Stalking the Invisible Man

Update: I made a statement that Jeff Lipkes — the author of the 12,000-word three-part article at American Thinker that was mentioned in my post — disagrees with. Although nothing I wrote referred to him by name, I am more than happy to help him set the record straight.

Mr. Lipkes sent me the following request this morning (August 2) via email:

The charges made by the Baron yesterday that my review of American Betrayal was “commissioned” by anonymous “arbiters of the ‘accepted history’” are completely untrue. I myself proposed the review and was not, alas, reimbursed by anyone.

A fuller explanation claims

someone in allegedly conservative circles has decided to spend the money to add more concrete to the containment facility surrounding Diana West. This operation is not like a rant posted on an obscure blog — the editors of these venues are on salary, and the free-lancers who pen the screeds expect to be paid. In other words, somebody who has money wants Diana West to lie back down and stay dead.

Again, these charges are untrue.

Please publish a retraction.

I would also like the opportunity to reply briefly to the blog post and to Andrew Bostom’s.

I was very sorry to learn that Mr. Lipkes didn’t get paid. He gets my sympathies as a fellow writer — I know how much work it takes to produce 12,000 words. I just assumed that a piece that long must have been commissioned for pay. My mistake!

Almost a year ago, Gates of Vienna joined the controversy over Diana West’s book American Betrayal. The fight had already been raging for several weeks, but I had been reluctant to join the fray, because Ms. West’s topic — the Communist influence on the American political establishment in 1930s and ’40s — was off our mission statement, even though both Dymphna and I found it fascinating. Moreover, the fight was turning out to be an ugly one, and not something that one would want to be involved in without a good reason.

A good reason eventually appeared: Diana West was unable to find a venue that would accept an article answering some of the heated charges aimed at her by her critics. So we hosted her essay here, and continued to follow the course of events through the fall and winter as further doors slammed in her face and more and more prominent writers called her nasty names or deprecated her abilities as a researcher.

It quickly became evident that something more than scholarly disagreement was behind the virulence of all the attacks on her. From the moment her critics began panning the book, they employed less-than-scholarly terms to express their opinions. They referred variously to “West’s fictions”, her “unhinged theories”, her “dangerous one dimensional thinking”, and her “truculent recklessness”. They called her “a right-wing loopy” who had not yet been “house-trained”. She was a “very angry, very self-centered and very reckless partisan” who “organized a kook army” against her critics. She and her defenders were engaged in “unutterable myth-making and jejune dementedness, as they hurl the vitriol of the silly and the deranged”. Most tellingly, “she should not have written this book, which betrays a conspiratorial mindset”, was “a preposterous book”, a “paranoid fantasy”, “conspiracy mongering”, and a “farrago of lies”. (See “An Addled Barroom Brawler”, our post from last December, for the authors of the all those insults and epithets, and the links to where they were published.)

The attacks on American Betrayal continued into the winter. Then, in the new year, the sound and fury faded away, and all the hoopla seemed to be over. However, as I mentioned the other day, the arbiters of the “accepted history” seemed to be dissatisfied with the take-down of Diana West, so they commissioned a 12,000-word rehash of all the arguments. It was published several weeks ago at American Thinker.

What prompted this new wave of Westophobia? Are her book sales still running too high? Are there too many five-star ratings of the book at Amazon? Are positive reviews still being posted on a lot of websites?

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that those who want to suppress American Betrayal have mobilized their forces again. A year after the initial fight, someone in allegedly conservative circles has decided to spend the money to add more concrete to the containment facility surrounding Diana West. This operation is not like a rant posted on an obscure blog — the editors of these venues are on salary, and the free-lancers who pen the screeds expect to be paid. In other words, somebody who has money wants Diana West to lie back down and stay dead.

And the campaign involves more than just the publication of hit-pieces against American Betrayal. Over the past year almost all major conservative venues have been closed to any significant supportive articles about the book. Now the author herself is unable to respond to a 12,000-word error-ridden critique of her work without having her response edited by those who published the piece against her. The cordon sanitaire around American Betrayal is all but complete. One or two more loads of transit mix, and they’ll be done.

If Gates of Vienna becomes the most prominent outlet that allows Diana West and her supporters to respond to her critics, you’ll know for certain that something is seriously amiss in the “conservative” movement.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

There is absolutely no doubt that some person or group is behind the push to encase American Betrayal in concrete so that none of its dangerous “McCarthyite” radiation can escape. In the past I’ve referred to this mysterious and well-funded entity as Planet X, a large body that is invisible to the unaided eye, whose existence may be deduced only through its gravitational effects on other bodies.

The other night, when Dymphna and I were discussing this whole sordid business, another metaphor emerged. I said: “What got Diana in trouble is that she threw a bucket of paint over the Invisible Man.”

And indeed she did. Now he’s out there in the darkness frenziedly dousing himself with paint-remover in an attempt to erase his suddenly visible outline. But what was he doing there in the first place, crashing around in the undergrowth frightening the animals?

We’ve discussed various theories here in the past. The most popular hypothesis is that the cult of FDR is so strong that his defenders are willing to exert a lot of effort (and spend a lot of money) to make sure his gilded statue remains firmly on its plinth. Exposing the extent to which Franklin Roosevelt was duped and manipulated by Soviet agents would remove the luster from his cherished visage. Anyone whose actions might lead to this disastrous outcome must be stopped by any means necessary.

A second possibility is a collective reluctance on the part of wealthy conservative Jewish philanthropists to rehash the Red infiltration of our government. Reopening that roster of names might remind people that a high proportion of those American Communists were ethnic Jews. Focusing attention on that unseemly historical fact could cause a backlash against Jews, especially given the current Muslim push to gin up Jew-hatred all over the world. Why add fuel to that particular fire? The list must remain in obscurity!

A third suggestion is that some of the allegedly former Communists among the principal instigators of the push against American Betrayal are not “former” at all, but have secretly remained dedicated to the Communist cause, and are determined to suppress any popular understanding of how thoroughly the Soviets subverted the United States government.

It could be that the Invisible Man is a combination of all three of the above factors. Or he may represent an entirely different causative agent, one that no one has yet thought of.

In a way, it doesn’t really matter which explanation is true. What’s important is the paint-covered outline of a man that no one previously knew existed. This Invisible Man is able to reach into the nooks and crannies of the American conservative movement to order the suppression of a book and its author. Virtually all prominent conservatives either joined the Two Minutes Hate against Diana West, or sat in studious silence while the insults and imprecations flew over their heads at the screen.

