Free to Rape Again

An Afghan culture-enricher in Germany will not be deported when he finishes serving his prison sentence for the rape of two children. He had previously been deported, but snuck back into the country via a circuitous overland route. When he gets out this time, he won’t be deported, because the Taliban are in power now.

Welcome to Germany! Don’t worry: we have plenty of children for you, in case you have a sexual emergency.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Report24. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

“No deportation possible”: Afghan child molester is set free

After the bloody crime in Brokstedt, which was committed by a “stateless Palestinian” and could obviously have been prevented by the authorities, another violent migrant criminal may be unleashed on the population: an Afghan child molester will be released next week after serving his sentence in Germany — there will be no deportation to the Palestinian territories or to Afghanistan.

In March 2018, the then-26-year-old Afghan confessed to the sexual abuse of two neighbor children (6, 8) before the criminal court in Landau in the Palatinate. The refugee, who came to Germany in 2015, was sentenced to three years and six months in prison. The mother of the abused children felt the verdict was too mild because tax evaders would be punished more severely, she explained at the time.

In February 2021, when deportations to Afghanistan were still possible, the convict was deported to Kabul after almost three years in prison, and an entry ban was imposed for several years. Nevertheless, he entered Germany again via Iran, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Albania, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Switzerland. After the Afghan was discovered during a police check, he was returned to prison to serve out the remainder of his sentence. [Just give ‘em the rope, and there’ll be no sneaking back in.]

In a few days — on February 13th — the child molester will be released “after the sentence has been fully served”, as the public prosecutor’s office in Landau confirmed to FOCUS online . There are no plans to deport the offender again. Deportations to Afghanistan have been suspended since August 11, 2021 due to the uncertain security situation after the Taliban took power. The justification of the then-Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer (CSU): “A constitutional state is also responsible for ensuring that deportations do not become a danger to those involved.” However, criminals and dangerous people would be deported back there as soon as the security situation permitted. [Translated — NEVER.]

Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) still rejects the deportation of convicted criminals. Therefore, in the next week, the man will be let loose on the local population, in whom Faeser is obviously not interested in any way — with carte blanche to commit new crimes. Only supervision of conduct was requested by the authority from the responsible chamber for the execution of sentences. If the application is approved, this could mean conditions such as reporting to the probation officer or the police at certain times, as well as the obligation to start therapy. Whether such measures can protect our children from renewed attacks is more than improbable. [Like asking a poisonous snake not to bite.]

Even immigrants who have committed criminal offenses, who usually only have to reckon with comparatively mild sentences anyway, continue to enjoy their hospitality rights in Germany — of course at the cost and expense of the local population. No change in the situation can be expected from the left-wing Minister of the Interior, who keeps babbling about a “danger from the right” and who is still pushing uncontrolled mass immigration by lowering the requirements for naturalization in Germany…

Afterword from the translator:

How seriously mentally ill must a society be when it chooses its own butchers again and again and again at “election” day? Has common sense and self-preservation been completely eradicated from the vast majority of Germans? Or is their irrational fear of being called certain — meaningless — names not just clouding, but utterly blinding them to reality? To me it looks that way.

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  1. @ Baron

    Re: “After the bloody crime in Brokstedt, which was committed by a “stateless Palestinian” and could obviously have been prevented by the authorities, another violent migrant criminal may be unleashed on the population: an Afghan child molester will be released next week after serving his sentence in Germany — there will be no deportation to the Palestinian territories or to Afghanistan.”

    It is now plainly obvious to anyone not drunk on establishment/globalist Kool-aid that Muslims are a protected identity group within Germany, and the European Union at large. They continue to commit the most-heinous acts of jihad and criminality, and yet are absolved of responsibility for them, time and again, by the authorities.

    As Ian Flemming once said, “Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action…” Germany is well into the “enemy action” phase. The question becomes why and to what end?

    The issue is not a new one here at GoV, and has been discussed before by our host and others.

