The Larger Motive Behind the Groping Jihad

Before I get into the substance of tonight’s essay, I’d like to offer my deep gratitude to Nash Montana, who became a translation dynamo during the aftermath of events in Cologne and other cities. She translated three or four videos per day, and often an equal or greater number of articles. Thanks to her (and Vlad) the English-speaking world was able to get a well-rounded account of what was happening in Germany and Austria.

Just over a week ago the culture-enrichers of Cologne went out for a wild night on the town. It was Silvester night, what we call New Year’s Eve. These energetic young bloods gathered en masse at the Hauptbahnhof, the main train station of Cologne. They made a concerted effort to corner and isolate young women, who were then harassed, robbed, groped, molested, and raped.

The city authorities covered up what had happened for as long as they could. They didn’t want to acknowledge that young women had been molested under the eyes of their police, and they especially didn’t want to admit that most of the gropers were recently-arrived “refugees” from North Africa and the Middle East. It wasn’t until last Sunday that the news of what happened was splashed across the headlines in Germany and the rest of Europe. And it took several more days to learn that Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, and other German cities had experienced the same sort of incidents on New Year’s Eve. Later we found out that the same thing occurred in Helsinki, Vienna, Salzburg, Zurich, Oslo, and Stockholm. I’m certain that we’ll eventually hear of incidents in other major European cities that have a significant “refugee” population.

In each city the modus operandi seemed to be the same: a large number of young men, often intoxicated and setting off fireworks, preying on young women in a coordinated fashion, as if the whole thing were planned and organized in advance. Which it may well have been — but in a distributed fashion, not with a central command structure.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi did not order his troops to carry out attacks. But he didn’t have to — this is Islam, and any good Muslim who has paid attention to what is preached in mosques and instructed in madrassas knows exactly what to do.

When a sheep accidentally falls into the Amazon, the piranhas don’t have a central command-and-control system, either. But they can strip the unfortunate animal to a skeleton in a matter of minutes in a coordinated fashion. All it takes is effective and uniform programming in each individual organism of the population.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The wave of “refugees” entering Europe in 2015 was an instance of the Islamic hijra, or migration, into infidel lands. It is one of the principal phases of jihad.

In their migration Muslims are following the example of Mohammed, who made hijra to Medina and forcibly established Islam there. When the number of Muslims in the new land increases sufficiently — by further migration, or by da’wa, proselytizing to convert infidels — then violent jihad can be launched, and the final conversion of the new territory will be complete.

Europe is experiencing the earliest stages of a major hijra operation. The behavior of the migrants is decentralized and lacks a command structure, but its uniform aim is to achieve an acknowledged purpose, and it is operating according to a well-defined plan.

And what is that plan? What was the Groping Jihad trying to achieve in the Cologne Hauptbahnhof that night?

The first motive was the obvious one: a bunch of sex-deprived testosterone-infused men were out on the town to have a bit of fun with the “uncovered meat” left lying around by the infidels. These culture-enrichers come from a society where women are property, and have no protected status unless their ownership (by a man) is clearly indicated. Uncovered, shamelessly dressed women with no owner accompanying them are considered prostitutes. Or simply objects for the satisfaction of whatever man happens upon them.

That was the clear, immediate, unambiguous motive for the molestation and rape of young Western women.

The second layer of purpose reveals itself in the way these young men formed into disciplined small groups and acted in a coordinated fashion, simultaneously in dozens of different cities: This was warfare.

The events of New Year’s Eve were jihad, war against the infidel.

And they were also a form of terrorism. Allah commands his followers to strike terror into the hearts of the unbelievers, and that is exactly what the Groping Jihad did. German women (and presumably many of the men) are now terrified of the Hosts of Mohammed.

The third layer of purpose is more subtle. To understand it, you have to understand Islam as an organism, as a hive mind that acts through many agents but with a single program.

This organism is now expanding into new territory, feeling its way as it goes, assessing the presence of the enemy and attempting to determine the strength and nature of his response to the incursion. One way to test the enemy’s mettle is to target his women.

In other words, Silvester night was a probe. Islam targeted the enemy’s most vulnerable and valuable property: its young women. The nature of the enemy’s response will inform the subsequent actions of the invading organism.

Based on the weak and vacillating response of the German authorities, we can expect another attack relatively soon from the muhajirun, the new migrants who have made hijra to Europe.

The next action will be stronger and more audacious. The jihad will take into account what it has learned from the feckless response in Cologne and elsewhere, and act accordingly.

Islam understands something that we Westerners seem to have forgotten: A society that refuses to defend its women will defend nothing.

Islam targeted European women because it views them as our most valuable property (with the possible exception of our nuclear weapons). If we won’t defend them, is there anything we will defend?

Well, is there?

363 thoughts on “The Larger Motive Behind the Groping Jihad

    • What? So it is the fault of the women that these barbarians targeted them? Is it the fault of the young girls in Rotherham that they were abused by Muslim youth gangs? This is Islamic thinking.

      • A child isn’t at fault, but voting age women are. It is interesting that masculinity is ridiculed, that is until some foreign invaders show up and start groping, and then women run to some guy expecting him to risk his safety, and possibly his life to defend them. It’s what’s expected of us. We get all the old responsibilities, but nothing else.

        • “It is interesting that masculinity is ridiculed …” — Nice use of the passive voice there. Do you know for certain that all those young women have been ridiculing masculinity? Are they all, unquestionably, man-hating feminist harridans, and therefore deserving of assault?

          If women (ALL women?) are the “foot soldiers of progressivism,’ who are the commanders and strategists? Have men been completely uninvolved in promoting progressivism or multiculturalism or the mass importation of Muslims?

          You’re echoing the tired, intellectually lazy theme that everything wrong with modern society is the result of feminism — i.e., that men had everything arranged just fine, until women got uppity and demanded rights and ruined it all.

          • Cultural Marxism is at fault. Third Wave Feminism is one division of Cultural Marxism.

            You cannot defend feminism all the while being anti-feminist and expecting men to die protecting you. So make your choice, which one to you believe in, feminism (and the attendant Cultural Marxism) or traditional society where men will die to protect women?

            You CANNOT ‘have your cake and eat it too’. Men are sick of the double-standards.

            We are prepared to defend you, but you have to prepared to drop the Third Wave feminism nonsense. Fortunately, we believe in Liberty, so the choice is up to you – but stop trying to have it both ways (feminism and the traditional disposable male at the same time).

          • Men have a lot of work to do. The “feminist gift to mankind of loose on demand and “free”for all sex without responsibility back in the 60s, 70s and 80s especially was fantastic for the bottom feeder side of the brain drain. These same witches are still evolving it seems. Just take a good luck at this idiot Merkel and the Koln council fools. How do people like this get voted into such positions of power and stay in? “Welcome refugees! Come and get yours!” So look out boys and girls it’s time to grow up and pay the [piper]. Armed forces and police vets are already clued up.

          • What I have found is that even those women who are not ridiculing masculinity or attacking men will still sit by and say/do nothing when other women are attacking masculinity or trying to humiliate/ridicule men. I have absolutely never seen a single women object to this ever, not in a live social situation.

          • I demand nothing. I’m not the one trying to brow beat another man into swearing he’ll risk his life for some strange woman, who voted to put herself in this position, and it’s not like there weren’t warnings. Books have been written, but I don’t have to tell anybody here about those. Do what you wish but don’t volunteer me. Women are free from the social contract that bound them, and so am I.

          • Show me the “feminists” protesting outside mosques or anywhere else for that matter. None to be found. I though by now at least a few whack jobs would be heard from demanding the dismantling of the Saudi mosque infrastructure with its spawn of Hell followers.

          • As someone who suffered a great deal at the hands of a man who thought women should “obey” I know the old rules too well.

            The unthinking stupidity of the fems’ ideas of a perverted equality never appealed to me. Never will.

            There are problematic behaviors and beliefs on both sides of the “war of the sexes”- which have existed since the beginning of human tribes. Those tensions will always be there. We used to have better ways to handle them but the war has become poisonous, as one can see in the comments of embittered men.

            I have listened to the rants of embittered females ad nauseam, ad infinitum I find the parallel sour grapes of angry men just as intellectually lazy as the women’s are.

            We appear to be regressing as we move to the wonderful new world order, the one where Obama is considered an example of an alpha male. Talk about bizzaro world!

        • Note that German males in the crowds did not come to the defense of German females. Their forefathers would have kicked some serious migrant [hindquarters] in a heartbeat. What has changed? Have German males suddenly lost their testosterone laden Teutonic herritage? No, because it is deep in their DNA. Have German males decided that modern German females are not worth bleeding for? Absolutely, yes. Why would a man volunteer to bleed for an individual, or group, or society, or even country that shows him no respect. Respect is a two way street.

          • You’re assuming that all German females show “no respect” to men, and that every German female therefore deserves to be assaulted. That is every bit as thoughtless as feminist claims that all men are naturally rapists.

            You’re also suggesting that men bear no responsibility at all for the decline of their own culture. It’s all the fault of women! Never mind that the men could beat the women into submission if they so chose.

            Next, will women be blamed for the two world wars that killed off the most virile German (and French, English etc.), and some women too? After all, the suffragettes had been raising a ruckus for a while, and women were already starting to vote (horrors!) in Britain in 1918.

            I’ve never even called myself a feminist, and I’m certainly not an apologist for the inanities of contemporary third-wave feminism. But the women who have jumped on the “feminism wrecked everything” bandwagon are oblivious to what they owe to the earlier generations of feminists. And the men who claim that everything bad started with feminism are no more reasonable than the feminists who claim that men cause all of society’s problems.

            Some of those men like to parrot Rush Limbaugh’s smug and ugly mantra that “feminism was invented to give unattractive women easier access to the mainstream.” In other words, Rush believes that the only legitimate “mainstream” measure of women’s worth is outward appearance, and that it’s wrong for “unattractive” women to seek the kind of respect that men (including a pudgy old blob like Rush) get for doing things, or simply for having good character, and that “aging” women (like Hillary Clinton) ought to be kept out of public view, whereas similarly aged men (like Trump) can be hero-worshipped.

            While you’re piously declaring that “respect is a two-way street,” you ought to pay attention to the routine mockery of women for nothing more than the sin of getting older, or for being born with less than optimal facial geometry, or for having thick ankles (“cankles”) as a result of genetic bone structure.

            You ought to contemplate the long history of women being excluded from endeavors for which they had a strong aptitude; women publishing their work under a man’s name because a woman wouldn’t be taken seriously; women being pushed to the margins of society and essentially forced into poverty because men didn’t find their geometrical properties pleasing and also denied them opportunities to be self-supporting and develop their talents.

            Apparently Rush thinks that’s how it ought to be. Likewise all the men who blame “feminism” for every ill of modern society.

          • Are you unaware that men raped women long before there was feminism? Or that the mob assaults and gang rapes in Europe today are being perpetrated by men from cultures where feminism has essentially no influence?

            You seem to believe that it was women — and only women — who broke some purportedly perfect social compact between men and women. The facts do not support that notion.

          • German men have been brainwashed since birth to hate themselves and their culture. So faced with large numbers of foreigners attacking their women , they are confused – defend them or not ? After all , isn’t multi -Kulti good ? It’s the politicians , the media and the West to blame , not German men . Allowed to think for themselves, the invaders would be run out of Germany.

          • Here in the US, most women are feminists. I reckon the same in Germany. It’s been real popular to use white men as the whipping boy. Well, the other side of that coin is indifference. If women hate the very men who would rescue them, well, most men won’t. Feminism spreads hatred of men wherever it goes. So, take a look at Germany…..truth is, most of those women have been raised to scorn men, right?

            Actions have consequences. When the women are feminists, well……who really wants to risk his future on one? Here in the States, you can help a feminist, and she’ll accuse you of rape. Factual. Yep, altruism can ruin your life. You lose everything. The woman doesn’t even have to prove the accusation.

            So, muslim gangs are going to rape German feminists?

        • When healthy patriarchy is shamed in Western cultures, dysfunctional masculinity (Muslims) fills the void and preys on unprotected women.

        • I think most people knew your point on the first post and it was not blaming the female victims of Islam but blamed the females who voted in the first woman President in 2008.

        • Ah, you sound like a bitter Roosh/Chateau Heartiste acolyte just oozing out malice and anger. And then you wonder why women are repelled by what you’re broadcasting.

          What is coming is a horror show that the majority of Americans haven’t even been exposed to on a cinema screen, let alone IRL. Only the strongest and most resolute will prevail. I guess we won’t have to worry about seeing you on the other side.

          Oh, by and the by – once things get truly sporty, you should know that it’s not just women that get gang-raped. Raping the women is for power, dominance and control as an act of War to provoke and then force into submission their protectors, once the protectors have failed them. But once that box has been checked, FYI, men get gang-raped too and kept as sexual toys for those higher up the predatory chain. In fact, the muslims my DH had to live side by side with openly told him you had sex with women because you “had to” but sex with men was for fun and preferable. The “partner’s” “permission” wasn’t even part of the equation – it was a viewed as a “right” . Enjoy!

          • Good point. On a German talk-show recently someone said that in one of the asylum camps a boy had been raped. The left-wing woman representing the ‘it has nothing to do with islam or migrants or anyone with melanin’ side of things actually laughed (!) as if the concept was ridiculous.

        • Just think! Strong independent women don’t need a man to defend them! Situational awareness!

          Now if a feminist expects all men to be cowed, maybe not…….you see, men get to decide who to help. A little old woman….sure. A loudmouth feminist……hardly. This is reality. Men have no time for stupid women.

          Karma is a real factor in life. The man you try to get fired because he made you feel “uncomfortable”, just might be the one who could have helped you.

          The Islamic soldiers are going to rape whoever they can, until they are stopped. That’s the price of feminist stupidity. And, yes, women are going to be raped, unless the men decide they’re worth fighting for. That’s the real choice women have always faced in wartime.

          • You hit the nail in the head with this. Women are always proudly declared by the mass-media and the whole contemporary Western culture as “free” and “independent”, with all the social benefits that follows. This has erased from the mind of many the idea that it is their duty to defend women -because, as the progressive mindset learned them, women are not their property anymore.

          • That is the choice women have always faced, and men have always responded to, in any time, any country. Whether or not it’s “fair” “equal” “feminist” “right” “good” or “bad”, it’s a fact of nature and will never change. Let’s start working with that REALITY, together.

        • Well, if the women were allowed to ARM themselves, they wouldn’t need any men to protect them, they could just shoot the bastards themselves!

      • yog, it is the fault of a society that refuses, or is incapable, of enforcing its laws. This is what the probe was about.

      • It’s the fault of the European men and those in authority, who are too cowardly and apathetic to care even about their own female family members, sorry [as] they are. Agree with this article, those who refuse to defend their women, will defend nothing. Authorities do nothing. Europe is full of losers and idiots. The Caliphate will soon emerge with sharia law in full swing. Leaders that don’t convert will be executed, to incl raids on the Vatican and St Peters royal house, mass killings and destruction, and then EU won’t be fit for vermin to live with dead bodies and filth strewn all over the place. Invaders are worse (lower) than vermin. I’d put up with rats in the yard any day than these demonic invaders, the scum of the earth.

        • Right on, well said, Laura!
          The ‘immigrants’ are the trash of the ME and Africa; those with no skills and nothing to offer Eurabia, who couldn’t make it in their home countries.
          Absolute scum.

        • I still hope that Europe will fight. Europe has always fought: Thermopylae, Tours, Vienna … As unimaginable a war in Europe in this century might be, it will happen and will be fought. It will be existential struggle for the very survival of the West.

          • I hope so too, but I’m not sure it will happen. One reason is that our modern technological society, with it’s power to monitor and control every individual, perhaps will make resistance almost impossible. A centralized and omnipotent government will be able to control media, communication, food supply, electricity, water supply etc. when time comes, and create huge problems for any resistance movement. It will surely be an existential struggle, but one in wich we are at a huge disadvantage.

    • Not all women can be categorized that way. If it is your mother, your family, what then? They prefer young women, but they will use old ones, too. Or goats.

      And then it’s *your* turn, fellow.

      • Let someone else play white knight. I won’t, but that doesn’t mean I support the invasion, but if women want our protection, then they must appeal for it. An appeasement must be made for past sins.

        • Are you really so weak, so henpecked, so emasculated, that you have to have a woman’s permission before you will defend her?

          Time was, a real man would defend a woman with or without her approval, whether she asked him to or not. Those times are obviously gone.

          How sad.

          • I like you Baron, but times have changed. The old deal is busted, but we didn’t bust it.

          • So you won’t defend your home, your culture, and its women, because the feminists are mean to you?

            As a result of this attitude, if most men feel the same way you do, we will be conquered by Islam. Our women — not just the feminists, but all of them — will become property. And we will become corpses.

            And that’ll show the feminists, won’t it? Boy, I’ll bet they’ll be sorry then!

            And what about the women who aren’t like that, women who are kind and decent and who think well of men, like the vast majority of women I know? Too bad for them! They’ll have to suffer and become slaves, because feminists are mean and stupid and narcissistic.


            I reject that attitude, and I’ll tell you why: the women I know in this movement, people like Nash Montana and Xanthippa and ESW and Oz-Rita, deserve defending.

            I’m old and not much good for anything. But if the jihad ever comes rumbling through my neighborhood, I’ll do what I can.

          • Why not say I live in my parents basement, or accuse me of never having sex. I’m not going to be shamed, and yet I don’t disagree with you on what action to take, but I do disagree on why to take it. I’ll defend MY home, MY culture, and but it won’t be because it’s my duty as a man, since that’s all gone.

          • Dearest Baron,
            Feminism is a manifestation of Cultural Marxism, is it not? Why should the ‘disposable male’ die to defend a system that despises us ?

            Oh yes, we will fight hard for ourselves and our culture – but have you never heard of MGTOW ? (Men Going Their Own Way).

            Why should we raise a finger until the women who condemn us ask for help? the instant they are prepared to work for us we will fight like lions. But not a moment before – otherwise we die defending one enemy (Cultural Marxism) from another (Islamism), that the first enemy has enabled (deliberately).

            Modern Feminists (with the notable exceptions of courageous women like Karen Strachaun and Cristina Hoff Sommers) need a reality check. Once they get real, then we will get serious.

            ‘White knighting’ is for deluded slaves, not for Free Men.

          • Every concept and ideological point you mention is a luxury that you are allowed to consider ONLY because you live in a pluralistic society that permits such debates.

            If you persist in being preoccupied with such matters, then Islam will conquer you. It’s as simple as that. Your women — the nice ones and the feminists, the ones you like and the ones you don’t like — will get to be playthings of the new local emir, or, if they are lucky, they will have a place in the harem of the Sultan of New Zealand. You, on the other hand, will get dead.

            Defending your homeland, odious feminists and all, means exactly that. In practical terms, it means that when you arrive at your Köln Hauptbahnhof moment — which, if you are under 40, you almost certainly will within your lifetime — you must vigorously defend, at risk to your own life and well-being, any young woman being molested by the Hosts of Mohammed. You must do this without questioning them beforehand on their ideological views, without determining whether they are feminists or more tradition-minded women. You must do this because they are YOUR PEOPLE.

            If you and millions of other men like you do not make the conscious decision to behave like that, then you will be conquered by Islam. And after that you will have the satisfaction of knowing that there are no more feminists, only slaves. You may smile, knowing that those nasty man-hating bitches finally got what was coming to them. Except that you’ll be a headless corpse at that point.

          • Unfortunately, baron, too many women have now violated the old social contract. I personally am tired of trying to protect women who don’t want to be protected and who would condemn me for doing so.

            I did likely prevent a women from being raped once and I didn’t ask permission, but later I was condemned for this by another women because I used a firearm to do it. Nobody around me defended my actions. Nobody stood up for me, woman or otherwise.

            The problem is not that some women are insane and condemn men for defending women from rape, the problem is that other women don’t publicly turn against these insane women.

            If our civilization collapses because of this insanity it won’t be simply because of what men do or don’t do. If women continue to act like cowards and allow the degenerate women out there to rule them then they bare as much responsibility as anyone.

            Men can’t be solely responsible for everything. This was always true but it is especially true now that women can vote. If the insane ones who condemn me for defending a woman against rape are the ones allowed to rule society and the political system, men can hardly be held responsible.

          • I’ll paraphrase what I said last night: A real man doesn’t care whether a woman approves of his defending her. He doesn’t wait for her permission. He does the right thing — what he knows to be right in the eyes of God — and is willing to bear up under any female anger that results from his actions.

            The funny thing is, the vast majority of women approve of this sort of man. It’s manly behavior, and most women like manly behavior. Yes, the feminists don’t, but really, who cares what they think?

            Why does doing what is right in the eyes of God require the approval of feminists before you’re willing to do it? That, as they say, don’t make no sense.

            A real man, a manly man, defends his people, no matter what. He defends his women — and by “his”, I mean the free, independent women of his family, his hometown, his district, or his country — regardless of their opinion of what he does. He defends the old and the young, the beautiful and the ugly, the brilliant and the stupid, and, yes, the feminists and the sane women. All of them.

            This is not rocket science. I don’t know why people have so much trouble grasping it. If you don’t do it, Islam will conquer you. Your women and children will be enslaved, and you will be killed.

          • You’re spot on, Baron.
            Defending the weak is a mark of one’s character; it has nothing to do with the character of the damsel in distress — but it has everything to do with your own manhood, honor, and sense of right.
            In a lighter vein, one doesn’t perform a kindness, such as opening a door for a lady, expecting a thank you. You do it because it’s right; it’s a test of who you are, not a test of who she is. She may fail the test and snarl at you — revealing her empty soul. At which point you should feel sad for her, not angry.

