Report From Sderot: Day 7

It has been a week since the war in Gaza commenced. Our Israeli correspondent MC sends these thoughts on the occasion.

Report From Sderot: Day 7

by MC

It is once more Shabbat, but this time it is not a Moed of Yah as it was last Saturday.

The Moedim were created on the Fourth Day as intersections with Yah, but are translated out of existence such that only in the original Hebrew does one get the sense of what ‘signs and seasons’ really means.

These Moedim are explained in Leviticus 23, and are the ‘Feasts of Yah’. Note that they are not solely the feasts of the Jews.

Sukkot particularly is about tabernacling with Yah, i.e. camping out with God, giving rise to the idea of “God with us”.

The Christian ‘Christmas’ is based upon the Roman ‘Saturnalia’, a time for indulgence. When Constantine put together his universal Church he included the popular Roman festivals of Saturnalia and Ishtar to replace the Moedim of Yah.

So the Hamas attack was timed to desecrate a Moedim sequence. Will Yah forgive them?

There are many reported miracles that happened when the same actors desecrated Yom Kippur, another Moedim, in 1973. Those actors were thoroughly defeated, and but for Russian and American intervention, would have lost their own capital cities.

Yah does not suffer fools and pagans gladly. Hurricane Katrina hit at the same time as Israel was forced to evacuate Gaza to make it Judenrein for the first time in thousands of years.

Jews were present in the land all through Roman, Umayyad, Abbasid and Ottoman occupations. Gaza was occupied by the Egyptians in 1948, but Jewish farmers remained on their land. Egypt complied with the conventions of aggressive occupation.

The expression ‘radicalized Muslim’ allows western elites to compartmentalize Islamic terrorism to a small proportion of the Islamic world. Unfortunately, this does not work in Islam, as the correct term is ‘Islamic fundamentalism’. The Koran is completely on the side of the extremists, and the actions of Hamas this last week are completely Koran-compliant.

I am essentially a fundamentalist Bible-believer. I seek the TRUTH of Yah, not compliance with any religious sect, Jewish or Christian. I take the words of the New Testament and cross-compare them with those of the Old Testament, that way. I can come to understand what writers like Paul are getting at. Paul was a Jew and believed in the Old Testament, especially as the New Testament was not yet written. Paul describes himself as a Follower of the Way.

There are those in Europe and the USA who would describe people like me as a domestic terrorist, as they do Christian Fundamentalists. This is again to mitigate the idea of Muslim Fundamentalists. Christian Fundamentalists are commanded to love thy neighbour as thyself.

On the other hand, the Koran commands good Muslims to behead their infidel neighbours (strike their necks). This is why we have reports of beheaded babies…

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

10 thoughts on “Report From Sderot: Day 7

  1. The Christian ‘Christmas’ is based upon the Roman ‘Saturnalia’, a time for indulgence. When Constantine put together his universal Church he included the popular Roman festivals of Saturnalia and Ishtar to replace the Moedim of Yah.

    um, this is just not even worthy of a bad put down.

    • I don’t have a dog in the fight since I don’t believe in the divinity of any of the abrahamic religions, but there is a lot more truth to MC’s statement than most Christians would find comfortable.

      Nowhere in the Bible does it say that Christ was born in the winter. It does say that shepherds were watching their flocks in the fields at night, which would not have been happening in the middle of a cold winter night but did occur in the spring months. Mary and Joseph had traveled to Bethlehem for a census, but again it would not have been called in midwinter when travel for most everyone would have been difficult, and especially hazardous to a heavily pregnant woman.

      Most pre-Christian civilizations had some form of celebration in the middle of winter around the winter solstice which happens Dec 21-22-23rd depending on the year, and is the shortest day of the year. Many of Christianity’s holidays were placed over pagan celebrations to wean converts – willing and unwilling – from their former beliefs while preserving the traditional days of celebration but in a form tolerable to early church leaders.

    • Actually, it is, and this is from a student of Latin who had to translate Latin/Roman literature. However, if you take a deeper look at things you will find that Hannukah, the festival of lights that commemorates the time when the lamps in the Temple continued to burn without their needed supply of oil. About nine months after the Feast of Hannukah, the Jews were ordered by Augustus Caesar to travel to their hometown to be enrolled as a taxpayer, (tax season was always during harvest time). So… Jesus was divinely conceived in Mary, who was betrothed but not fully married around Hannukah (Christmas) and was born about nine months later around the time of the Feast of Booths. Cool deal.
      Saturnalia was the Roman end-of-the-year orgy that the worshippers hoped would placate Saturn, a grumpy old god so that they could enjoy another year with Janus looking backwards at what had been done and looking forward to doing a better job of things in the coming year.
      And there you have it. BTW, Martin Luther celebrated All Hallow’s Eve with his Five Solas and 99 Theses, both of which sacred the s–t out of the Roman Catholic Church leadership.

  2. From Lord of the Rings when Gandolf tells Elvish King Elrod that Sauraman the White has gone over to the side of Sauron the Dark Lord:

    “Our list of allies grows thin”

    The situation in Gaza, Israel/Palestine – Jerusalem which was once claimed by European and British Christians as well as Arab (and other) Muslims and Talmudic Je*s or just ethnic Js wanting to get away, or get in their own ethno state before heading back to Los Vegas, Santa Monica, some horrible Lib Leftist once White WASP college in the American Northeast like Amherst, Smith (my father, mother and two grandparents went there).

    I don’t see anyone and I do mean anyone representing our/my side in the Holyland or places in the Middle East, North Africa where our people used to have lots of communities, settlement or just influence. The founder of the Judeo Christian religion St. Paul, the former Je*ish Pharissee High Priest was preaching to communities of Je*s and Greeks in Syria these Greek cities still had architectural sites like Palmyra Syrai before ISIS destroyed most all of them before the European sort of Christian again Russians intervened and amongst other things, prevented the oldest Christian communities in the world from being genocided same as Arabs and Jews did to Pied Noir French and British Anglo Christians in 1947 and 1963.

    So, in my opinion, it’s hard for me/us to see that we have a dog in this dog race – it’s like Constantinople after all the Greeks are gone and St. Sophia has been officially made in to an Islamic Mosque or Baltimore MD, Camden NJ after the people who are now there have remade it, getting slowly around to tearing down all the statues of my/our people.

    Very sad to learn about Stuggart and Strassborg France (German name for a town in France with no few, no Franks/French or Germans living there now.

    Jaye Ryan
    TPC Radio Show hosted by James Edwards
    Left Behind Outside of Chicago – where it’s looking like the Camp of the Saints, Zimbabwe after Mugabee’s war veterans raped and ethnically cleansed…my/our people

    • I knew a man and his family where they had 10 minutes to clear out before those war vets of Mugabee almost got them, they had one of the largest tobacco, maze and dairy farms in Rhodesia. The jungle over took it because kaffir’s can’t build or farm anything. His son is my best friend to this day.

  3. This is all gettng pretty obscure to we nonbelievers.

    MC, you stated here recently that the majority of Gazans are descended from llegal migrants from Egypt. Yet Saturday’s “Guardian” (my partner’s choice, not mine) alleges that most came as refugees from ethnic cleansing by Jews in southern Palestine c1948. I’m on your side as you know, but I’d like to hear your viewpoint.

    • Well the communist paper of record, the Guardian, does hate native whites with a passion and openly sides with terrorists so?

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