You Won’t Have Angela Merkel to Kick Around Anymore

Angela Merkel is the soon-to-be-former chancellor of Germany. When she finally departs, she will leave behind more than sixteen years’ worth of expanded cultural enrichment as her lasting legacy.

The following piece from PolitikStube reports on an analysis of Merkel’s tenure by László Földi, as broadcast on Hungarian state TV. I’ve put out the word to the Magyars, so if we’re lucky we may get a subtitled version of the original video.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating the article:

“Refugees” — Hungary’s ex-head of the secret service: “Merkel harmed Germany more than Hitler”

The Hungarians really do not mince their words. They openly address the problems and, if need be, they put their fingers in the wound. One such Hungarian is the ex-secret service chief László Földi, who dismantled Merkel’s chancellorship in a talk show on the TV channel M5 and made a statement that can only be made abroad (with impunity).

Euronews: With the “opening of the German borders for refugees” Angela Merkel has done more damage to the country than Hitler, László Földi rumbled on the Hungarian state television on Sunday. The former head of the Hungarian secret service is not at a loss for any provocation.

On the day of the general election, talk guests on the “Commentator Club” — a broadcast on the Hungarian public television channel M5 — analyzed the events and talked about Merkel’s 16-year chancellorship. László Földi was invited as an expert on security policy.

Földi, a regular on public television, said the last creative force in Germany was Helmut Kohl. He described Merkel as a “destructive force” that “has used up everything that her predecessors built.”

According to the former intelligence officer, Germany is the real driving force in Europe, and therefore Merkel did not have to create anything new; she just maintained the level. However, she wasn’t able to do even this, and only dismantled Germany’s position.

24 thoughts on “You Won’t Have Angela Merkel to Kick Around Anymore

  1. This ugly creature shot right in jail for betrayal own country, not retired with honours and 20 thousand euros pension!!, it’s despicable what this government is doing to the own people, everything is going down to the toilet slowly but surely , this country is done , it’s people fault also , they knew what’s coming and they just ignored, this consequence are coming to the light obviously..

  2. This wonder merkel will go and another merkel will replace her.

    actually there won’t be any change one stupid goes another is selected blindly.

    another stupid replaces him or her in a series.

    if a wise Person like Trump comes to power then hell,s gates break open antifas enter into hysteria and become epileptic.

    Oh there is inflation in Germany and the energy prices are up

    oil and natural gas ……. easy, blame Russia don’t blame millions of invaders who come to Germany use gas at home use fuel for their cars

    because we can’t talk about them we are afraid and because they are votes for the stupid to win and those incompetent like merkel and those afflicted with amnesia and dosage

    more invaders more gas more electricity usage more renters more expensive houses more consuming food more expensive food. … is that difficult to understand but voting becomes cheaper incompetent politicians become salable and desirable when invaders increase.

    And then superficiality and naivete thrive. schools become crowded and become deteriorated hospitals become crowded and people will wait 1 month instead of 3 days

    is that difficult to understand ? invaders have desire for women….. rape increases is that difficult to understand

    when invaders increase madrasas and mosques ….
    increasee tenfold pressure in districts increases and White people fly …. replaced by invaders is that difficult to understand

    Chinese have a proverb ….. that everything is connected to everything else

    traitors’ stupidity is related to the misery of the people under their boots. is that difficult to understand

    loss of morals and honor leads to chaos . chaos leads to verbal wars verbal wars lead to cold wars cold wars lead to hot wars

    Europe so accustomed to blood chaos and corpses

    It’s high time Europe do it again make sure every country is involved.

    False prophets will come and many will be deceived then Kingdom will rise against Kingdom and Nation against nation then the end will come

    • It’s absolutely truth and only truth , thus elected idiots SPD, Greens , FPD. Finished this country very quickly, they will bring more misery and suffering trough this parasites, savages, reapists, that’s the future for Germany and Europe..

  3. I´m brazilian and would like to take out a doubt. In 70´s Germany received a lot of turkish immigration. Why this immigration did not create problems ?

