Another Arrest in the Saman Abbas Case

Back in June I posted about the case of Saman Abbas (most recently here), an 18-year-old Pakistani girl in Italy who was honor-killed by members of her family, but whose body has never been found. Ms. Abbas had committed the unforgiveable crime of refusing an arranged marriage with her cousin.

Her parents fled to Pakistan, and their whereabouts are unknown. Her cousin and her younger brother were arrested not long after the crime, and now her uncle has been arrested in Paris.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this news report, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   Within an apartment in a small municipality on the periphery of Paris,
00:05   Garges lès Gonesse, the French police have arrested Danish Hasnain, Saman’s uncle.
00:10   The man was betrayed by the social media he continued to frequent
00:14   in the past weeks. A few days ago, the tracking across the Alps by the police began.
00:20   This morning, the arrest. The operation wasn’t easy. Saman’s uncle,
00:24   is without documents, but the mole he has on his face facilitated
00:29   his identification. The confirmation arrived immediately after the arrest,
00:33   thanks to fingerprint analysis. At Garges lès Gonesse,
00:37   40,000 residents, a municipality that holds many refugees,
00:41   including Afghans, Pakistanis, Hasnain found accomplices
00:45   who protected and housed him. During the arrest, he was not alone.
00:49   He reportedly arrived in France on the day of his flight, last May 10.
00:54   In the coming days, he will be handed over to the Carabinieri of Reggio Emilia.
01:01   The last time she was seen alive was last April 30 at the country house
01:05   of Novellara where she lived with her parents. It was in the evening.
01:08   Saman was walking along the path in front of the residence toward the fields.
01:12   She was followed a few steps behind by her father and mother. Then nothing more was seen of her.
01:16   Over the course of five months, no trace of Saman or her body.
01:20   It is suspected that the young girl was killed because she was opposed to an arranged marriage
01:24   wanted by her parents. A serious accusation, supported, however,
01:28   by several elements, by all by the girl’s complaints against her loved ones.
01:32   For months she took refuge within a community, returning home, perhaps,
01:36   being tricked by her mother, she was then reportedly strangled and her body disappeared.
01:41   It was allegedly her uncle who killed her, arrested today in France.
01:44   Accusing him months ago, the younger brother of the 18-year-old victim arrested while the uncle
01:48   was escaping to France. We can see him and a cousin being captured
01:53   on a surveillance camera the evening before the disappearance of Saman,
01:56   with shovels in hand and a crowbar, tools perhaps, useful for digging the grave.
02:00   Her family, in the course of a few days, vanished.
02:04   Nothing is known of the parents, who flew to Pakistan on May 1.
02:07   The first one arrested in France in June was the cousin, Ikram Ijaz,
02:11   who, however, is not cooperating from the jail in Reggio Emilia.
02:14   With the arrest of the uncle, considered the brains and material perpetrator of the homicide,
02:18   new hopes have been opened…

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  1. This has to be the most despicable religion on earth, but I’m no expert. Maybe there is another religion out there somewhere that is even worse, but if so I have never heard about it.


    • Sadly, there is worse.
      The Aztecs were a human sacrificing cannibal empire. The Incas and Mayans were not much better. But, thanks to God and the Conquistadors their cultures are extinct. However, idiots in the US and Mexico are attempting to rehabilitate and revive them.
      That said, there is the modern ‘Atheist’ culture that worships Mammon, Moloch, and Gaia is as bad or worse. It slaughters unborn children, destroys happiness and creativity, and pursues the irrational. More so than Islam this threatens Western Civilization.

  2. Echoes of the case of Sara and Amina Said, shot by their father in his taxi for being too Westernised (and probably also because they could have testified against him for sexual abuse). Similarly in their case their mother was instrumental in bringing them back to the home with false promises.

  3. Dude no one car no more
    And no honour killing in Islam
    There is another issue the church getting stronger in Europe BCS of the refugees the church promise of some kind of prevailing over the non Christian
    I fair someday we going to vote over the burning of witches

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