Robert Fico: “A Multicultural Europe is Simply Not Feasible”

“We will not on a voluntary basis make any supporting decisions which would allow the development of a Muslim community in Slovakia.”

— Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico

As regular readers know, Counterjihadists look to the countries of the former East Bloc in Central Europe for inspiration. The “Visegrad Four” — Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary — are demonstrating the sort of leadership that has utterly failed in Western Europe when it comes to the issues of mass immigration and Islamization.

Czech President Miloš Zeman and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán are the superstars of the new “Islamophobic” Mitteleuropa. But Prime Minister Robert Fico of Slovakia is no slouch.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for this translation from Tagesschau:

Fico Intensifies Anti-Refugee Rhetoric

The incidents in Cologne on New Year’s Eve have also influenced the refugee debate. Slovakian Prime Minister Fico now has declared that he will not let any more Muslims into his country. He sees the European Welcome Culture as an utter failure.

As a reaction to the incidents in Cologne, Slovakia has announced, that they will not take in any more Muslim refugees “The European multicultural society has failed”, explained Robert Fico, Slovakia’s prime minister. His administration will not tolerate Muslim communities in Slovakia.

The Minister President feels confirmed in all his positions. He sees his hard-line stance about asylum and refugee policies as correct. After the Cologne incidents there is simply no alternative, Fico explains: “We do not want Slovakia to have to endure a similar predicament to Cologne’s. That someone who lives and thinks completely differently can just go and harass our women openly in public.”

A Multicultural Europe is not Conceivable

It borders on a lunatic fantasy that refugees with a different religion could be integrated easily. The European Welcome Culture has failed, the Social Democrat Fico says. “The Slovakian administration is convinced. The thought of a multicultural Europe is simply not feasible. It is fiction. It can’t be transformed into real life.”

He says there is a clear connection between the wave of refugees, the attacks in Paris and the violence in Cologne. That the EU has gravely underestimated the risk. He has, therefore, always been against and defended his position on the compulsory refugee quota coming out of Brussels. And it is this clear path that he will pursue in the future as well, and moreover, “We will not on a voluntary basis make any supporting decisions which would allow the development of a Muslim community in Slovakia.”

Only 169 Asylum Requests in Slovakia

In the past few weeks Slovakia received only 149 Syrian Christians from an Iraqi refugee camp voluntarily. Apart from that the small EU country has so far barely been affected by the refugee crisis.

In the whole of the year 2015 only 169 refugees applied for asylum. Eight of these applications were granted. Slovakia had filed a complaint at the European Court in Luxembourg against the compulsory refugee quota in the dispersal of refugees in Europe.

At the beginning of March Slovakians will vote for a new Parliament. According to poll studies, the Social-Democratic party of President Robert Fico can safely rely on reelection. And in mid-2016 Slovakia will take over the presidency of the Council of the European Union in Brussels.

36 thoughts on “Robert Fico: “A Multicultural Europe is Simply Not Feasible”

  1. As the philosopher Isaiah Berlin has argued, the belief that all human values and practices are compatible lies behind many of the evil acts that were perpetrated during the 20th Century.2According to Berlin, it has long been assumed that questions about how human beings should live their lives in this world must have correct and meaningful answers, and since those answers must be true, those answers must be compatible.3 It is therefore possible, according to this way of thinking, for a final solution to the question of how human beings ought to live on this earth to be found. After reading Machiavelli, Berlin came to realise that this was wrong.4 In fact, a moment’s thought will reveal to any honest thinker that many human values contradict one another, and ‘the notion of the perfect whole, the ultimate solution, in which all good things coexist, [is] not merely unattainable – that is a truism – but conceptually incoherent.’5 

    Patriot’s Corner: The Red and The Black.

  2. It seems as though the political class in the smaller countries have more backbone than the larger countries.

    • It’s not just size, it’s whether they were communist countries during the formative decades (1950-1980) for Politically Correct Multiculturalism.

      Poland is a large country compared with Belgium, Portugal, or Denmark. But it is far more sane than those smaller Western European countries. While the latter three were indoctrinating their populace in Diversity, Tolerance, and Inclusion, Poland had a Communist basket-case economy, a totalitarian government, and the ever-present threat of Soviet tanks. Now they are free again. They can still remember what it’s like to live under repression, and they don’t want to go back there.

      • They call the former system totality now, and when they get a sniff of multikulti, they are realizing they know that smell. 🙂

        Or to put it another way, different flavor, same totality.

      • Poles have also been migrating to Western Europe in large numbers in search of work.

        Many older, liberal, pro-EU Poles are at a loss to understand how it’s young Poles who’ve emigrated to Britain who are often the most radical and nationalistic. Perhaps the fact that they often end up in such wonderful places as East London or Luton may give a clue as to the reasons.

        • Hopefully these younger, more pragmatic Poles are sending significant amounts of money back to Poland from the UK’s rapidly Islamifying financial system.