It’s dispiriting to realize how many writers and pundits I used to respect have sold their birthrights for a mess of pottage. In order to preserve their funding sources and their access to choice media opportunities, they are willing to sell a colleague down the river. They’re a Shadow Cabinet of Whores.

This ugly incident also reveals the extent to which the larger conservative outlets — on the web or in print — are just like the MSM. They are willing to suppress the truth and enable lies if it serves their own venal interests. What this means for the rest of us is that we are forced to drink from the springhead of information — everything downstream may well be contaminated with the pathogens of expediency. It means trolling through the “fever swamps” seeking primary sources of information and digging for expert analyses that have yet to be corrupted by Mammon.

It’s a ghastly moment. I wish I could continue to believe in the illusion of integrity among the wise and revered pundits of conservatism. But that is no longer possible.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

What is the significance of all this from the perspective of Gates of Vienna? Our mission is the Counterjihad, after all — why should we concern ourselves with a war between anti-communists and crypto-Reds?

Well, for one thing, the Communist infiltration of the Roosevelt administration in the 1930s and ’40s is mirrored almost exactly by the Islamic infiltration of the Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations. Here in the 21st century various agents of the Ikhwan are doing for the Global Caliphate what Harry Hopkins was doing for World Revolution back in 1942. In fact, today’s Islamic infiltration is arguably far worse than anything the Communists ever managed, since we are willingly importing thousands of additional enemy ideologues every year. The Muslim Brotherhood has achieved a level of influence in the media, the academy, and all levels of government that the Soviets could only have dreamed of.

And there are Invisible Men out there right now, making sure that accurate accounts of what is going on are suppressed and marginalized. They, too, have almost unlimited funds at their disposal with which to buy up politicians, editors, and professors who can give their cause a patina of harmlessness and respectability so that ordinary Americans remain reassured and somnolent. If the Brotherhood’s plans succeed, by the time full understanding dawns on the average citizen, it will be too late. The United States will then resemble Beirut, or Paris, or Malmö, with no one aware of how it all happened.

So the Invisible Man who tried to slap down Diana West is important, because he represents the manifold moneyed factions who mean to block any flow of information they deem harmful to their interests. Suppressing the truth is simply part of their job description.

We, the proles, are required to learn that Freedom is Slavery and War is Peace. We must believe that Arbeit Macht Frei. And above all we must pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

But there’s no doubt that the Invisible Man is out there somewhere. Every now and then he leaves footprints on the dewy grass or tips over a birdbath to alert us to his presence.

And every now and then some gutsy soul pitches a bucket of paint in his direction, and we finally get a glimpse of his sinister silhouette.

My recommendation: let’s hand her another bucket.

For links to previous articles about the controversy over American Betrayal, see the Diana West Archives.

56 thoughts on “Stalking the Invisible Man

  1. I believe you should hand her another bucket, the lady has more than earned for herself another chance to fight back against those who have an aversion to historical facts being exposed that may implicate their own personal and political agendas, or others they wish to protect, that they may wish kept hidden.

    I also believe that ALL your points may be included against those who are waging this campaign against a subject that must be exposed to the wider public. And on another possibility that you have not explored, is the Nazi infiltration of America through Operation Paperclip that saw prominent and dedicated Nazi’s infiltrate the Republican Party, NASA, some prominent businesses and Banks, and even assisted in the setting up of the CIA based on the Nazi Abwehr intelligence agency.

    So yes, there would be those out there trying to keep their past and the pasts of those who may have assisted them into prominent positions from being exposed. If the Communist connection can gain public traction then that road will then lead to the Nazi influence that I have no doubt some still very important people would like kept under wraps.

  2. One very interesting sidelight, or perhaps it is more central than it seems, to this affair is the fact that American Betrayal was originally reviewed favourably by FrontPageMag per Mark Tapson, not neutrally or lukewarmly but near glowingly. Tapson’s review was published with David Horowitz as the editor who was thus in a position to spike it if he thought it was muddle-headed or just plain poor.

    What Horowitz did do was later delete the Tapson review from the webzine when the specially commissioned Radosh review was published. One would have thought a respectable publication of integrity, committed to free inquiry and free expression, would have allowed both reviews to stand. What would be the harm for FrontPageMag readers to have two very different perspectives on American Betrayal?

    It must have been deeply humiliating for Tapson yet we have not heard a peep out of him since on the matter. Hmmm.

    I doubt Horowitz or Radosh remain in any way committed or sympathetic to Communism or even Marxism in some diluted form – your third possibility. They do however seem committed to ruthless enforcement of the party line and the strong-arm tactics reminiscent of the party faithful. So ideology no, tactics yes.

    It is your second possibility which is on the money, pardon the pun:

    “A second possibility is a collective reluctance on the part of wealthy conservative Jewish philanthropists to rehash the Red infiltration of our government. Reopening that roster of names might remind people that a high proportion of those American Communists were ethnic Jews. Focusing attention on that unseemly historical fact could cause a backlash against Jews, especially given the current Muslim push to gin up Jew-hatred all over the world. Why add fuel to that particular fire? The list must remain in obscurity!”

    It would be no doubt deeply discomforting for the American Jewish community to confront and acknowledge the fact that most of the Soviet spies we know of through the Venona Project were Jewish by ethnicity. There was what I think of as an unholy trinity of men who each decisively changed the course of world history for the worse: Harry Dexter White steered and perverted US government policy against US national interests to a degree almost unimaginable for one individual; Theodore Hall passed atomic secrets to the Soviets far more important and damaging than the Rosenbergs yet he died of natural causes in the 80’s residing in England unprosecuted and unimpugned; and William Wiesband tipped off the Soviets that their cables were being deciphered leading to the thwarting of the decoding capability just as the Cold War was beginning. Then there was Perlo, Silvermaster and many scores of others. Only three non-Jews appear in the top rank: Lauchlin Currie, Laurence Duggan and Alger Hiss.

    But confront and acknowledge the fact they, the US Jewish community, must do, as with all uncomfortable truths, lest the issue fester and become grist for the mill of the Jew-haters, the believers in the Secret Protocols and those who despise Israel. They can certainly take much comfort in the fact that it is only, repeat only, due to the lifetime of brilliant dedicated work of Jewish Harvey Klehr and John Earle Haynes in investigating Venona and the US espionage activities of the Soviet Union and publishing their findings in a series of superb books that we know as much as we do about the roles of White, Hall, Weisband et al. Klehr and Haynes weren’t concerned about airing the dirty laundry: they were concerned by a commitment to the historical truth. That the Soviet code-word for Jews generally in the cable traffic was “Rats” places the treachery of White, Hall and Weisband et al in a uniquely ugly perspective. Imagine dedicating your life and career to betraying your own country for a country that regards you, by reason of your ethnicity, as vermin.