            Times (the culture) may change, but being honorable and courageous are virtues to nurture in any era. Being selfish and self-absorbed should be resisted, not indulged.

          • > have to have a woman’s permission before you will defend her?

            Not her *permission*. Her *submission*. I risk my life during warfare time, she is my obedient servant during peacetime.

            > Those times are obviously gone.

            Of course, but not because men wanted them to change. Because of a decade-long peacetime, women forgot what warfare is, and suddenly wanted rights and equality and freedom.

            But if you have something you didnt have before, it must come at a cost. During peacetime, especially if it last several decades, it seems pretty cheap to give up protection in order to gain, say, sexual freedom.

            But it is short sighted, because, as soon as the daily violence comes back, if you are no mans property, NO MAN WILL PROTECT YOU. The concept is otherwise known as the tragedy of the commons.

            No sane man will take a risk to protect “modern” women, which are nobodys mother, nobodys wife, just randomly whoring around the city in short skirts. It doesnt make sense for himto risk his life for her, because he know he cant get her sexual exclusivity. And if he cant get that, what CAN he get? What can a “modern” women offer for a mans ability to fight and take risks?

            Fighting ability and risk taking are NOT for free. For centuries, they have been a part of the bargain between men and women, but since the 60s, that bargain is gone, its all gone.

          • Two things here.

            First of all, men must have wanted the change, because women couldn’t have got the vote without a collective decision by men that they wanted them to have it. The patriarchy approved and enabled the current matriarchy.

            Secondly, if you are in the Hauptbahnhof on Silvesternacht, and you see a young woman screaming and crying with her skirt torn off, surrounded by hooting “youths”, how do you tell whether she is “modern” or “traditional” so that you can decide whether or not you will defend her?

            Do you pull out a ruler and measure the length of her now ripped-off skirt?

            Do you check and see how much slutty makeup she was wearing? It might might be kind of hard to tell now, since it’s all running down her face mixed with tears and blood.

            Do you push past the young thugs and ask her a series of questions designed to determine her political position on the Gender Wars?

            I’ll repeat what I’ve been saying: a real man defends vulnerable young women of his own family, clan, hometown, or nation. Period. He doesn’t determine in advance whether they deserve it or not. He doesn’t require that they want to be defended or be grateful for it. He just does it.

            If enough men don’t remember these simple facts, then Islam will conquer us. Our women will be enslaved, and we men will be slaughtered.

          • A man defends his wife and his daughters, and the wives and daughters of his friends and allies.

            Women that want to marry and belong to the state, when the state is on the enemy’s side, deserve no such defense.

          • If your prescription becomes the template, then your entire civilization will fall to Islam. At that point you will no longer be able to protect your wife, your daughters, and the women of your family and friends. Islam will have taken that option from you, and it will decide how much, and in what manner, your womenfolk will be defended.

            I recommend that you and your family memorize the shahada now. In Arabic. That will protect you.

          • Hello Baron,

            > you have to have a woman’s permission before you will defend her?

            I do not have to have her permission, I have to have her *submission*.

            If a man is required to fight and take a risk, what exactly is required of a women to pay for that “insurance”? What is her end of the bargain?

            Traditionally, a man fights and takes risks, the women is submissive and his property, to incentivize him to give his life for her if necessary.

            That bargain has been held up over millenia of human development and only cancelled during the last 50 years. A so called “modern woman” wants economic freedom, sexual freedom, no-fault-divorce and a lot of other things, but all those things have to be paid somehow.

            During peacetime, the male “insurance” does have a very limited value, so women could simnply give up the bargain and start whoring around without consequences. But during wartime, which man is going to sacrifice for a tattoed, pierced, short-skirt wearing skank thats beed bedded by 20-30 random men?

            Modern women will experience the so called “tragedy of the commons”.

            As economic marxism makes people not care for “common property”, so everything not belonging to anyone is neglected, decays and eventually breaks down, sexual marxism, i.e. women not being anyones “property”, will make nobody willing to sacrifice for them, and then men will stay at home playing video games while the short skirt wearing woman is being groped and raped by a random Muhammad.

            Women are physically weak, and if they want to be protected, they will have to be some mans property. Either they will be the property of OUR men, or our men will ignore the muslims taking them. It simply doesnt make sense fighting for something if you cant have it afterwards.

            If women contribute to laws making them “free”, they will have to pay the price for that freedom.

            > So you won’t defend your home, your culture,

            Not every culture is being worth fighting for just because it is “your culture”. If the culture wants to survive, it has to make fighting for it “worth it” for its male population. Over millenia, that price has been giving them control over women. Thats how islam works. It makes women their slaves, so they rabidly fight for it. Japan motivated their WW2 soldiers by giving them women. Nazis had a policy of marrying men early to make them fight for something. Etc.

            A married man, with a wife thats waiting for him, will go to the other side of the planet to fight, beause he knows what is waiting for him when he comes back. He will not do that if all he has are whores and video games.

            The west has allowed its risk-reward-mechanism, women, to develop in a direction where they are not worth lifting a finger, let alone fighting for and sacrificing.

            If you want young men to fight street battles against approaching hyperaggressive islamic hordes, all those men have to have women (and children) waiting for them at home, and have to know that those women wont leave or divorce them.

            > if most men feel the same way you do, we will be conquered by Islam.

            Why it is only men that are at fault? If WOMEN feel that they have no responsibility to incentivize men to fight by being submissive and faithful, we will be conquered by islam.

            > the women I know in this movement … deserve defending.

            So they will be defended. This isnt automatically true for any tattoed, pierced, promiscuitive skank on the streets of Cologne. They wont be defended because they dont belong to anybody.

            > I’ll do what I can.

            But you too, will only offer your “services” to those women you deem worthy. Not for a random street prostitute on the streets of Detroit.

          • Baron, I am not convinced that defending women in the current climate is a worthwhile cause. I am not saying that it will never be worthwhile, but before I am willing to lay down my life for this society, it has to show me that it remembers why it was great in the first place.

            Cultural Marxists must realize the consequences of their subversion or else they will continually stab us in the back with subversion. Let them feel war, and have the barbarism destroy their delusions. Only then will the modern mind be prepared for a new beginning free of this poison.

          • Well, what would be “a worthwhile cause” to fight for? Nothing?

            …it has to show me that it remembers why it was great in the first place.

            So society has to do something for you, as per your specifications, before you will defend it?!? And if it doesn’t do that, and is destroyed by the invaders due to a lack of able-bodied men willing to defend it, presumably that will give you satisfaction. Or would, if you were still alive and able to feel satisfaction.

            Cultural Marxists must realize the consequences of their subversion…

            Why? Why must they be required to realize something before you decide to defend our damaged and pitiful civilization from complete destruction? There will be no more cultural Marxists after Islam gets through with us. But there will be no more you, either.

            If you really want to see “a new beginning free of this poison”, you’ll swallow your resentment of the feminists and the Marxists and climb on board the movement to defend our civilization. Because if you and millions of other men like you don’t decide to do this, it will be a thousand years or more before there is any chance of a new beginning, and by then the remnant societies of the West will resemble Yemen.

            In other words, it will be a long, long climb back up.

            [Cuing up the broken record again]

            If your sentiments are widespread enough, then Islam will conquer us. Our women — all women, not just the feminists and cultural Marxists — will become property, and the men will be beheaded and buried in mass graves. That will be our future.

          • Baron, no I do not need the agreement or approval of feminists, but I do need at least one out of a group of 20 women in a live social situation to approve when I am being attacked.

            Again, it isn’t a problem of some women are radical feminazis or some women this or that, it is a problem of thr vast majority of women being complacent. If they won’t defend me in social situations anymore then I won’t defend them in physical violence situations anymore.

            Women wanted rights which come with responsibility and now they have it. If they fail at this responsibility then society will collapse regardless of what men do or don’t do. That is my point.

            The only women I will protect are ones related to me or others who I know to be worth something. Any others and forget it. If society collapses because of this then that is what society deserves.

          • There are few men left in Europe.
            We are not far behind them.
            When we send women into combat we are no longer a country of men but cowards.

          • Baron, you’re a good man and I love your Blog. Real men will still defend women and in the chaos of the moment, most women (even feminists) will rush to whoever seems to be capable of that defense at the dire moment. And there is nothing wrong with that.
            Notwithstanding that, feminists have done little to endear themselves to their sexual opposites in the last 20 years. I once had a female boss loudly proclaim in a packed room (I was the only male there) that women don’t need men any longer. “Penises are obsolete – we have vibrators.” In uniform in Washington DC I have made the inexcusable error of opening the door for a woman and have received the gamut of hostile states, to hisses of insult, to “Don’t disrespect me.” I still open the doors – it’s part of the manners my Mom taught me growing up – but that is because I’m not going to fail to be courteous to someone undeserving of it. Today, when I do open doors, I know there might be a feminist ready to denigrate me, my uniform, and the concept of a polite society, but I press on.

            That said, it is clear to me and many men that the society has raised some groups because of their minority status in the respective culture, their ethnic origin, and their sexual preference above other members of the culture in a clearly bigoted way. “White guilt” is one tactic used to split us apart; “Black Lives Matter” is still another. People have recently been thrown out of campus “Safe Spaces” designed to promote a free flow of ideas, only because some in the “safe” space were not able to abide by the realistic nature of others’ viewpoints.

            Finally, while you bristle at innominate’s views, ask yourself this: “What was the force that prevented the police from protecting the girls and women in Cologne?” It was the culture of the Elite’s inability to juggle two of their sacred cows; their worship of feminist “rights” versus the political correct actions to wipe the egg off the faces of those who thought this feckless and ignorant idea of idealistically proving “to the world” that the German people were no longer the people that valued the Nazi’s. I guess you’d call that German guilt.

            Dennis Prager is a Jewish talk show host that when he was about 20 and in University, went to Germany.

            He argued that it was wrong to hold any German who had been younger than 13 years old during the war morally responsible for Germany’s horrific crimes. “I chose the age of 13 because in Judaism, that is the age of moral culpability. I argued in 1968 that every German then under the age of 40 must be regarded as blameless, and we should not assume the worst of every German over 40.”

            He argued, most important of all, that Germans were ashamed of their Nazi past and had learned great moral lessons from it. But then this happened:
            “The last argument, I now realize, was more hope than fact. There is no question that the vast majority of Germans are ashamed of Nazism and the Holocaust. But I am now as certain as I am sad that you learned nothing about good and evil from it, and that you are as confused morally today as you were when you supported Hitler. Not because you are evil, but because you cannot recognize evil.”

            So I ask you Baron, “Where were the German MEN who had to be in the vicinity when this despicable atrocity against German Women played out?” Where were they, Baron? I’ll tell you where they were – caught in the most verboten place on the planet Earth – the never-land of trying to decide with of the Elite’s sacred cows held priority. So what will happen to the male who erroneously picks the Elitist’s preferred of the sacred cows? 20-20 hindsight retribution. In fact, the Elite’s choice of which cow might change with the wind or the light of day. That dilemma froze action in Cologne and will do so again…

            Here’s one more quote that all should consider before slandering innominate’s reactions to this dilemma:

            C. S. Lewis – “And all the time—such is the tragi-comedy of our situation—we continue to clamour for those very qualities we are rendering impossible. You can hardly open a periodical without coming across the statement that what our civilization needs is more ‘drive’, or dynamism, or self-sacrifice, or ‘creativity’. In a sort of ghastly simplicity we remove the organ and demand the function. We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.”

            The traitors in our midst are those that have conjured up what is happening in Europe, and what will soon happen in America. Why does anyone think Obama wants to rid the US of guns? Simple. He wants the same confusion here, and to ramp it up, he doesn’t want American women protected.

          • I don’t really care what feminists might think of me or my values. I would always defend a woman, as would my 3 sons. She does not need to ask and may even object. It does not matter. It is the duty of a gentleman. That said, my wife and daughters would likely not need it. They carry and are fit and trained. I pity the one who tries them.

        • How? By giving you exactly what you want when you want it, just the way the cockroaches expect? You are [redacted].

          • This is all academic since neither you nor I can stop this if we wanted to. It is going to happen there is no choice, but it might be the only thing that saves Europe. It is, however, important to remember that all of this is a self inflicted wound.

          • I agree with innominate. In the US, women are now presumably to be involved in military combat. The days of men protecting women are long gone. It is part of the new feminist reality. Thinking men should somehow step up and defend the “weaker” sex is rather like feminists wanting their cake and eating it too. We are either a post-feminist society — both sexes are equal with no preferential treatment. Too bad Muslims do not agree. Makes it kind of awkward for the women, but they will just have to defend themselves.

          • I’ll repeat what I said earlier: As a result of this attitude, if most men feel the same way, we will be conquered by Islam. Our women — not just the feminists, but all of them — will become property. And we, the men, will become corpses.

          • Baron, that is exactly what will happen unless women get wise to what is going on and start turning on the feminazis in a much more assertive manner. Men can not accept sole responsibility for everything that happens especially since women can vote. Nothing short of an insurrection after which women are denied the ability to vote will change the degrees of responsibility that women have in what happens to society. Again, only forcible disenfranchisement of women would return men to sole responsibility for society again. Unless that happens, women bare at least equal responsibility for what happens.

          • It doesn’t matter who bears responsibility for condition our culture finds itself in. At this point that is the least of our concerns.

            If we wait to defend ourselves until we sort out the argument with the feminists and the Marxists, it will be too late. I’ll go broken record on you here: If you remain preoccupied with ideological squabbles, then Islam will conquer you. Your women will be slaves, and you will be dead.

            That’s how the ideological issues you describe will be resolved: Islam will settle them with the sword. For good.

            When the pre-dawn ululation of the muezzin from the minaret of the local mosque wakes you up, it will be a reminder of who won the argument. Only it won’t wake you, because you’ll be in a mass grave, along with all the other Western men who couldn’t bear the thought of defending their culture if the ideology of the feminists/Marxists were not defeated.

          • > Our women — not just the feminists, but all of them — will become property.

            Baron, only men with a property will voluntarily invest effort for that property. Common property decaying because nobody cares for it is a known phenomenon.

            Working for “everybodys property” is communism. In communism, people are disincentivized by having no property, so they minimize effort, and so everything collapses.

            We have lost to islam the moment when we allowed female freedoms. The moment she is “free”, she becomes common property, with all the disadvantages.

            Only the state will maintain a public park, people with property will only maintain their property. So the only entity that will protect “free” women is the state, men simply wont because they arent theirs.

            It WILL in the long run lead to our demise, but the same thing happens to socialist societies. Economic activity goes down, nobody cares about anything, everything breaks and collapses.

            Economic Marxism ruins economies. Cultural Marxism ruins cultures.

            Either we change our laws so women can becomes OUR property again, so there is incentive to OUR men to vehemently protect their property, or in the long run, the women will become THEIR property, like you said.

          • Baron,

            > Your women will be slaves, and you will be dead.

            No, I will grow a beard, learn arabic and earn myself a submissive harem. Islam offers me submissive women, and what offers the west? [epithets, epithets], divorce-rape, single-mom welfare and marxism. [I abjure] that. From the male point of view, islam IS better, so you see men willing to die for islam by the tens of thousands, and german men hiding in basements and playing video games while muslims grope and rape “their” women.

            But maybe this is because german and other western men do not care any more, or even maybe hope islam wins, so they get the control over women they lost during the 20th century.

            What youre basically trying is shaming men into fighting for something they dont *want* to fight for, but that DOESNT WORK ANY MORE. Men who refuse to work and fight and die for [epithets and epithets] arent lazy or cowards, they are _rational_. Modern women simply are not worth it.

            > It doesn’t matter who bears responsibility

            You are wrong. It absolutely DOES matter. I do not _want_ to sacrifice protect the same people who created the mess in the first place. They can go to muslim hell. I’d rather see the muslims eat them alive before I even contemplate lifting a finger. I do not _CARE_ about a society and culture in which those people can go unpunished for what theyve done, or even keep sitting at the top of the hierarchy.

            You seem to not realize that there is a good REASON the west is weak and tired and old, while islam is energetic, violent and young. There is a REASON why half of them are under 18, while half of us are over 60. There is a REASON they are outbreeding and conquering us and were not outbreeding and conquering them.

            Until you address those ESSENTIAL issues, those issues that brought us into this life-threating circumstance in the first place, absolutely NOTHING will be done.

          • Thank you for clarifying that. I’m glad you explained all this; it makes your position very clear.

            You have described the exact choice that we face: Islamic-style submission and dominance, or a weakened, damaged, enervated Western civilization that at one point offered something different.

            I know which choice I’m fighting for. Yes, I’m probably doing battle in vain. The topless towers will most likely be burnt, but I will fight for them anyway.

        • So you’ve never committed any sins against women, but every woman — every one — is implicated in some terrible sins against you?

          That’s pathetic.

          • No. Third Wave Feminism (Cultural Marxism) is the enemy of Free Men. So is Islamism.

            If you want the help of men, then you need to ask for it. Sorry, ever since enough gals rejected traditional society this is the choice you have made.

            We either fight together (meaning, women convince other women to drop the Third Wave Feminism carp) or we fall divided.

            *Assuming* men have to die to protect feminists after decades of deriding us is delusional.

            Of course, this is the deliberate product of the Left – to divide the sexes. Divide and Conquer.

            But the fact remains, publicly reject Cultural Marxism, or you don;t get help. It’s not that hard to do ladies. And if you don’t need men, then you don’t have to lift a finger.

            nb: men can defend themselves and will die for their comrades. All we want to know is that if women want to receive this benefit then perhaps you drop the Cultural Marxist stuff against us. It should be a no-brainer, but apparently it is. You ladies have been conditioned to ‘have your cake and eat it’. This is a small *compromise* we ask from you – and is MUCH smaller than the sacrifice you are asking from us, wouldn’t you agree?

        • To put the label of feminists on every woman in the West is as intelligent as to label every straight white man as a male chauvinist pig. Let us not think in cliches, for life is more complicated than any ready-made ideas about it.

        • Look, sometimes people are just so foolish that somebody with wisdom HAS to step in and save them. For example, a wagon load of Quakers heading into Comanche territory during an uprising. Soldiers would say, “Sorry, we can’t let you go forward, for your own good.” Or children playing at the edge of a cliff.

          But this is macro, not micro. If we just write off our sillier womenfolk, WE LOSE. There is NO NEXT GENERATION. I for one am not willing to surrender the planet to the insane Muslim death cult, simply because our own civilization is going through a dangerously silly phase.

          • > If we just write off our sillier womenfolk, WE LOSE. There is NO NEXT GENERATION.

            It is not about writing anyone off. It is about how we are going to pay for the necessary sacrifice.

            > I for one am not willing to surrender … because our own civilization is going through a dangerously silly phase.

            So you go and fight and sacrifice… Dangerously silly me will sit at home and wait for you to report success. Deal?

            Or are you going to require me to somehow compensate you for your sacrifice (say, you lost a leg)?

            What if your wife leaves you during your 3 years of service, for some stud who didnt care to volunteer, but _waited_ for patriotic you to go away from home?

        • You may have to pal because “united we stand – divided we fall” is an even unchanging truth. Without women we are nothing. We are only half of the equation.

        • innominate: You’re definitely a [intemperate name] you probably have nieces, aunts, co workers, perhaps sisters or even daughters or friends with female offspring you’d refuse to protect. What a [invective], if you’re in the EU you are considered “normal” for men over there. Europe is trashed because people are unable to think logically and act on problems. EU citizens want Marxist leaders pushing chaos over law and order. Losers and idiots big time.

          • Sadly,
            It make take Islamic invasion to bring back American manhood where we sacrifice our strength for right.

            I get the bitterness, though.

            We are the United States of Feelings. College males are weeping for insults.

            Men are bowing before Islam otherwise we are called names like xenophobic and islamaphobe.

            Regardless, we must be men and fight. We cannot abandon the fight.

            I fear it is too late for Sweden.
            Demographically it’s probably too late for Germany too.
            “Mama Merkel” lives safely behind a wall with armed men.

        • “if the women want our protection” …. from reading through this thread, the distinct impression I have is that you are incapable of defending yourself, let alone providing “protection” for vulnerable and weaker women and children. Perhaps that is where the wellspring of combative excuse-making resides and the childish eagerness to capitulate early in order to earn favors with the new overlords. If that is the case, it is no loss to me or mine that you will be among the first to fall when things truly get barbaric. [insult redacted].

      • “This is all academic since neither you nor I can stop this if we wanted to” – Any decent person, male or female who were in the vicinity of these gangs of scum engaging in these criminal behaviours should have done whatever they could to stop it.

        When “we”, that’s you, me and the rest of society accept such as this we sow the seeds for our own destruction. I would rather be killed by the mob than be dishonoured and shamed by cowardice in leaving my own people at the mercy of such as these.

        And yes, I have stepped in on previous occasions and know what I am talking about.

        • Men have to defend women, even if they are feminists arruaceiras. Aside from the fact that decent women do not deserve it. And another question: Feminists can be taken from their prison with ideological confrontation of ideas and exhibitions, as has happened with a famous feminist in my country. The problem is that many people have become accustomed to the left of hegemony, and left to fight their ideologies. European men silenced for Feminism, and now the enemy, both of them as the West slams the door, are grumpy and want to give all women – including decent only because of a previous fight against feminism, which they themselves do not They committed? You fool!

          I support the Feminism needs to be destroyed to be the Achilles’ heel of the men in the West, but I am also of the view that men have to defend their homeland and their wives anyway. Do the two: destroy feminism, rescue these girls this ideology, and save women as a whole, so they do not suffer. Can you do both.

