Moloch Must Be Appeased

In effect, The Netherlands has just decided to allow parents to electively abort a child up until the age of 12.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this tweet from Twitter:

Speechless, shocked, infuriated

According to the newspaper The Guardian the Netherlands is going to broaden the euthanasia rules so that children between the ages of 1-12 who are suffering unbearably, without any hope of recovery, can be euthanized (which, in that case, would be the decision of the parents or one of those who has custodial rights, because children are not mature and do not yet have civil rights and responsibilities).

How is it f****** possible that there are voices in favor of this?

The human brain is not fully developed until the age of 25 years. With men, it is even later. A child does not have the capacity to make decisions for himself, let alone the consciousness to decide for death over life. That has long been common knowledge. It is precisely because of that that there are “minors”, who fall under the care of their parents, and the age of majority in every Western country is set at 18 years. From the age of 15, a child can marry but only with the prior consent of his/her guardians who are his/her protectors. From the age of 15, a child can be declared independent by court order, to marry, for example, if the parents object.

If all of the Netherlands does not revolt against the plans of Mark Rutte and his vassals, the world is completely doomed.

Hat tip: Hellequin GB.

15 thoughts on “Moloch Must Be Appeased

  1. “If all of the Netherlands does not revolt against the plans of Mark Rutte and his vassals, the world is completely doomed.”

    — I guess the doom is being engineered in a way that minimalizes revolt.

    The doom itself is an enemy revolt / revolution in the first place, that methodically and preemptively subverts the counter-revolution.

    For example by killing children. And by weed — that makes adults accept the genocide against the *Albatross Generation that doesn’t even need weed for embracing its own annihilation.


  2. It has now been proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt; our “betters” are Satan inspired, child molesting, Eugenicists. They believe their own BS and want to shovel it at the rest of us. I’ll take Glock and Smith & Wesson for 3 million, Alex.

  3. I guess we don’t really have to worry about the aliens described by US Air Force whistle blowers. We’ll have annihilated our selves and our posterity before the aliens can whip out the blasters.

  4. The brain not fully developed until 25 years? I thought it was 20-21 years. Of course, I could be wrong. Not that it is very important in this context.

    • This is about the sixth time today I’ve read some nit declaiming, “it’s because they’re making weed legal!”

      Moloch appeared during the era was made ILLEGAL worldwide.

      Oh no, heaven forfend that we might return to the Godless bachanalia of the year 1936

  5. It’s neanderthals not the netherlanders. The DEMONcRATS have always been interested in abortion up until the 36th trimester with no restrictions like this.

  6. The state of California now has a means for clean, renewable, cheap energy: Hook a drive belt to Corrie ten Boom in her grave.

  7. A society which makes it easier to end the lives of infants and the handicapped, must sooner or later get around to euthanizing the elderly. I am not familiar with Dutch law on this matter, but it would not surprise me in the least to see such measures on the books. If memory serves, assisted suicide is also legal in the Netherlands and many other western and northern European nations.

  8. “The human brain is not fully developed until the age of 25 years. With men, it is even later.”

    Nancy Pelosi is 80 – not there yet
    Hillary Clinton is 75 – not there yet
    AOC is 33 – she will never get there

    So, as a man I don’t feel so bad about it.

  9. So the kids are not alright?
    Remember they don’t want Dutch farmers farming. No farmers farming means no food to eat.
    So when all the little 12 years olds and under are having bulging bellies, their teeth are falling out, they have scurvy and all they can find to eat is sawdust it looks like they will meet the definition of suffering unbearably.
    Off to the gas chamber for them. I mean it’s for the children right?

    • I thought it already was?

      Anyway when it becomes legal there I can think of a certain 53 yr old Cuban/Canadian who acts like a child that desperately needs to be retroactively aborted.

  10. Dechristianisation of a Christian nation is a slippery slope. It starts with apparently nice things – “freedom of thought”, “liberation of women”, “free love” but in the long run it inevitably leads to murder, suicide and extinction.

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