Diana West

The controversy over American Betrayal by Diana West:

2013   Aug   11   Diana West: On the Question of “Scholarship”
        13   Yet Another Circular Conservative Firing Squad
        14   Cordon Sanitaire: FAIL
        15   On Reading the Book
        16   Banishing the Cathars
        18   Form and Substance
        22   “It’s All in Plain Sight”
        30   When Should a Book Not Be Written?
    Sep   3   Recognizing the Wrong People
        6   The Totalitarian Impulse
        6   The Rebuttal: Part One
        7   Rebuttal: The Summary
        8   The Rebuttal: Part Two
        8   An Army of Kooks
        10   The Rebuttal: Part Three
        12   Too Much Schnapps
        13   The History of Occupied Washington
        16   Revisiting the Diana West Controversy
        17   Descriptive vs. Normative
        20   American Betrayed, Part 1
        29   It’s Worse Than a Conspiracy: It’s Consensus
    Oct   1   The War of Words is Over
        5   Diana West: The Rebuttal in Book Form
        23   Diana West Responds to Conrad Black
    Nov   3   American Betrayed, Part 2: Planet X
        5   The Second Totalitarian Wave
        11   Gatestone’s “New Direction”
        12   An American Threat
        12   A Resurrection at Gatestone?
        13   The Kook Army Speaks Out
        15   Down the Rabbit Hole, Again
        16   “American Betrayal”: A Swedish Perspective
        17   Mantled in Deception and Denial
        20   The Mightier Pen
        21   The Mightier Pen: Videos
        27   Bukovsky and Stroilov: ‘American Betrayal’ Will Make History
    Dec   1   An Addled Barroom Brawler
        3   Cleaning up the Blood and Broken Glass
        5   The Full Kowtow