    FrontPageMag is doing the Jewish community no favours by trying to keep the proles in the dark and launching journalistic terror attacks on the work and character of writers such as Ms West (or Ms Clare Lopez). It is not “Good for the Jews” whatever they may think.

    • O’Malley’s explanation to me sounds eminently plausible. What puzzles me is why Horowitz and Radosh tried to destroy Diana West when their own life stories and memoirs expose and document the fact that the majority of the generation that preceded the red diaper baby generation were largely Communist sympathetic to the Soviet Union were Jewish. Horowitz and Radosh were among the few who had the courage to denounce that generation.

    • Re: Possibility of desire to suppress knowledge of Jewish culpability

      As usual, such efforts lead to exactly the opposite consequences. The Neo-Nazi front and the allied Third Way knows all about the large Jewish part both in the Bolshevik Revolution and regime, and in American communism and treason. The more the efforts to suppress grow, the more the Neo-nazis grow and amass proof that there is a “Zionist Conspiracy.” And, the facts being irrefutable, and the Jewish establishment’s rugs fully covering these stains, the number of right-wing converts to the Jew-hating cause grows too.

      • @Takuan

        ”the number of right-wing converts to the Jew-hating cause grows too”

        Attempts to surpress such facts indeed lead to the belief that the Jews are conspiring and colluding against the gentile European.

    • In my haste to finish my piece and dine I overstated the role of Klehr and Haynes in my use of “only, repeat only”. Those two authors were pioneers, their TV documentary “Secrets, Lies and Atomic Spies” also widened the audience, but Allen Weinstein and Alexander Vasiliev’s “The Haunted Wood-Soviet Espionage in America” and “The Venona Secrets” by Herbert Romerstein and Eric Breindel made huge contributions to our knowledge.

  3. I have always found that the more a book is well-researched, with appropriate sources, the more it is hated. Neither author nor subject seem to change this.

  4. Here’s a fourth suggestion: The whole notion of the right-left paradigm is nothing more than a soap opera. Totally false, totally scripted.

    And it’s one thing having Alex Jones say that in the middle of a rant on his radio show, but that is the big secret that cannot be actually, well and truly revealed.

    Because then, as a certain D. Horowitz has said, his life’s work would be for naught. His and quite a few others in “allegedly conservative circles” who have a stake in distracting us with the political soap opera.

  5. Baron,Dymphna, well done; it needs to be repeated until it sinks in, that Diana West wrote the book to help to understand and explain what the muslims are doing to the USA. The fact that muslims and socialists are in bed together explains why they would hate such truths to be revealed. As for the US conservatives (and people like David Horowitz) one can only judge people by what they do; I’d conclude that they are conservative/ libertarian/anti-communist or whatever they might call themselves, in name only. Ms Wests attackers have exposed themselves as to which side they are really supporting. I hope someone is keeping a list of who they are.

  6. I seem to have just purchased a book I’d never heard of before…

    edit: have, proper English?

  7. I suspect the reason for the level of Horowitz’s and Radosh’s opposition to West’s book is a fear of anti-Semitism. In my research on the subject I have run across a disturbing level of anti-Semitism. Secretary Stimson called the Morgenthau Plan, “Semitism gone wild for vengeance.” Jews have played a prominent role in forming these progressive policies. They have also played a prominent role in opposition to these policies.

    Please show a little more compassion for the “Shadow Cabinet of Whores.” They have families to support and a lifestyle to maintain. The firing of Clare Lopez from Gatestone was a shot across the bow. Talk show hosts and commentators know the consequences of giving American Betrayal publicity will be severe. The list of people who have been “Paula Deened” for being politically incorrect is long and growing. It is not merely a desire to “preserve their funding sources and their access to choice media opportunities.” It is a matter of survival.

    Diana West has opened a can of worms. However, she has only scratched the surface. She estimates that there were about 500 Soviet agents working in the Roosevelt administration. Vasili Mireokhin puts the number at about a thousand. She did not go into detail on the subjects of slave labor and engineered famine. General Patton commented, “It is amusing to recall that we fought the Revolution in defense of the rights of man and the Civil War to abolish slavery and have now gone back on both principles.”

    Diana was motivated to investigate this subject because of her initial research into Islamic infiltration. What could Islam and Communism possibly have in common? The answer may be provided by Peter Hitchens; “the Left can sympathize with it (Islam) as the enemy of their Christian monoculture and as an anti-colonial and therefore ‘progressive’ force.” Not all progressives are motivated by hostility toward their own culture. However, many of their opinion leaders are.

    • Please show a little more compassion for the “Shadow Cabinet of Whores.” They have families to support and a lifestyle to maintain.

      With all due respect, Mr. Dietrich, I don’t feel inclined to do that.

      By deciding to do what I do now — and especially since I went public under my real name four years ago — I ensured that I could never again hold gainful employment except in menial jobs.

      We fund this work through crowd-sourcing (i.e. quarterly fundraising that brings in small individual donations from our readers). That supplies us with an income that is just barely at a subsistence level, and forces us to erode the savings we had accumulated for our old age.

      I made the decision to do this quite consciously, with a full understanding of the likely consequences. If I had it to do over again, I would make the same decision. The cause was worth it.

      I discovered over my decades of being an artist that one can live on a lot less than one might think. Money is overrated. Dymphna and I learned to live in near-penury, and raised a child in good health and reasonable comfort at the same time. Other people can do the same, if they choose, for the sake of a good cause.

      • Dear Baron,
        I would like to salute you. Your integrity and courage are unfortunately rare commodities. Your reward is that you can look at yourself in the mirror without remorse. The “Shadow Cabinet of Whores” are really short sighted. By maintaining their lifestyle they are ultimately contributing to the destruction of their civilization. Perhaps they do not realize this. The human ability for self deception is almost unlimited. I have no real excuse. I work for the government and am well compensated. I don’t know if my wife would follow me into penury. I would like to see someone like George Will flipping hamburgers.

        • He *is* admirable, isn’t he? And of regret, he has none concerning his work. His “careers” divide themselves into discrete periods of work, but underneath all of them is the bedrock of Vocation. That word is out of fashion now, but in former generations it was the locus of one’s life. Our vocational choices informed the totality of a life, a life infused with purpose beyond getting and having. One either has that “getting” gene or one doesn’t.

          Of his various vocational endeavors painting landscapes was his primary passion, one that he was willing to do whatever was necessary to pursue. His years as a stay-at-home dad gave him deep satisfaction, and the year he spent caring for my dying mother he looks back on with gratitude for having the opportunity. He was worn out when it was over, as was she, but they formed an eternal bond.

