Terror Threats? What Terror Threats?

As reported in the news feed last month, a Palestinian culture-enricher staged a knife jihad attack on a train in Schleswig-Holstein, killing two people and wounding seven others. Now it emerges that the alleged perpetrator threatened to carry out such an attack while he was in prison, and yet he was still released. The Green Party allegedly concealed this fact from the Bundestag.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Junge Freiheit:

Political earthquake in Hamburg

Senator conceals terror threat of the Brokstedt attacker

The Brokstedt attacker has been released even though he threatened a terror attack in prison. Hamburg’s Green Justice Senator conceals this from the Parliament. It is not only Alternative for Germany (AfD) that is demanding consequences.

Hamburg/Brokstedt: A political earthquake is looming in Hamburg in connection with the murderous attack of the Palestinian, Ibrahim A. The asylum seeker, while already in custody for another knife attack, signaled another terrorist attack. However, Justice Senator Anna Gallina (Green Party) concealed this from members of Parliament.

During questioning in the Hamburg Parliament and in the Justice Committee, she didn’t mention one word on this. At that time, the statements of the 33-year-old were already known. It was first during a question by the DPA [German Press Agency] that the incident became public. Accordingly, in August Ibrahim A. told prison officers, “ There is not just one Anis Amri. There are several. I am also one”. In 2016 Amri used a truck to kill 13 people and injure 67 at the Berlin Christmas Market.

AfD: “Gallina is a total failure”

Prison personnel kept the threat in a “detection sheet” in the personal files of the future murderer of Brokstedt. Allegedly, Hamburg’s justice authorities only became aware after the massacre on the regional train. Neither the Senate nor the Security Service [Office for Protection of the Constitution] forwarded this explosive information to the prison management.

The question is whether Ibrahim A. should have been released at all, and whether the two teenagers who were killed on the railway at Brokstedt might still be alive. Hamburg’s AfD faction leader, Dirk Nockemann, sharply criticizes the Justice Senator. “Enough. Everything must be on the table. The Ibrahim A. case is becoming more and more a failure of the Hamburg judiciary. The Green Justice senator is a total failure.” Gallina stated during the Parliamentary hearings that there were no errors in the dealings with Ibrahim A., and in the Justice Committee, she withheld important details.

Special session on Brokstedt assassin

Nockemann is asking for a special session of the Justice Committee — as is the CDU [Christian Democrats]. Even the ruling parties, the SPD [Social Democrats] and the Greens, are in agreement. Dennis Thering, CDU faction leader, is demanding Gallina’s resignation. “If it turns out to be true that Ibrahim A., while in custody, was able to threaten attacks and in spite of that was set free without consequences, then Justice Senator Gallina, in the end, can no longer hold on.”

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