Richard Jomshof: “We Should Talk About and Criticize the Muslim World”

The Swedish Social Democrats provide an instructive example of a dominant political party in a Western country that has been thoroughly Islamized. No matter what Muslims do, they must never be directly criticized. When they burn and loot and riot, it’s our fault for being such WAYCISTS. Muslims can’t help it; we all know they’re incapable of controlling themselves. Therefore we — white Europeans —
must control ourselves instead. Women must eschew revealing clothing. Men must respect the Koran. And no one may insult the prophet PBUH — with the criteria for “insult” being determined by the oh-so-easily-offended Muslims.

Richard Jomshof of the Sweden Democrats violated those rules about how one must treat Islam. The furor that followed his remarks failed to deter him: he continued to insult Islam. It’s refreshing to hear a prominent political figure strongly criticize Islam without resorting to the weasel-word “Islamism”. That’s very rare these days, even in Denmark, and virtually unheard of in Sweden.

The two articles below from Swedish media have been translated by Gary Fouse. First, a report from Swedish state TV, which acts as an uncritical outlet for the Social Democrats:

Social Democrats demand Jomshof’s (Sweden Democrats) resignation

Social Democrats are demanding the resignation of the Sweden Democrat Richard Jomshof as chairman of the Justice Committee.

He “goes into a direct polemic against the Muslim world,” writes party leader Magdalena Andersson on Instagram.

The demand comes after a tweet posted Thursday morning where Jomshof tweeted about the Prophet Mohammed. He commented that the Muslim representatives want to see a broader dialogue due to the Koran crisis.

“I agree that we need a ‘wider dialogue’, a dialogue about how we democratize the Muslim world. Or why not a dialogue on Islam, this anti-democratic, violent, and misogynistic religion/ideology, founded by the warlord, mass murderer, slave trader, and robber Mohammed?” he writes.

“We see that Richard Jomshof, as late as this morning, continues to send out hate propaganda against Islam. You cannot do that in this situation; then it becomes a security risk in the position that he has,” says the Social Democrats’ foreign affairs spokesman, Morgan Johansson (S) to SVT [Swedish State TV].

He continues:

“This is so reckless that he cannot continue to serve after this. This harms Sweden,” he says.

The second article, posted on the conservative news site Samtiden, features an interview with an unrepentant Richard Jomshof:

Richard Jomshof: “We must not turn back”

“This is a dangerous situation we find ourselves in. But in this situation, we will not remain silent; rather we will continue to stand up for what we believe.” So says Richard Jomshof in a longer interview after the Social Democrats’ criticism of him for defending Swedish values in a crisis situation.

Threats against Sweden have increased. Islamists see Sweden as a priority target for terrorism. In this situation, the Social Democrat leaders Morgan Johansson and Magdalena Andersson believe it was wrong for the chairman of the Justice Commission, Richard Jomshof, to defend Swedish values and condemn dictators.

Riks interviewed Richard Jomshof Thursday afternoon, where he stood his ground.

“I don’t think I expressed myself especially hard. I am quite correct. But there are always people who think that it has a polarizing effect when someone points out something that is seen as sensitive right now. But I don’t agree. We have to be open and honest on what we think and where we stand,” Jomshof answers accusations that it is wrong from a security/political perspective to direct criticism against Islam at this point.

Dialogue gladly, but then let’s talk about oppression in Muslim countries

“Here we have high-ranking Muslim representatives whose objective is to limit freedom of expression and democracy. And that is what I react to. I have no problem with dialogue, but instead of talking about how we should limit our democracy, we should talk about and criticize the Muslim world. There are a number of Muslim countries where people are oppressed and imprisoned because they have a certain sexual orientation or political point of view. Where women are of lesser value. That is what we should talk about instead.”

“We must not turn back. On the contrary, we should stand up for what we believe,” says Jomshof.

“In this kind of situation, we must stiffen our backs and stand up for our society.”

Talk about what kind of country Sweden is

What should we do about upset feelings?

“We should try to explain, whether successfully or not, what Sweden is as a country. I would like to claim that that is how it is done in Denmark and France.

“President Macron has been very clear against Islamists and rejected the concept of Islamophobia. And Denmark did not bow during the outrage against the Mohammed cartoons.”

“I miss this clarity in Sweden,” says Richard Jomshof.

See the entire interview in Riks. [Swedish-language video embedded in the original]

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  1. Some earlier articles from the same source. Some items are known already but putting the collection here to illustrate a point made earlier: The Swedes, out of all, probably have a fighting chance if only they are starting to fight. And even in the most deluded political camps there are people who stand up and say it out loud when reality doesn’t live up to ideology. After that it will take a limited number of further horrible crimes for the rest to follow. I do not see much of this effect in my dear old Germany, sadly.

    Sweden has no reason whatsoever to take the criticism from Iraq and other Muslim countries seriously. They stand for a behaviour that does not inspire respect.

    Six more men in their 20s were sentenced this week after participating in the 2022 Easter weekend Koranic riots in Sveaparken in Örebro. In total, some 70 people have been sentenced to prison for the riots.