          You are right: our capacity for self-deception seems unfathomable- in both senses of the word. But sometimes, it must be hard to maintain. When McCarthy did his “barroom brawl” (he *is* Irish after all – what other term could he have used for the fracas?) soft shoe routine along the sharp edge of a precipice not of his choosing, it appeared he was dancing as fast as he could to keep from falling into an abyss of betrayal. So one watched him and it was obvious he knew and he knew Diana knew. So we all waited to see what his payoff would be for his monstrously strenuous effort. When the thirty pieces of silver passed hands, it was in the form of that lavish gala they gave for his book.

          We Irish aren’t particularly long-lived (usually) so if he should survive to a ripe old age, how will he bear the pain of his own self-knowledge?? Reminds me of the closing scene in Arthur Miller’s play (this is a 40 year-old memory of a scene I saw one time), “After the Fall”. The final lesson was the need for forgiveness, especially forgiveness of oneself. Over and over, a Sisyphean task.

          But that’s *my* version. He may feel no such compunction at all. I present it simply because I thought he had been her friend.

          As for whether your wife would be willing to follow you into a penury you felt called to, some passion that must be fulfilled if you were to survive as a fully human agent. Well…wouldn’t that depend on her own karmic burden of gratitude for you as a gift? What if you had sat by her mother’s bed for a year, fed her her meals, fetched and carried, dressed her and drove Miz Daisy to doctor appointments, endured her demented fears with patience -REAL patience – and simply helped her face that final year day by day?? What then? And what if your wife was concerned that if she declined to follow you she would be “ultimately contributing to the destruction of her own civilization”?

          As you well know (and can put more succinctly than I) the maintenance of a civilization demands a faithful attention to detail by all of us. It is that simple and that crucial.

          • I am so glad that you have stood up for Ms. West. I read her book and it answered a lot of questions for me because my former father -in-law was imprisoned in the Gulag and not released until 1947.
            Since I’m not an expert on WWII and Communism I certainly cannot debate the details of strategies and tactics; however, this was a well footnoted book and just like it answered questions about my father -in-law it provided answers about my father’s anger at a government that took in so many Nazis AFTER fighting them ( my father was in D-Day and was a scout behind enemy lines.)
            Dymphna, I read how you and the Baron have been living your lives and I commend you.
            I have been an “underachiever” for most of my life because of my choices based on morals or lack of them. I’m 65 years old and still standing. In Hebrew we say Kol Ha Kavod You have “all my respect.”
            I wrote my impressions of the book here at

    • Please show a little more compassion for the “Shadow Cabinet of Whores.” They have families to support and a lifestyle to maintain. The firing of Clare Lopez from Gatestone was a shot across the bow. Talk show hosts and commentators know the consequences of giving American Betrayal publicity will be severe. The list of people who have been “Paula Deened” for being politically incorrect is long and growing. It is not merely a desire to “preserve their funding sources and their access to choice media opportunities.” It is a matter of survival.

      I presumed you were being facetious?

      If you are serious, then Marxism has penetrated beyond its dreams in the ability to suppress dissent on all sides. Political correctness has such a chokehold on freedom of speech that it is expiring while we watch.

      These lovers of comfort, burdened as they are with the neurotic need to belong, are traitors to the principles to which they claim to adhere. “Whited sepulchres” they are …ah, now we know where the paint came from.

      National Review, American Blinkered, Pajamas Media, the Heritage Foundation, etc, etc., ad nauseam are part of the gaping moral sinkhole which they purport to fight. Cowards and confidence men frantically combing over the bald spot, even as it relentlessly recedes.

      Oh, right. “CONservative” thought. Unh-uh. See that Eric Cantor fellow leaving the halls of power? Unseated by the unwashed populists who grew tired of his lack of attention to his work. An unmanned mandarin who is simply the point guy in a retreat to defeat by those who elbowed their way into their positions. The talking heads ought to heed his fate.

      Yes, some of them did estimable work – McCarthy’s battle against the Blind Sheikh is just one example. But McC and the rest of them have sat too long resting on their laurels. The result is severe moral hemorrhoids.

      They will continue to serve in quasi-governmental positions – i.e., being paid by “foundations” and benefactors. And them that accepts the money will sing the benefactors’ tunes. If that means cutting dead a colleague – a former colleague – because she scares those who sign their checks? A small price to pay when you’ve already come to terms with the fact that you’re for sale.

      Meanwhile the audience is drifting away. First they left the GOP, thumbing their noses at the RNC. Now they’re stepping back to avoid being tarred with anything smelling remotely of the creosoted “Conservatives”….People with authentic conservative principles would rather be homeless than live in the whorehouse.

      Just as governmental bureaucracy has become bloated, so have the ranks of political punditry become swollen by mendacity. Government workers now claim they’re forced to watch prOn at work because there’s no work to do. Looks like these folks are in the same fix…

  8. God Almighty, who has watched this progression from bad to worse, has worked to mitigate the consequences of the evil behavior on the part of the people who have been derelict in their charges and stewardship because they called good evil and evil good. World War II could have and should have been avoided. Hitler could have been put out of our misery like the rabid dog he became.
    The parallels between the 1930s and 1940s and today shows that history not only rhymes, it resonates louder and longer each time the causes are ignored. We have patted ourselves on the back for being good caretakers of the world and stewards of freedom when the very instances for which we were marched off to war were of our own making. We have learned nothing since the 1930s, especially when it comes to minding our own business and being friends with our neighbors instead of overlords and policemen.
    The world is verging upon anarchy and the elite like it that way. It is frightening to contemplate what they will replace this world they have destroyed with. I do know from my studies in social trends that it will be a plantation-style gulag. We have already seen the beginnings of plantation economics under Obama’s administration that have been instituted with the complete approval of the invisible man/men.
    God is preparing to remind the residents of this planet of just Who holds the Title Deed. No, the Title Deed is in His hand, not ours. We have done wickedly and have tested God’s righteousness to its limits. Court is about ready to be called into session as the prophets have foretold, having been instructed by God to give advance notice. Judgment will be meted out and all of us will acknowledge the righteousness of the sentences that will be handed down.

  9. If my memory serves me correctly, Ann Coulter exposed much of this Communist history in the US in one of her books. I imagine The vast RINO wing conspiracy will eventually get around to attacking her.

    • Ann Coulter savagely attacked ‘birthers’ for daring to question the bona fides of the ‘great one’….

      It appears that Ann is merely another paid spokesperson for the invisible man….