    It seems likely that the Muslims are being used as sort of a cultural and societal wrecking ball, so to speak, to attack European civilization and Christianity. Like architects who need to demolish an old building in order to clear the way for a new one, the globalists probably feel that by weakening and ultimately destroying what remains of the West, it will make the creation of their new world order easier when the time comes. Indeed, the NWO is under construction even as we speak.

    But something else becomes apparent. It is now common knowledge amongst those who follow the globalist movement that it is dysgenic if not outright hostile to normal human reproduction, since their stated goal is to reduce the permanent population of the Earth from its present level of about eight billion people to something around five-hundred million worldwide. Or a reduction of roughly 15/16ths of the present population of the earth.

    Obviously, Muslims who literally kill (murder) Europeans – particularly those of child-bearing age or younger – are contributing to the globalist project by removing potential parents from the population along with any children they may have sired had they lived, but assaulting and raping children and young women may so traumatize them that they never reproduce – thereby ending their family line.

    Remember, too, that there are a great many European globalists who subscribe to the eugenic theories of Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi (1894-1972), the founder of the EU and one of the architects of European globalism. The son of an Austro-Hungarian father and a Japanese mother, Kalergi believed that the “ideal European” of the future would be a racial and ethnic hybrid created by the deliberate intermixing of native European stock hybridized with the dark-skinned peoples of Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

    Today, on an annual basis, the Charlemagne Prize – which is also termed the Kalergi Prize – is awarded to the European who does the most to advance the vision of the European Union. Past winners include Pope Francis, Angela Merkel, Tony Blair, Emmanuel Macron, and Jean Claude Junker.

    Germany is a case in point: There are now so many Turks in Germany that it amounts to a colony of the actual nation of Turkey. Many of those “migrants” are young men of military age, which is no accident. For they are there not to adopt German ways and traditions and to “become German,” but to settle and ultimately conquer Deutschland in the name of Islam. Conquest-by-migration – also known as the hegira – is a highly-effective Muslim weapon dating back to the time of Mohammed almost 1,500 years ago.

    • Firstly Georgiaboy 61, before this loathsome individual is sent out of Prison, he should be castrated- he will then hopefully be without sexual temptation. This should happen to all perpetrators of Rape and severe sexual assault n o matter who they are and of what ideology. Why has society become so weak?
      Europe inc UK has little or no real deterrent for such criminals, Society has been deliberately forstalled.

      • The sort of punishment you suggest went out with the Middle Ages, did it not? You’re dreaming if you believe that today’s Europeans are capable of thinking in such terms. They’ve been weakened and brainwashed for so long, many won’t even identify Muslims as the culprits in these acts of barbarity. And whatever penalty one believes is called for, how can any criminal or wrong-doer be punished, if he cannot be identified first?

    • Bringing in muslims is counter to population reduction since their proclivity is to breed like rats whenever they’re left unmolested. You might be correct in that importing orcs is meant to be disruptive to native white populations and the burden of supporting them leads to further reductions of white birthrates.

      As to their apparent protected class status, I would have to disagree with the reason why. It’s obvious that they are a protected class, but I believe that it is because the government of every European country where these parasites have been allowed to infest are deathly afraid of them. Europe is populated by plenty of ethnic white morons, and especially within the professional classes as is the case in the USA there is a lot of indoctrinated fools who have become high on their own farts and genuinely believe using kid gloves on these criminals is a form of social justice or related tripe. But I also believe that those elites within the ruling classes who retain a modicum of intelligence and critical thinking have put out the word to the relevant agencies to go easy on them and avoid any kind of catalyzing incidents which could lead to widespread muslim riots or possible vigilante violence by native white populations. The elites need to keep importing orcs as it is an essential element of their plans to destroy the old europe and bring about the demoralization and disorder necessary to allow the Great Reset solutions to be implemented, but too much too fast risks a violent response from native whites who aren’t yet completely cowed.

      At any rate, I think they are like some idiots riding a tiger without having first thought through the outcomes. Now that they are on it they don’t have any way to get off without getting eaten and so they are doing the only thing possible which is to hang on for dear life while they desperately hope for something to happen which will alllw them to reassert control of the situation.