    • It created problems, they just kept it quiet. Even the working turks are keeping their “religion” and never assimilate. The rest are criminals.

    • they were few in numbers, thus shy of attracting attention, were humble peasant folks glad to find gainful,employment, could not speak a word with the denizens and most of all, Turkey in those days was a liberal secular state. The most problems are caused by the increased number (<3-5%) and the male youngsters with their aggressive macho ways, not getting grades good enough to succeed in the workforce, being raised so self important. OK, Italians do not succeed either, but they know their place.

      • ..”OK, Italians do not succeed either, but they know their place.”..
        Has anybody read it?
        That’s what still is in their heads..

  4. It is a very German thing to fight till the “last bullet” for any lost cause, even when they know it is wrong. The problem is they screwing over Europe for the third time in the last 130 years. The Germans should be never allowed to live in a single country, they should be separated into small separate areas.

    • The bloody Brits got Germany into WW1 hence why we had WW2 and hence why we got a 3rd world invasion problem.

      • As the UK celebrates Black History Month, a website promoting the event refers to indigenous whites as, “genetically defective mutants”, which had appeared beside taxpayer-funded ads. Where is all this going? Ask Islam.

  5. It is nice to know that the ex-Boss of the Hungarian intelligence knows about the damage that Merkel did to Germany.
    We all also know that Merkel also damaged all other European countries with her policies.

    So, why didnt the hungarian intelligence apparatus sent someone to give Merkel some “tough” love?

    • Blame Germany all you like, want to know who is responsible? Look in the mirror, you Greeks have done NOTHING to stop the madness.

      • G,
        If I tie your hands and then offer a price for all those who rape you, what can you do?

        • Stephan, So you are saying you are helpless, hapless, weak and let people tie you up without a fight? God helps those who help themselves, be the sheep for the slaughter, or become the wolf and feast, your choice?

      • That was Her order to not stop this barbaric invasion!, that’s why Greece do nothing, to stop this parasites..

      • When you do not know what is going on here you say what you like.
        The Germans do not let my country breathe and this happens since the end of the war.
        If you read what is genocide according to US you will understand that now the genocide of the Gteeks is taking place in my country.

        • did you mean ” suicide” rather than genocide? How come the greek population grew by 2 millions from wartime to 2015 ?
          This reminds me of the palestinians whose pop. tenfolded while being exterminated.
          Look in the mirror and leave us alone with your ( redacted) ideas.

        • Get off your backside and bloody do something other than bitch. Wolf or sheep? Which are you?

      • let the Greeks build a working revenue service so that others do not have to pick up the tab.
        Remember: in the most upscale neighbourhood of Athens, the average declared income was 15k $ p.a.

  6. And on top of all this Germany helps Turkey against us dince 1922.
    The genocide and misplace of 3 million Greeks from the Black Sea and Ionia was helped by a certsin Von Sanders.
    Resd what happened back then.
    We were in those places since the Trojan war.

  7. I’m reading at the moment “Hawkwood – Diabolical Englishman” by Frances Stonor Saunders, about the Mercenaries and political and social situation of 14th. Century Italy, and it’s like reading an account from the last 20 years and the current instead of an account about 14th. Century Italy.

    Catherine of Siena 14th. Century religious nutcase – Greta Thunberg 21th. Century religious nutcase – you get the drift…..

    “Among the many errors men make, there is nothing more insane than the fact that we Italians, with such care and at our own expense, invite into Italy those who destroy it” >Francesco Petrarch<

    Doesn't this sound familiar?

    Here's a little excerpt from chapter 17 – Freedom Fighters –

    When, in May 1374, the pope (Gregory XI) urged Florence's citizens to put away their pride and return to the "old road" of humility, he threatened that otherwise he would do everything in his power to defend the Church, "against wich not even the Gates of Hell can prevail."
    It was an ominous warning, and Gregory lost little time in seeing that it was fulfilled.
    This man, wrote Franco Sacchetti, in a series of poems by turns sarcastic and enraged, was not the father of the Universal Church, but Pope 'Guastamondo' – he who breaks the world apart.

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