        • Thank you. I can not help think of the example of the maniac on a Greyhound bus some years ago who decapitated a hapless fellow passenger, while the entire bus looked on in horror, and no one tried to rush and tackle him en masse and put an end to it.

          A little over a year ago, I was standing in that exact same spot in front of the Dom, chaperoning my teen daughter and a group of her friends who were in Germany for an international sporting event as national athletes from several countries around the globe. Next door to the Dom there was a typical “Christmas Market”, and we made arrangements to meet up at the Cathedral steps in a few hours. The girls went off together in groups of three or four, venturing out into the market in a foreign country to assert tiny steps of independence and confidence. There was nothing “cultural marx-ey” or “anti-male” about my decision to let them visit the shops and buys sweets in an outdoor market on the square. There was nothing wrong with believing a group of innocent teen girls should be safe in a well-light, well-traveled, popular and crowded tourist attraction in a civilized, western nation. I’m not willing to give that right or any of the other rights to liberty and openness that generations of my ancestors fought so bitterly to secure for me as my birthright.

          Those who are parsing whether or not the women were deserving of intervention are re-victimizing the victims and it’s not only appalling, it’s indefensible and risible IMO.

    • You may get a vengeful pleasure from this in the short run, but you will pay dearly for it in the long run.

      • Moa, you write, and I quote…. “Why should we raise a finger until the women who condemn us ask for help? the instant they are prepared to work for us we will fight like lions. But not a moment before” Work for us….. then we will fight like lions, Freudian Slip there my friend! I am 60 years old, a woman, mother and grandmother, I remember the early days of Feminism where women stood together to change the attitude of society regarding equal pay for equal work, how rape was viewed as the fault of the women raped, etc. That the so-called Feminists of today were hijacked by liberal progressives (see the article here by Dr. Thor von Waldstein if you need further clarification, incidentally one of the best articles I have read in years!) is no justification for not helping innocent women or any person (one man would have difficulty in defending himself as well) who is being attacked by a much larger force of aggressive barbarians in most cases it was a ratio of one or two against 20 or more aggressors. The Feminist organizations of today do not speak for me nor for the majority of women who live in the real world, in fact we despise them for their silence on any crimes against women, wherever they are in the world, when committed by Islamic barbarians. Do not allow the MSM to brainwash you into thinking that these feminist traitors are speaking for all women.

        • Sue: the so called feminists today only seem to care about equal job opportunities equal pay in this country and the right to birth control, and nothing more and never have since their beginning. They refuse to stand up for women’s civil rights in Muslim countries where women are enslaved forced to wear covered clothing, beaten, abused, and undergo female surgery incl girls, and girls as old as nine are forced into marriages. American feminists are lying hypocrites who only care about their so called celebrity status, selling books, and fund raising to line their coffers.

      • Nobody should be required to fight a war that they can only lose. Western men have given up, and not without reason. Women – like the mythical “moderate” Muslims – are now left to fight their own wars, and they should get on with it . . . or they should cover up and become property of the invaders. Men built the walls of Vienna. “Progressive” women broke them down, and their governments have practically outlawed defense. There is no vengeful pleasure. There is only the certainty of loss.

        • Are any of you men going to admit that feminism prevails *only* because it affords men the profligate carnal pleasures which so many men feel they are entitled to?
          Men *gave* women the power to become feminists for that reason alone; and yet so many males on this board are living in denial of the adage: caveat emptor.
          Women have *always* been tempted to be bossy; men have *always* been tempted to be promiscuous. The weaker sex needs a man who loves her in order for the natural roles of men and women to flourish. If a man gives away his true manhood — as protector and defender of *his* home — for the price of serial “relationships,” he will find the price tag steeper than he ever imagined: the absolute inversion of the natural moral order and disintegration of society.
          The stronger sex needs to man-up and be the men they were created to be.
          It starts with a belief in a transcendent moral order, which contemporary man threw overboard beginning with the enlightenment; now every man and woman lives for the maximum fulfillment of their every desire — desires which are prey to their baser instincts.

          But there is a remnant of traditionalists — which are by the lovers-of-themsleves — horribly demeaned.
          But we are out here; and we will be OK regardless of what happens — because our home is in heaven. Yet we fight as we can and pray for the thwarting of evil.

          “And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell” Matthew 10:28.”

          • I cannot defend you. It is a crime under the laws of the state whose governments you keep electing under the delusion that it matters and that it promotes “the good”.

            Revolutions do not start in the streets. They begin in the few inches between the ears on every individual. It invariably takes an emotional stimulus to get the process moving. Violence and fear are good stimuli.

            Can you now figure out who the first enemy is?

          • HarrietHT: Powerfully and coherently argued – well done. Your comment clarified a couple of points for me about which I have been confused. Specifically, I agree with your point about what is the hidden (or not so hidden) reason for men to accept feminism – carnal liberty. There is undoubtedly more to it than that, but it seems clear to me that this is a prime motivator. Indeed, perhaps more males than females, when it comes to it, will contemplate submission to Islam simply because they believe (perhaps naively) that they may still be able to hold on, in some manner, to their sexual liberties – and to heck with the price that must be paid including whatever other liberties they must abandon.

            I also agree with your point about objective morality. Several people on here seem to only believe in a subjective conception of morality and consequently, are deciding on their future actions based on utilitarian calculations alone – what’s in it for me if I fight? To me personally, this kind of attitude – rational as it is IF one starts from a secular, materialistic premise – is discouraging. If the actual proportion of people who subscribe to this particular viewpoint is high enough, then there seems to me little hope for the West. Under this kind of a worldview, why should anyone fight unless it is in their self-interest to do so? And if by submitting to Islam. they could make a better “deal” for themselves, if, indeed, betraying their families, friends, colleagues, etc., was in their self-interest, then they would be fools not to do so – assuming utility to self was their only and ultimate measure of value.

            God help us
            (and I mean that literally and figuratively.)

        • Deri: And the EU has basically fallen into ruin, soon to become a caliphate with all hell breaking out. We cannot give up our guns or we will be next to fall.

        • ‘There they stood, ranged along the hill-sides, met
          To view the last of me, a living frame
          For one more picture! in a sheet of flame
          I saw them and I knew them all. And yet
          Dauntless the slug-horn to my lips I set,
          And blew “Childe Roland to the Dark Tower came.” ‘

          Robert Browning

    • We have to take action together despite the past, we cannot actually afford to let the divisions of the past to remain. The feminisation of the past 50 years has seriously damaged the fighting instincts of men, that is regretable, but we do not have time to fight that battle, the clear and presant danger is that, for whatever reason, we males have allowed ourselves to be emasculated and disarmed; the police are unable to protect because they are tied by PC/MC protocols and the political handcuffs of ‘racism’. So we have a huge problem.

      As long as we regard Muslims as innocent until proven guilty, as long as we fail to ‘racially’ profile Muslims, we are going to perpetuate the problems. Jerusalem has had this problem now for the last 3 months and Israelis are arming themselves. I now carry my lockknife with me so that I have something. However it means that I cannot travel on public transport where I become an enforced ‘soft target’. The problem here is not feminism, but the abject failure to identify, name and deal with the real threat. To do this however is to admit the failure of the religion(s) of socialism with its ‘social justice’, and for those who have invested their all into it, they are going to kick and scream and try to brasen it out; at someone else’s expense of course.

      • What you call “instincts” are actually reasoned calculations. Women – in the Western democracies – have become deeply vested in statist welfarism: They swallowed the message, and they keep voting for the demagogues who promise the best “free” goodies. Government, by their very nature, pick winners and losers. Heterosexual men have been designated as the losers during the recent “progressive” era. They pay and pay . . . and when they are separated from their children because the mother was bored or restless, they still pay. When you cannot win, it is simply logical to give up. Some even convert to the mindless fascism that is Islam, because however false its promises may be, it is more alluring than the no-win situation that they face these days.

      • Amen, you get it.
        2016 will take the PC blinkers off of even the brainwashed cultural Marxists, who must also be seen as victims.
        Brainwashing works. We need to accept this as a fact, and not turn on our own brainwashed kin.
        That just gives the victory to the Luciferian spawn of Satan and Marx.

        • Matt: I have given up on my brainwashed kin and former friends who I pruned out of my circle, some abruptly. If they contact me and are tuned in, then fine. You’re so right the PC folks hopefully some, will see clearly in 2016 that they will be victims. Americans (most it seems) are just not tuned into reality living in their own world, too busy, so I associate only with those that can “think things out” and are tuned to the real world. I have no time for useless relationships. If the folks in the EU wake up soon, it seems too late for them to act and get results.

      • MCin Sderot,

        Yes, right on. the problem is NOT feminism but the failure to identify, name and and dispatch the true threat. Yes, we would have to expel the notion of “social justice” But when another society is trying to destroy ours, there is not other choice.

    • this is so clearly, the [material that I deprecate].

      I can talk for myself, but I’m confident I’m not alone.

      in Western society, we have freedom of choice.
      my personal choice is feminism, period.
      that means, – protecting females automatically, not demanding anything in return.

      becasue not to do so, would mean to betray the West.
      (what Cologne policemen failed to do BTW – they all must be sacked.
      they should have been fighting with maximum force even if outnumbered. especially when outnumbered. I also like the idea of bringing Merkel to Cologne for trail for treason).

      the matter is, – the chivalry, gentlemanship, with its long traditions and civilization-forming achievements in literature, art, music and cinema – is the crown of the Western ethos.

      it has clear anthropological meaning.
      following their biological functions, women are less aggressive and violent, – and these traits are coinciding with prevailing developmental tendency of humankind. Pinker’s “Decline of Violence”.

      the most valuable societal choice today, is the path of life-long education conjoined with the sustained intellectual quest, – aiming at highest contribution, typically in Science/Engineering/Medicine, but also in Arts/Music/Cinema, which is necesary for keeping the moral/aesthetical standards compatible with modernity.
      all this requires a lot of typically feminine virtues – diligence, patience, tolerance.
      at the same time, there is nothing here about male dominance, sorry.

      in the very same Cologne Cathedral, there was once a painting to which Heine dedicated his poem – already then, it had nothing to do with blackmailing women for male privilege, but everything with nonasking gratitude and kindness, and that is how it should be today.
      this is the core behavioral progress.

      Im Rhein, im heiligen Strome,
      Da spiegelt sich in den Well’n,
      Mit seinem großen Dome,
      Das große, heilige Cöln.

      Im Dom da steht ein Bildniß,
      Auf goldenem Leder gemalt;
      In meines Lebens Wildniß
      Hat’s freundlich hineingestrahlt.

      Es schweben Blumen und Englein
      Um unsre liebe Frau;
      Die Augen, die Lippen, die Wänglein,
      Die gleichen der Liebsten genau.
      we will defend our women not for them to become agian a property.
      we will defend them to stay ourselves.

    • I do not want to offend you, but yours is an unmanly remark. Of course, feminism has caused great harm to Western societies. One of its heinous effects was emasculation of men, making them weaker and less responsible.

      However, first of all, an unwillingness to defend a woman in distress is exactly the reaction you would expect from a weak and effeminate man, a perfect product of “progressivism”. Second, not every woman is a feminist or a “progressivist”. Women are by nature more conservative than men. And modern-day Islamic extremists often make no difference between a crazy feminist and a most traditional Catholic or even Coptic nun. For them, all non-Muslim women are lawful bounty, no matter what they believe in or how they behave.

      (Of course, for the sake of justice, I have to note that many Muslims have respect for devout Christians. In some bazaars in Central Asia Muslim sellers sell things to Russian Orthodox nuns at reduced prices or give them free of charge. However, Muslims of this sort are not normally going on groping rampage at railway stations. Neither do they greatly sympathise with ISIS or similar groups.)

    • I’m a woman, and not a “foot soldier of progressivism”, innominate. Please try not to paint with such a wide brush. I hate “progressives”.

    • Maybe next time you can join the rapists with whom you obviously agree. If you were to do so, you too would deserve prison.

    • @innominate: How cruel of you. Women in Germany are POWERLESS. EVERYONE in Germany is forced to pay a monthly fee for the propaganda machines of the administration. The EU controls everything: Ordinary people have ZERO access to anyone who can make a difference. Merkel is a UN Agenda 21 globalist and doesn’t give a d*mn about the women and children in her country.

      • Why are women in Germany powerless? You likely voted; which means you are likely responsible for your own condition. The years of state-school brainwashing turned you into the perfect little robot in the hands of the elites in power. Germans have far too much respect for authority. It cost them dearly eighty years ago. Now they’ve done it again – creating a hostile powder keg right in the heart of Europe. Nobody is going to fix this for you . . .

        UNLESS you can deprogram enough of your fellow-citizens out of their catatonic state. Then you may have a slim chance.

        • Your comments are off the mark by light years.
          You continue to *blame* voters when you must know full well that voting has little leverage to effect change; when you must know that the EU is an unelected body making rules which the people cannot override.
          When you must know that the system is rigged in incalculable ways.
          Yet you persist.
          You stick your fowl thumbs in our faces as if the good people of Germany or of France have not been kicking every bit of the way.
          Their only recourse at this point is open rebellion, or short of that, a deus ex machina.
          We vote: so in your superior wisdom, we are the evil ones.
          You bore me with your constant harping on the good people of Europe — when you know full well that the vicious and sociopathic leaders and their media and academic minions propagandize their evil intent with relentless ferocity.
          Quit telling us that because we participate in the system available to us that *we* are to blame.

          • If I made you angry, I have succeeded. Clearly, you have good insight: “Their only recourse at this point is open rebellion”. You get it!

            Of course the system is rigged. Look up “Hans-Hermann Hoppe”, and realize where I am coming from. Your system does not serve the ordinary citizen. You cannot reform your system of repression. The EU and faux-participation is the problem, as it only serves the elites behind their high Elysium walls guarded by thugs . . . paid for by you. There will probably be some heads hanging from lampposts before this gets better . . . else it won’t.

            Here is an honest perspective:

    • Despite the fact that you think it’s ok for women to be assaulted and raped and would have strolled on by, women have every right to expect and receive police protection, whatever their political leanings. The police failed to do their job, and Germany’s government is complicit!

      • Indeed, Germans should refuse to pay tax, since they did not get the protection they can expect.

        • That’s like refusing to pay protection money to the mafia. You are going to have to do a lot more than that.

      • As the saying goes “when seconds count, the police are minutes away”. Self-defense from the Government and other criminals are among the primary reasons why Americans continue to fight against gun control and confiscation.

        Get your country’s anti gun laws over-turned, now. As someone once said “An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.”

        Blaming the police in this instance is beyond pointless, it wasn’t their fault. Do you actually believe that the police wanted this to happen?

        Back in the 1980s, while I was stationed in Germany, everyone knew not to mess with the Polizei, what changed? The government and bureaucrats changed.

        The fault lies with the bureaucrats who refused to put more police on duty even after it was requested by the police. It also lies with them not “unleashing” the police – sometimes in the interest of public safety a little “police brutality” goes a long way to say “knock it the hell off.”

        • Robert Heinlein said “An armed society is a polite society.”

          I don’t know if he was the first to say it.

    • I much prefer a muslim society to rule by feminists. Good luck to the feminists in solving their dilemma – enjoy the cultural enrichment.

    • You have no idea of what you speak of. Women, infused with the Holy Spirit of the only living God, Yeshua Hamashiach, are living vessels of the holiness and power of God. He lives and reigns in us. Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.

    • You have no idea of what you speak of. Women, infused with the Holy Spirit of the only living God, Yeshua Hamashiach, are living vessels of the holiness and power of God. He lives and reigns in us. Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world. I can’t speak for the poor women assaulted by these animals, but there is a world of women, born again in Jesus, that live o ky to emanate the love and holiness of God. The cowardly man that blames women for being assaulted by animals just for being women, is [redacted] himself.

  1. “The next action will be stronger and more audacious. The jihad will take into account what it has learned from the feckless response in Cologne and elsewhere, and act accordingly.”

    Yes, this assault clearly worked and was met with cowardice by the political authorities. Conclusion: “we can do this any time we want with no consequences. That was very rewarding since we 1) could do whatever we wanted and 2) were showered with sympathy and protection by the highest authorities in the land. In addition, Allah will reward us for our assault against the infidel. That’s a triple win so obviously we would be fools not to continue this! All of this amazing success proves that Islam is completely true! Follow the words and example of the prophet Mohammad and you will be rewarded! Allahhu Akbar!”

    • I agree, the more these verminous barbarians get away with the more emboldened they become.

    • Attacking the women of a community, especially sexually, is about the exercise of power. It’s a message to the men, ‘you can’t defend your women, they’re our playthings & [your receptacles for male lust]’. Hence the laughing triumphalism that night. Some western men don’t understand this any more, or refuse to play that game because of their resentment of feminism (see comments above).

      However, the events in Cologne & other cities seem to have generated more outrage than the jihadi attacks. This just might have been a miss-step on the part of the invaders. It appears that many European men are discovering their primal instinct to defend women from sexual predation. When we look back, NYE 2015 may be seen as the turning point.

    • “Yes, this assault clearly worked and was met with cowardice by the political authorities. ” -Nimrod @10:34

      And, as yet, NO visible attempt to hold EVERY political and charitable authority accountable for their cowardice – nay, ENABLING, ENCOURAGING, FUNDING, INVITING, – for God’s sake, UNIFORMLY the political authorities very first response was to DENY and PROTECT the perpetrators of these attacks!

      Until Merkel and her cronies are removed from positions of authority and held fully accountable for their efforts to undermine European societies…don’t expect anything to change.

      As for the above debate…seems women are a commodity regardless of the culture, given the following …

      “Why should we raise a finger until the women who condemn us ask for help? the instant they are prepared to work for us we will fight like lions. But not a moment before” – Moa@12.:21

      “If you want the help of men, then you need to ask for it. Sorry, ever since enough gals rejected traditional society this is the choice you have made.”– Moa @12:29
      “We get all the old responsibilities, but nothing else.” – innominate@11:13

      “but if women want our protection, then they must appeal for it. An appeasement must be made for past sins.”-innominate@11:07

      Collective punishment fits on this scale of justice?

      • > seems women are a commodity …

        They are not a commodity, but they are a distinct group with distinct interests.

        If we have to protect “the women” as a group, then “the women” as a group have to somehow pay for it, because that kind of insurance isnt worthless any more.

        The way how men want to be paid for fighting is by women being faithful and submissive, so they can “invest” in them. They dont want to fight for somebody who slept with 20-30 other men, and can divorce-rape the man at will.

        > Collective punishment

        Well, what you want from men is collective sacrifice. Collective requirements require collective payment.

        • This is disgusting, Topuz. Most modern women do want and have faithful relationships, but why should that be coupled with ‘submission’?

          What you seem to want sounds no different from islam.

          My partner and I share important decisions, divide housework fairly but when it comes to specialized skills such as his additional strength and my teaching ability, we employ those.

          And in an emergency situation either of us would do everything we could to help each other or some vulnerable person (and plenty of men have talked about being attacked on NYE Cologne, too).

          People like you absolutely destroy our movement! Perhaps that is your aim here.

          • Great response, Guest! It’s wonderful working in tandem, isn’t it? And taking care to respect one another’s ‘hot buttons’. We’re all entitled to that respect.

            The other day, our house cleaner (yes!!! We finally found one who has brought peace and order here, and at rural prices. What a difference three hours a week makes. THANK YOU, DONORS!) was helping me put away Christmas decorations – actually, she was doing the real work. I was kind of a decoration myself). But when it came time to put the container on the high closet shelf, she couldn’t quite make it. So we called the Baron down from his office – easy peasy…for *him*. He always says his upper body muscles didn’t reach their final development until he was raising our son and had to lift him in and out of things. Come to think of it, that did widen his shoulders, all the better for a boy to sit upon.

            What’s interesting is how very idiosyncratic those divisions of labor are. Some men are better cooks, for instance. And some are better dishwashers…the Baron has had to re-wash some of my efforts. I eventually got over it being a moral issue. It was a pain issue: I was in a hurry to sit/lie down so as to ease the strain on my spine.

          • > This is disgusting, Topuz.

            Spoken like a real SJW, as soon as you dont like a position, try to badmouth it. It may be disgusting for you, but it is the reality as I see it, and I’m not alone.

            > Most modern women do want and have faithful relationships

            I think they dont. People are hopping from “relationship” to “relationship” like theres no tomorrow. Marriages are getting divorced left and right. Men are divorce-raped by the courts on a daily basis. Children are being abandoned by parents as if they never heard the word “family”. Welfare-collecting simgle mothers are letting the streets and state raise their children made by different fathers. If youre trying to meet a mid-20s single young woman today, chances are that she has already bedded a dozen of men on average, and has been sexually active since her early teens. “Damaged goods” like these are not worth lifting a finger for, let alone fighting.

            > but why should that be coupled with ‘submission’?

            Because women dont respect men they cant submit to, so they either abuse them financially, or they leave them as soon as they find somebody more dominant. It is called hypergamy.

            > What you seem to want sounds no different from islam.

            And what YOU want takes the lifeforce out of society and makes men not willing to fight for that lifeless society.

            What do you think gives this immense power to islam, what makes muslim man willing to rabidly fight and die for islam? Islam allows them to legally dominate women, and from a male point of view this is so appealing that it dwarfes _anything_ the west has to offer to them. Who cares if you have a good education, modern technology, when you cant find a wife who hasnt had sex with at least a dozen of random studs before you and can divorce-rape you at will and take your children at any time because family courts always side with them?

            You CANNOT beat islam simply by repeating that islam is bad bad bad. You have to analyse why it is so successful in the first place, and also analyse why you have been successful 200 years ago, but today youre not.

            > Perhaps that is your aim here.

            Again, spoken like a real SJW, once you run out of arguments, simply start accusing the other side of badfeelz.

