The Islamization Crisis in Sweden

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this op-ed from Det Fria Sverige:

The increased Muslim terror threat is the fault of politicians

by Dan Eriksson
August 14, 2023

The security situation in Sweden is worse than it has been in a long time, and the Muslim terror threat hangs over Sweden. This is a direct result of the politicians’ betrayal, says Det Fria Sverige‘s chairman, Dan Eriksson.

Great Britain has changed its travel advisory to Sweden in the past days. It writes that tourists should, among other things, “practice a high degree of vigilance in public areas,” and warns that “an attack may be indiscriminate and happen in places often visited by tourists.” At the same time, Foreign Minister Gunnar Strömmer confirms that we find ourselves in a “more serious security situation than six months ago.”

Everywhere people are talking about “the risk of an act of terror”, but why doesn’t anyone say it clearly? It is not Hindus, Catholics, or Pastafaris whom we are worried about carrying out an act of terror on Swedish soil. It is Muslims. And that is a direct result of the fact that for almost fifty years, Swedish politicians have left our borders wide open and encouraged and financed the establishment of Islam in our land.

A direct result of policies pursued

The Muslim terror threat against Sweden would have been minimized or even nonexistent if we had not allowed this foreign religion to gain a foothold in our country. If we had only learned from other countries where Islam was allowed to establish itself, we would have understood that the consequences will always be conflict, terror, and death. Many of us warned about it, but politicians had decided. Sweden would no longer be Swedish! Most Swedes were never informed about the monumental changes politicians were pushing through in our country, and the media completely concealed the problem.

But it isn’t enough that politicians have allowed Islam to establish itself in our country; they have also shown submission in recent years. Instead of standing up straight for Swedish freedom of speech and basic Western values, they have vacillated and searched for ways to adapt our country even more to Islam. That type of weakness is like inviting even more threats, extortion, and acts of terror. Swedish politicians have proven that you can be intimidated into obedience.

Where such neglect leads to in the long term is taken up in a pedagogical manner by Det Fria Sverige‘s board member Magnus Söderman in the latest episode of the “At the Fireside” podcast.

Now that we see an increased Muslim threat against Sweden, we must thus be clear that this is a direct result of treacherous politicians. Whether it is red, green, or blue is irrelevant — they have together all pushed our country to the abyss and actively worked so that we Swedes would become a minority in our own land.

What is our responsibility?

Politicians must be held responsible, but at the same time, we free Swedes — we who realize what is happening and where it leads to — cannot forget our own responsibility to ensure a Swedish future. It is up to us to organize ourselves and create an alternative social structure that can stand against Muslim expansion and the madness of politicians.

Nobody said it is a simple task, but we in Det Fria Sverige have overcome many obstacles along the way, where we find ourselves here today. Obstacles that others said would be impossible, but where we put our heads down and worked hard to succeed in our goal.

Now the work continues at a more intensive pace to create areas, networks, and possibilities for the coming generations of Swedes to be able to live in a safe, Swedish society.

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15 thoughts on “The Islamization Crisis in Sweden

  1. Yes, Pastafarians are the true religion of penne.

    When was the last time you saw one of us stabbing anything except a meatball?

    And our heaven doesn’t have 72 virgins, but it does have a stripper factory and a beer volcano!

  2. “I have been made victorious with terror (cast in the hearts of the enemy)” — Mow Ham Head / Bukhari (4.52.220)

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    the feminists do it every year…
    and as such it has become predictable and rather boring.

    white females abandoned their tribes and nations for their so called equality

    now they will pay the bill for it
    zero sympathy from me, or any other white male who has been left completely disenfranchised, and manipulated to death by them.

    • You are referring I hope only to your degenerated western women
      I know them well and I agree with you
      We from the east we are unpolluted
      But still not want to be slaves for man like we where before

    • When the hard times come, these feminaxi’s will be running back to their men for protection.

        • And that is why females in the work place are now being left behind, because no sane male wants to lose their job for looking at one of these beasts wrong. So males are hiring those who look like themselves, to heck with diversity.

  4. I disagree with the word “Islamization”.

    As far as I understand it, it means that the original swedish people change their religion to Islam.

    As the number is muslims rises because of so-called “immigration”, “fugitives” etc – I would say, this is an invasion.

  5. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    National Jew
    faces a backlash

    From reconquista to the present:
    The reality of Muslim occupation

    Göran Rosenberg celebrates the time when Christians were oppressed by Muslims in Spain. Perhaps that says more about him than anything else.

    AUG 20 2023

    Today (August 20) Göran Rosenberg writes a commentary in Expressen Kultur in which he tries to draw a parallel between the Koran burnings carried out in Sweden today and the Spanish Inquisition. It is clear that one can go on and problematize that period in Spanish history for ages, but the truth is that the Inquisition only emerged as a result of the 800-year-long Muslim occupation.

    Rosenberg apparently sees this Muslim occupation through a romantic lens:

    “The Spanish ‘reconquest’ of al-Andalus marked the end of an era of coexistence between Muslims, Christians and Jews, admittedly with recurring elements of intolerance and persecution, but in the light of what was to come nevertheless an oasis of religious and cultural broadmindedness.”

    So we are talking about a violent Muslim conquest and occupation of a European country that lasted eight hundred years.
    An occupation that involved forced taxation of non-Muslims, the Caliphate “approving” who could become bishops, the ringing of church bells and the prohibition of public Christian processions.

    During the Almohad Caliphate of the 12th century, Christians were forced to convert to Islam in order not to risk persecution and death, while churches were set on fire or demolished.

    Or as Göran Rosenberg describes it;
    “an era of coexistence” and “an oasis of religious and cultural broad-mindedness”.

    That Rosenberg finds it difficult to understand the link between blood and soil, and why a people can never accept being occupied by strangers in their own country, is perhaps in his nature.

    The fact that the Spanish reclaimed their homeland and expelled the occupiers is a story of heroism and justice. That they then developed a system, the Inquisition, to try to ensure that such a thing would never happen again is perfectly understandable in a historical context.

    Officially, the Spanish Inquisition ended in 1834. In the last thirty years, the Muslim population in Spain has increased tenfold. If this development is allowed to continue, the Muslim occupation of Spain will soon be a reality again.

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