          I also hope, that as Poland trends upward, these awakened young folks eventually return to their motherland to keep her culture and society strong in the years to come.

          • It’s seems that whenever a former down trodden trending EU entity “trends upward” it sells out and retreats into the Muslim parasite gawking and islamophobia mode. Touched by ye olde nouveau riche dilemma.

        • The older liberal Poles look at the EU through rose-tinted glasses. Younger Poles, who have a bigger experience of life in the EU, have a much more realistic idea of what it is.

        • Perhaps, like rural pious Turks coming to the cosmopolitan & thus multi-racial Big city, with all its disorientating diversity, they are retreating to what they know?
          In this case, like the Aryan pride of rural Germany, before the rise of Nazism

          • @Muslim – or perhaps it is far simpler. They see how moslems treat other moslems. Or more importantly, they see the effect of moslem infestation of formerly great cities in other Western countries and simply do not want it in their own.

            Just like the Saudis and other moslem countries currently now do with their fellow moslems from Syria etc.

      • Poland also has a very strong (by modern standards) Catholic Church with a conservative approach to faith and morals.

      • I agree Baron, My Eastern European Brothers and Sisters are not looking for a rerun of Ottoman domination.

  3. I don’t think it’s any coincidence anti-islamization leadership is only coming from the eastern states of Europe. This countries well remember the oppression in recent years of communist regimes and in the past the Ottoman empire. Even Poland can remember the invasion of Mongols reaching their walls in the 13th century.
    I’ve been impressed with both the Czech President and PM. Milo Zeman is one if Israel’s few friends in Europe. These eastern state politicians value their culture,religion and heritage and lack the PC BS we hear from Western leaders like Merkel and Cameron.

    • Merkle, Hollande and Cameron are so full of PC BS that they can no longer be thought of as thinking HUMANS.

      They are robot parrots for the NWO and Soros’ Open Society.. squak ! squakkk!!

    • Agreed. While the Western Europeans were fighting amongst themselves, the Eastern Europeans were facing an existential threat to all European civilisation. They understand.

    • Well said. Also I do believe that Wilder’s, Le Pen and Farage, who despite the odds against them, deserve an honourable mention too. Here in the UK we are lumbered with the porcine Cameron who doesn’t seem able to sneeze without prior permission from mutti Merkel.

  4. To clarify – Robert Fico is a left-wing prime minister, from the main Slov‎ak left-wing party, which in the EU parliament sits in the “Party of European Socialists”!

  5. I think multiculturalism is viable and good, but not panculturism. Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Sikhs and others can and do live side by side amicably and productively. Hindus integrate pretty well in western countries but treat Christians abominably in their own and often send funds to radical organisations. The problem, to speak frankly, is Islam because its allegedly divinely written book calls for genocide, domination and rape of non-Muslims and the example of the prophet endorses armed robbery, murder, slavery, rape, child molestation and other evils and is considered by the pious to reflect eternal instructions from on high.

    • I think your post neatly encapsulates the ‘muslim problem’.

      We should not forget that complete domination of a society by _any_ religion has negative consequences, though. Even Christianity can give loons enough self-justification to behave abominably.

      Buddhism seems to lead to an uncaring society, where it’s every man for himself.
      Hinduism has the caste system.

      The Jains have always been a tiny minority, so it’s not clear what negative consequences there would be if they were not. Possibly the complete [feminization and emasculation] that leads to societal collapse when confronted with more violent cultures.

    • ‘Multiculturalism’ doesn’t and can’t exist. What we have at the moment is minority cultures living within a majority culture. A multicultural society is one in which its constituent cultures are numerically equal and have an equal say in the direction society takes – there is no such society and nor will there ever be one. Once near-parity of size is reached the struggle for power commences and chaos follows.

      • That makes sense. The culture that establishes equal individual rights (western culture) has to have overall control.

        Enjoying music, dance, art, food etc of other cultures is nice, but only if the state protects each individual’s equality.

        If another culture wants to oppress some individuals (eg keep women second-class), multiculturalism has gone too far.

    • Hindus integrate pretty well in western countries but treat Christians abominably in their own and often send funds to radical organisations.

      3 assertions there. Agree with the first: Hindus start about 30% of the startups in silicon valley, are the most prosperous ethnic group in the US (surpassing Japanese Americans since about 2000), win more spelling bees than anyone else combined 🙂