            > People like you absolutely destroy our movement!

            This is not YOUR movement. I’m interested in long-term survival of the civilised, christian west as much as the next guy, but in order to acomplish that, you have to analyse, analyse and analyse. Maybe I’m wrong, but were here to discuss, and I’m open for any comment. What I’m certainly not willing to tolerate is middle-ages-style finger-pointing and shrieking and random accusations, just to make me shut up. Only the owner of this blog is allowed to do that.

            We have MASSIVE problems in the west. We obviously dont realize that, but the muslims do, thats why they are here. Only BECAUSE of these internal, cultural, structural problems are we suddenly so vulnerable and defenseless against retarded people who can barely write their names. I do not know why, but some people here panically want to swipe the discussion about those problems under the rug, and focus solely on fighting, fighting, fighting. I, and again, I’m CERTAINLY not alone, am not thinking of fighting anybody as long as the aforementioned problems are not adressed. When even on conservative blogs like this youre attacking me for merely trying to talk about WHY I’m not eager to get out to the streets and fight the invaders, WHY I’d rather give the random modern woman to the muslims instead of fighting FOR her, then you already have lost. If you want able-bodied men to fight, you have to give them something to fight FOR, you cannot simply shame them into battle. Its 2016, that trick wont work any more.

          • I agree with Topaz completely. I’ll do just fine under Muslim rule – just grow a beard and work to afford a harem of submissive women. Feminism is the greater enemy.

          • Topuz, just for you I would like to quote Thackeray from The History of Henry Esmond.

            To truly justify someone willingly ‘submitting’ to you, you must think you are actually superior to them at everything. But sharing decisions and contributing our different skills makes the sum of a couple greater than the parts.

            As for your exact idea of submission, I’m afraid to ask, but do you mean your partner should give you sex when she doesn’t want it – ie submit to rape by you?

            Here’s Thackaray:

            “Much of the quarrels and hatred which arise between married people come in my mind from the husband’s rage and revolt at discovering that his slave and bedfellow, who is to minister to all his wishes, and is church-sworn to honor and obey him—is his superior; and that HE, and not she, ought to be the subordinate of the twain; and in these controversies, I think, lay the cause of my lord’s anger against his lady. When he left her, she began to think for herself, and her thoughts were not in his favor. After the illumination, when the love-lamp is put out that anon we spoke of, and by the common daylight we look at the picture, what a daub it looks! what a clumsy effigy! How many men and wives come to this knowledge, think you? And if it be painful to a woman to find herself mated for life to a boor, and ordered to love and honor a dullard; it is worse still for the man himself perhaps, whenever in his dim comprehension the idea dawns that his slave and drudge yonder is, in truth, his superior; that the woman who does his bidding, and submits to his humor, should be his lord; that she can think a thousand things beyond the power of his muddled brains; and that in yonder head, on the pillow opposite to him, lie a thousand feelings, mysteries of thought, latent scorns and rebellions, whereof he only dimly perceives the existence as they look out furtively from her eyes: treasures of love doomed to perish without a hand to gather them; sweet fancies and images of beauty that would grow and unfold themselves into flower; bright wit that would shine like diamonds could it be brought into the sun: and the tyrant in possession crushes the outbreak of all these, drives them back like slaves into the dungeon and darkness, and chafes without that his prisoner is rebellious, and his sworn subject undutiful and refractory. So the lamp was out in Castlewood Hall, and the lord and lady there saw each other as they were. With her illness and altered beauty my lord’s fire for his wife disappeared; with his selfishness and faithlessness her foolish fiction of love and reverence was rent away. Love!—who is to love what is base and unlovely? Respect!—who is to respect what is gross and sensual? Not all the marriage oaths sworn before all the parsons, cardinals, ministers, muftis, and rabbins in the world, can bind to that monstrous allegiance. This couple was living apart then; the woman happy to be allowed to love and tend her children (who were never of her own good-will away from her), and thankful to have saved such treasures as these out of the wreck in which the better part of her heart went down.”

        • Honestly, worry about all that [material I disdain] later. Fight the barbarians at the gate or there won’t be a city left to defend.

          They have come for your wives and daughters, your sisters and mothers. Knock it off already with this tit-for-tat collective this and collective that.

          If you don’t get off your collective butts, stand and fight, there will be nothing left to fight for; all will be lost and you’ll be living your remaining lives out in collective misery. Honestly, I would stoop to name calling if I though it would have done any good.

    • Males are next? We had better get extremely violent and merciless soon or scarper. The Muslim reaper has texted his buddies back east about the virgin territories in the west.

  2. The author is right that this was spontaneous and rooted in Islamic teaching regarding the right to rape captive non-Muslim women, but fails to point out that this appalling spectacle may well spell the end to European delusions regarding the nature and motives of so-called refugees, most of whom strangely happen to be young men. Surely a leader as clever as the self-appointed caliph would not have shown his hand so quickly, endangering the plot to infiltrate the west and destroy it from within. The genitalia of these vermin are weapons in two senses: (1) weapons of rape and humiliation and, more importantly in the long term, (2) means of rapid expansion of the Muslim population.

    • Based on current birth rates, some major cities in Europe will be Muslim majority within two generations. The jihad usually starts well before that, and with the Western ‘political elites’ indoctrinated by Cultural Marxism in university they will advance their CVE (Countering Violent Extremeism) agenda which is designed to strip the peoples of the West from any ability to respond.

      I’d say their timing is pretty good, since they are planning for the future and the West not only puts up no resistance – it ACTIVELY aids the Islamist agenda. So why would they hesitate when delay could give time for the West to start reacting. The leaders of the West are acting exactly as predicted, and imposing the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) agenda for the Islamists in the name of ‘social justice’ appeasement. Look at Hillary Clinton implementing the pro-Sharia, anti-Free Speech 16/18.

      Nothing wrong with the Islamists’ timing. The problem is us (the citizens).

      • That may or may not be so – but we should be focusing our attention on and gaining sustenance from the fact that ‘dissatisfaction’ with the establishment grows. Against all the odds. And I think if we are truly on the side of change and freedom it better serves our purpose for us to project positive – how else do we communicate hope?

      • Europe’s unfolding tragedy will be America’s warning. After what happens in Europe over the next months, Muslims in America will be extremely quiet and almost in hiding. Or leaving.

        • They behaved in a similar fashion after 9/11, remember? You couldn’t see a hijab on the street in my area for a long time afterward.

          But of course they “recovered” over time and became emboldened again as their leaders continued to scream about “Islamophobia” and bigotry against the great majority of peaceful Muslims.

        • Matt: sometimes I think this EU issue is a horrible nightmare that isn’t real, but it is- (like when the second cousin had fatal accident several years ago in college. It was hard to believe it really happened. ) We must hold on to the guns, it is our right for the future safety of next generations. Some feel that if this prez sees that a democrat won’t get in office, but instead Trump or Cruz, coord. attacks by jihadists could be unleashed across the U.S. to keep Ob[ama] in office with mass chaos and civil war.

          • Keep this in mind, circa October:
            No electricity, no elections.
            Emergency rule until…..
            Now, who might be happy with that outcome? Who would be living in mountain-sized “continuity of government” bunkers with generators ready to run for years?

          • I hope you’re wrong. But just out of curiosity: who would be in the bunkers? And how many of the huge, entitled permanent bureaucracy will be banging futilely on the doors to get in because they have connections…and what will those perms morph into when they realize they’ve been left in the cold with all of us vulgarians?

  3. I’m no Islamic scholar, but I’ve been in their horrible countries and I really don’t need to know much more about their culture. From what I’ve seen I don’t think that many of these young males are very good at obeying any direction from anyone. Think south side of Chicago.

    • They don’t need to be good at obeying, did you read the article? It’s not a top-down command-and-control structure, it’s a collective hive-mind, like a swarm of bees, or termites, or stinging jellyfish.

      • I read the article, but these Islamic males aren’t in their native countries where a local dictatorship holds any sway nor can curry favors. If these events were occurring in Afghanistan – I would agree that you are correct. The majority of the Islamic males are nothing more than feral gangs acting on instinct. They will take what they can get every time without remorse, but to follow the lead of some upper organizers takes a lot of bribes. Maybe there is a large pool of money and control over these (now) German Islamists – I don’t know. But I doubt it – from my time up close and in person – any money would be immediately spirited away by any number of these monsters. I say they’re nothing more than feral animals who are currently being treated as equals in western society. Western societies are (excruciatingly) slow to adapt to these troubles so there’s going to be a lots of blood and tears before it gets resolved.

      • “stinging jellyfish”! Yes! That’s the perfect comparison…

        I will never ever forget my experience in the warm beautiful Gulf of Mexico in Pensacola, being swarmed by Portuguese men-o’- war. Even as clear as that water was, they were hard to see until you *felt* them. I was a good little Catholic girl who never used bad language, but I sure did then; a reflex against the riveting pain. As I was lying on the beach, my legs swelling to three times their size, my cousin, another g.l.c.g. wanted to stuff a sock in my mouth* because of the words I used to ward off the pain.

        The life guards quickly closed the beach to swimming until the swarm of jellies moved out to sea. By the time the signs went up, they had taken me to the ER to treat the long twists of blisters swirling around my legs…

        *(she’d valiantly removed the two socks she’d earlier stuffed into the top of her bathing suit, prepared to suffer a loss of face in order to save my reputation.)

        I still have a few jellyfish scars,all these (mumble) years later.

        I’ll bet the panic and pain I felt as a kid was similar to what the EU women are feeling. But at least I had help and protection.

          • I believe the meta-strategy was containment until they went away…I’m sure you could draw better parallels than I.

            That is a great deal of the Trump’s appeal to average folks: he wants containment – no more admissions. THEN, we can focus on who is already here. He certainly has the ear of some military, and NOT the ones willing to appear as talking heads.

    • They obey directions from vicious dictatorial regimes who are willing to torture and slaughter them otherwise.

      This is probably why such regimes are usually the only “stable” things in those regions.

      It’s a cultural problem of such HUGE proportions that it’s not even funny.

      • I agree. Saddam, Qaddafi, Assad – none of them were a serious threat to the west period end of story. We (the west) should have left them alone after 9/11 and exploited our own natural energy resources and embargoed all middle eastern oil and gas. All these horrible places would’ve collapsed and reverted back to the 7th century by now, which is what they wanted anyhow. Any non-western nation who wanted their oil could have dealt with them and we’d have none of this nonsense going on as long as we kept their dictators flush with just enough 3rd rate weapons. This nonsense about spreading democracy and human rights is nonsense, each nation is responsible for their own future.

  4. It appears Europe and much of the “Western” world is vulnerable to the threat of Islamization because decades of social democratic government has indoctrinated whole nations into passivity towards alternative cultures. Cultural guilt due to colonial pasts and First World privilege all guarantee the average European will not lift a finger to resist. It’s no coincidence that the socialist paradise of Sweden will likely be the first to fall to Islam, they are the most passive.

    • But are they really so passive? Aren’t the Swedes merely confused, mesmerised perhaps, like so many other Western European people are. While our instincts and senses tell us one thing the Establishment says the exact opposite. Whatever its alleged function, every arm of the state has as its primary purpose our viewing of the world as the Establishment would have us see it. And yet as time marches on the picure the Establishment paints of the society it has created is increasingly at odds with the one we see with our own eyes. Little wonder so many of us are dizzy.

      You can fool people for only so long; even the most understanding loses patience eventually. And isn’t that what’s happening?

    • Amen. In 1940, Americans went to Britain pretending to be Canadians to join the RAF. And Americans sent something around a million firearms to Britain for the Home Guard against the expected Nazi invasion.

      2016 will change everything. Ever hear of the .45 caliber “liberator pistol?”

    • Won’t happen until they change their firearms laws. Currently you need to justify any gun purchase and register it. You may even need a license on top of that.

      Personal defense is not considered adequate justification to purchase a firearm in Germany.

  5. I hadn’t known that the additional cities (Oslo et al.) were also attacked New Year’s Eve. Gott im Himmel…. And German municipal authorities (do we know about Austrian, etc. authorities?) tried to cover all THIS up???

    Weren’t any of these young women out on the town also traveling with young men? That’s the part that I can’t figure out. Does anyone know? My (admittedly limited) knowledge of Silvester is that young *people*–not just women–have an informal walkabout of their town square with fireworks at midnight. Real fireworks, not metaphorical ones.

    So…there were so many Muslims that the out-numbered German police couldn’t SEE the women, isolated and surrounded as they were? Is that the prevailing explanation/excuse?

    This Mme. Reker (wrecker?) needs to have her head examined. My God, what a denier of reality.

    re. “Third Wave Feminism”: not sure what this is.

    As I’ve said before, when I learned about feminism back in college, it meant that one believed women and men had equal rights and responsibilities under the law. Things like equal pay for equal work, that sort of thing.

    It didn’t mean the Secretary of Defense (who hasn’t ever served in the military; right?) making a unilateral declaration, in the teeth of the Commandant of the USMC, that women WILL be front-line infantry equal with men. It didn’t mean that said Commandant, whose force performed long-term field experiments with single- and mixed-sex teams and learned precisely what disadvantages accrued to teams with women participants, would have to stuff his data into a dark hole somewhere. The feminism I knew–and which now seems to have been lost somewhere along the way–said that if women wanted to serve, then they should serve. If there was a draft for men, then women should be drafted, too (thus relieving some of the numerical pressure on men). Interestingly, the US military dropped the draft soon after this particular equal-rights argument began to gain traction….

    Which led to the mess we have today, IMNSHO. A recent survey of Millennials (folks currently 18 to 34 years of age) shows that, although over 60% of them believe we need “more” people in the military, less than 16% of them had any interest at all in serving. Male/female response breakdown wasn’t provided in the items I read.

    Item #1:
    Item #2:

    These young people have grown up surrounded by technology, an anti-authority system of peer values, an evidently weak system of values from their parents (in general; surely there are exceptions!), and a Me First! personal orientation.

    Then there’s the recent (last 10 years or so) hoo-ha about “gender fluidity.” I *think* this means that, in addition to the basic Male/Female, Straight/Not grid, we’re now supposed to give other “categories” equal status with these long-term understandings. Young people, rather than being faced with the fact that they’re either male or female–usually a self-evident physical truth–now feel faced with quite the psychological conundrum: agendered? trans-gendered? bisexual? androgynous? non-sexual (which used to be straight-forward “celibate”)?

    That’s a large psychological barrier to get through before facing the world. No wonder they feel that they need a “safe space.” The only problem is: the world isn’t going to give you one. Scary (i.e., new) ideas show up all the time! Yes, truly they do!

    Somehow, despite a host of sports injuries and other “fun stuff” as follow-ons from bicycle and car accidents, my gimpy walk still seems to convey a “Don’t mess with me” message. I’m overweight (weight-lifter and bicyclist gone to seed) with some muscle mass still functioning, and I have an Attitude when I’m walking on the public sidewalk: It’s my sidewalk, too, and I have a right to be here. I sometimes use my cane for assistance; it’s a nice, sturdy metal tube. 😉 Sometimes I walk with my 105-lb black dog with white and red markings. Bad guys don’t mess with me, either alone or with my dog.

    When men (or other women) hold a door open for me, I say, “Thank you” and look them in the eye to convey that I mean it. When someone lets me into a line after seeing a look of fatigue (there’s that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome crud again) that I failed to hide, I give them a look of gratitude and say, “Thank you” again. I’ve paid attention to the types of people who’ve helped me over the past two or so months; basically, since Halloween. They are other white/European-looking folks, Asian or Asian-American-looking folks, maybe Japanese and Chinese more than the southerly ethnicities, some Indo-Americans, mostly women, and a rare Latino/Latina. I’m sorry that I can’t give a shout-out to any of my co-residents in the S.F. Bay Area of the Black American persuasion, but I’ll keep my informal survey going.

    My informal survey has also shown me that women and men will help out in approximately equal numbers. 🙂 Teens will help when their parents are present, but I haven’t yet been helped by an unaccompanied teen.

    Will my request for defense pass muster? If not, what must I do to qualify? I’m married, am a good scratch cook, sew clothing from scratch and mend boughten clothes, too, garden for fresh veggies and for nature (butterflies and bees primarily, but some birds, too), I can provide basic care and grooming for dogs, cats, and rabbits, and further “survival” skills are available to someone who wants to establish criteria for Those Worthy of Being Defended.

    However, I live in the United States and, by having sent an email to my Congress Rep earlier this week re. House Res. 569, am hoping not to have hordes of “Syrian” migrants on my doorstep any time–not any time soon, not any time at all.

    Let me know, since my husband turned out to be totally non-mechanical but a loyal and hard-working man who has kept his job through thick and thin, and is not to be relied on in an emergency. He simply freezes; he analyzes too much rather than reacts. I react but am not trained nor do I possess weaponry. I’d be willing to make a deal for defense, if such deals are how we do it in our country these days….

    • You may be “Worthy of Being Defended”, but in most jurisdictions the person coming to your defense – even if successful – will face ruin or imprisonment at the hands of the state’s taxpayer-funded lawyers for having violated its monopoly on violence. If you voted, you are responsible for this farce.

    • Unfortunately you can’t really make a deal for yourself because this is an issue where a critical mass is needed to make a difference.

      What needs to happen is this: in a group of 20 women and one man, if a man describes how he once prevented a woman from being raped by using threat of deadly force and one of the women condemns him for it, at least ONE of those 20 women needs to condemn the crazy woman for lacking all common sense. To me, this is the litmus test.

      The man could disregard all of this and decide that this experience will not change his decision making in the future, but the problem is that it may not matter. If this large of a percentage of the female population (more than 95%) is this out of touch with the factors affecting their survival, or is this complicit with those who are, then I’m not sure that the men in society can do anything to compensate for it anyway. In other words, there may be such a catastrophic social failure among the female population that we’re all doomed, and this is probably only one indication of it.

      To be fair, the problem in the town in which I previously lived was not limited to just the women, it was also the men who condemned the idea of any non-state employee defending themselves or others with injurious force. I even told several people that due to their condemnation of me I would do absolutely nothing to physically defend anyone living in that town because that is essentially what they had asked for.

      While I’m sure that they think that they’re engaging in some zero cost virtue signaling (moral credentialing), that town has a very high bystander effect and the two things are certainly related.

      Where I live now I havent encountred this absurd attitude so I would be more likely to help those in danger, male or female. So perhaps my best advice is that if you live in one of these leftist hellholes with a very high rate of bystander effect that you just move if at all possible. Otherwise there’s not much you can do except perhaps denounce peoples’ cowardly attempts at “virtue” signaling.

    • A larger lesson to be gleaned here is that BRAINWASHING WORKS. It works in North Korea, it works in Europe today. Those who are not brainwashed need to be ready to catch and rehabilitate the survivors of brainwashing. If we just say, “Anybody who is a cultural Marxist feminist deserves her fate,” then the Muslims win. We need to look beyond the immediate event horizon, and see that if we don’t bring the brainwashed victims back, we lose, Western Civ is defeated, and the insane rape and murder cults win by default.

      Once the car bombs begin to explode across Europe, and Mubai, Beslan and Paris attacks are weekly if not daily events, the PC blinkers will come off. The brainwashing will pop like a soap bubble, and hard reality will be reasserted.

      In fact, I can even see a time when Americans and others are going to Europe like the volunteers in 1940 who pretended to be Canadians to join the RAF.

      2016 will change everything.

      • It’s very difficult to un-brainwash people when they believe that parroting their brainwashing is signaling/proving their moral superiority.

        If they were to abandon this then they might have to go for a while wondering what’s right and wrong, and they might have to consider the fact that they may not have been so morally superior all along. In short, their whole moral credentialling process would be severely disrupted and most people seem to be psychologically unable to deal with that.

        • I believe you are right. Many people will not abandon their “moral superiority” when confronted with the truth. In the news recently there have been many who deny islam as a factor in the Cologne assaults. J.K Rowlings being one example.

          • Nimrod & Bert: from my decades experience trying to inform others, you’re probably right, people are too proud to admit they’re wrong, don’t want to research anything or dig for truth, and even if they “see later the truth” will not say much. I know some in my community because of business reasons or reputation won’t speak out because of fear of what others may think. This is why I dumped former friends I cannot respect now, to incl family members.

          • It’s not just that, people are terrified to admit even to themselves the truth about what’s going on. Frankly everyone should be scared and angry by the pictures coming out of Europe. Not just from New Year’s Eve, but of the lines of thousands upon thousands of Middle Eastern “Immigrants” streaming toward Europe.

            They’re also terrified because I think deep down they know that there is only one way to stop them and they’re fearful of the price.

  6. Moa makes some interesting points about defending cultural marxism, feminists. However, most of Europe is banned from owning guns & similar weapons. Is he going to use a Louisville slugger, hatchet, sharp knives? Or resort to burning new asylum centers in the cover of darkness as we read about in Germany? Who is willing to be combative as a lone wolf or in a large group of protestors?

    Are you willing to risk jail time, trumped up charges, fines, and loss of livelihood like brave Tommy Robinson? All this protection blather from Moa is ludicrous if not organized and carried out by large numbers of angry citizens. Why do Paris citizens do nothing when their vehicles are set on fire each New Year’s Eve by young, angry Muslims? Car burning has nothing to do with women as I’m sure it’s about asserting their superiority over Kufirs which include local men who own vehicles. Failure to plan, organize and resist peacefully (waiting for govt officials to punish Muslim criminals) or physically will mean the doom of European culture like the Baron keeps saying but Moa and others aren’t listening too well!

  7. Innominate’s vengeful, albeit partially justified, reaction, reminds me of the passive reaction of the West, esp of the Italians, to the fall of Constantinople, their economic rivals. Yeah, that’ll show them.

