MC’s latest essay concerns the influence and control exerted by the power of the mass media.

by MC

I believe that the iceberg that sank the Titanic did not mean to do it. It was just floating innocently in the water, not really looking where it was going. It was an iceberg of peace. The violence was all the fault of the ship that came tearing out of the blue and struck the iceberg’s side, causing pain and injury to the poor iceberg.

The gas chamber, too, didn’t want to kill all those people, especially not the children, but they kept coming and going. They came in walking; they were carried out. The gas had killed them. It didn’t really mean to. It was a gas chamber of peace, and those stupid jooos just kept on coming.

The religion of Islam doesn’t really kill people, they kill themselves by not keeping within the guidelines of shariah, for Islam is a religion of peace.

Rubbish! Utter RUBBISH.

Yet most people seem to fall for it every time. By what mechanisms do we come to believe the rubbish?

“A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play…”

It was an early advertising jingle in the UK and maybe elsewhere, repeated ad nauseum. It was also a lie, and when the advertising industry was cleaned up in the UK it quietly disappeared from the TV screens. But the damage was done — fifty years down the line it still rings in the ears of my memory. I cannot remember the names of my classmates in school, but I know that OMO washes not only clean, not only white, but bright!

To many, our world is defined only by those things that can stimulate our physical senses, sight, touch taste smell and sound. Why is it then that I can believe the lie when all of my intuition tells me the opposite? Those TV adverts cost millions; and made billions.

There is obviously something else working here, and in my consciousness too. It is obviously stimulated by something which makes me disbelieve or override the inputs of my physical senses. So maybe we can explore a little bit.

I know my consciousness exists, even if there is no physical explanation for it. I also know that it is totally mine, and I can choose what I believe. We call it ‘free will’, but to exercise free will I have to be able to choose between alternatives, which implies that I have to be aware of those alternatives.

If I choose to exercise my free will by always choosing Mars and OMO, without considering Surf, Persil or Hershey, then I am very limited in my ability to live my life. But is this not the aim of the advert?

If I go to university and get a bachelor’s degree, then I know that there are other choices because I have studied to pass the examinations, and I have looked at problems from all sides as directed by the course requirements. I will, for example, KNOW that the poor ‘Palestinians’ had their land stolen from them by the ‘Jewish State of Israel’ and that they are fighting a war of ‘liberation’ against the Jews, who control the government, blah, blah, blah.

What I won’t know — because the information is not only not taught, but also suppressed and censored by the ‘no platform’ clique — is that there is an alternative story where the ‘poor Palestinians’ have been oppressed and manipulated by the rich ‘effendi’ families, including Arafat and Abbas.

Because I lack the knowledge, my judgement is in error, and that iceberg, just out of sight, is going to sink me.

Whoever or whatever caused ‘creation’ to happen or evolve, also defined truth at the same time, because TRUTH is what was created, everything else is a lie. If all creation is physical, then we should be able to ‘measure’ our consciousness in some way. But it isn’t, so we cannot. We should also be able to measure truth. But because we cannot, we make truth ‘relative’ to hide our motives. We want to remove Judeo-Christianity from society, as stated by Marx; therefore we must corrode its foundations whilst they are hidden from sight. So we call it ‘white supremacy’ and sell the idea that it is ‘racist’.

If the truth is that ‘whites’ are responsible for what we call ‘civilisation’, then nothing that ‘white’ detractors can do will change it, what they might do however is destroy the civilisation and put all of us back into barbarism. All the signs are that this is the case.

Why does the truth set us free? Because truth and creation are one, and the closer we get to truth, then the closer we get to living in harmony with creation, and we will prosper. If I buy a diesel car, and fill it with gasoline, it does not work very well and dies young. The creators of the diesel car gave me a handbook when I bought the car; I ignore it at my peril.

If ‘they’ also control the education system and the mass media, then ‘they’ need only present one side of the issue, and those who trust ‘them’ will make the ‘free will’ decision which ‘they’ want them to, those who do not trust ‘them’ can then be demonized, because ‘they’ also control the demonic process.

