The Murderers of Saman Abbas Go On Trial

In April of 2021 a young Pakistani woman named Saman Abbas disappeared in Italy, and was thought to have been “honor-killed” by her parents and male relatives. It wasn’t until a few months ago that her body was found.

Saman’s father and mother fled to Pakistan, but over the course of the last two years several of her male relatives have been arrested in various European countries. Now her relatives have gone on trial in Reggio Emilia. Her parents are being tried in absentia, while two cousins and an uncle were arrested and are present in person.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Corriere di Bologna:

Saman, the opening of the trial of the relatives: The uncle and the cousins in the courtroom. The fiancé and associations are civil parties

by Margherita Grassi

At the Reggio Emilia courthouse, “Not One Less” [Women’s association] for the 18-year-old Pakistani. The father, not yet extradited, will have a separate hearing. The lawyer for the fiancé: “With the compensation, a foundation to help other girls”.

Associations and activists present outside the tribunal of Reggio Emilia from early morning to act as “shield” for the memory of Saman Abbas, murdered at Novellara on the night of April 30-May 1, 2021.

The trial against the relatives of Saman Abbas

The trial of the five relatives of the girl who refused an arranged marriage is beginning in the criminal court. The uncle, Danish Hasnain, the cousins, Ikram Ijaz and Numanhulaq Numanhulaq, the father, Shabbar Abbas, and the mother, Nazia Shaheen, are accused of complicity in murder. The parents are in Pakistan. Abbas is in custody, the mother is still a fugitive, and it is probable that today the defense lawyers will ask for her removal [from the trial]. Outside the courthouse are banners and posters.

Women’s associations outside the Reggio Emilia Tribunal

“Saman in our heart and in the struggles,” reads a banner of “Not One Less”. Others sing chants asking for justice for the young girl, whose body was found in a cottage near their home in the middle of last November. She was sought in vain for a year and a half. Various associations will take part in the trial civilly, among these already established, Penelope (which cares for relatives and friends of missing persons) and Ucoii, Union of Italian Islamic Communities.

15 associations ask to be part of civil portion

The Criminal Court of Reggio Emilia has temporarily separated the position of Shabbar Abbas from the murder trial of his daughter, Saman. A postponement to February 17 has been ordered to evaluate the possibility of a video conference hookup with Pakistan, where he is presently in custody. After that, the proceeding will probably be reunited once more with the other four family members charged. The judges and Chief Judge Cristina Beretti have also ordered a postponement to give the defense the possibility of responding to the actions of the civil parties, filed by some 15 associations and other entities.

Lawyer for the fiancé: With the compensation, a foundation to help other girls

“If he were here today, Saqib would say: ‘Money does not interest me at all, I want justice.’” That is what was said by the lawyer, Claudio Falletti, who is representing Saman’s fiancé in front of the Criminal Court of Reggio Emilia in the trial beginning today. “Taking part is not just compensation for damages, but supporting the prosecution and other civil parties. We must all together bring justice, not only for Saman, but for all the other girls who are victims of these criminals. If we should receive compensation, Saqib will create a foundation in Saman’s name that helps all the other girls,” he adds.

Prosecutor wants to try Shabbar via video conference

The goal is to try Shabbar Abbas via video conference. Or at least find a way to avoid the position of Saman’s father remaining suspended, frozen awaiting the outcome of the extradition procedure, which could be rather lengthy. In this sense, the request of the prosecutor’s office of Reggio Emilia, led by Prosecutor Gaetano Calogero Paci, has been directed this morning to the criminal court, which will express itself on the matter in the next hearing, on 17 February, and in the meantime, has separated the case on Shabbar Abbas. If the court should accept the prosecutor’s request, at that point, the documents would be served on Shabbar in Pakistan and the defendant will have to express his consent or refusal to participate by video. If he gives the OK, the connection will be quickly set up, and he will be reunited with the trial of the other four defendants. If he should refuse consent, it will still be possible to try him in absentia. In the meantime, the request to the local magistrate by Shabbar’s Pakistani defense for release on bail is pending. In addition, in case Shabbar should be released, it will still be possible to try him in absentia. The position of the father will instead remain “frozen” in case the judges reject the request of the public prosecutor.

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  1. Surgery to turn them into women and then drop them off via parachute over Afghanistan.

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  2. Baron, at least in the UK, it’s customary to describe the accused in that way (i.e. “the accused” or “those accused of her murder”), not to assume, as you have done, their guilt, however apparent this might appear to be. The maxim is “innocent until proven guilty” and I for one think that’s how it should stay.

    • That principle applies in a court of law, which is as it should be. As a private citizen in a (supposedly) free country, however, I can refer to the accused in any way I like. I can describe them as baboons, or as Joe Biden’s children, or as future members of parliament — it’s up to me.

  3. Just wanted to say thanks and offer “respect” for your standing up for free speech, esp in this era when the global left is trying — and mostly succeeding — in convincing people that “hate speech” is not protected speech (and that, as in this case, it’s up to the best of us to remind the rest of us when we step out of line and become too sloppy in that area.)

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