      The second assertion is simply false. Till the Kandhamal riots of a few years ago, Christians faced absolutely not problems anywhere in India. The problem there is evangelical activity (google “joshua project”). If you read about Kandhamal, a Hindu saint who was trying to prevent conversions was shot dead on a holy day for Hindus. Serious conversion activity had been going on there for a while, but this particular incident ignited tensions, and there were subsequent riots. Since then, every now and then we hear of relatively minor incidents (and in one case, it turned out Christians did some damage to their own Church to blame it on Hindu organizations). But by and large, Christians and Hindus live very peacefully in India, and if aggressive evangelization may be regarded as a form of cultural aggression, then it happens from Christians to Hindus. You can also read pamphlets that Evangelicals distribute among poor Hindus that speak very very disrespectfully of Hindu deities (to put it mildly). If I started handing out pamphlets of this type, disrespecting Jesus, Mary and all the Christian saints, in the US, would anyone like that? If I organized large events where “fake miracles” (induced by simple drugs) were attributed to Hindu deities to get Americans to convert to Hinduism, would you like it? You can read about missionary activity in India in a very detailed report compiled by the leftist govt at the time (google “Niyogi commission report). It is absolutely cynical exploitation of a poor and illiterate population to get them to convert to Christianity and “save their soul.” Yet, remarkably, apart from Kandhamal, there has been little to no reaction from Hindus. Most Hindus regard Jesus as a saint, much like any other great Hindu saint.

      The third assertion: Hindus send money to “radical organizations.” The RSS is not a radical organization in any sense that you would mean it. The current PM of India was a RSS worker most of his life. It is a nationalist organization. The forces that are against Indian nationalism have always tried their best to depict it as a radical organization. But it is actually more left of center than the US republican party. I guess in the highly leftist polity of India, it stands out as being more right-wing. Btw, the RSS runs more social service projects in India than anyone else, and they serve all Indians, regardless of religion. When a large earthquake happens, before the army can go there, the local RSS volunteers help.

      Also, the money that Hindus send would be a pittance compared to the 145B dollars that is yearly poured into missionary activity, a good part of it going into India, to convert poor Hindus to Christianity. So I would say that the shoe is actually on the other foot. When so much money goes into “saving the soul” of what is the oldest extant civilization on earth, and one that possesses perhaps the deepest spiritual and metaphysical philosophies of the human race, then I would say something is seriously remiss.

      Yes, the RSS, during riots, does act as a local paramilitary for the Hindu side. Remember, India lives on a large religious faultline. With all the talk of Europe, it is less than 5% muslim. India is 15% muslim. In many places, police cannot or will not act. There, the RSS acts as a protector. I don’t regard that as radical. Had it not been for the RSS, Hindu populations in several districts in India would have it so difficult that they would migrate out en-masse.

      In the end, we must understand that we have only one true enemy—Islam. In the comity of world nations, there will always be topics of debate, and we will debate civilly and come to peaceful solutions based on reason and humanity. But Islam refuses to accept this engagement—it seeks instead to simply destroy all of us, convinced that it alone is right, and has God-given sanction to kill all of us. Let us focus on this problem.

      • As I recall, the Jamaat-ul-Fuqra groups here in the US that are led by a Pakistani who is persona non grata (i.e., can’t get into the country anymore), particularly hate Hindus. We have an ashram in a nearby county, not far from one of these terrorist compounds. Unfortunately, the ashram is *very* p.c., and thinks Islam is just fine. I fear their deliberate ignorance places them at risk…

    • This is also what Tommy Robinson said in an interview I saw recently. That he grew up playing with lots of black boys and has nothing against multiculturalism, just against islam.

      It’s my attitude too. I live in a country where many cultures contribute well.

  6. The background of this decision is so simple: our Slovak neighbors have made their experience with Romani parallel society (2-7%? of total population). It has hardly worked to make them accept general rules accepted by the rest of Slovak society. And this after 500 years of their presence in this territory…. One may love Kusturica’s movies poetry but it is so difficult to leave every day with problems created by this lack of compatibility (will).

  7. Their part of Europe is relatively small in comparison with the Europe that has lost its common sense.* Because Islam has always had bloody borders, these Eastern European countries may in the end simply be overwhelmed by the Muslim bases established in West Europe.

    *What Merkel and other W.European “leaders” (cough) are doing is a purposeful destabilizing of their respective countries. Common sense really doesn’t enter the picture when murdering of established cultures is the end goal which will result in real murder, a skill well known to Muslims.

    • That’s why sane people who remain in the rest of Europe should do their best to make their voices heard. In France, they made a brave attempt by voting en masse for Front National. In Germany they can do so by joining and supporting PEGIDA.

  8. Pogroms happened in the past. Pogroms will happen in the future. That is certain. Another certainty is that they will in multi-cultural states.

  9. The European leadership should be clear that it is Islam that is causing problems. It is not as if a lot of Japanese or Koreans are causing any problems (and indeed, if there were such communities, they would enrich their country just as these communities have enriched the US). Let us be very very clear that Islam is the single sociopath in the class of world communities. Everyone else knows how to get along with each other—sure once in a while there may be some tensions, but overall these interactions are good. With Islam, it is different since it is not a co-existent, but a predator. It seems to eat the rest of us to expand.

  10. “And in mid-2016 Slovakia will take over the presidency of the Council of the European Union in Brussels.”

    This closing sentence in Baron’s post caught my attention. Does this fact suggest there could be a powerful voice in Brussels in opposition to the apparent p.c. treachery of the current leadership.

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