Saman’s Uncle Danish Spills the Beans

As reported here earlier today, searchers in Italy found a body near Novellara that is thought to be that of Saman Abbas, the young Pakistani woman who disappeared in April of last year, and who is believed to have been honor-killed by her family. Now it appears that it was Saman’s Uncle Danish who revealed to the police where her body was buried.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Il Giornale:

“The uncle revealed where the body of Saman was”: Breakthrough in the case

It was reportedly Danish Hasnain who led investigators to the farmhouse in the search for the human remains of Saman Abbas: But the prosecutor remains cautious.

by Angela Leucci
November 20, 2022

A year and a half of silence, of efforts to misdirect. But in the end, he reportedly talked. It was reportedly Danish Hasnain who led investigators to the place where his niece, Saman Abbas was hidden.

As reported by Quarto Grado [4th Grade]: Danish, considered the material perpetrator of the honor crime, was accompanied to Novellara by the penitentiary police of Reggio Emilia. Here, in the town where the Abbas family lived and worked, he reportedly indicated the vicinity of the abandoned farmhouse where, with Ikram Ijaz and Nomanhulaq Nomanhulaq, he allegedly dug a hole and hid the body of his niece.

The news was confirmed by qualified sources. The operations for recovery of the remains were initiated yesterday and will continue today: the Carabinieri and fire department are at work. Saman had disappeared the night between April 30 and May 1, 2021. Immediately, investigators focused on the theory of murder: The 18-year-old Pakistani girl had been opposed to a forced marriage with an older cousin.

Quarto Grado had already been in the vicinity of that abandoned farmhouse, as well as the program “Who Saw It?”, also because the investigators had already been there during the search in the summer of 2021. Quarto Grado had noticed that the “ruin had not been inspected in a thorough manner. The searches of the structure, in fact. were particularly difficult due to the accumulation of ten years of debris, so much that a later inspection by Carabinieri and the fire department had met with negative results.” “Who Saw It?” broadcast the images on May 6, 2022 and sent them to the competent authorities.

The farmhouse, very close to the residence in which the Abbas family lived, reportedly has some rooms still intact, with flooring and a roof, while others are open to the sky and overgrown with vegetation. The place was usually used by Danish and his relatives to meet and drink alcohol, prohibited by the Islamic religion. In one of these rooms, without flooring and deep in debris, the 2-meter-deep hole was dug, the famous 6 feet under the ground usually dug to bury someone.

This important breakthrough has nothing to do with the arrest in Pakistan of Shabbar Abbas, Saman’s father. Yesterday afternoon, the prosecutor of Reggio Emilia, Gaetano Calogero Paci, flatly denied it. “It has absolutely nothing to do with it.”

The breakthrough was reportedly reached “thanks to the never-failing activities of the Carabinieri with the coordination of the Prosecutor’s Office; the area of interest was subjected to further checks and verifications.” But the Prosecutor’s Office acted in an absolutely cautious manner: It is not yet confirmed that the remains really belong to Saman.

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