      • I agree that there is a good chance that our dear leader was born outside of the country. I think that Ann Coulter is media savvy and wants the Republicans to win. She concluded that the birther controversy would hurt Republican chances. Unfortunately she was right about that. The media spin was overwhelming.

        • Winning while insulting, alienating, and obliterating the people that you purport to ‘represent’ is losing.

          Winning is only winning when the winners represent the truth.

          In facilitating the lies of the left, Ann Coulter became a representative of the left. Ann Coulter became another person contributing to the ‘overwhelming media spin.’

          As I recall, she did it with the gay marriage issue, too.

          So, on the two arguably most important issues of our era, Ann Coulter actively supported the WRONG side and attacked the RIGHT side (pun intended).

          • Oops. It appears that Ann Coulter’s last stated position is against gay marriage:

            “In Ann’s 2007 book If Democrats Had Any Brains, They’d Be Republicans, in the chapter Gays:No Gay Left Behind!, she argued that Republican policies were more pro-gay than Democratic policies. Ann Coulter attended the 2010 HomoCon of GOProud, where she blasted same-sex marriage and stated “is not a civil right—you’re not black”.[105] At the 2011 CPAC, during her question and answer segment, she was asked about GOProud and the controversy over their exclusion from the 2011 CPAC. She boasted how she talked GOProud into dropping its support for same-sex marriage in the party’s platform and said that “The left is trying to co-opt gays, and I don’t think we should let them. I think they should be on our side” and “Gays are natural conservatives”.[106]”

            I had been recalling a Christian radio segment in which commentators were upset that Ann Coulter was actively supporting the gay lobby in the Republican Party which was deemed destructive to Christian values.



    • oldguy, Ann Coulter is a fine polemicist. And I’m sure what she had to say was right on target. But no, they will leave her alone. Have left her alone.

      The attack on Diana West was different. For one thing it was immediate, immoderate, and total.

      The irony is that she didn’t set out to talk about the Red Scare. West’s original starting point was to find how the Muslim Brotherhood had managed to tunnel in. It was only as her research began to lead her back to their starting point that West discovered a deeper malady. There were other, deeper and more concretely lasting excavations that she was forced to expose first, if we were to understand how we got to this point of Muslim Brotherhood takeover of the ramparts.

      What she exposes is not new; it is the totality of the work she found that makes one sick at heart. There weren’t just a few, and they weren’t peripheral. We lost the war, oldguy. Millions of people died because we were out of our league, because the greatest generation among the middle class were led into a morass by our mandarin class who were raised to despise America, or who made deals with the devil for their own gain. The keepers of the portals in government, media, and academia were our enemies and had been for some time.

      Her research became more laborious and her findings more dysphoric than she could have imagined. It took several years longer than she’d planned to give it. As you can imagine, ending up with 900 endnotes is evidence of hard, solitary labor. Finishing her task must have been a welcome relief but she had no illusions that her conclusions would be welcome, especially among those who need to have heroes.

      But I don’t think anything could have prepared her for the resulting cordon sanitaire that was erected by her own colleagues to keep her and her work from spreading very far. We’re supposed to be past the age of dungeons and ex-communication but we’re not. Those in charge are part of the soviet, flying under different colors.

      If you follow the story – and I don’t suggest you do; it’s dismal – you will realize how totally they succeeded in silencing her, cutting her off not only from writing about her book but also refusing to permit her to even answer her numerous detractors.

      That’s what I mean by silenced. Many of these folks who drew bull’s eyes on her face had been her colleagues, her fellow fighters in the trenches. A few, like McCarthy, were reluctant – but the piper was playing so he had to dance. He weaseled out of it by labeling the whole ugly attack a “barroom brawl” (heck, he’s Irish – he needed a metaphor in a hurry). But this was a public betrayal of a now-former friend since he considered her one of the brawlers. It was *that* ugly.

      No, Diana’s loss of friends and colleagues is far more than criticism of her views. It is a Stalinesque attempt to send her to the gulag.

      A book which uncovers the ruling classes’ hatred of the American middle class should be required reading for understanding how deeply corrupt the whole enterprise became, long before Roosevelt ever sat in the White House with Harry holding his hand and doling out his liquor:

      The Revolt Against the Masses: How Liberalism Has Undermined the Middle Class

      Read Siegel and you’ll understand who truly governs and why.

      If you want a living breathing exemplar of Siegel’s work, just look at John Kerry.

      Remember, oldguy, that this brawl happened a year ago. Now, suddenly, after a long silence, American Thinker has started up on her again. Twelve thousand words of bilge. I doubt the author spewed it for free. Ask yourself why, after a full year, they’re turning ’round to run over Diana West again?

      Then read Fred Siegel and understand the source of their compulsion.

      • Through Ms. West’s site, I discovered this gem of an article by J. R. Nyquist:

        This piece is, like American Betrayal itself, very well reasoned, and extremely disconcerting in its conclusions.

        The other parts in the series are also fascinating, but do not touch as directly on the subject of betrayal on the part of the American political right’s Establishment.

    • Ann Coulter is not even fit nor worthy to carry out DW’s trash and I sure as heck would not trust Ann Coulter to do so.

      Coulter has shown her true colors and is in bed with these people who have so viciously attacked DW and American Betrayal. Just my opinion.

      What G of V is doing here and has always done is maintain, uphold and build the foundation of the truth to shared and done so with conviction and courage. Baron and Dymphna have sacrificed and done so willingly to make this site what it is today. They have never waivered from that and they have taken many a hit over the years. I contribute gladly and willingly whenever I can to help support them and G of V. Of late it has been very little due to life throwing me some very nasty curves.

      Having read American Betrayal, the book is spot on and is very well done, written and researched. I am but a simple man who understands what it means to look in the mirror each and every night and not have to feel guilty for what I have done or how I lived me life. I have given up much and have said no to a much higher standard and comfort of life and I have no regrets in doing so. I made a decision decades ago to never compromise my morals. Those who have attacked West in such nasty ways cannot look in the mirror and be OK with themselves or what they are really or perhaps they can? This was an all out blitzkrieg on West, right from the start. What the book exposes and ties together is obviously big and something the enemy(s) fear.

      Another bucket of paint? I say gallons of paint are in order.

  10. The surprising about this book is that there is hardly any author in it. By that I mean that conjecture, hypothesis, guessing, fantasizing, paranoia are all largely absent. It’s just an amazing aggregate of facts and references. It thus reads like an interesting text in the sciences or math and is almost impossible to refute. This has caused this invisible man–Baron describes above–to scrape from his garbage every ad hominem technique known to literature. One begins to feel sorry for her critics because they appear so helpless. You’ve got to read this. It’s like another “Witness” by Chambers, an essential source in understanding our history.