    • The glee of the Venetians and Genoese at the fall of Constantinople to Mehmet Fahti was belated and pointless. The city and its vital, supporting hinterlands had already been bankrupted and ruined by then . . . especially by the papal-funded Fourth Crusade of 1204. This is not unlike the hollowing out of the West by a century of suicidal wars and an insidious campaign of “progressive” social engineering to enslave the booboisie (thanks Mencken) to whims of the welfarist-democracy state. We sowed it. We will reap it. That’ll show US!

  8. First of all a question for the Baron, was this police commissioner the same guy who was in charge of Cologne when there was collusion between the Antifas and the Cologne police in shutting down an Anti-Jihad conference, I believe it is, that made his comments at the press conference more stark on what he was.

    The Feminist aspect of all of this, innominate speaks with a similar voice to what I have heard from my son, take it that this is the same as talking about spilling our blood to defend cultural marxists, seriously neither my son or myself feel that we could put our lives at risk to do so for those individuals. That being said I really felt for those women who were attacked on NYE and others should too, they did not deserve this, if any one who saw the video of the Dutch reporter being attacked in Cairo will understand just how bad it would have been for them.

    To me this is planned, the event on Christmas Eve in Corsica was planned, they are trying to provoke a response so they can say to Muslims look they (non-Muslims) are attacking you. But there are three other advantages for them from this attack, the first is to impose their way of life on European women, by making them scared to live their life. But this is also a probe to see just how weak the will and response of the authorities are which will also embolden all the delinquent type young Muslims already living in Europe which fits in with pushing for the civil war they want in Europe 2016 to 2020.

    I bet that certain ISIS operatives were suggesting that the refugees and others go to celebrations and grab some skirt, just as those notes detailed.

    Further to this I noted that the knife attack in Paris, there was a black guy interviewed that said he saw no knife and that the police shot him in cold blood, that lie will get believed by the Muslims, that guy needs to be investigated, just as the 15 who attacked the police in Corsica need to be investigated.

    Have no doubt about it, the civil war has already started.

    As for our so called leaders, they are scared, their actions speak of fear and appeasement, we need new leadership and fast.

    In saying all this I make an appeal to people who want to take action, do not do it at this time, wait for the authorities to start to lose control and then go for it but stick to our culture of respect for innocents, this does not mean being weak.

    And note that a lot of cultural Marxists tend to live in the cities close to large immigrant populations, I can tell you that many of them will feel the effects of their stupidity, and I will spell it out, you have to defend even them eventually, because we have to have a rebirth of our civilisation which is the only good that can come from any of this.

    I stopped writing about Islam in 2009 because it was too late, war is coming which will be close personal and with knives and molotov cocktails, understand that, people in Europe will have to fight to defend themselves and their loved ones at a huge disadvantage, I wish every one of you good fortune in what is coming, I hope to take at least 5 Jihadists with me before I go, perhaps a vain hope but there you go.

    In regards to my son I am grooming for what hopefully comes after, my daughter is affected by the state programming and does not fully get it sadly. Good luck to all of you, and even though I am not really a Christian as such, may God go with you all.

    • Third point that I forgot to add, was that the Islamics want open war to break out between the political class of the new world internationalist order and nationalists who want to protect what is left of their culture, this is a very important part of their strategy, which is something that hot heads on our side need to understand.

      Get in militias for home defence, get knives and bottles, rags and a stock of petrol, do it carefully and quietly, and if the [excrement impacts the circulation device] and it all goes to chaos then you have something at least to use, not much use against an AK47 but…

      But do not pre-empt because if you do you strengthen the Islamics even though our current crop of leaders is just as much a cancer as Islam is.

    • That’s a good question about the Cologne police chief, and I don’t know the answer. Maybe one of our German readers can answer it. However, as I write this there are 80 comments on this thread — so let’s hope the Germans see your question!

      The police chief, Wolfgang Albers, has just resigned. He was Mayor Reker’s flunky, and obviously became her designated fall guy, as tends to happen to flunkies. However, the mayor is herself someone else’s flunky, probably Chancellor Merkel’s. If the heat keeps getting turned up, it will eventually be the mayor’s turn to fall on her sword.

      • My son explained that its the third wave feminism that is the issue and that quite frankly this is only a small minority of women who happen to be very vocal and supported by the MSM.

        I really wonder if this was the same police chief, I hope so, I remember him colluding with the Antifas in the most offensive way possible, would be poetic justice because what he did was truly offensive.

      • I’m not so sure he’s resigned, Baron. In one discussion I have had elsewhere it was mooted (by a good source) that ‘resigned’ is a word the media were instructed to use but in fact it is a ‘suspension’. (One media outlet used the word ‘suspension’ in the early reporting stages but this was swiftly replaced by ‘resigned’.)

        This would make sense in a political context as it takes some heat off of Merkal and the Mayor and now he is no longer required to answer questions in any official capacity as posed by the public or Media and, provided he keeps his mouth shut otherwise, he may well be in line for a quiet reinstatement some time in the future. We shall just have to wait and see.

        • Yeah I saw the word suspended, I expect you are right, that man is a snake, they perhaps also removed him due to his gaffe on defining hate speech on facebook and twitter as worse than these events.

          • I think yesterday’s PRGIDA march, and the fact that the police did to the marchers what they should have done to the muslims on NYE tells us what is happening here.

            NYE was not a threat to the status quo; sexually assulting women/boys seems to be endemic within elite circles anyway, so what’s me worry?

            PEGIDA is a huge threat to the status quo and could bring down governments (elites) and so must be immediately crushed and gagged even if it is non-violent.

            PEDIDA continues to be pre-fixed ‘far right’ in an effort to tie it to Nazism, but the neo-SA turned out in force against it, and appear to have provoked the violence. When will the MSM grow up?

            We must learn to judge people and organisations by their actions not by their labels. Personally, I cannot tell the difference between modern Nazism and Merkelism/communism. maybe I am just naive.

            Islamism is Nazism with a dead ‘Fuhrer’ named Mo. and as Adolf became a liability to Nazism, so Islam has avoided that problem by having a dead ‘Fuhrer’. Merkel too is becoming a liability to Merkelism, time for change?

    • Police chiefs in German cities do not answer to the mayor. They answer to the interior minister of the federal state (in the case of Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia). Ralf Jäger, the social-democrat interior minister of NRW, went on record that social-media posts critical of uncontrolled Muslim mass immigration are “at least as bad as what happened to the women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve”.

      Long story short, Cologne’s police chief had been faithfully carrying out Jäger’s multiculti agenda — until he became an inconvenience, so Jäger has thrown him under the bus to save his own sorry hide.

      Henriette Reker, the mayor of Cologne, is just a clueless “Refugees Welcome” idiot who is way out of her depth as mayor of a big city.

  9. Personally, I’m wondering if it was just layers 1 and 2 in action. Given the constraints of their culture, most of these “Syrians” probably didn’t have much luck with women in their homelands. Their smugglers probably told them that – a) Europe was full of “uncovered meat”, and b) the police, and citizens, were weak and hence, unless they were attacking the Chancellor herself, the “Syrians” could do pretty much anything they wanted. And this may well, along with peer pressure, have been a prime motivation for their Hijra.

    That Hijra consisted of perhaps 2 weeks of waiting for transport, dodging border patrols and being hosted by native European Gutmenschen. Plenty of time to form themselves into groups. Even large ones…

    Their arrival in the Promised Land was a happy one – lots of naive Gutmenschen in the railway stations to welcome them in, and hence the newcomers were happy to pose for selfies, sing the praises of their Mutti Chancellor and what not.

    But soon enough, they remembered their main aims – to get money, and lay their hands on some “uncovered meat”

    And on what other occasion could one see as muc uncovered meat, than Silvesternacht? Hence, since they love being in large groups, and with the Hauptbahnhof in any case being a notable meeting point, they gathered in even larger groups (perhaps through the large groups interacting via Facebook messenger, or another means), where they felt even more invincible than the usual. And so they felt they could act in exactly the same way as they would have done in their homeland, when faced with such “uncovered meat”, and felt entitled to “enjoy” themselves as fully as they could on that night.

    Why do these pirranha-like creatures love “uncovered meat” so much, especially when that meat belongs to a different tribe? That IMO is the more pertinent question. To answer that, perhaps a hypothetical scenario may help, which was posted here on GoV a very long time ago…

    Imagine 2 islands are left intact after a major global disaster – but have 2 very different populations. Island A has 1 woman and 100 men, while island B has 1 man and 100 women…

    Which island is the “stronger” one – economically, and militarily – after 5 years, and after 60 years? After 5 years, island A probably still has physically-stronger workers, hence is stronger militarily, and probably economically also. But after 60 years, and 2 generations of reproduction – how many workers and soldiers will island A have? In the meantime, although on island B there is only 1 man (probably a very busy one at that), one generation down the line there will be lots and lots of descendants (disregarding for a moment the effects of inbreeding), and 2 generations down the line will be still many times more descendants.

    The moral of the story? While men may (largely) be the soldiers and economic breadwinners of today, women are definitely the mothers of tomorrow. If there are no women, a civilisation will not survive, no matter how advanced or strong (again, disregarding such modern “wonders” as cloning, etc), more than a few decades. And after a hundred years, all that would be left of such a civilisation would be a few cemeteries.

    Additionally – by targetting the other “tribe’s” women, the Muhajiroun are making those women feel unprotected by their Kuffar menfolk, while at the same time familiarising them with the hands of the “believers”. Hence in future, such women may choose (voluntarily, even if after much harassment and “persuasion”) to be with a “believer”, rather than a Kaffir?

    In which case, the Kuffar civilisation’s numbers in the next generation will lack the children of that mother – while the numbers of the “believers” will be reinforced. A win-win situation for the “believers”, who are made to be the menfolk of “island B” in the earlier example, while the Kuffar become the inhabitants of “island A”?

    Furthermore, an increasing number of Kuffar may decide, in the wake of such increasing harassment, simply to emigrate from the Promised Land (Germany) to areas where they can feel safer – much like Lebanon’s Christians in the 1970s. All of which would only serve to accelerate the pace at which the Promised Land becomes a part of Dar al Islam.

    • A small clarification to my previous comment – I’m not disagreeing with there being a “layer 3”. The Enrichers will undoubtedly have made conclusions during the past week, that would be the same as the last paragraphs of this article. And in fact, they’re already moving on to even worse stuff. (see the incident in Modena, Italy – where the Enrichers asked an Italian what religion he was, while pointing a gun). What I meant to say was – as the Enrichers made their way to the Cologne Hauptbahnhof (and in other locations throughout Germany and Europe), perhaps “layer 3” was not foremost on their mind – perhaps they just wanted to “enjoy” themselves that night, in the only way they know, but could never have imagined they’d have it so easy?

      • G.I. —

        I don’t think it has to be a totally conscious intention. Their programming sends them out to do these things, which are fun and of the moment for them. But the software behind them fits them into the larger satanic scheme in which they are embedded, and which has been perfected over the past 1400 years of praxis.

        The fact that the Helsinki police were tipped in advance to what was going to happen on New Year’s Eve is a sign that the whole thing was indeed planned. I’d bet money that it was German intelligence that tipped off the Finns, which means that the German government knew darned well what was going to happen that night.

    • One other issue, most if not all of the “refugee” men coming to Europe have no job prospects in their native lands, and therefore no marriage prospects at home, so…

  10. Much of the western main stream media, particularly organs such as the BBC SKY NEWS CNN, and the left wing press, Guardian, Independant, even. The Times facilitate the far left agenda. The indigenous European mind is controlled by these and similar across the continent. The smears, slurs and catcalls of the intellectual left against any patriotic sentiment cows decent people of both sexes into compliance, even to a point where the privacy of the voting booth is not enough to encourage the the political rebellion against the left that we so sorely need. What’s to be done? God knows.

  11. Innominate and Mao I am sorry for you .The women in my family are traditional conservative women.They adore decent conservative traditional men.
    But then the men in my family cherish and protect them and so they are conditioned to see all conservative men in a very positive light .The menfolk give the women a sense of security .In return the men bask in their role as champions.It’s a harmonious complementary relationship.I wish that you too could experience the joy of dating and marrying a conservative woman.

  12. I do hope that at least some of these women, their husbands, fathers, mothers, siblings, and friends will join PEGIDA, LEGIDA and other “GIDA” demonstrations so as to help Frau Merkel and her government to wake up.

  13. Baron-

    I want to point out that this was an assault on Christendom as well:

    Cologne Cathedral is presumed to contain the remains of the Three Wise Men, which are some of the most sacred relics in the faith.

    Thus, a third layer of intent is apparent in the Ummah’s mass assault on New Year’s Eve.

    They may not have much in the way of scientific or engineering skill, but their grasp of history and psychological warfare is terrifying versus the PC ignorance we see in the West.

  14. First step, rape the women. Second step, attack the men. Third step, take over the country. Thats islam.

  15. I am glad that I am old. All of this is so wrong on so many levels and yet people are seemingly buying into it. Something is very wrong about so-called western culture, if we can no long recognize truth and/or good versus lies and/or evil.

    However, if we cannot recognize evil in the form of Islam. . . we are truly lost.

    Being politically correct really does seem to mean that one’s brains have fallen out and are lying there on the floor.

    • You just stated the modern definition of “open-mindedness”, ma’am. And as for why so many are buying into this? I, personally, blame secular humanism. It, as a philosophy, tried (with varying degrees of success or failure, depending on location and degree of isolation) to do away with those categories (truth/lies, good/evil) in the modern mind…

  16. Very strong writing in your essay, Baron, and with incredible insight into what’s happening. Thank you.

    As for women, the issue is even more complicated. Feminism, and its mantra for equality, is relevant only in the confines of the politically correct where laws are obeyed and everybody is civil. But there is another world out there that is cruelly barbaric — a throwback to when brute strength and domination ruled. Submit or die.

    A short time ago, Baron, you posted a photo of a smiling feminist holding a sign welcoming “refugees.” She was so young, so naïve, so trusting that I almost cried. She had no idea what was coming; the brute, evil, degradation that will reduce her to near insanity. Like the Muslim horde she, too, has been indoctrinated. Now these worlds collide.

    Men, never stop being men. Don’t be overwhelmed by petty grievances. Yes, women want to be held in higher esteem. But in a world of Satanic evil women are helpless. We must unite as one to fight an evil that is overtaking us.

    • Thank you, Ingrid, for putting it so well. I see blamers are out in force here. But consider, blamers, two facts. First of all, the contract between the sexes went like this: women bear children and do the more nurturing chores of a society. Men do the more “hefting” chores and defend. With some overlap.

      In my chronology, western men broke this contract by treating us like third-rate citizens — speaking against us in words of hate recorded across centuries: denying us education, denying us the vote, denying us a full voice in public affairs. To this very day, there is a vast “seduction culture” where men share tips on how best to trick women into “love” so they can control and demean us. Where were the men speaking against this when the first feminists came along?

      But then, with the second wave, women’s fury turned into perpetual scolding, and ritual attacks on the proverbial “white male.” With the third wave, women have been suckered into supporting men who are “presenting as women”, and very aggressively so, I might add. Not an unpredictable situation. But I digress.

      Petulant blaming goes nowhere. It is just another way to commit cultural suicide. The only division that matters is between the totalitarians, and the rest of us. Who would have thought that the New World Order will come marching in wearing the face of Islam?

      And that is the second point I am making. This is the time to finally make peace between the sexes, for self preservation, and let go of blaming on both sides. Not to go back to the “good ol’ traditional days” when women could be shoved into Kinder, Kuche, Kirche. Nor the bad old newer days when “white men” were blamed for everything. But forward to being real partners, neither sex demeaned. I have never had a problem with the older more traditional division of tasks. By all means. But for crying out loud, let us lay down weapons in the Sex Wars! Divided we fall.

    • > Don’t be overwhelmed by petty grievances.

      Our grievances are not petty. Why fight for a society where – even if we win – we lose?, because right after that, heterosexual men will again become second class citizens . . . held to a higher standard under the law, but blamed for all societal ills. Equality is as real as a unicorn, but I desire at least the pretense of it before the law for every individual, regardless of secondary characteristics like sex, race or whatever else. A majority of women in welfarist democracies have become the addicted slaves of demagogues who promise “free” stuff in elections. Men just pay. It’s no wonder they no longer care. You’ve come long way, baby!

      • I forgot to quote Gloria Steinem: “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”.

        Now go buy yourself a burka.

      • No your grievances are not petty, but they are a dangerous distraction that we cannot afford. The Nazis won in western Europe because the French. British, Belgians and Dutch could not work together, each wanted to fight their own way and with their own command structures. So Jerry took them out one by one.

        We need to UNITE behind an organiztion like PEGIDA, and avoid the petty squabbles that so empower our enemies. KGB policy was always to infiltrate the opposition and cause petty squabbles – divide and rule; it worked amazingly well, we fell for it time after time.

        The feminista/cultural marxists are our enemies, they are not to be won over, they must be destroyed or sidelined. We start to do that when the girl next door is happy to share our umbrella and catch the bus with us to the PEGIDA demo:-

        a relic of a kinder age…..

      • The blinkers went on after 9/11. A few Muslim fire crackers won’t make much difference.

  17. A very popular American “right wing” talk show host said decades ago that the United States may eventually have the most “diverse” army in the world but it will not have the strongest and most effective one. Since then we’ve had 9/11 plus all the endless half assed screw ups imaginable. The little “we” has an insatiable appetite for cheap fixes and shoot ups. The backward ignorant so called multi culturursl mess makes Babylon look like the ultimate in stability and forward thinking. Our only hope may be that the Islamic low life will overplay their gland and nuke themselves. Will there be a proverbial night of the long knives?

    • It reminds one of the “Imperial and Royal” (K.u.K) Austro-Hungarian Army, which had more than its fair share of friendly fire accidents in its conflicts.

  18. Brilliant and important essay. Yes, it was a probe, Europe failed the test. I recall an essay a few weeks ago about why India does not suffer similar treatment from their Muslim citizens: When Muslims attack a train, Hindus burn the nearest Muslim towns to the ground, and ten times the number of Muslims are dead by the next day. That is the only response that the Muslim hive-mind understands. That is why the Mumbai 2008 attacks had to be conducted using Pakistani terrorists who came by sea. Indian Muslims understand: attack the Hindus, and they attack you right back, but ten times harder.

    While in Europe, the hive-mind chemical pheromone communication after the NYE attack is signaling: Jihad, full speed ahead! European so-called “men” won’t even defend their women!

    • Da capo: If Hi[llar]y Clinton gets in office, we are done, America will be completely trashed and Jihadists will be very active, killing off infidels, etc. Churches will be burned to the ground and women taken into slavery.

  19. What does the ‘virile’, ‘strong’, ‘post-feminism’ male do, when he must FIRST do battle with his OWN po-lice and their “administration”?

    AFTER they took all guns away, and AFTER criminalizing ALL forms and acts of self-defence by “un-annointed civilians”?

    All these hints about what “our men” should do have been made COMPLETELY ILLEGAL and will be attacked by the ‘powers that be’ much more QUICKLY that ANY actions by those poor ‘refugees’. After all, they must have been just Fascist Islamophobes and thus deserve to be destroyed.

  20. On a lighter note, I confess to being a reader of Elizabeth Peters, who wrote numerous books about herEnglish characters excavating in Egypt in the late 19 and early 20 century. The Muslims, at that time, seemed very nice and friendly while following their religion and yet tolerating the British (maybe they had no choice there) and other Westerners who came to their country seeking ancient treasures or just enjoying the “salubrious” weather of Egypt. Of course, there was money to made out of it. Times have changed greatly. Someone I know thinks it is all America’s (or George Bush’s) fault. I am not smart enough to know where to place the blame for this vicious version of the Muslim religion, which is supposedly a religion of peace.

    I’m not getting into this feminist debate, thank you very much. I think it is irrelevant.

    And, possibly, so am I! But dear Baron, I really do enjoy your site, even though it often brings such bad news to my attention. . . stay strong!

  21. The Mohammedans are definitely probing. But keep in mind that the Mohammedan is one of many enemies facing the civilization. He is a new enemy and one that is invading us with bodies and ideology. At the same time, we are also beset by our own home-grown enemies within. They are among us already and have been at work for a long time now. And they are indistinguishable other than their belief and their ideologies. These ideologies consist of Marxism, feminism, egalitarianism, relativism, etc. As a result, our house is severely divided and weakened. So defenders of the traditional civilization are at a significant disadvantage when confronted with a new invading enemy like the Mohammedans. The internal enemies don’t see the Mohammedans as enemies, yet; they are welcoming them. The defender has to deal with those already here in the process of tearing down the house, while having to deal with intruders entering with the intention of also tearing it down and building a new one. The battle has to be fought on many fronts. I think it will be difficult to focus on any one enemy because all are attacking at the same time, and in cooperation. Are we returning to a state of war against all?

    • William: If you want to quit the war against all, stop blaming. That’s really important. It’s a bullying tactic. Let go of it, accept responsibility in as much as you have in the past contributed to divisiveness, and resolve to build unity among us instead.

      There is only one enemy: totality. The rest of it are just morphing flavors.

      • Seems to me that your time would be better spent perusing Amazon for a burka instead of harassing Will. He (and I) are no longer interested in this feminist banter while the walls are being breached. Why don’t you bench your grievances while this sort of man (Will-who you will want to save your hide) can refine his bearings in this forum? Because that’s all he wants.

        • Really. Where were you when Topuz vomited his bile on us? Is that the kind of “bearings” you support?

          • Topuz? He’s not mentioned in this thread. But since you bring it up – he’s got a right to have an opinion.