    Anyone who thought that Turkey would keep its promises is naïve to the point of idiocy. The bazaar culture differs sharply from the culture of trust and consensus we have in Sweden: you push as long as you have a hold. And Erdogan can delay his yes for years, constantly demanding more and more and more.

    Everyone is now celebrating the Turkish president’s announcement that he will submit proposals to his parliament to ratify Sweden as a NATO member. But Mr Erdogan controls this body and can ensure that it is delayed. Membership is by no means ‘ready’.

    “There’s a new sheriff in town, and he’s Swedish”, the AP reported 30 years ago when the Swedish battalion saved many lives through resolute and powerful intervention in the former Yugoslavia. Swedish Radio has featured Colonel Henricsson who led the battalion.
    (Comment: It seems that even the honorable Colonel is uninformed about the origin of the current conflict in Ukraine, but I reckon he has the spirit to change that given a motivation to delve into it more closely.)

    Suggest to use DeepL’s browser extension:

    • fight ? why did they invite on welfare bonus all these “economic human resources” in first places ? they thought they could program human brains like robots and then feed their economic system, but they failed miserably. will they stop at least on the massive migration program now? it doesnt seem so. will these atheists (or satanists) in power confirm their faith in the True God in public? not at all! so they still did not learn, or maybe their plans are changed now… now it is not clear what they are doing in sweden and for what purpose, but for sure “free speech” is an excuse for something that does not exist in real world (after covid one should have realized that all alleged and supposed muh freedom, muh democracy, of western or free world, is simply not existing at all).

  2. Islam is not compatible with western civilization BUT we should focus on fighting our own corrupt elites for signing off bringing it to our countries. Very difficult as our populations are like sheep and accept everything; no electricity, no heating, no light, retire at 70 yrs, increasing tax, own nothing etc All happening.

  3. .

    Rickard Jomshof is not the problem

    The problem is that we are threatened by dictators and theocrats, not that Jomshof writes critically about Islam. Those who demand his resignation are siding with the Islamists.

    by IVAR ARPI

    JULY 28, 2023

    There is something skewed about the debate on Koran burning. And this is nothing new, but symptomatic of how collisions between Islam and the West are almost always described and handled. That Rickard Jomshof tweets critically about Islam is not the problem, but that so many people focus on him and not on how the representatives of Islam threaten Sweden. To call for his resignation is to side with violence and pretend that you are doing it out of some fine principle, when it is really just unprincipled fear.
    But let’s start from the beginning.
    What has actually happened? In the past, a Danish politician has burned Korans in an explicit criticism of Islam and immigration more generally. The most recent, of course, is the Iraqi who burned Korans in front of the Turkish embassy, the Iraqi embassy and the mosque in Södermalm during Eid al-Adha, the day after pilgrims finish the hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca by Muslims from all over the world.

    Provocative? Offensive? Yes, that is the very purpose of the act. The striking thing about Koran burning is not how often it happens, but how rarely. Criticism of Islam as a religion is widespread throughout the Western world, although most of it is part of a broader hostility towards religion. And when it comes to religion in general, you can be anything between doubtful, critical, mocking, hateful and abusive without risking your life. The line is drawn at Islam. Much of the neo-atheism that emerged in the 21st century, with figures like Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens, was energized by the perceived threat Islam posed to the West after the September 11 attacks in 2001. Islam is the only religion whose practitioners require non-believers to honor its truth claims and taboos. Anyone who burns a Koran knows that it can mean signing their own death warrant. Islam is also the only religion that has ex-practitioners, where the term is justified by the fact that, according to traditional Sharia law, leaving Islam is punishable by death. A report by Niklas Orrenius showed how ex-Muslims are forced to hide what they really believe for fear of being killed. And this is in Sweden.

    To my knowledge, Lars Vilks was the last, not the last, who dared to make a caricature of the Prophet Mohammed. For this he had to live in imprisonment for the rest of his life. The same applies to anyone who is considered to have sufficiently challenged the taboos of Islam, whether they are Muslims themselves or not.
    This condition, where non-Muslims, both individuals, institutions and states, adapt to the taboos of Islam, I have previously referred to as a shadow caliphate. The shadow prefix is included because those who adapt are rarely clear about why they are cowering, but instead refer to consideration, minority protection and the like. It’s not an adaptation at all, they say. It’s about respect. You have to take some responsibility too. When these squatters defend freedom of expression, there is always a “but”. A “but” that in reality nullifies it.

    Shadow caliphate, as I said. But now we are in a more acute situation, where the leaders of a number of Muslim countries have launched a fierce attack on Sweden. We are being subjected to a disinformation campaign claiming that we are some kind of haven for Islamophobia, that our government is behind the burning of the Koran.

    At least the protesters in these Muslim countries probably believe the propaganda being shoved down their throats. But their leaders are not ignorant; they know they are spreading lies about how our freedom of speech works. Apart from more domestic political reasons like looking strong, the reason is of course that they really want exceptions to be made in the West for their faith.