  11. It’s the two-handed thing which disturbs me – greatly.

    On the one hand, outlets such as FrontPage and American Thinker have done a barricades sort of job in exposing the infiltration of (classical, orthodox, historic) Islam within our governing classes: be it the media, academia, the military, intelligence, and every strata of our politics. If pressed, the Conservative MSM can fill a library of binders thick with hard-copy of posted articles, interviews, and, yes, even book reviews, exposing Islam’s assault on our society.

    On the other hand, watching the Conservative MSM encase Ms. West in their suffocation/starvation room of defamation and silence – as some disgraced and dangerous Roman imperial matron – one wonders. For we have just observed them take out a lady because she dared to bare-breast it over the wobbly barricades where the battle truly had to be engaged. Knowing this, knowing how much they feared truth spilling its bucket of vivid exposure on FDR’s administration, how can we trust them not to surrender when Islam is at gates – really, truly encamped against the walls demanding our death, our conversion, or our money.

    Maybe the money thing will be the way of their surrender. For in that, they can recall experience. They had been trained.

    What’s a Conservative culture to do when it no longer has a hairy chest to bare? It is no happenstance that Lady Liberty is fleshed so womanly.

    Yet, in one thing we can be thankful. Praise be, in this, at least, I can testify. Because of Ms. West, and her weighty little book, I see more clearly.

  12. I decided to get the book. Being in penury myself, I looked first to the Library System of Lancaster County PA.
    What I found was this: No library in Lancaster County has the book.
    No library has ANY book by Diana West. Not one. In addition to that, the only book by an author named Diana West was on breast feeding…strangely a propos, since Communism is all about sucking off the government teat.
    Not even an ISBN/ISSN search turned up the book.

    No wonder libraries are dying.

      • I actually found it at Amazon, first. The same thing happened when searching for a book called Sinisterism: The Secular Religion of the Lie, by Bruce Walker. It is also a controversial book, poking holes in many of the accepted histories concerning the relationship with the Left to Nazism. It was sourced with a lot of contemporary scholarship from the 20s, 30s, and 40s.

        I tried to buy it through Borders, but their warehousing system was so backward and pointless, that I just bought it through Amazon.

        Dymphna, thank you for the advice and the kind offer. I’ll go ahead and call my library. I was just surprised that a current book like this wouldn’t have ever seen the inside of a library in a city/county the size of Lancaster. We have nearly a million people in this county, more coming in all the time.

        Penury isn’t so bad. I work hard, and sometimes, having a bowl of cereal for dinner is better for the soul, too.

    • Jewel- I get your penury. Your library belongs to the PA library system. Call Reference and ask them to put in a request for an interlibrary loan. See if it -the book – exists anywhere in Pennsylvania.Interlibrary loan has access to everything, including state college libraries. Things are tight now, and they may charge you 2.00 for the search. You get it for a month but DON’T be late. Fines are a dollar a day.

      If that doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll send you our copy. If you have a Kindle, I can lend it to you that way for a month. But I also have a hard copy which I’d be willing to send ’round to fellow penurians. It would only cost you book postage back.

      Let me know.
      PS Our Kindles are gifts, btw, as are the books. I did buy the Kindle of “Betrayal” because someone sent the money for that purpose. But it’s pricey for those of us who live lower on the food chain than the average family. A person in your situation could buy a right good amount of groceries with fifteen dollars. I’ll have to do a post on luxuries vs necessities someday. In which I will reveal my first real argument with the Baron after we were married, the focus being, “Is a jar of grated cheese a luxury or a necessity?” That proved to be a template of sorts, and grocery stores were where we most often employed it.Heck, when one is in ummm…in straitened circumstances…where else do you go to spend money? Good Will, maybe? Walmart? I like Good Will better but they don’t sell cheap, no fructose corn syrup pickle relish. Give me 15.00 in a grocery store with a dented can section and I’m good to go.

  13. Hope I’m not repeating myself — but a lot of what Diana West has written was already out there, just in little dribbles in various books that never became best sellers. I have known for 20 years that Rooseveldt was surrounded by commies. Not news. I have bought her book and will read it as soon as I can.

    In the meantime, good health to you, Baron & Dymphna! I don’t remember when I stumbled on your blog, but it was a good day!

    Maria (love & paprikas)

    • I had read over the years somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 or 30 books on the subjects treated by Ms. West, before tackling American Betrayal. So I thought of myself as reasonably well-informed on the issue of Soviet penetration into our government and culture.

      Every single claim she made regarding this penetration rang true with me, because of my prior reading, with the partial exception of her take on the issue of whether the Western Allies should have pursued a northern or a southern military strategy for the liberation of Europe.

      Of all the books I have read, it was uniquely American Betrayal which gave me the soul-crushing sensation of scales dropping from my eyes. Ms. West alone connects the dots, and goes beyond the question, now trivial, of whether high-level espionage has occurred. In the aftermath of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the partial opening of the Soviet archives, and the partial release of Venona, a Communist apologist would have to wear a tin-foil hat to deny that it had.

      She reveals the extent, or rather, at least some of the extent, of American policy positions being decided in Moscow and foisted upon our nation by a mixture in our government service of true-believing Marxists and of various other persons compromised by, or otherwise effectively loyal to, Stalin and his agents.

      I believe that the question of which invasion route was actually optimum is a technical issue for strategists and military historians to debate, and well beyond my qualifications to assess. But of all her major claims, her belief that Churchill was right in arguing for a southern route, “through the soft underbelly of Europe”, is by far the least central or necessary to her overall thesis. It forms only a small portion of her book, and logically is almost entirely independent of her other claims.

      A closely related topic is whether the American decision to pursue the northern route though Normandy was influenced by Stalin, his henchmen abroad, and his moles in our government, along with Roosevelt’s penchant for agreeing with Stalin in the latter’s debates with Churchill. On this question, she more than brings to the table the documentation and intellectual firepower necessary to prove her case, which is central to her overall thesis.

      Last year I read the screeds of Radosh and others against her with a kind of horrified fascination.

      It was no surprise to see that they conflated these two related, but distinct, issues, given both her lack of evident qualifications for writing on technical military matters, and their own rank as consummate Subject Matter Experts in the art of the smear. Further, it was no surprise that they had invented a pretense that the entire argument of her book hinged crucially on the technical matter of which invasion route was best, ignoring all her hundreds of pages and hundreds of footnotes documenting the power of Soviet influence over American policy decisions.