      • You sound like a kindergarten teacher Vera….am waiting for “”haters”” term to be used. Instead of hectoring and lecturing, maybe a “”get where you are coming from”” would be helpful. “”Contributed to divisiveness”””….how Hillary that sounds. If you want to join hands and sing kumbaya, you are likely in the wrong forum. One problem I have with other women who “”debate”” their default position is almost always an appeal that some sort of conensus must be jammed down everyones throats. You think “”building unity”” is the goal, that appears to mean among ma y females, my way or the highway. Your little [deprecated] response to William is indicative of what many of the angry or disgusted men on this blog are saying about feminists and or womens response in general. Lol, kind of funny but many females seem into the Hegelian dialectic. Consensus may not be the ultimate goal, unity as defined by female mindset is one of the big problems the west has. Additionally, females have bullying down pat, they do it from a high horse assumed position of moral superiority that is undeserved and dictatorial.

        • Always a good time for hitting a person rather than the argument, Diana, in your world? Yeah, that will lead to better days any time now. Can’t wait.

  22. There is one other thing I must add (to my two comments above). Some men here complained that we women don’t defend “white males” when they are attacked in discussions and conversations. I think this is beginning to shift. I realized couple of months ago that it’s gone too far. Better late than never, no? And I began to say so online whenever I run into it. I encourage esp. other women to join me in this. I think the culture is poised on the edge of shifting. But each of us must resolve to speak up.

    • I think a lot of these attitudes are based on media saturation of the issues of feminism, gender, etc. I don’t have a TV, so I don’t see a whole lot of that.

      Among my personal acquaintances, I don’t know any hard-core feminists, and not many even slightly doctrinaire ones. This is true even among those under 40, and includes a fair number of liberal women, maybe most of them.

      The overwhelming majority are old-fashioned advocates for equal rights, who like men just fine and seem to prefer the traditional division of labor and interests between men and women, as long as a generalized reciprocity is in place.

      These are the women I defend. My assessment is based on personal experience ONLY, not on anything the media show me.

      Another reminder to KILL YOUR TV.

      • you are absolutely right! here in Germany the miasma of feminism and demonization of white heterosexual men is OBSCENELY HUGE! When I was in college in Erlangen I was all day hearing proffesors talk about how women and muslims and whatever minority go throught countless daily atrocities because of evil white heterosexual men, implying that women, muslims and third world people are in the same niche. I was adamant to that [nonsense] but many gullible, silly girls actually believed and I every day saw how german girls dated africans and muslims and they boasted about this as if were some kind of certificate of moral superiority …. we women are largely responsible for this plague of primivite creatures and is invading our land.

        • It’s not women who are responsible. Were those professors women? Are the Antifa thugs terrorising Pegida protests women? Are the “correct-thinking” German politicians threatening their next-door neighbours Poland, merely for maintaining some normal human instincts, women?

          As someone else wrote, feminism is only one head of the monster that’s been created to destroy the west. Other heads IMO include GLBT activists, hardcore socialism, militant minorities movements (eg Black Panthers), the current anti-patriotic/religious trends and, last but not least the Islamic footsoldiers, imported during last year into Europe in such large numbers.

          I’d also include an excessive drinking culture, addiction to dumbed-down TV shows and pervasive pornography.

          As you can see, feminism is just a small part. My grandmother in Poland has been a feminist for a long time, and hates the new government – but she also saw the dangers in this invasion, and said that “the young men should group together to defend the women”.

      • I think we’re roughly in the same place: I have no problem with “equality of opportunity” feminists. Actually, I quite agree with them and will get into vocal arguments on their side.

        What I don’t like is the socialists/communicsts/maoists that call themselves feminists and push “equality of outcome” angles. Those ones can go hang around Cologne on New Year’s Eve along with their multikulti buddies, as far as I’m concerned :-).

      • We only watch travel, hunting type shows and local news and old westerns or classic movies from the 60’s.

    • Too little too late vera.
      But luckily for you the old fashioned white knights are probably still in the majority, compared to my generation of “feminism, fool me once .. “.
      Though they are getting a bit old in the tooth. 😉

      The youngest generation though is where it´s REAL bleak for you gals. It´s either actual brainwashed Marxist traitors or chauvinists that would make a mullah blush.

      Interesting times for everybody, but especially the females.

      And if this surprises some of the older folks here, then YOU haven´t been paying ANY attention to your OWN house either.

      • Well, hans, I haven’t met any white knights yet, and I’ve been around a while. Real bleak for us gals? What do you think they do with the men while they take women into slavery? Bah. This is getting silly, all this empty swagger. Carry on, if you think it impresses.

        Real men eat quiche. And real men don’t insult women to make a point.

        • I don’t get it with you. I’m here to learn, so explain to me the perfect scenario to resolve the issue (grope-gate) brought forth in this forum.

          • Close the borders of Europe.
            Process all asylum applicants and only keep the ones truly escaping from their countries (the rules are a lot narrower than Merkel led the ‘refugees’ to believe).
            Send back any who came through any other safe country to that country to be further processed.
            Get all of their fingerprints and DNA tests, so no illegal returns are possible.

            And declare islam the political ideology it actually is. Right up there with other fascist political ideology that might be banned or strictly controlled in Germany.

  23. We see a strange not-so-new phenomenon: some governmental entities in the West are trying to protect foreign, hostile elements from the public, instead of the other way around. We used to have something like that in colonial days, which is why they convened the Continental Congress.

  24. After reading these posts I am confused. This isn’t about feminists, a woman’s duties to men or vice versa. The problem is much, much deeper. What was seen on New Year’s Eve was the breakdown of law and order and the total collapse of civil society.

    Even if men had tried to defend women that night, so huge was the Muslim horde male defenders would have been beaten to a merciless pulp and likely killed. Cologne police were hugely outnumbered, outgunned and, in effect, nowhere to be seen. Civil order was nonexistent. Was this by design? Did Reker order police to stand down that night to satiate a political agenda? Forget the polite discussion. To hell with deep thoughts regarding feminism and the emasculating of men. Yes, Baron, this is war.

    • Good question, Ingrid. There is news of (anti-immigrant policy) protesters at the moment being matched one on one by the police, not hesitant to use water canons. So that opens up some very unpleasant inquiries regarding the lapse of coverage on Silversternicht.

    • As has previously been stated, there is also the problem that it’s hard for civilians (male or female, but especially male) to be willing to engage in physical defense when they’re more likely to get prosecuted for assault than the criminals are to get arrested and prosecuted for sexual or other assault.

      In Europe, attempting to assume the role of the state by violating their monopoly on defending the population is a greater crime than simply criminally victimizing a random subject. This is because to violate the state monopoly you are “victimizing” the effectively God-appointed state. (I am of the opinion that Europeans mostly still believe in the “divine right of kings” even if they don’t realize it. It has just become a secular version of the divine right where king is replaced with state. The leftist Americans who idolize Europen state socialism have become nearly the same in belief.)

      To go up against the state monopoly on physical defense, average civilians are realistically going to need the moral support of at least the other civilians around them.

    • Well liebe Ingrid, your [epithet] “deep thoughts about feminism” have been the core of my problem during MY entire life.
      Since the Marxist-feminist ideology is so deeply embraced by females, as you were profiting from it at every corner, you maybe didn´t notice.

      Now that actual rape culture has been imported BY YOUR TYPES, suddenly the discarded “[epithets]” are to be shamed into paying the ULTIMATE price AGAIN?

      Guess what.

      I will take care of MY ailing mother first and ONLY her and THEN try to take as many of the ORKS as I can with me, WITH MY EFFIN KITCHEN KNIVES.
      As that´s pretty much the only “weaponry” allowed in this country.

      So sorry I didn´t learn to shoot bow&arrow, the only real long range weaponry that the almighty state didn´t regulate out of a Man´s hands.

    • The huge police presence at the PEGIDA demo yesterday indicates that NYE was a contrived situation, the police hierarchy in Cologne gave Islam a free permit to sexually assault women and girls.

      Sex assults on females are acceptable collateral damage, courtesy of the need to use Islam to destroy Judeo-Christian Europe; a side show in a war where PEGIDA poses a real threat to be countered as effectively (and violently) as possible.

  25. This is absolutely true! it happened in Leipzig too! I was in a bar with friends and the owners had to lock the doors because there was a war in the streets with dark skinned men throwing stones at cars and windows and firecrackers and flares at the crowd of people, I was told by some women that they had been touched and molested by men. I hate to say it but most german men are COWARDS and sadly most german women are man hating bitches whose only goal is to dominate and humiliate men, most german men are simply compulsive porn watchers/masturbators who fear women in real life and women are to blame for this because we keep telling that whatever they do is sexism and they can be demonized, ostracized, sued, fined etc for being sexist ( to many mad german bitches being a white german man is sexist per se) so men isolate from women and stop caring about us, after all we hate them they think. Now we women are being raped and killed by muslims and no white german chauvinist pig wants to help us.

      • That could be true but I think its a fact that young European men are softer than their father’s generation. Playstation and computer games has ruined a generation. Where are the skinheads and the boot boys? They could sort out those Arab lads, if they still existed.

        • The “skinheads and boot boys” have been imprisoned and bankrupted for having “intolerant” and wrong” thoughts. They became drunks and drug addicts, and – if they did not die young – they became pot-bellied and old. The cavalry ain’t coming, and if you wish to be victimized twice, call the cops.

    • A good summary though I somewhat take umbrage at the cowards part.

      Most women simply don´t understand that when two Men fight it´s ALWAYS a borderline life&death/mutilation situation and (especially in Germany) a very real chance for a jail sentence, even when acting in self-defense.
      That said, intoxicated German men have no problem to have a go at each other.
      Lucid Men on the other hand don´t, which the average female doesn´t understand of course (as she can hit and kick with impunity), thus she just sees cowardice.

    • Wow, that’s so sad. I went to school in Germany in the 70s, and the German boys were so nice. We’d play catch in the schoolyard, go to the Karnival and swimming pools together. During adolescence, a bit of cuddling and kissing was explored, but it was innocent and we knew our limits. Something bad must have happened in the 80s and 90s, which turned the next generation into the people you’re describing. I feel so sad for Germany :(((

    • Rather than write a bunch of Cold Hard Truth that will be deleted anyway, just this:
      Alexandra is dead on, listen to her.

    • Alexandra: These facts no doubt apply to all of the EU and G.B., Ireland and now days, the U.S. and Canada. How many remember the rape of a woman screaming, in ’77 outside a NYC apt. dozens of people watched from their windows, no one called police. This was forty years ago. It will be far worse now if this happens here, men will run and hide somewhere unless (maybe) it’s their sisters or daughters?

  26. I am saddened by some of the comments posted. I was raised to offer help when help is needed – irrespective of any other factors.
    If some men cannot bring themselves to assist women because of feminism, then I think the view of those men is too narrow. After all:

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”

    Though in this modern age this should be revised to “… good people do nothing”.

    I suggest that at the next big events, people who care about their country folk form citizen patrols and provide a visible deterrent.
    This need not be seen as vigilantism, provided that it is coordinated with the police. It would also be prudent to capture all patrols on video.
    It is possible to make a citizen’s arrest in many countries, including Germany:

    I propose that people start making use of the provision.

    • I assume from “NZBloke” that you’re in New Zealand.

      New Zealand is a country where (a) the crazies aren’t in charge (yet?), (b) generally reasonably police, (c) genuine feminists whose main purpose isn’t man-hating communism/maoism and (d) has several thousand kilometres of ocean between it and sources of problems.

      Thus what would work in NZ doesn’t necessarily work elsewhere.

      P.S. I’ve been to NZ, hence my comments. It’s a nice place. A very nice place. I hope it stays that way.

      • The blinkers went on after 9/11. A few Muslim fire crackers won’t make much difference.

      • Sadly, from what I noticed NZ and Australians have elected the worst examples of Marxist Traitors, almost on par with their German (&EU) ilk.

        It´s that most men simply haven´t noticed yet, unless they lived through a domestic violence/divorce or false rape accusation incident.

        I briefly entertained the notion to go to NZ, but it´s already too far gone and the Men there aren´t willing to change something because it´s easier that way.
        Just like in Germany and actually all Anglo & EU countries.

        • Actually, we turned a few years ago and have been voting back our mid-right National party recently. People like me, traditional Labour voters, realised that they were going too far left. There are a lot of us becoming a bit more conservative in middle age.

          • I recall a saying I heard many years ago:

            “If you’re not a socialist in your teens and early twenties then you have no heart. If you’re still a socialist in your thirties and forties you have no brains.”

            Rgds, S III

            P.S. I guess I never had a heart 🙂

    • NZ Bloke, you cannot coordinate with police if they are in cahoots with the state–and that is the case in ALL western Eurabian countries.
      It’s the reason my wife and I cancelled our trip to U.K.–because we could NOT rely upon the police and courts who always take the side of the immigrants–or hadn’t you noticed?
      (Kiwi in Canada)

      • If you are a relocated Kiwi to Canada looking to escape islam/mohamedism, you made a huge mistake. Canada’s latest PM (Justin T[ru]deau) is more odious than America’s moslim-in-chief Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Obama). Barry’s only ‘work’ experience was as a ‘Community Organizer (read communist/marxist/islamic agitator); primary skill-set required being pathological lying capability.

        T. will do more damage to Canada than Barry has done to the USA because he is white, has pop-star hair and is the son of former Canadian PM Pierre Trudeau who arguably initiated cultural enrichment in Canada. Son T[]’s claim to experience was as a part-time drama teacher. He has lived off trust funds most of his life. Much as I despise Barry Soetoro, T[ru]deau is arguably the most inept and dangerous ideologue ever voted into power in a western country. Canada is heading down the rabbit-hole.

        NOTE FROM ADMIN: There are a lot of comments of late. This tiresome twisting of names is a school-yard taunt game and is against the rules. Adds absolutely nothing to the information and degrades the thread. We will begin deleting these uncivil, not-clever comments. It is way too much work to fix them.

        • . . . and the majority of those who voted for Trudeau – women – were wet with passion when casting their votes. I overheard quite a few of them around the time of the recent federal election.

      • Peter35: I encourage Americans (and others elsewhere) to cancel and avoid all trips to the EU, G.B., Russia and realize the dangers. Last year, tourists from Europe went to a beach resort near Tunis, in Tunisia, 38 were ambushed and killed near the beaches. Other beach resorts on the Mediterranean sea should be avoided.

      • Musthava, I’ve been here in Canada 48 years; otherwise I agree with you.

        Says something about the voting public in both USA and Canada, when you look at our ‘leaders’, doesn’t it?
        Yes Trudeau will be a country wrecker, and worse than his old man, because Justin is such an idiot.
        The Kenyan muslim (muslim brotherhood) is not an idiot but an America killing muslim–there is a difference.

    • Patrols are already forming AND have been almost immediately STRONGLY vilified by THE POLICE no less.
      The narrative being that it´s too dangerous and vigilantism.

      The dangerous part actually has merit as one is basically allowed a flashlight and a walking cane for self-defense.
      And if one actually injures or kills the attacker, there is a pretty good chance to end up in jail yourself.

    • Thank you, NZ Bloke. You’re a real man, and a real human.

      New Zealand is like that: we all help each other in emergency situations, men or women!

  27. Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a plea to make, in light of what we know, would you all please give consideration to the suggestion that when speaking of Muslim child rapists, gropers and Jihadists we stop using the description ” Men ” and use instead use
    ” Male “.

    In my reckoning, men value and defend girls women and children, trying to do the best they can for them.

    As the very proud father of two, I take pride in trying to do my best for them all. Thankyou.

    • Gleaner1, I always refer to them as males – NEVER men. Muslim males are NOT men. Real men PROTECT women and children. Muslim males are taught from childhood to hate non-Muslims, especially non-Muslim females who they are instructed by the Quran to rape and take as sex slaves, making it a Crime Against Humanity that Muslims are imported into our countries.

      Western leaders know that the Quran commands Muslims to perpetrate forced conversions, violent jihad, kidnappings, rapes, gang rapes, satanic atrocities, beheadings, crucifixions, mass barbaric murders, of non-Muslim innocents and the capturing of non-Muslim females for sex slaves.

      Our EVIL God-haters leaders have massively imported Muslims into our nations so that Muslims can OBEY the horrifying, demonic commands in the Quran, against our people.

      Our leaders are Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity.

  28. I have been troubled to see how many comments there are to the effect that women are wrong to expect help from men in the NYE Cologne incident. I have no doubt that women are at fault for a lot of things, just as men are. I am no supporter of modern feminism, but I hope I may be decently logical. Maybe not. All this time I have been blaming the various governments and the E.U. for creating this situation, then for attempting to conceal it and lie about it. So far as can be seen, the abused women of Cologne have not asked that all decent men come out of their factories and forests and farms to the rescue. They appear to have asked only why their government officials have not been willing to do their jobs, jobs which they have asked for and been paid to do. Not everyone will agree with me that most of our institutions can no longer be trusted but I suspect that our numbers are growing daily. He and she and you and I need to do what we can to fix this. WE need to fix this.

    • When a dozen car bombs go off on the same day across Europe in 2016, and Beslan, Mumbai and Paris attacks are a daily event, the smoke and fog will be blown away and things will suddenly become clear in every civilized person’s mind, including former brainwashed cultural Marxists, who will either be dead, convert to Islam, or will become instant crusaders.

      • Don’t forget Option 4 – Emergency EU rules written in Brussels. Internet – clamped down. Communications- muffled. Bank accounts – frozen. Freedom of movement – curtailed.

      • In the UK we also have a thing called the ‘Civil Contingencies Act 2004’ (thanks to Comrade Blair and his motley crew):

        Cut through the reams of convoluted bureaucratic obfuscation and get to the heart of the matter and you will find one of the most draconian and iniquitous plans designed to preserve the sinecures of the ruling classes ever to emanate from the Mother of Parliaments.
        S III

  29. I go a little further Baron – I would say the leftists and Brussels oligarchs are serving platform for these Muslims can go ahead with their actions, and that could destabilize European countries. There would be no Muslim immigration, if there were no European Union, media, and other factors that cooperate to the misfortune of Europe. Marxists, liberals and Muslims, all cooperating.

    Angela Merkel knew what would happen, she did it because she wanted to.

    • What you say is at least partially true. The migration was planned in advance by the NWO/socialist oligarchy. That much is clear.

      However, what was not planned was the extent of the migration in 2015. The sudden acceleration in July and August plainly caught them by surprise.

      It wasn’t supposed to happen this fast. Merkel & Co. were sandbagged by Erdogan last year. The latter had his own reasons for unleashing the migration tsunami. Now the European oligarchy is trying to make the best of it and doing damage control.

      And, based on recent events in Germany, they’re not doing a very good job of it.

      • I still haven’t seen a good analysis of that. But I heard that the German bureaucracy tweeted that all are welcome, just come on. There was some sort of a social media signal. Then Erdogan opened the gates.

      • They are still coming at around 2000 a day, per media accounts. That’s a fraction of what it was before, but still a large number. Not sure if we’ll see the numbers climb once spring arrives. Given the fact that Sweden, Denmark, and other countries have tried to slow the flow, I’m guessing that 90+% of new arrivals are headed for Germany.

        Unless the German border is completely sealed, we’re looking at another 1 million in 2016, at a minimum.

        As I’ve written elsewhere, a million new (mostly young male) newcomers would push Germany’s male youth population to between 25% and 30% Muslim by the end of 2016. Much as people would like to defend the women, and everything else German, the numbers are staggering. You’re fighting against the new Muslim horde, but also against your own elites. Those are rather poor odds.

        If I’m German, I’m selling the house and moving away. The writing’s on the wall.

        • I said it was long overdue for freedom loving Europeans to pack up and emigrate, before it’s too late.

          • No NO,
            The first ones to flee will be the squeamish “do gooders” to spread their poison of more integration, and how to do it better.
            They rationalize by claiming the far right are causing problems in their country, so they do not want to live in such a country, and with such people. Already I have heard this, to my amazement.

            The ones I would appreciate are the ones who would make a stand, like Tommy Robinson, Gert Wilders, etc. though sad to say I would think many would be made unwelcome, even in the so called outposts of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, who are yet just slowly progressing down the drain.

        • German and other European and British leaders are determined that there will be huge gangs of many thousands of Muslims raping our girls all over Europe, day and night, every day. This is how EVIL and SATANIC our leaders are.

      • You have to defend yourself from Islam but also destroy this oligarchy. That’s what I mentioned about this elite working hard to create this type of situation occurs precisely because of the looseness, and the opposing militancy of some citizens co-opted by ideology. Citizens need to fight this emerging culture but also against what is already established, ie, Marxist who bears fruit in cultural soil. The efforts of PEGIDAS are having good effect, and that’s a good thing.

        Now, about Angela Merkel try to strive to overcome this situation – I do not think she’s as concerned as it had in mind what would happen. Depending on the projection of these events, and the media’s efforts to cover up, as well as their own government, the situation can become worse, but for German nationals. The use of force in the protests today left me a little perplexed.

  30. I just went back and read some of the nasty vitriol published by the likes of Topuz. I am sorry I did. I hope that his ilk will not be allowed to poison this forum. If he wants women’s submission, and to own them, we all know where he can go to get that. He has just excluded himself from civilized society.

      • Nothing like the joy of being trolled. Carry on, oh brave one! Insulting women online is so admirable and so massively courageous… eh? LOL

        • Yes, only you should be doing the insulting.

          [ad-hominems redacted]

          You seem to think that you are owed something. I don’t agree.

    • > I hope that his ilk will not be allowed to poison this forum.

      Your calls to shut down discussion of uncomfortable, but necessary topics is indistinguishable of leftist “no platform” silencing tactics.

