A Resurrection at Gatestone?

As reported here back in September, the former CIA analyst and Iran specialist Clare Lopez was fired from her position as a senior fellow at the Gatestone Institute after she mentioned Diana West’s book American Betrayal favorably.

When I posted about what happened to Ms. Lopez, I screen-capped her bio and author archive at Gatestone, because I assumed that those pages would eventually be removed. And I was right: they disappeared. As recently as last week, clicking the links for them produced a 404 error — they had vanished down the memory hole. I know they were gone, because I checked.

Sometime in the last few days, however, the situation has changed. An alert Gates of Vienna reader named Hubert Wagner pointed out in our comments that Clare Lopez’ pages had been mysteriously restored at the Gatestone Institute, presumably without informing her. It’s anybody’s guess as to whether this resurrection has anything to do with our post last night about what happened to the now former Gatestone Senior Fellow Robert Ellis.

Death and resurrection. Appearances and disappearances. Beatification and anathema. There are a lot of strange goings-on in the wake of American Betrayal.

For links to previous articles about the controversy over American Betrayal, see the Diana West Archives.

3 thoughts on “A Resurrection at Gatestone?

  1. Those behaviors are usually from the Left. The old Stalinist airbrushing art, carried one step further, with instant reinstatement. The offender is disappeared sudddenly and then just as quickly pulled out of the oubliette and propped against the wall, lifelike…kinda

    Dollars to donuts, Ms. Lopez was probably not informed of her reinstatement. I doubt that the accompanying check is in the mail, nor is the apology likely winging its way thru cyberspace…then again, depending on mood, maybe they killed the fatted calf and are even now planning a big “Welcome Home” party.

    Ya think?

    That gate appears to be made of something less sturdy than stone. More like straw, blown about by the gusts of opinion and whim. Oh well, they can no doubt get a good deal on straw by the bale.

    Since they scurried about in the beginning changing their name more than once (if I remember correctly) maybe it’s time to morph into something else yet again.

  2. I have a new name for Gatestone (and for Front Page, and perhaps the New National Review too):

    The Left-Right Initiative.

    My new name connotes three plays on words:

    1) How compromised with Leftism is their brand of conservatism (it’s not Right; it’s a “Left Right”).

    2) How their conservatism has abandoned its principles (“left” them behind).

    3) The lockstep quasi-fascism of their tactics (marching “left/right/left/right”).

  3. Victorian England was a society in which Victorian sensibilities (predominately middle class) was based on standards and virtues. As the Left is the enemy of all of us we might want to link to movements. The first is the Edwardian take down of the Victorians and the second is what made that take down happen. And that of course is Bloomsbury a left wing middle class movement against which all Victorian sensibilities was incompatible – whereas Edwardian sensibilities were not.

    I will do what is ridiculous and sum of the differences between Victorian sensibilities and Edwardian. Lord of the Flies is Edwardian, Peter Pan at Kensington Gardens in Victorian.

    What has this to do with the reshuffle at Gate of Vienna? This. As I said prior, Victorian sensibilities were based on standards and virtues, and Edwardian – like all left cultural impulses (that are not deadly) are based on cliques.

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