Fear and terror affect the decision making process too. Whilst I cannot fool all the people, all the time, if I can fool enough of the people enough of the time, I can terrorise the rest and so achieve my objectives.

So a ‘Black lives matter’ group can perform criminal acts with impunity, but imagine the consequences if a ‘So do white lives’ group were to do the same things.

Consequently, we live with this imbalance because we are terrified of being called out as racists. Thus do we play ‘their’ game to ‘their’ rules, therefore we too, believe, or pretend to believe or worse, are paid to believe, that the iceberg sank the Titanic on purpose….

I am a racist. I prefer people whose culture and language is similar to mine. Tonight I am having dinner with Sanjay. He is of Indian extraction and is ‘non-white’ but that is immaterial; he and I share language and culture, we will enjoy each other’s company.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

7 thoughts on “Icebergs

  1. Your examples and metaphors are apt, M.C.

    And the decision to let the “racist” arrows fall where they may is a wise one. The name-calling will happen no matter what; best to ignore it and move on.

    The thing about our Will, though, is that it’s a faculty separate from our desire to “will” to do something. As any cigarette smoker who has ever tried to stop can tell you.

    Roberto Assagioli was an Italian psychoanalyst who did good work with addicts after he realized that our Will lies outside the conscious mind. With that in mind, he began to teach people tactics to strengthen the Will – the first strategy being a refusal (repeated) to ever engage it head on.

    The Act of Will

    His work is well-known in Italy but also in Europe and America, where there are groups of professionals who continue his work with psychosynthesis.

  2. Jesus told Pontius Pilate the He cam to bear witness of the Truth. Pilate, being the good Stoic that he was asked, “What is Truth?” We do know that Truth is the Word of God Who dwelt with us and then paid the price for our salvation. Jesus also said, “The Truth will set you free.”
    If the Truth sets you free, then lies will only ensnare you, which is fairly obvious from what we have been watching in the news these past few years. What is disconcerting but not unsurprising, is how the media reacts when Taquiya is confronted by the Truth. At that point the obviousness of the choices the world’s elite have made is glaringly evident for all to see, or at least those whose preference for untruth hasn’t yet blinded them.

    • Islam is first and foremost a spiritual threat to the Western world, its cultural and political aspects are secondary.

      A spiritual threat can be defeated only by spiritual means. The foundation of all Western civilisation – whether we like it or not – is Christianity. While Westerners took their Christian faith more or less seriously, they won victories over Arabs and Turks. But as the process of deChristianisation went on, the West gradually lost its spiritual strength and became vulnerable to any enemy who has a strong, albeit false and inferior religious faith.

      • Faith is like foundation to a building: you found your culture, hopes, and future on it. Faith provides you with a sense of right and wrong: hence an ability to resist the evil that kills you.

        Especially Judeo-Christian faith . .. which are so detested in the west.
        Simply put : no faith no life. Give me faith or give my death.

        • Amen, I would rather be in Heaven with Christ than here without Him. In the meantime I have the seal of the Holy Spirit that keeps us in touch and comforts me as nothing else in this life can.
          If I were confronted with the Muslim choice (confess Allah or be killed) I would respond by saying my life is hidden in Christ and if you kill me it simply means that I get to go home to the Lord earlier than I thought, (time off for good behavior), while the Muslim is stuck with the witness of murder without cause against him. I feel sorry for the Muslim and his eternal destiny.

  3. The word “racist” is an undefined Marxist term in that there is no universally accepted definition of its meaning nor was it intended that there should be.

    To anyone using that term to me, the response is always the same “SO (expletive deleted} WHAT?” Works every time.

  4. Why no one talks about Jews freeing themselves from occupation in EGYPT, Iraq, Syria,Turkey, Albania, Bosnia . . . ? Because there are none left. And now Nineveh/Mosul was cleansed of First Native Christians, as predicted by Iraqi Jews when the last ones left in ’53, when they said, ” your turn will come.” IT DID.

    Iran became islamist as Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, . . . thanks to the western democracies and their clever, ingenious, leaders, who favor their country’s interests over their winning the votes.
    Muslims usurped 57 countries from Christians and Jews by the help of other Christians and Jews.

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