      The key point is that Stalin wanted a certain northern route, which would take the Western Allies far from Eastern Europe, where he was hoping the territorial gains being made by the Red Army would remain unassailed by any confrontation with Western powers after the war. He wanted the Westerners to enter northwestern Europe a certain way, and on a certain timetable, and for their land and air forces in Italy to be reduced and dispersed in order to facilitate all this.

      And he wanted there to be no truck between the Western allies and the anti-Nazi resistance in Germany, who were perfectly willing to assassinate Hitler and end the war early.

      Through a great many covert machinations, Stalin was able to get virtually everything he wanted.

      None of the treacherous actions of his moles in Washington and London would be erased if some were to claim now that Normandy, for technical reasons, did make a better starting point for the Western armies’ overland drive into the heart of the Third Reich than did Italy, Yugoslavia, or Greece.

      Radosh seized upon the due reverence Americans feel for the heroes of Overlord, Cobra, Patton’s thrust into Brittany and up the Loire valley, and all the rest, to unfairly belittle the claims of Ms. West, and of the military experts she cites, that this was not in fact the best route.

    • I hope you will be able to see what West has done, and how she tied everything together when you read the book. I knew much of what is covered in the book but one of the things that makes the book stand out for me is the WAY she has tied it all together in her own style of writing.

      Many of us knew and have known for quite some time that Roosevelt was almost inundated and buried by commies and some of the worst of the ‘free thinkers society back then.

      • You said it much more succinctly than I did, but the amazing way that she ties things together is why people should buy her book.

        The package she presents of Soviet atrocities and the duplicity of the Americans who covered for them will make any decent person want to scream at the injustice of it. Also, at the fecklessness of the American leaders who let it happen, and at the outrageousness of the attacks on Senator McCarthy and all the others who tried to expose it.

  14. If I might interject …

    I thank Gates of Vienna for another fine essay that illustrates what free minds (and deft wordsmiths) do best: grapple with difficult, disturbing and baffling topics that most prefer to leave untouched.

    I would like to put an oar in, however, to stay the momentum gathering behind Baron’s second possible reason for the disinformation campaign under discussion.

    He writes:

    “A second possibility is a collective reluctance on the part of wealthy conservative Jewish philanthropists to rehash the Red infiltration of our government. Reopening that roster of names might remind people that a high proportion of those American Communists were ethnic Jews. Focusing attention on that unseemly historical fact could cause a backlash against Jews, especially given the current Muslim push to gin up Jew-hatred all over the world. Why add fuel to that particular fire? The list must remain in obscurity!”

    There are several reasons I tend to discount this as a leading edge of the campaign to quash me and my work. Here are my top three.

    1. That horse was long out of the barn.

    It has been spotted, tracked, even discussed at conferences

    There are innumerable books that predate mine and far more exhaustively catalogue domestic Communist espionage — and thus far more exhaustively catalogue such espionage committed by agents who were Jewish. If the object is to keep such facts “in obscurity,” wouldn’t these many works also have drawn fire?

    Meanwhile, American Betrayal blazes no trails when it comes to listing known spies and agents, Jewish or otherwise. My book draws in part and quite selectively from the archival tabulations of documents released (partially and selectively) by the governments in Moscow and Washington that have already appeared in books before mine. If it’s the act of identifying (unmasking) American traitors who are Jewish that drives the kind of disinformation campaign I have been on the receiving end of, books far more complete than mine would surely have kicked up some, if not much greater, ruckus.

    2. While we’re on topic, another point. I searched my manuscript to see whether an anti-Jewish bias could possibly be construed from the selection of Soviet influence agents I (completely non-religiously) chose to discuss. My search confirms that two of the Soviet influence agents I write most about are (possible agent) Harry Hopkins (appears on 100 pages) and Lauchlin Currie (29 pages), neither of whom was Jewish. Meanwhile, as crucially egregious as Harry Dexter White was as a particularly successful Soviet influence agent and spy, he appears on fewer pages (19). The Rosenbergs, as conventional spies, do not figure in my narrative mainly about influence agents and are mentioned on 8 pages. Then there is, to pick up on an earlier commenter, Gregory Silvermaster (11 pages), Victor Perlo (1 page), William Weisband (o). Eugene Lyons, on the other hand, a Jewish ex-Socialist journalist whose shining work as a “truth-teller” I was very impressed by, appears on 36 pages. Other Jewish anti-Communists I find who figure in American Betrayal include: David Dallin (assisted Kravchenko’s defection), Arthur Koestler, Max Eastman, Julius Epstein (whose trailblazing reporting broke through the pro-Soviet lies about Katyn Forest and Operation Keelhaul both), Judge Irving R Kaufman (sentenced the Rosenbergs to death), Walter Krivitsky (leading Soviet intelligence defector whose “suicide” in DC may well have been murder), Eric Breindel and the pre-eminent Communist investigator of our time, Herbert Romerstein.

    3. For these and other reasons, it seems highly unlikely to me that the contents of American Betrayal could have been flagged or otherwise seen by “wealthy conservative Jewish philanthopists” as a potential cause of “backlash” against Jews today — thus leading beneficiaries to launch a widespread and quite hysterical smear campaign against both me personally and the book. (That is not to say, however, that there might not have been concern about backlash against “liberalism,” but that’s another story.) There is another aspect of this that gives me pause. It is difficult to see anything even tangentially altruistic (“saving the Jews”) in the lowdown and desperate calumnies my detractors have used against me. For me, it doesn’t pass the smell test.

    There are other possible reasons that could be driving the disinformation campaign and lockdown on debate about American Betrayal. Quite compellingly, I think, Vladimir Bukovsky and Pavel Stroilov offer more of them here.

    In closing, it may bear repeating that my special subject in American Betrayal is not espionage, not spying, but rather corruption and betrayal: the effects and implications of an impossibly elaborate and widespread covert war directed by Moscow against the morality and liberty of the Western world — a war which long predates the dates for the Cold War set and clung to by academic consensus. This war had its greatest success in corrupting our elites. They betrayed us, “fundamentally transforming” our civilization long before Barack Obama ever took up that gauntlet. I tend to think the reasons for the war on American Betrayal have something to do with keeping this realization “in obscurity” — and heaven forfend that the men and women who called it all along be inducted into a rightful new American pantheon.

    More, of course, to come.

    • Normally I would agree with your assessment – thorough as usual. However, we live in exceedingly strange times. The growing anti-Semitism concerns us all.

      Thus, I will defer to your knowledge, but appeal to your intuitive sense of the rising ugly tide, much of based on the same black cancer of the 30s and 40s…we thought it had been excised only to find new, more invasive growths everywhere. The openly hateful #BDS on Twitter is sickening…these are not the brown shirts, these are ‘respectable’ folk joining in the mass condemnations.

