“She Must Die”

In the wake of the apparent honor killing of Saman Abbas, interviews were conducted with Muslim men in Italy about what they would do if a woman under their control were to try to become “Westernized”. The answer: She must be killed.

Gosh, I never would have expected that…

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:03   If your wife one day says to you:
00:06   “I’m going out without a veil, and I am going to dress like a normal girl,”
00:10   What do you do? —I take a knife… a knife
00:14   I put it here because she has to die. —You would kill her?
00:18   Of course, you must take the knife and do like this. She has to die!
00:23   There is a girl named Saman, Pakistani…
00:26   It appears that she was killed by her family
00:29   because she didn’t want to marry a man they had chosen for her.
00:33   I don’t understand… I didn’t hear.
00:37   You don’t know what I’m talking about? —No. It doesn’t interest me!
00:40   But they are only questions, I don’t have to… —Nothing! I don’t like it, zero! Get out!
00:47   Are you married? —No. —Does your family already have a woman for you?
00:52   My family is looking for me. Then I choose. I respect my family, understand?
00:56   That’s the way it is for us, not like here. —It’s not like before… 20 years ago, yes.
01:01   Now everything is changed. —Usually, 80% of the families choose.
01:07   But 20% choose by themselves. —This is the tradition of our culture.
01:14   The man decides! —And the woman says, “I don’t want to marry him?
01:19   That can’t be done. —Now I’m going to pray… bye.
01:26   In the small locales, let’s say… These people are not yet educated…
01:30   They [women] cannot refuse, because they force her to marry that boy.
01:34   The girl says no, they threaten her. Then it happens that so many die
01:39   because they say they love another person, and then they hang themselves.
01:44   How old were you when you married? —26.
01:47   Your wife? How old was she? —15. And you? — I… 31.
01:56   10 years before, I… —Oh, so you were 21, and your wife?
01:59   13. —Our way. Much different from yours.
02:04   The wife must respect her husband.
02:08   I do my work. —She has to do the housework.
02:12   The wife cannot say no. Give me a massage? Yes.
02:16   I have to eat? She has to cook for me right away.
02:20   She must not say no.
02:24   If a woman says, “No, I don’t want to marry that one”?
02:27   She can’t.
02:30   Because it is a disgrace. —It’s the law. —This is a disgrace.
02:34   Because it is forbidden. —If a woman wants to escape and says:
02:37   “No, I want to live like a European,” then does it happen
02:40   that the family… —This is not possible. —What does the law do? —Now I will explain to you.
02:43   Per the law of the Koran, this is how it is.
02:46   You must take her, and she must die.
02:49   She must die, and not of something… With blood!
02:52   In the ground. Stone. Stone. —Stoned? —Stoned.
02:57   Yes, because she has done [what is] forbidden.

10 thoughts on ““She Must Die”

  1. Europeans are so “nice” and obliging to the Muslim. In every way. So naturally the Muslim enemy takes full advantage. Grovelling never ever leads to freedom. Multi culturing and WW1 and Yugoslavia repeats. Nothing new under the Hun.

  2. But we know all this. We do zero. Why are these enemies of mankind allowed to settle? Insanity. Or again maybe it’s the old thing about making crazy before destroying. Do we have any control? It seems not.

    • So why aren’t you and like minded individuals keeping the riff raff off your block, your town or city?

  3. These people do not belong in Europe. Now corrupt politicians have let them in. How can we get rid of them?

    • Start talking like the Hungarians and Poles would be a start. Stop letting Muslims get away with murder and mayhem.

    • Very simple, arm up and take it back block by block and then city by city and those that object? Do whatever is necessary to them to show them what happens to traitors against their own people, especially the politicians and their families.

  4. And the yearling ewes of Europe held signs at the airports welcoming them in, cheering and screaming, like they were rock stars or movie stars.

  5. While I don’t condone killing women who refuse to marry some nasty old Pakistani, our way of love and marriage in the West leaves much to be desired as well.

    For every one of these honor killing stories, there likely is a divorce rape story of a man somewhere in the West who was cut off from his children and forced to pay usurious levels of child support as well as continue to pay for a house he was forced by the courts to give to his ex wife and her live-in lover while he lives out of his car and works multiple jobs in order to avoid being tossed in prison should he fall behind in support payments. Many of these stories end with the man swallowing the muzzle of his gun, as there is no legal relief for legally sanctioned abuse of men in divorce courts. Left to it’s own devices, female nature with regards to dating and relationships devolves into unrestricted hypergamy, chasing of Chads and riding the phallus carousel until their youth has left them and they are consigned to a long middle and old age of childlessness, unsatisfactory relationships, or loneliness even as they sit in an empty house surrounded by their dozen cats and boxes of wine.

    Somewhere between these two extremes there needs to be a better way of doing things to make sure that the worst excesses of male domination of women, and female hypergamy are both curbed, and children are born into loving families and are raised by both parents.

    • This is what happens when we let women vote. Knew a few of the men you are talking about, instead of eating their guns, they sold whatever was left and then left the country.

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