Honor Killing in Novellara

A young Pakistani girl in Italy was murdered by her family because she refused an arranged marriage to her cousin. Apparently her little brother was not in alignment with the rest of the family, and told the authorities about the murder.

Many thanks to HeHa for translating this video report, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   It seems there has been a turning point in the case of the missing Saman Abbas.
00:04   Her underage brother’s testimony confirmed the prosecutors’ suspicions.
00:10   It appears to have involved premeditated murder. Apparently the murder was decided
00:15   by the entire family, since Saman had refused to marry her own cousin, as her family had arranged.
00:20   Her brother is now under protection,
00:23   and his testimony confirmed what was visible on security tapes.
00:26   That is, her uncle’s involvement. Apparently it was him, the perpetrator.
00:32   In the meantime, the Carabinieri with the canine unit’s cooperation are searching for the body
00:36   throughout a very wide area with greenhouses, fields and drainage ditches.
00:39   Apparently the 18-year-old girl’s body has been buried somewhere
00:43   in the countryside of Novellara, not that far from the farming estate.
00:47   It was revealed by the tapes, which show that the night before her uncle and two cousins
00:51   went out carrying a shovel, tools and a plastic bag with them.
00:55   The UCOII, the Union of Italian Islamic Communities, has taken a clear stance on this.
01:01   It issued a fatwa — that is, a judgment — against the custom of forced, arranged marriages.

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      • I frankly don’t care of they kill their own in our countries, let them, it only shows what bloody savages they are.

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