      • Absolutely well put The Moon- hopefully there are now many non followers of the teachings of Islam who recognise the very serious situation and agree with what you say and what is happening right under their noses and everyday in front of them.

  2. Keep up the great work you filthy 3rd world savages, the more you express your 3rd world proclivities, the more anger from the natives until they start actively hunting you.

  3. @ The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

    Re: “As to their apparent protected class status, I would have to disagree with the reason why. It’s obvious that they are a protected class, but I believe that it is because the government of every European country where these parasites have been allowed to infest are deathly afraid of them.”

    You may be right, but if you are – then it means that those individuals are unfit to govern. The first of the ancient virtues is courage, because without it none of the other virtues are possible.

    Moreover, the first and foremost duty of a national leader is the protection of his nation, borders and people. Since we are dealing with people who believe that nation-states are obsolete, i.e., they mirror the views of their globalist masters, that doesn’t work, either. Legacy Europeans are left to the tender mercies of the shahids.

    I think your analogy of riding the tiger is on the money. If those so-called ruling class “elites” are so lacking in courage that they are frightened of their own shadows, let alone the Muslims – it will be shall we say “interesting” when their numbers are so overwhelming that they take over overtly. Demography is destiny, right?

    Thanks for writing…

    • Without a doubt they are unfit to govern.

      There seems to be a fundamental problem in the West where wealth or possession of a sheepskin is accepted as proof of leadership ability.

      In absence of undeniable proof such as physical prowess in battle, or the acquisition of wealth through creating a business making a tangible product or service, these “tokens” are accepted as credentials in lieu of more substantial evidence. The possession of generational wealth or wealth obtained by financial skullduggery should disqualify its owner from any kind of political office. Many if not most of the elites came by their fortunes by these methods or from sinecures obtained through their contacts from the elite schools they attended.

      I don’t recall if Marcus Aurelius was a soldier or a general, but he was undoubtedly a real leader and his essays on the virtues are no less true whatever his status was. The crisis in the West stems in very large part from a crisis in leadership (or lack thereof).

      I believe that any hope of fixing a lack of leadership through the votes of uninformed and apathetic voters is doomed to failure, assuming that competent leaders could be found and then induced to run for office (and that assumes a party leadership willing to allow such a thing to happen against their own corrupt interests). Instead, more martial virtues such as ruthlessness, and decisiveness will need to be exercised by whichever tyrant will seize power from the current debauched and/or evil usurpers masquerading as leaders. And then uproot the whole evil and rotten edifice from the roots to the putrid seeds and burn it. For a time, power will have to be seized and sanity imposed top down until criminals are purged including white collar ones, the schools teach new generations to the same standards our great great grandparents thought of as unremarkable, the power of generational wealth and the mischief it causes is confiscated and destroyed, corporations are banned and their multinational assets are brought home or broken up, and last but not least, the 16th, 17th, and 19th Amendments are removed from the constitution of whatever new government is allowed to take control after sanity has been restored to the population.

  4. These comments from Europe could be written by any American (like me) watching our own unguarded and dissolving (dissolved) borders with the “orcs” flowing in from all over the world.

    Thing is, the global elite are not afraid of the orcs. They are afraid of US…the legacy people, the trads, those whose territories are being overrun. (Tho’ it’s looking like they have nothing to fear from us…)

    The third worlders will be kept under control the way third worlders always have been— through “strong man” leaders in certain parts of their global set-up, by mullahs and fatwas in other parts, with cartels doing what they will in other regions.

    What we won’t see much of once we’re all divided into…how many? ten? regions…is the kind of human-led governments we’ve all become accustomed to, the kind of government our ancestors left to us, their posterity — the kind we’re supposed to pass along to ours.

    (This is the part where we all look up and say something about “God help us” and silently wish/hope/pray/ that we’ll be able to do the same for ours, eh?)

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