    The issue now is that Muslims seem to be demanding, as Magnus Norell points out in a readable opinion piece, “changes to the constitution regarding freedom of speech and to introduce what in practice is a blasphemy law.”:
    We have paved the way for this by not clarifying in time, calmly and quietly, what applies in a liberal democratic country where religion and politics are separated and where legislation is secularly based and where religion is relegated to the private sphere.
    The fact that Erdogan has issued an arrest warrant for Rasmus Paludan is an escalation that should lead to counter-reactions not only from Sweden, but also from our allies in the EU. Turkey is a haven for serious criminals, who can buy citizenship by investing at least 250,000 dollars in the country, for example by buying a house. Right now, the man known as the ‘Kurdish Fox’ is in Turkey after doing just that, while directing serious crime on the streets of Sweden.

    And since Turkey never extradites Turkish citizens to other countries, he is safe. At the same time, they demand something completely different from us. The hypocrisy and audacity is monumental.

    Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has taken it one step further. “All Islamic scholars agree that those who desecrate the Koran deserve the most severe punishment…. The duty of that (Swedish) government is to hand over the perpetrator to the judicial systems of Islamic countries,” he said in a message circulated on state media. On Twitter, he wrote that the Swedish government was “preparing for war against the Muslim world by supporting Koran burners”.
    Why don’t more people react to these threats? It’s as if they are taking it very seriously, warning of an increased terrorist threat, while pretending that we are not currently being treated as vassals by Muslim countries. This is where the bias lies. When Muslim representatives say that they want dialogue, it is because they demand special treatment, that they demand that we adapt our constitution to the taboos of Islam, a line has long since been crossed. If our freedoms and rights do not fit, there are countries where they do not exist that you can move to.

    The fact that Rickard Jomshof then reacts by saying that what we should have a dialogue about is how the Middle East can be democratized is a perfectly reasonable reaction. It is not Sweden that sponsors terrorism and destabilizes its neighborhood, but Iran. It is not Sweden that oppresses Kurds, we give protection to Kurds who have had to flee from Turkey. It is not Sweden that has public flogging, that executes people who visit our embassies, but Saudi Arabia. Why should we have a dialog about our laws, which protect everyone equally?
    We can say this: When Turkey recognized the Armenian genocide, and asked for forgiveness. When they have given the Kurds the right to speak their own language, have their own culture, when they have handed over the criminals they protect, when they have restored Hagia Sophia to its original church, then we can start a dialog about our Swedish constitution.

    When will these Muslim regimes, who now howl about Islamophobia, stop oppressing and persecuting Christians and other minorities in their countries? When will the Nineveh Plain be restored so that Assyrians, Syrians and Chaldeans can return to their ancestral home? When will the churches and synagogues destroyed throughout the Middle East and North Africa be rebuilt? When can Christians, Buddhists and Hindus practice their faith in peace and freedom in Muslim countries? When will the persecution and oppression of all dissidents end? When will slavery, which still exists, be abolished?
    Another question is why Muslim representatives in Sweden are so silent now.

    Why aren’t demonstrations organized in support of Sweden when the Muslim world seems to be united against us? It would have done a lot to calm the situation if they went out and said that they were not oppressed but could practice their religion in freedom here.

    That is the truth. So why is it so quiet?
    Instead of protests against what we are currently being subjected to, cowardly appeals are written in the newspaper that only aim to make the signatories look as good as possible. A kind of “kill us last, please” to the perpetrators of violence who wish us all harm. We are urged to take responsibility, which is a nice way of saying that we should shut up and let ourselves be subdued by the threats.
    We have politicians like Morgan Johansson (S), who choose to weaken the country’s unity when the enemies gather around us, by demanding the resignation of other Swedish politicians. This is not only opportunistic, but dangerous. We appear divided, as if we do not believe in our own values and freedoms. That we would rather attack each other than defend ourselves against those who threaten us.
    No, the problem is not that Rickard Jomshof tweets critically about Islam, but that more people do not speak out. The problem is not the burning of a Koran, but the reactions to the burning. The problem is not criticism of Islam, but that we have violent Islamists in our country, holding us all hostage with their threat of violence.

    Until we talk openly and honestly about it, and what we intend to do about it, we already have a de facto unspoken blasphemy ban. Do we really want that?


  4. “This is so reckless….. This harms Sweden”, says Morgan Johansson.

    Jomshof’s statement is not reckless: it is needed and factual. It defends Sweden.

  5. I had not heard of Richard Jomshof before. All power to him. It remains to be seen whether a koran-crazed jihadi will shoot him before the state takes him into custody on a trumped up charge surrounding an extreme case of islamic hurt feelings.

    Either way, Richard Jomshof is a very brave man.

  6. A straight white native Swede with a spine? Who woulda thunk it? About bloody time someone, anyone stood up to be counted in the political class!

  7. Well, even in WW2, when the Swedes were supplying iron ore to Germany (difficult to refuse, with thousands of German troops in Norway), they also secretly sent ball bearings (in “civilian” RAF ‘planes) to the UK; more importantly, they took in almost all of Denmark’s Jews when thay were under threat.

    • The Swedes played both sides of the fence, what cannot be forgiven is their treachery in handing over to the Soviets hundreds of thousands of Germans where most perished in the gulags and uranium mines.

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