A Bone Fragment From Saman Abbas?

I have reported several times previously on the case of Saman Abbas, a young Pakistani woman in Italy who disappeared and was thought to have been a victim of an “honor killing” (see here, here, here, and here). Various of her male relatives have been detained by authorities, some of them after absconding to France. However, as of my most recent post on the topic, her body had not yet been found.

All that may now have changed. A bone has been found that may be a fragment of Ms. Abbas’ skull.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from La Stampa:

Saman case: Bone fragment of human skull recovered in Lido Po. RIS [Scientific Investigation Department] trying to isolate DNA.

It may belong to the 18-year-old Pakistani girl of whom there has been no news since last May and who is believed to have been killed at Novellara, in the Bassa Reggiana region, for refusing an Islamic marriage.

December 29, 2021

The prosecutor’s office of Reggio Emilia has assigned the Scientific Investigations Department of Parma to do the analysis of a bone fragment, presumably of a human skull, which may belong to Saman Abbas, the 18-year-old Pakistani girl, of whom there has been no news since last May, and who is believed to have been killed at Novellara in Bassa Reggiana for refusing an Islamic marriage arranged with a cousin in her homeland. Reporting the news is the local edition of Resto del Carlino.

The bone fragment was discovered in the area of Lido Po di Boretto by the Carabinieri on November 3. Deputy Prosecutor Laura Galli, the assigned prosecutor of the investigation, has ordered the specialized examination to extract the biological profile of the DNA to determine whether it may be comparable to that of the young girl.

The searches were concentrated in the riparian areas of the Po after the younger brother of Saman told the investigating judge — during a preliminary hearing behind closed doors — that during a family meeting he had heard a cousin talk about “putting her in small pieces” and “throwing her away” at “Guastalla, where there is a river,” the daily reports.

The Scientific Investigation Department of the Carabinieri will also analyze clothes from Danish Hasnain, the uncle of Saman, believed to be the material perpetrator of the crime, and who is now, after being arrested on 22 September in France, in jail in Paris awaiting extradition. The clothes were seized last November 6 at Novellara, in the cottage where the entire Abbas family worked as laborers and custodians of a farm.

Five people are accused of premeditated murder, kidnapping, and concealment of a cadaver: In addition to the uncle, the cousin Ikram Ijaz is in jail in Italy. Among the fugitives, meanwhile, are the other cousin, Nomanhulaq Nomanhulaq, and the parents, Shabbar and Nazia Shaheen, who fled to Pakistan on a flight from Malpensa [Milan airport] last May 1, and of whom there is no further news.

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  1. Given that there, thus far, have been no comments published on this subject I will make one.

    The chick on the right does not share the same nose as the one on the left.

    Next observation – I care not if another towellhead has left the earth. May there be many more.

  2. Dawg,

    The woman pictured on the left may be Saman’s mother though this picture has appeared often as Saman herself.

    As for your second comment, what is important is this: We in the West have come a long way over the course of my life to achieve equal rights and protections for women. Are we to surrender that progress because Muslim immigrant women are not respected by their men? Is it OK in our countries for men to kill women because they have “stained the family honor”? No. All women in the West are guaranteed equal rights and protections. Honor killings are not OK in Italy or the US or anyplace in the West.
    If we turn a blind eye to it in our own countries, we are surrendering and allowing sharia to take over. No way. Our message should be that if you hold these beliefs, you have no place in the West. Unfortunately, our leaders are weak.

    • I’ll grab my popcorn and see what the feminaxi’s have to say about it? The west turned to merde because we let emotional women vote, and HERE we are!

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