      > some of the nasty vitriol published by the likes of

      You see, you dont even try to comment, let alone _refute_ any of the points I have raised. I am trying to understand and explain why western men dont want to fight any more, and let “their” prescious women be groped, stripped and raped in front of one of Europes iconic churches, without a massive street battle.

      > He has just excluded himself from civilized society.

      If civilized society is the one allowing young women to rally around rapefugee trains, holding signs like “welcome refugees, bring your families”




      then that “cilivilezed society” is sick and suicidal and has to be changed. If YOU support this civilized society in its current suicidal form, you basically deserve Islam.

      > If he wants women’s submission, and to own them

      If you want for Islam to rule in a few decades, because YOUR able bodied men do not want to fight for your insubordinate “freedoms”, then keep pushing, keep calling names, keep calling for ostracism, keep calling for censorship, i.e. keep pushing the leftist agenda.

      > to poison this forum.

      First, it is not YOUR forum. It is as mine as it is yours. Until the owner of this forum decides that my POV is undesirable here, I’ll keep advocating it.

      Second, I’m able bodied, youre weak. YOU want ME to ultimatively fight Muhammad to protect YOU. If this ever happens, it will be on MY terms, not yours. And whatever society I want to fight for, you’ll have to agree, because otherwise youll involuntarily join Muhammads harem.

      Do you even understand that my protective services arent a god-given right, and that you have to somehow EARN them?

      • Topuz, this is my only post to you directly. And my last. Just to explain something.

        You said: “If YOU support this civilized society in its current suicidal form, you basically deserve Islam.”

        I do not support it. That is why I am here, that is why I write on this very topic in other forums, from other angles. I was referring to old fashioned civility. You know, all those traditional virtues, and none of them includes poisoning the well in our discussions, nor referring to women as would-be slaves of yours.

        Your behavior has shown everybody here with remarkable vividness why women’s movement had to be invented. Thank you for that.

        And one more thing. Nobody, but nobody *deserves* Islam unless they have converted of their own free will. To fling that at someone in this forum is the lowest of the low. Feh.

        • > my only post to you directly. And my last.

          If youre not interested in a discussion, then do not adress me. You directly did, so I felt encouraged to respond. If you dont like my opinions, ignore them.

          > Your behavior has shown … why women’s movement had to be invented.


          But the womens movement has now shown to everybody now that in the long run, they turn into leftist feminists, support EVERY culturally destructive communist policy under the sun, and finally simply open the gates and let the enemy in by the millions.

          Everything women collectively have accomplished was leftism, more leftism, and EVEN MORE leftism. Women movements kicked off the equality slippery slope, equal this, equal that, which in the end leads to the mere notion of a country having borders to be “racism”. Only now that women are being literally chased in the streets of major cities by hundreds of rabid, drooling rapfugees, only now are you slowly realizing that youre not so equal after all and that you absolutely NEED men to fight the bloody street fight for you, or you end up in a street gang rape.

          > nor referring to women as would-be slaves of yours.

          I dont want a slave. I just dont want a leftist, post-cultural traitor in my bed, which most of “modern women” simply are. You may not be one, but most of them ARE. Dont take it personally, look at it statistically.

          Also, if you want men to fight and risk death and injury on your behalf, whil you are comfortably staying home waiting for things to be sorted out, how exactly do you plan to earn this kind of men-powered “insurance”?

        • I agree. No one deserves Islam, and women in particular don’t deserve being reduced to chattel. Yes, the women’s movement did have to be invented. It began in the 19th century because women noticed that the very freedoms they were demanding for slaves were freedoms they themselves didn’t have.

          My mother worked very hard to keep our family together and to keep our house. She would pay the mortgage every month, even when she had to scrape the last penny out of the couch cushions. And then, under the law, my father was allowed to re-mortgage it to the hilt and leave again. So she had no choice but to PAY for a divorce and PAY to have the house titled in her name. Nor, at the time, could women serve on juries – not even if the person accused of a crime was a woman. So much for “a jury of her peers” for those women back then.

          But the fems never thought outside the box. They wanted to be mini-men, not people in their own right. There were some golden opportunities to help poor women in those years and they passed them up to grab power rather than sharing it. Feminist women became caricatures, and most of them shrewish ones at that.

          So we’ve ended up with a generation of mean girls. Colleges are full of them. The fake rape charges have ruined many a young man. The boys at UVA who were falsely accused in the Rolling Stone magazine fiasco are suing the relevant parties involved in the sliming – good on them. At UVA there were also several young women who went missing – their bodies later found. In every case, they were drunk – very drunk – when last seen on CCTV cameras. Sexually perverted killers used the opportunity these girls’ behavior presented to them. They’d never have approached a sober girl.

          In Virginia, a man can be accused of rape if he has sexual intercourse with a drunk woman, even if they are BOTH drunk at the time. IOW, it’s not equality before the law.

          What we need on college campuses is not more vigils and candles and teddy bears. We need mandatory AA meetings for anyone found drunk on campus. Yes, I know it violates the spirit of AA to have it mandatory, but judges do that all the time as a condition of probation and at least if they’re at AA meetings on weekends, there is less opportunity to drink, which means fewer deaths by alcohol poisoning.

          Girls – and they *are* girls – have wasted the opportunity to prove they can lead men because they’re too busy aping men instead of coming up with a template that is really useful and productive. Out in the real world, many women say they’d rather have a man as a boss than a woman because men are more likely to play it straight. Women in groups play head games with one another.

          • “they’re too busy aping men instead of coming up with a template that is really useful and productive.”

            Couldn’t agree more.

  31. “No, I will grow a beard, learn arabic and earn myself a submissive harem. Islam offers me submissive women, and what offers the west? [epithets, epithets], divorce-rape, single-mom welfare and marxism. [I abjure] that. From the male point of view, islam IS better, so you see men willing to die for islam by the tens of thousands, and german men hiding in basements and playing video games while muslims grope and rape “their” women.”

    The person who writes this tripe is my mortal enemy, (and the enemy of Western Civilization) until the day I assume room temperature. I have many sisters and too many female cousins and nieces to count, and on their behalf, with or without their explicit instructions or permission, I’ll fight to my last breath against rapists, slave masters, slave sellers, Cologne gropers, and people who write what I just copied and pasted. And trust me, I’m pretty intelligent, even more clever, and very, very well armed.

    And on the day that I see the proverbial rape in progress, I won’t be pulling out a ruler to measure skirt lengths, I’ll be pulling out a pistol and I’ll be shooting the rapists right to the ground. Trust me on that.

    • Well Mr. Bracken, although your Tet2 essay has been a horrible eye opener for me, I must inform you that your country has also been VERY effective at completely disarming Germany.
      Not just the guns but also psychologically.

      I can guarantee you that most Germans are actually more afraid of guns than of Muslims, even the ones that were recently assaulted by them.

      Kudos for the total subjugation, how does it feel?
      Because from here it sure feels crappy right now.

      • No one could argue the absolute necessity to disarm and tamp down at least 2 generations of Germans after the war. And things have been going quite well in most respects since, until you folks decided to elect a GDR Stasi as your chancellor. I recall a few eyebrows raised when she was elected; this decision wasn’t a result of the allies disarming your country. Regardless- I’m certain that your brilliant engineers and metal craftsmen could quietly manufacture some nice weaponry if they so desired. But the desire to survive can’t be manufactured, it’s innate or it doesn’t exist. I would certainly suggest like minded people in your neighborhood form a “club” and piece together a plan of action in the event of a total collapse of civility. It’s clear to many of us that no one will come to your rescue, you’d just as well be lost in space.

        • Actually, Germany was already disarmed and spineless long before Frau Doktor Merkel showed up. The problem in Germany is waaaaaaaaay. . . too much respect for authority, coupled with the usual gullibility in the presence of demagogues. (Never forget that the Nazi-mafia gained power within the rules of constitutional democracy.) After the war, the last bit of their brains were removed so that they could not long for the past. It also served to prevent them questioning any further mind-control by authorities. I am grateful that my ancestors departed from there in the mid-9th century. (They may have been too distrusting of authority.)

      • Now Hans let us not exaggerate the disarmament of Germany… after the Paris Agreement, Protocol III , 1954 West Germany was not allowed to manufacture atomic weapons or other weapons of mass destruction. From the late 50’s West Germany had access to modern weapon technology (mostly through U.S. companies opening up branch offices in West Germany). By the time the Bundeswehr was established West Germany produced most of the weapons required for its Armed Forces. Today German military exports account for about a 5% share of world wide military arms sales… now that is what you call disarmament??? By the way your submarines do wobble a bit…at least the ones they received in the another European country I now live in…
        As to the psychological disarmament – you speak only for yourself, as I did not see it while I lived in Germany for more than 25 years. The German “Wirtschaftswunder” could not have happened in a country under mental distress.
        The latest on Cologne: more than 500 police reports filed for NYE attacks.. and the German Minister of Justice Maas saying the attacks were preplanned and arranged through social networking!!!

    • What short collective memories Americans have. In 1815, Decatur and the Marines on board were finally given unrestricted ROE to go after the “Barbarians” (Muslims) who were enslaving Americans, demanding tribute, and harassing commercial shipping and trade on the Med. They didn’t stop until the Bey begged for leniancy, which is all the Barbarians have ever understood or respected. The (white) Americans enslaved were freed. There were no more payments of tribute and the long history of the US Navy as guardian of commercial shipping throughout the Levant was entrenched. Oh – and the Marines added the stanza, “From the shores of Tripoli” to their anthem.

      I have no time of day for beta-Boys who would rather spend more time justifying their vacillation and capitulation than standing firm in their moral convictions and standing for something more meaningful than the latest release of “Fallout”.

    • > I have many sisters and too many female cousins and nieces to count

      I dont.

      > I’ll fight to my last breath

      Then YOU are the problem, not me. Youre completely focused on external enemies, and completely ignoring internal enemies and the robustness of your own culture.

      Instead of preventively fighting leftists, you wait till they open the gates, let the Muhammed orcs in and endanger your many sisters, cousins and nieces.

      > I won’t be pulling out a ruler to measure skirt lengths …

      Then again, youre a part of the problem. You ALLOW women to culturally and morally degrade to the point that nobody wants to fight for them, then you go ballistic when the inevitable happens.

      > I’ll be pulling out a pistol and I’ll be shooting the rapists

      There were about a thousand of them, youd be alone and desperately outnumbered. How many do you think you would take out before they eat you alive?

      > The person who writes this tripe is my mortal enemy

      No I’m not. I’m just not willing to go out and fight for any random modern women, because theyre not worth it.


      The Muslims can have those without a fight.

  32. The thing is, one of the outcomes of such incidents is that agents of the state will arrest anyone lifting a hand agains the ‘refugees’ and ‘asylum seekers’. And they will prosecute them to the full extent of the law. Just ask Tommy Robinson.

    This is all predictable. And such events form part of the neo-totalitarian targeting system. What we need to realise is that the neo-totalitarians who initiated the great social engineering project over a decade ago will do what they have always done when things like this happen – use such events to increase state control over the individual.

    Anyone who stands up and takes action when they witness a gang of ‘refugees’ raping a woman will be immediately identified by the state as someone with the intellectual and moral wherewithal to resist state control. And they will be treated accordingly.

    As part of their radical social engineering project, the neo-totalitarians have downloaded a copy of 7th century Islamic software that they don’t own, don’t have a licence for and don’t understand, then installed that pirated software on an entirely different platform: 21st Century Europe. That was never going to work. But they keep telling us that it will work. And the neo-totalitarians are absolutely intolerant of anyone who disagrees with them. If anyone recognises the inevitable software issues for what they are, then that individual is forcibly bound, laid out on the altar of the neo-totalitarians’ final solution and ritually sacrificed, pour encourager les autres. 

    That is how they treat anyone who speaks about what they are doing to our societies. Should anyone actually act

    This is all predictable. This is part of how the neo-totalitarian control system operates. This is one way they use to identify individuals who could stand up to them.

    Molotov admitted to the German ambassador before the Soviets invaded Poland in 1939 that they were going to lie about what they were doing and say that it was all to protect ‘oppressed’ minorities – but what they actually did was ‘decapitate’ the occupied territory by identifying any individuals with the potential to resist them, and having them ‘whacked’.

  33. A very interesting debate about the value and view of feminism from the flow over affect of cultural marxism, and where Western Civilization stand, that needs to happen.
    Since 9/11 and as knowledge has increased about islam, it seems that one is always stubbing one’s toe on our own decried values.

    A question that I have had a number of times, even looking around in a church congregation, mostly of old ladies, all very kindly, but once the subject of interfaith dialogue happened. I made very polite points about Mohammad with mainly koran verses, and some hadiths and sunnah. Nor did I over egg , but asked them to think on and do further research, as I knew it was very different information to take in.
    Later, the minister made some references to me, as being very uncharitable, and not open to other people in the land. I kept that bottled, but what surprised me the most, was the cold shouldering and the very high percentage that supported the church inter-dialogue inter faith concepts. What I figured then, is that they will be the ones putting on the hijabs, if not the burka in solidarity for islam.

    Not to worry as even over a few years, that rapidly dwindling congregation is not being renewed. The point is that their children and grand children, are all being quietly influenced to this sell out view.

    For all that, like the Baron, keep on keeping on, as even Churchill did, though very dismayed by the “Oxford Union Debate” in February 1933, “The motion, that this House will in no circumstances fight for its King and Country
    where pacifism was espoused and won the debate.
    It sort of touches on what even is happening today.
    Well worth a read, interesting to reflect on, as it also shows how even the debate had far reaching ramifications in the lives of some of the participants of the debate, and around the world, and even inspired the axis nations, to War.

    • In a debate in the House of Commons in May 1935, Churchill laid out the parallel problems facing all of us. Historian Martin Gilbert writes:

      During the debate, Churchill told his fellow MPs: “When the situation was manageable, it was neglected, and now that it is thoroughly out of hand we apply, too late, the remedies which then might have effected a cure.” There was, he added, nothing new in that story: it was as old as the Sibylline books of classical legend. It fell into what Churchill now called “that long dismal catalogue of the fruitlessness of experience, and the confirmed unteachability of mankind.”

      Angered that his warnings, as well as his suggestions in 1933 and 1934, had been dismissed as alarmist and ignored until too late, Churchill told the House of Commons: “Want of foresight, unwillingness to act when action would be simple and effective, lack of clear thinking, confusion of counsel until the emergency comes, until self-preservation strikes its jarring gong, these are the features which constitute the endless repetition of history.”

      Churchill ended his speech, however, with words which foreshadowed his oratory of the Second World War, telling the House of Commons: “Never must we despair, never must we give in, but we must face facts and draw true conclusions from them.”

      It seems to be so similiar to the issues of our times too, being blinded by pacfism then. Do not get me wrong, peace is best, it is just how to keep it. Now we have the issues of feminism, and in the politically correct mode is also very blinding, and the effects on the populace is very blinding.

      Yet Churchill kept on, despite much many major savage personal, media, political criticism/attacks.

      The truth he espoused, though rejected, did eventually get through, almost too late, turned a people to dig in, and make major life sacrifices, to safe guard and for a better future

      It is done in all small steps, as we and our people must take in the new (well not so new to us) information and actions, realize that we must reflect and think. Just where do we and others stand. Every one has different times to when the veil is dropped, and what is important to us, to the community, country, and Western Civilization just as each small step of “mein kampf” was actually enacted and revealed, so the choice becomes, become a follower or step up and resist.

      That stand is, when, how, and where; will all be individually decided, but when it gathers up, will become like a snowball to effective avalanche size.
      That shows the faith that Churchill maintained through out the 1930’s before WW2

      Like Churchill, it was years of preparation, information, etc. that finally meet the opportunity to work out on a large scale to defeat tyranny.

      • Yes, for a demanding, spoilt ‘mummy’s boy’, old Winston turned out, against all odds, to be a really great man!

        Tragic, isn’t it, how truly prescient and decent people are so often ridiculed or attacked?

    • Thanks for the reminder on the King and Country debate!

      Damn pacifists with their easy -but als0 very dangerous -views on life!

      The pacifists in the King and Country debate remind me of the pc multiculturalists of our days… Maybe we should -in the name of peace- silence their opinions forever…..

  34. As much as i hate to defend those excusing themselves from doing the right thing…

    “It makes me so angry, they have enough police to protect banks and politicians, but simple women in the street? Not enough,” said Cornelia Quarta, a housewife who started off with the women’s demonstration and, like many there, went on to join a growing anti-fascist demonstration on the other side of the station, where banners carried messages such as “refugees welcome”.

    Faced with such implacable suicidal virtue signalling I can see why some blokes might be inclined to just want to sit back with a beer and watch it burn.

  35. And here I thought we were fighting for the opportunity of “Liberty for all” and defending traditional Western values, regardless of gender. Silly me…

  36. YES it is an invasion (obvious from the start), they are here to conquer us and are not wasting any time. YES, NYE was a test, testing our defences and our responses; probably they cannot believe how weak we are. NO the attacks were not the result of a hive instinct; the co-ordinated attacks clearly indicate that they have a command & control structure in place, as you would expect of a large army. YES next time they will use the guns & knives brought with them for the purpose. The next event will be a multiple spectacular like Paris across many cities simultaneously, exactly as they said they would do. We won’t have long to wait.

  37. Thank you for the shout out Baron! I truly appreciate this.

    Just as a by note… as far as feminists… it isn’t like men just started to rape women after feminism started. Rape is the prerogative of war, and what is going on in Germany, in Europe, is war. It is psychological warfare mixed with real violence.

    Women like me…, we are prepared. We are prepared to stand next to, side by side, our men and we shoot. Of out of ten target shots, my target rate is 9 to 1. Meaning I hit the center 9 times out of ten. SO I don’t need a guy like “Innonimate” having to defend me. I would probably end up defending him. If I wanted to.

    As far as the feminists, it is unfortunate that thanks to our Counter Jihad and our resistance, they will be able to keep on spewing their nasty bile. It is the scourge of … everything that is Western. We have to put up with them. Would I want to see them all under a Burka? Hell yes. But I can’t let it happen, because that would mean that I would end up under that same Burka. So we have to defend even the worthless scum. Just because.

    • Hello nash,

      > Women like me…, we are prepared.

      Kudos to you, but you are in a tiny, statistically insignificant minority.

      > SO I don’t need a guy like “Innonimate” having to defend me.

      YOU maybe do not need a able-bodied man to defend you, but most women do, because they physically do not have a chance against a single guy, let alone against an organized hyperagrerssive rape gang.

      Also in Europe, your target rate is irrelevant, because youre not allowed to have guns in the first place.

      > So we have to defend even the worthless scum. Just because.

      Why are you only _defending_ the worthless scum, why arent you fighting them? Like Matt above, youre focused 100% on external enemies, and not only not fighting the internal traitors, the ones who CAUSED this whole mess in the first place, but instead forgiving them awarding them with your protective services.

      If we can get rid of the Muslims, why cant we get rid of the Marxists too? In my view, the Muslims are just a symptom of the illness, but the marxists ARE the illness. They are making us weak, they are actively enabling the enemy. I can not understand why so many pople on this forum focus so exclusively on the Muslims, and not on the reasons why they are here in the first place.

      • topuz —

        Because we’re like the man who lost his car keys. He’s looking for them under the lamp post. A passerby stops to help him, and asks him where he thought he was when he dropped them. He says, “Over there, in the park.” The astounded passerby says, “Then why not look in the park?” He replies, “Because the light is better over here.”

        The hard fact remains that it is nearly impossible for us to go head-to-head with the Empire directly. (The Empire is what I call the transnational/Socialist/bankster/NWO behemoth that is currently running the show, what the dark enlightenment people call The Cathedral).

        You can’t fight the Empire, not without an awful lot of money. And anyone who has that kind of money is probably already part of the power structure of the Empire.

        However, there is still a small aperture of opportunity to resist Islam. Not much, and it’s a lot smaller than it was 15 years ago. But it still exists. The Empire is using Resolution 16/18, the CVE project, and similar measures to close it down as fast it can.

        But we can still try. And if we begin to succeed, it will open up a tiny little crack through which we might get at the Empire itself.

        By the way — if you think “Marxists” are the problem, you are sadly underestimating the extent of the Empire, which is the oligarchy of powerful people and corporate bodies that now manage our societies on a global basis. It existed before the Marxists became dominant, and simply incorporated them into its mafia-like system. Marxism fits very well into a system based on lies, brainwashing, blackmail, extortion, and violent coercion.

        No, Marxism is just one fiefdom within the Empire. There are a number of others of equal or greater importance.

        • Feed the Imperial guard-dogs the seductive “poison” of real liberty. Sabotage their systems of education. (I used to work at a large university. They will not get a red cent out of me, and I’ll discourage the scam of an overpriced, useless piece of paper for any young person.) It won’t be easy, and it will have to be done one “inches-between-the-ears” at a time. Nevertheless, it is worth a try, even if only to soothe the soul.

    • Would you, Nash, be prepared to stand side by side with an old man who doesn’t give a fat rats rectum [pre-moderated , Dymphna :)] anymore yet remains a reasonable shot (the product of a misspent youth) and is such a simpleton that he thinks that the only future worth striving for is one where both genders return to the normal balance; each with its specific evolutionary determinants firmly in place as far as biology and physiology permit yet each prepared to overlap and cover for the other when love and circumstances demand? Just ‘askin. Rgds, S III

      • P.S. Go for it Topuz. Nine out of ten is good. Tell me at what range and with what weapon privately via the Baron if you can be bothered and he can spare the time 🙂
        Rgds, T.