  15. Like a number of others whose monikers I recognized, I tried to engage with Horowitz in the comments section of his site. He actually responded to some the critics in the comments. His responses were inadequate and often did not make logical sense. It was obvious that he was succumbing to pressure.

      • The astonishingly foul mouthed “Ziggy” character. Rambling, well that’s one way to put it, eh LOL

    • I had a similar experience, though on Twitter. I happened upon an exchange btwn DH and a former admirer of his who was doing a beatdown on Horrorwits. In other cases, I don’t think DH would’ve responded. But he returned to it several times…

      Then the next day he showed up HERE, in our comments. A hit-and-run since he didn’t come for any exchange, just a repeat of his on-going diatribe.

      As I said then, I was taken aback: it was like having milord descend belowstairs to upbraid the scullery maids when everyone knows himself would never dream of even noticing their existence…IIRC, it was DH who said “she should never have written that book”. Given the appearance of his growing mental instability on this subject back then, it was indeed a cri de coeur.

      Just one more strangeness in a whole bloody field of nightmare engagements.

      • I suspect that we have missed a linkage somewhere, a linkage that may be the reverse of DW’s muslim infiltration–>soviet infiltration route.

        Whatever the linkage is it is current, and it MUST be suppressed at all costs, even at the risk of exposure of some important players like Horrorwits.

        This nerve is very raw, and it must concern current lies, treasons and infiltrations. Are we keeping the MB infiltration too ‘apart’ from the soviet infiltration? Could they in any way be the same thing but different skin colour? The soviet infiltration should be history, but it is obviously ‘current’ in some way for the neo-con mindset doth protest too much.

        The nerve that was exposed will probably not have been mentioned in any of the critiques, so one must look for the gap maybe…..

        • I similarly suspect the linkage is obscured given the history of the Muslim Brotherhood. For instance,

          “…[Sayyid] Qutb, a Muslim who had come under the spell of Sufism, subscribed to the essentially secular nationalism of the day, the focus of which was opposition to British rule in Egypt and to Zionist colonisation in Palestine. But by the late 1940s, disillusioned with the failings of the nationalist parties, he had become an Islamist and—as exemplified in his first important book, “Social Justice in Islam”—an Islamist of originality and power.

          Shortly after finishing the manuscript, Qutb set off for the United States on a visit that was to last almost two years. “…

          “Social Justice”? Why the United States? Who paid for this extended visit?

          • Wow, just wow.

            This post, and MCin Sderot’s just above, are very though provoking.

            Counter-jihadists are going to have to get in the habit of thinking like this to outsmart these people, and to clean out the evil.

            Thank you both for your thoughts.

  16. I found the book to be one of the most thought provoking I have ever read. It challenged so much of what is accepted as fact by so many people, about WW2 and the Cold War.
    An acquaintance of mine worked with one of the people D.W. writes as being a Soviet agent, who left the U.S. and moved to work in England. I talked to him about the book and what it said about his former colleague. I have since lent him my copy, but haven’t spoken to him at length about what he makes of it or what is said about his co-worker.
    It is worrying to think that if the extent of communist infiltration of the government in the U.S. was as D.W. presents, how bad must it have been here in the U.K. I believe it was Peter Wright in Spycatcher, who said that MI5 suspected Harold Wilson was a Soviet agent.
    I don’t think a book like A.B. would ever be published here and if it was it would be soon buried.

  17. I am surprised how few historians seem to notice that many things which the British and Americans believed they were concealing from the Soviets— for instance, Bletchley Park’s penetration of Axis ciphers and Anglo -American arguments about launching a Second Front—were well known to Stalin, through the good offices of communist sympathisers and traitors in Whitehall and Washington. The Soviets knew much more about their allies’ secret policy-making than did the British and Americans about that of the Russians.

    Hastings, Max (2009-09-03). Finest Years: Churchill as Warlord 1940–45 (Kindle Locations 113-117). Harper Collins, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

  18. All the discussion here has convinced me completely that a bunch of garbage happened during WWII and after the war regarding commies in the US government. I agree with D.W. and nobody can ever change my mind…especially D.H. because I have always had a deep suspicion of the man AND his self promotion.

    All this being said … I am not as intellectual as you posters and of course, our host and hostess….I would just like to thank you all for your comments that has lead me to a greater understanding of just what that dear D.W. was trying to tell us.

    GOD BLESS HER , all WORK and her FRIENDS here and everywhere.

    Attack Kat says goodnight and hope you all have a good weekend.

  19. The garbage started before WWII and continues to this day. The travelers who were educators had sufficient time and patience to warp and graduate thousands who, by default and brainwashing, graduated, worked, taught, and advanced throughout our society. They don’t carry cards. They carry a point of view. I look at the Democrat Party, hear their incessant braying, and all I can see in my mind is KGB light. Democrats are not alone in blame. The GOP has its problems too. Whether from the media (press, t.v., internet, etc.) or the current education in our grade schools through graduate school, the infection of left handed wing nut thinking has permeated and weakened our society. That is but one portion of the poison we have been drinking for the past 90 years. Diana West has done our societies a Herculean favor.

    • Exactly. As a current example of your point, North Carolina schools no longer bother teaching about America’s Founding. Instead, they need time to more thoroughly cover the Underground Railroad and heroines like Harriet Tubman. When all you have is Race, then everything is about oppression of people of color.

      Who cares about a bunch of rich old white men? Not North Carolina history teachers. Oh…wait! My bad. I searched for a resource to back up this assertion and it seems there followed a brouhaha, which ended here:

      The last page is a stand-alone Addendum:

      Addendum: American History II:

      On June 23, 2011, the North Carolina General Assembly passed The Founding Principles Act (SL 2011-273). This act calls for local boards of education to require, as a condition of high school graduation, students to pass a course, American History I – The Founding Principles. As a result, the State Board of Education approved a name change of the United History I course to American History I: The Founding Principles on October 6, 2011. Subsequently, the name of the United States History II course was changed to American History II.This addendum reflects the name change of the United States History II course to American History II. No standards have been changed. [emphasis in original]

      Notice that it took an Act of the State Legislature to get this history taught. In other words, SL 2011-273 legally requires that schools do their jobs.

      Good thing they got involved, too, since in 2003 the John Locke Foundation gave North Carolina an “F” for its history curriculum. It’s no wonder the home school movement continues to grow. It is a terrible thing to waste a child’s mind on the tenets of socialism.

  20. Mr. Lipkes, if you did not write for money, then certainly, you wrote for sheer spleen.
    Your turpitude, along with that of Mr. Dunn, grows more visible in your supposed self-defense.

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