Diana West: The Rebuttal in Book Form

As a final wrap-up to the controversy over her book, Diana West has published her rebuttal in book form. In addition to her own 22,000-word “take-down” of Ronald Radosh, she has included reviews and essays by various other writers, some of whom will be familiar to regular Gates of Vienna readers.

She posted this announcement on her blog today:

As some of you may be aware (chortle, chortle), American Betrayal came in for a little flack in the past couple of months.

As I marshalled my forces — all 22,000 words’ worth — many filled the breach with eloquent, passionate, heartfelt defenses both of my book and of free and civil debate overarchingly. I didn’t want these missives from the front to disappear into Internet ether. This amazing record of intellectual battle in real time needed a repository. To that end, I have published both my rebuttal, which originally appeared in three parts at Breitbart News, and a selection of these essays written in my behalf in a new book, The Rebuttal: Defending American Betrayal from the Book-Burners. Authors include Andrew Bostom, Vladimir Bukovsky, Donald Douglas, Edward Cline, M. Stanton Evans, Ruth King, Clare M. Lopez, Ned May, R.S. McCain, Takuan Seiyo, Cindy Simpson, David Solway, John L. Work and more.

I am pleased to announce The Rebuttal it is now available as both a Kindle and a paperback edition at Amazon.

For links to previous articles about the controversy over American Betrayal, see the Diana West Archives.

7 thoughts on “Diana West: The Rebuttal in Book Form

  1. Ah, the dish best eaten cold is a tasty one indeed.

    Diana deserves a medal…for her display of mettle under fire.

    You go girl.

  2. She has clearly learned from Antony Sutton about what is going on but she wisely choose to “tone it down” for the masses because most people are not ready to accept the awful truth about how “democracy” and the lie we have been living for centuries.

    This book is “Antony Sutton” for the masses, and good for her it’s a wise strategy.

  3. It saddens, if not infuriates, to see the abysmal state of pedagogy among the Jihad Watch community of commenters on this most significant episode. Not only has no one even mentioned Diana West at all there (let alone in the context most important this past couple of months) — except me, and no one responded.

    It gets worse: aroused by my critique of someone else for another reason, some Jihad Watch regular named “lookmann” posted the following (and following that I reproduce our subsequent back-and-forth) — and needless to say, no other Jihad Watch regular (except me) seems to care at all and has been utterly silent about this:


    Some time ago you lamented (here in JW)that Diana West was being lambasted in Front Page Magazine and Spencer was not doing anything about it.your post was addressed to graven image,i remember. Do you remember?

    I went through that FPM article and what did I find?

    Diana was washed over the coals for suggesting that US should have colluded with Nazis to contain the Soviet Communists.Soviets were evils, no doubt, but

    Collaboration with Nazis! OMG !

    What kind of person would suggest that?

    No sane person,leave alone the jews, would touch anything Nazi, even with a barge-pole.

    And here in JW, a jewish funded site, you have the audacity to call for views supporting a Nazi sympathiser/ admirer.

    It was sheer madness/stupidity to the core on your part, LL.

    Coming to your second regret, how could Spencer,a strong believer in the judeo-christian values of western civilisation(like Geert Walders) come to the rescue of a Nazi admirer?

    I am shocked beyond belief!

    Is there a method to your madness?

    For your (and ours too) well-being, start visiting your Shrink(psychiatrist) periodically,once again,and dont forget to take the medicines as prescribed.


    “Diana was washed over the coals for suggesting that US should have colluded with Nazis to contain the Soviet Communists.”

    Diana West was “washed over the coals” (I think you mean “raked” over the coals) — but she never suggested that the USA should have colluded with Nazis to contain the Soviet Communists. That’s an outrageous falsehood. Prove your allegation with her own words and a credible citation, or retract it.


    The article you referred in FPM


    says the following:

    ‘West’s suggestion that the United States or Britain should have had anything to do with the German army after its participation in the Holocaust and these massive crimes is grotesque’

    ‘In making this suggestion of an alliance with remnants of the Nazi regime, West …………..

    Needless to say, my observation was based on this point of view.

    This article was written by

    Dr. Jeffrey Herf , a professor of modern European history at the University of Maryland specializing in 20th century Germany. He is the author of several books published by Harward and Cambridge Universities.

    Surprisingly there was no link/reference to West’s original article or book,
    a serious lapse on the part of honourable Professor, i think.

    Or may be it was done deliberately, to deny Ms.West any undue publicity for her book.
    I strongly believe spencer’s criticism made Azlon’s book a top-seller at Amazons.
    After her unwarranted attacks on FPM,why should they give her any advantage?
    To conclude, i will continue to learn more about West and get back to you.


    You still haven’t provided the only evidence that will do to verify your allegation — evidence from Diana West’s own writings. Until you so do, you have nothing.


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