  38. All I know is that I have a beautiful 30 year old daughter who lives in Munich. If anything happens to her I won’t know what to do.

  39. Muslims are the real infidels. They follow an evil leader who dreamt up a counterfeit religion which manifests itself in a totalitarian, supremacist world view. Islam makes drones and slaves of all who embrace it. That’s gross infidelity to all that is good and decent in humanity.

  40. JFK… Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable. I would say this applies to traditional white Europe today.

  41. I have better things to do than to incur risk by defending unrelated women. However, I don’t see why that theme is so dominant in this discussion. Clearly the governments of Europe are the primary enemy, as it is they who invite the Mohammed’s in and protect them. And yet, there seems virtually no push back by the average Euro. I guess it would be a romantic notion that Merkel would have fled office out of fear for her life. But more pragmatically, why is any high German official even able to walk around without non-stop nonviolent disruptions? Are Euros so hopelessly law abiding that, as e.e. cummings would say, “there is no [excrement] they will not eat” if it is proclaimed to be “the law”? Can government really stop a majority of its citizens taking matters into their own hands? For example, if even 10% of non-Muslim Euros got guns through “illegal” channels, what could governments do? If another 10% said that Islam is a concentration of evil, could they all be arrested?

    Passivity is what is so unmanly in Europe. Women have been revolutionaries, however. How does one explain both sexes sitting on their hands?

    • Post WW2 European brains have been cultivated by socialists since kindergarten. The state is their God, their parent and their partner. Very few European minds have escaped the omnipotent Soylent Corporation which is their God. It’s a shame, they made such great cars.

  42. “When a sheep accidentally falls into the Amazon, the piranhas don’t have a central command-and-control system, either. But they can strip the unfortunate animal to a skeleton in a matter of minutes in a coordinated fashion. All it takes is effective and uniform programming in each individual organism of the population.”

    Unfortunately, similar programming is firmly embedded in the modern progressive. But they are programmed to strip a society of its nobility, morality, liberty, {fill in additional items here}. Which explains their immediate and uniform response to islamist activity.

  43. Well, I’m firmly with you on this one, Baron. Some of your commenters need to grasp that this is not some Oxford Union Debate, after which we all don our corduroy jackets and go to the pub for a self-satisfying glass of Chardonnay.

    If my teenaged daughter calls me a zenophobe and “You don’t understand, Dad!”, should I then stand by and watch, smirking smugly, if she is attacked and raped by brainwashed zombies whose hive-mind is in the throes of destroying our Civilisation?

    Dear God, no wonder the enemy is winning! With attitudes like these, and that disgusting Mayor of Cologne implying that women should dress modestly and keep all men at arm’s length (where have I heard that notion before?), the EU is clearly doomed to be ‘assimilated by The Borg’.

    Ironically, the only thing likely to save it from such total economic and social collapse is the very thing it claims to have been set up to prevent – a strong hardman at the helm of a militarised Germany: a man tough enough to address the actual source of this problem, which is not the muslims as such, but Islam itself.

    He needs to cut off the creature’s lines of communication, which means shutting down all the mosques in the EU and banning the worship of Islam. There will be considerable initial upset, but it will be miniscule compared to the eventual upset if this nettle is not grasped. The irreversibly programmed parents will die off, and their offspring will be saved from 24/7 Islamic brainwashing, to grow up with the questioning influence, and civilisation of their peers.

    An important part of that civilisation is the freedom to pursue all the -isms you like without fear of decapitation; or social pariahdom. And one could argue that those who refuse to help women who have certain beliefs are little better than those who refuse to permit them those beliefs. They are unwitting, and witless Fifth Columnists of the Islamic Borg.

    A free society may have its issues, but they are nothing to the growing darkness that this vile creature is ruthlessly spreading across our world. And if you don’t believe it is an organism, google cellular slime-moulds.

    • That hardman is not coming to Germany anytime soon. Germans have been brainwashed to think of such a person as the worst thing that can happen (with perhaps some justification, given their history with a certain previous such hardman), and hence will NEVER express any sentiment about wanting such a leader, to their friends. The mainstream in Germany would in Eastern Europe be on the far left.

    • I did as you said googled cellular slime moulds. What an eerie resemblance to Islam – thanks!

    • S.John, I’ve stayed out of this colossal rant up to now, apart from one very short comment, but for what it’s worth I agree wholeheartedly with you and the Baron, and agree that if we will not defend our women we will indeed defend nothing.

      While you may or may not agree, over the last decade I’ve stated many times that I find islam so bad I’m perpetually amazed the western world tolerates it–let alone bows to it!

      Amazing the number of woman haters who have surfaced here!

      • Peter, in Atlas Shrugged, are the “makers” who finally refuse to support the “takers” people-haters?

        • Sadly, I’ve never read her book(s) but intend to.

          So many books… little time.

          Just the same, who really cares about the likes of Gloria Steinem et al, that is so yesteryear……….

  44. Baron and Dymphna:

    This is the latest conservative “Day by Day” cartoon – the one that Instapundit helped to popularize in the blogosphere:

    He takes the side of those men here (and I include myself among them) who say that we no longer have to act as “white knights” (Oooh, that term must be racist to our leftist elite betters) to women who have vilified and demonized us.

    In a way, being a man today asked to “save” women is like being a cop in St. Louis (Ferguson) or in west Baltimore being asked to save a young black person — you are risking your neck for those who hate you with a passion.

    And white males, like the cops in inner city neighborhoods, have largely decided that this effort at saving people is no longer worth the trouble.

    • Yes, I can understand all that. And sympathize with it.

      So the guy who has decided not to intervene, not to help, not to take a stand — what happens to him after the incident is over, when he turns away from the window beyond which all the culture-enrichers are rampaging and raping and looting and kicking people to death?

      So he empties his highball glass, slips another DVD into the player, sits back, and closes his eyes, attempting to forget all that unpleasant stuff.

      And then the next night, or a week later, or a month later, those same culture-enrichers come rampaging down the hall and kick in the door to his well-appointed apartment.

      What then?

      At that point, assuming that he does not have automatic weapons and thousands of rounds of ammo, he will have two choices:

      1. Get down on his knees and recite the shahada (in Arabic), or

      2. Die.

      That’s what the issue is here. Defending what we have now may not be “worth the trouble”. But is that really the future that angry, alienated Western men want to create for themselves?

      • Baron,

        Being Jewish, I do not need Jihadists ruling over me, as I will not even find out what life is like under Islamists, if you know what I mean.

        However, I do not see the Islamist takeover going that far in America, unlike in Europe. But I could more easily see being destroyed by claims of “Islamophobia” by the leftist ingrate women and castrated male leftists who dominate the news media (many of whom are just as anti-Semitic and anti-Israel as the Islamists) if I were to intervene on behalf of any women to stop a Muslim attacker.

      • > But is that really the future that angry, alienated Western men want to create for themselves?

        It basically boils down to what alternative future promises the most benefits per unit of effort invested.

        When Adolf Hitler attacked the Soviet Union, Russians have been surrendering by the hundreds of thousands, because from their perspective, ANYTHING was better than the stalinist nightmare that theyve been livigin in. A meaningful resitance was only achieved after the Soviets started mass executing anybody who started to flee the battle field, after their machine guns were pointed at their own soldiers to prevent the from running back, and after Stalin ordered whole families of deserters to be executed.

        But from the point of view of the average Russian, at first, Adolf Hitler was a LIBERATOR, and if he hadnt start mass killing the surrendered Slavs on his own, taking the soviet union would have been a matter of weeks, because the german invasion was something everebody prayed and hoped to happen. From the point of view of the average Russian, FIGHTING the Germans was absolutely nonsensical. They WANTED them to win, and fast.

        If getting on your knees for a few seconds, and reciting some nonsensical mantra is all you have to do to solve some of its most urgent problems, like the out-of-whack male-female-balance thats been talked about in this thread, it suddenly becomes an ACCEPTABLE ALTERNATIVE.

        For example, just look at the plot of Michel Houellebecqs novel “Submission”, released on the day of the Charlie Hebdo killings:


        If people have the feeling that things are so out of whack, that the social structure has become so worthless that there is nothing more left to lose, when the core of living together has decayed so much that it seems impossible to repair without a fullblown civil war, than being taken over by yesterdays mortal enemy can suddenly feel like a liberation.

        I’ve once worked for a company where the internal social structure was so bad and negative, that people openly said they hoped a competitor takes over, fires half the staff and restructures everything to a point that the daily showing up to work bearable and not want to puke or hang themselves.

        As I said in another post, and I am sorry for repeating myself one last time, as Economic Marxism destroys economies and makes people not want to work, Cultural Marxism in its various forms destroys cultures and makes people not to want to be part of that culture any more.

        Marxism is a cancer that weakens our immune system the same way HIV weakens our body: it makes the fighter blood cells not want to fight. It has to be DEALTH WITH with the same intensity as everybody here wants to deal with the symptoms of this cultural HIV, the muslim invasion. The muslims recognize that we are weak, and like hyenas, they simply take advantage of a weak prey. But the muslims are just a symptom, they are not the REASON we are weak.

  45. If I may, I do have two questions for the Europeans here:

    How much will these incidents do to accelerate the break up of the EU, with Eastern Europe walking away (we have already seen the responses from Hungary and Slovakia)?

    What will this do to increase the chances of a Brexit?

    • Brexit — only a 20% chance. It’s scheduled for 2017, I don’t see enough UK citizens ready to vote for it by then.

      EU breakup — probably, but will take longer. Eastern Europe walking away… where to? Into the loving embrace of Russia? Not likely, certainly not the Poles.

      • What if the Visegrad four plus Rumania create a bloc? Could include Slovenia as well. A move toward federated Europe instead EU dictatorship.

        • It’s conceivable, but at the moment the odds are against it. Top priority for Poland is protection against Russian encroachment; that makes them susceptible to NATO blackmail.

          It’s a big bad world, and Europe is a shrinking part of it. In the past, relied on the U.S. to do the heavy lifting of defense and deterrence. But U.S. is turning eyes Pacific-ward. In addition, Saudi and Qatari money has bought much influence in D.C.

          • Yes, the Poles do hate the Russians with a passion. It stood them in good stead before, but western allies have gone bat oops crazy. They may have to rethink that one. My sense is that the Czechs are willing to reevaluate. In any case… nothing will be done soon. And that’s a problem.

            In Britain… the Scots are heavily against Brexit. But as the invasion continues, who knows what will shift? And continue it will. Or does anyone see signs that it won’t? Surely nobody believes that the Turks will be mollified by the craven payoffs. They are the ones profiting on all fronts from the chaos — stolen oil, fake papers factories, people smugglers, fake life jackets… their economy must be humming.

  46. All;
    A number of times in my comments I use the term “secular feminist” or “secular feminism”.
    As defined … Feminism is a range of movements and ideologies that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in politics, education and employment. “Secular feminism” removes God and/or religion from the movement. Unfortunately, Western liberal governments with its majority of feminine voters have adopted this movement which has resulted in the rise of politicians like Angela Merkel and Hillary Clinton. It has also led to the rise of female CEO(s) who are ruining Western businesses. Unfortunately for the civilized world this movement is in favor of multiculturalism and we all see now what that has led to. Unfortunately for women (especially) it has left these governments too weak to protect them. Secular feminism is causing the downfall of the civilized West because it is too weak to battle Islam and unable to understand the cruelty its going to take to destroy it. Islam knows this and is exploiting this weakness in every Western government.

  47. Baron, you’re going about dealing with the innominates all wrong: you’re arguing with them. They don’t want to help, as such, and they’ll always have some notion of why they can’t or shouldn’t or whatever. If they can’t distinguish between the few ‘though noisy third-wave feminists and the majority of women; or they need women, all women, to request or ask or beg for help, then you don’t – heck, I don’t – want their help anyway. If it’s not women, it’ll be something else; there’ll always be something wrong that prevents them from fighting like lions (whatever that means).

    • Heck, I know that. But these discussions are useful opportunities for me to form thoughts on these issues into coherent sentences and paragraphs, which can be gathered and adapted later into a new essay or essays.

      I don’t waste time arguing for the sake of arguing, not anymore. Every moment has to be put to good use nowadays, because I have so few moments to spare.

  48. you worry too much about who is going to defend the european women from those agressive crimminals between the migrant islamic males. You forget the NATO and its officer class, which will be ready to engage in close combat, ” à l’arme blanche”, at the very sigth of any misdemeanor against the western world. Just compare the warriors on the photographs of the following two places, to understand the future of Europe:


    • The militaries of the NATO countries have become clubs for experimentation in social engineering. NATO has become an instrument of risk and harm to those forced to pay for it. On foreign coasts FAR WAY FROM THE ATLANTIC, it serves the interests of the military-industrial elites.

      End NATO now!

  49. Lots of good points made on both sides but I hope the main danger can be agreed upon by everyone: Leftism — of which feminism in all its forms is only one branch — is the disease that has crippled Western society, perhaps terminally. Feminism itself is not the disease. Islam itself is not the disease; they’re just a particularly ghastly symptom of the disease. The disease is the Left.

    It is the Left that has abused decades of our war-won largess of peace to psychologically castrate many men of our younger generations. That’s why many of them resemble Pajama Boy and consider a cultivated, conditioned beard the truest expression of manliness.

    Yet these are still the very males upon whom society will call first in defense of invaders.

    When is the hard cutoff where western males did and did not recognize chivalry, courage, patriotism and possibly dying for women and children and culture as good and noble, simply because by accident of birth such virtues were not inculcated? Scary question because we all know the answer is, “About four decades ago, give or take.”

    There are always individual exceptions but do any of us think that they *as a group* can be relied upon when Left-leashed Muslims come down the street? Can any of us really blame them if they can’t? That’s how they’ve been raised, most of them.

    So what, exactly, can we expect of them? What we over 40s take for granted as just part of being a man, is alien if not insulting or absurd to many young males. Why? That’s what they’ve been shown from cartoons onward. This, too, was by design, just as much as these current stages of the West’s invasion are.

    Leftists caused ALL of this. Feminists, idiot drones, educrats, traitorous elected officials, the media, rapacious Muslims…these are only some of an arsenal of human weapons.

    What good does it do to acknowledge that fact? None, really. It’s fast approaching Winner Take All time — the Left has bet the house on it — and I’m not convinced we can pull it out of the fire.

  50. The Mayor of Cologne told women they should keep ‘men’ (Muslim males) at arm’s length.

    Mayor, Please explain how do our females keep THOUSANDS of Muslim sex attackers at arm’s length?

    A real man and a real leader would have publicly told the Muslims to NEVER touch a Non-Muslim woman and to NEVER get near any non-Muslim woman.

    And would then announce that every single Muslim migrant, illegal criminal and rapist would immediately have their free housing and money removed from them and that they would all be deported.

  51. What a strange conversation. I always say im a feminist like the queen. My British ancestors have been educating the women in my family for a thousand years. The past 200 of them have been in Africa where we are not interested in feminism and our men are men. I wonder if you all aren’t a lot of undercover lefties. Its not that complicated.
    Send the men to make a fire outside and cook the meat and stay inside the kitchen with your friends till they bring it back to you.

  52. I can’t help finding parts of this discussion a bit bizarre. Why is there the assumption that German men – passers by who just happen to be on the spot, should defend “their” women? I, as a woman, wouldn’t expect a complete stranger to risk his life for me. However, as a tax-paying citizen I do expect the police force, whose budget is financed by my taxes, to do something. It’s their job to maintain public order. If they have to send 1000 cops to the Koelner Hauptbahnhof (main train station) to keep order on New Year’s eve, let them do it. I don’t want Peter from across the street to defend me, I want the state to uphold its laws. Maybe in the US people are expected to take the law into their own hands but in Europe that still isn’t the norm. Besides, if so, what happened to women defending themselves? Pepper spray and electric shockers don’t need a license. Neither do self-defense courses for women. Plus, if I find myself in an area that gets riotous or dangerous before my eyes, I leave. No point staying and waiting for trouble to happen.

  53. Dear “men”offering that women give up equal rights in order to get your “protection”. You seem to be laboring under the misconception that “feminists”are the enemies of men. No, we are actually fighting for equal rights across the gender spectrum, but never mind protecting me, I’m combat trained and, although I’m getting old, I’m still able to maim a few drunken louts. Last I check, the Islamists have no trouble raping goats, donkeys, and camels (of both female and male persuasion), so I’d be surprised if they refrained from raping European males when the opportunity occurs. It might be that the police officer coming to your rescue will be a woman, have you thought of that?

    • “… we are actually fighting for equal rights across the gender spectrum…”

      Ostensibly you are, but in reality, feminism is about the *superiority* of woman over man. If you really wanted equal rights, then you’d respect a man’s right not to fight for members of an aggregate who believe that the new era rightly perceives him to be less of an individual and more of a resource for womanly aspirations and whims.

  54. Wow, Baron, the responses here took a turn that I didn’t expect. You “men” call yourselves “men”, but you certainly don’t act like it. Since when did a Man need permission from anyone to do what is right? You don’t need permission from a women – feminist or not – to defend Western culture. Maybe, just maybe, women are looking for men to act as Men and not sex-driven pigs – like the mohamadans do, or our current cultural norms based on gangster-rap and hip-pop thinking where little men treat women like meat and disrespect them. Treat all women with respect (every person for that matter), whether they deserve it or not, because you showing respect shows more about you and your character then theirs. Character is what a man does in his actions, not his words.

    Maybe, when a woman is being attacked and you see it happening, perhaps it is good for you as a Man to counter-attack – if the woman is ungrateful, who cares – your defending her is right over wrong, nothing else. You need to take back your masculinity; Cowboy-up if you will. Self-esteem and self-worth are earned, not bestowed; and you can only do it for yourself. This unmanly talk of needing permission or looking for gratitude for one’s actions is what is taught in the leftist’s cultural-marxism in our schools and social media. Don’t fall for the sissy little whiners who say that women chide them when they act like Men – act like a Man whether they like it or not – or else [redacted] watch your culture be destroyed.

  55. In all the objecting about “islam” … it is *NEVER* identified … why “islam” is *not* a religion … “islam” is *ONLY* a political / military entity. It’s very simple to prove this.

    The “islam” political machine claims that they are from … God’s covenant with Abraham.

    The severe problem here … is that the “koran” rejects all manner of Abraham covenant writings, like the below (for example).

    Much more listed on > > >

    Does God have “prophets” … who are liars against His Abraham covenant writings ?
    > > > No, mohammed is not a prophet
    > > > “islam” is not a religion, the “koran” … *rejects* the writings of God’s covenant with Abraham
    > > > “allah” does not exist … all the killing is in defense of … nothingness (or Satan if you prefer)

    – – – – –

    The “koran” in … “maryam 19:35” >
    “It is not befitting to (the majesty of) Allah that He should beget a son.”

    Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Proverbs 30:4 (Abraham covenant writing) >
    “Who hath ascended up into Heaven, and descended? What is the name of *His Son*.”

    – – – – –

    The “koran” in … “an nisa 4:157” >
    “That they said (in boast), “We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah. – but they killed him not.”

    Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Daniel 9:26 (Abraham covenant writing) >
    “Christ shall be *slain*: and the people that shall deny Him shall not be His.”

    – – – – –

    The “koran” in … “ali imran 3:2-3” >
    “Allah. There is no god but He, the Living, the Self-Subsisting, Eternal.”

    Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Genesis 18:1-3 (Abraham covenant writing) >
    “And *the Lord* appeared to him in the vale of Mambre … *Three* Men … *Lord*, if I have found favour in thy sight …”

    – – – – – – – – – –

    C A U T I O N: The Catholic Church has had *zero* … physical properties, priests, and bishops since 8 December 1965 … because of the Sources of Dogma on automatic excommunication for heresy.

    Mountains of proof >
    Photographic proof >
    (We have to admit … *photographic* proof of heresy and apostasy *is* compelling)

    Abjuration of heresy to become Christian >
    (Abjuration takes about 45 minutes)

  56. Another way to make ‘progressive’ women defend their feminist beliefs would be to compel them to join martial arts classes, carry concealed weapons such as pepper sprays and walk around in sizable gangs because striving for independence and freedom from male dependency means, at the end of the day, fighting the good fight without male backup.

    We further need to be building up all-female special forces trained in the art of slaughter without compunction and with no hesitation to commit suicide should their personal safety be comprised.

    You see, a majority of today’s native European women and men for that matter, embrace neither patriotic or racial loyalty principles in this multi-ethnic and multi-racial cesspit that’s become the Western world today. Those vital virtues have been driven out of them by today’s Zionist/Marxist/Fabian/Capitalist New World Order regime and don’t look like making a comeback any time soon.

    The best we can expect is that the feminists at least fight for their honor and gender when push comes to shove if they’re not too chicken to do so.

    In order words, they need to be prepared to prove their metal alongside their male counterparts when all out warfare eventually becomes the order of the day.

  57. Men have become a disappointment to women. Maybe we just had a dream of the Prince Charming who would sweep us off our feet and carry us off to his Castle and forever protect us. We at least expected them to be our protector, provider, faithful lover, best friend and confidant.

    However in real life there are a lot of wimpy, stupid men who must be led. They can’t or won’t find a job; are alcoholics and dependent on the wife to support them. It became a painful truth that any woman who became financially dependent upon a man was up the creek without a paddle if he should die or should there be a divorce.

    Women in our society were looked upon as somehow less intelligent than men. Look as what women had to go thru just to get the right to vote. And in the workplace they were paid half as much as a man doing the same job. Still today 2016, there are many women working beside a man, doing the same job but being paid much less.

    It was only about 1965 that women in Florida could sell their own land without their husband’s signature.

    And thus feminism was born.
    You men are at fault for this, so quit whining about it.

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