numbers.

    I think Obama has been showing down the email investigation, waiting to see where things will lead. They are beginning to lead to defeat for the Democrats, so most likely Hillary will be informed she can withdraw or face indictment.

    The Democratic establishment will probably prefer Biden to Sanders, but will lose the entire demographic supporting Sanders, and the naked power play of superdelegates will be on display. Therefore, I think the Democrats will select Sanders as their nominee, with Sanders trying to co-opt Trump on bad trade deals, offshoring jobs, and foreign adventures. And truthfully, with this strategy, he’d have a much better chance than Hillary.

    • Agree – follow the real money

      A month ago the odds of Joe Biden being president at Ladbrokes in London, where you can bet real money on such things was 100 to 1, then 75 to 1, then 50 to 1 and a few days ago 33 to 1. Somebody knows something. These are not polls but real money changing hands. Biden as nominee has dropped from 50 to 1 and now: 20 to 1.

      The Obamas and the Clintons hate each other. If Obama will agree to indict and all hell will break loose. Obama only has 8 months to go so the Clintons can’t hurt him but they can leak stuff.

      Hope the two “families” kill each other.

  3. I find it bizarre that an obvious criminal can get this far within the Democrat process, but then, crims and thugs have always been part of leftist culture.

  4. OH my word!

    A close relative , known as the middle aged PEACENIK in the family is supporting Clinton!!

    I was shocked when they spoke in favor of all that violence against Clinton rallies and even Clinton supporters.. plus a loud rant that the “BERNIES” are going to tear up Philly during the convention!!!!! Trump WILL NOT win and he better look after his OWN family!!


    I said in so many words, that in all the 35 years I have known you… I HAVE NEVER heard you issue words in anger against ANYBODY! You never spanked your own kids and swore those who spanked were BULLIES!! YOU are a vegetarian and you love small animals and COWS!! You voted for Nader for years!!! WHAT IN THE WORLD is going on with YOU???? YOU even like the BUDDHA.

    Perhaps a new medication for hypothyroid has changed them??? Bernie”burn it up” kool aide??

    In obvious reference to my own dislike of Hillary and support for Trump, they tell me that they COULD stand a TRUMP for President because at least he gives MILLIONS to real charities. Might not vote for him…. but MAYBE, just to help put Hillary in the political sewer and the ashcan of history!

    This is a strange year and affecting many in negative ways.

    HOLD ON it will be a weird summer.

  5. Hildabeast has already partnered with Islam in an attempt to destroy our First Amendment. It was done at a meeting she attended with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Istanbul, and while she was Secretary of State. She has made public statements about this attempt to quash the Constitution and I hope Trump calls her out on this. She is all in for Islam.

  6. Truth to be told: all people in a position of power have to deal ( and compromise) with enemies. Do they know where to stop and say “that’s enough”? 99% don’t. They compromise. That’s why we’re doomed.

  7. She is married to a rapists,draft dodger,flag burning worthless traitor and scoundrel who lied to congress and was up for impeachment and part of the 70’s generation of pantie tards and maggot infested little reptiles

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