The Gagging of Dissent in the EU

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Report24:

The EU wants to get a grip on alternative media and critical reporting worldwide

At the meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, EU Commissioner Věra Jourová urged, among other things, the demonetization of free and alternative media. The pretext: fighting “disinformation” and “hate speech”. Jourová sees the EU as an absolute pioneer and would like to impose insane laws against factual criticism and expressions of opinion on the USA and, ideally, the whole world.

Non-conformity to the narratives set by the ruling leaders (and the World Economic Forum) is undesirable. This has already been shown by the massive fight against alleged “conspiracy theories” (e.g. Covid-19, mRNA gene injection, WEF, Hunter Biden’s laptop and massive censorship by Facebook and Twitter) that have now turned out to be true.

In Germany, too, the mainstream media buckled in the face of vaccine manufacturers such as BioNTech, and changed their reporting at the interjection of Big Pharma. Above all, it was the alternative and free media that repeatedly pointed to critical insights, while the mainstream remained well-behaved and obedient to the government line. This could also be described as a total failure of the so-called “fourth estate”.

But this failure of the corporate and state media is to be rewarded by politicians by wanting to finally turn off the money supply (namely financing via advertising) to the free alternatives. It is true that most of the free media have no access to the perpetuum mobile of the mainstreamers, who have now established a conglomerate of media and advertising companies — Google’s “AdSense” also largely denies these services to critical media. If the EU Commissioner for “Values and Transparency”, Věra Jourová, has her way, not only should the United States adopt the EU rules for so-called “hate speech”, but similar measures against the alleged “disinformation” should also be enforced as far as possible worldwide.

“The European advertising industry […] has confirmed that it will not monetize or support those who spread disinformation,” Jourová proudly declared. And this despite the fact that the alleged “disinformation” of the alternative and free media has proven to be correct and true over and over again in recent times, while the mainstreamers were those who only followed the narratives of the elites repeatedly and became disinformation slingshots themselves. Censorship still takes place in Europe today, just enforced by other means. The fact that Jourová claimed at one point that truths that were unwelcome for politicians are not automatically disinformation can be understood as sheer mockery, especially in view of the past three years.

Incidentally, the fact that the EU Commissioner, in obvious megalomania, raises the EU’s seemingly totalitarian approach to the only true solution for the entire world, causes some head-shaking , especially in the USA. There the so-called “First Amendment”, which contradicts the creation of regulations against alleged “hate speech”, is often still taken very seriously:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Afterword from the translator:

Isn’t this droll, as with the Nazis and Commies, the menstruating comrades stand out in particular. But as that may be, they start to feel threatened; they have noticed that people are waking up to their shenanigans and scams. Now they get active, they come out of their holes and show their true colours.

That’s good, because in the light everyone can see them for what they truly are, and everyone can get an idea where the train tracks lead, especially when the government is the only entity that will be allowed to have gas stoves and ovens.

After all, what we are seeing here is a completely normal characteristic of any dictatorial system. They hate criticism, no matter what form, and fight it draconically to the critics’ bitter end. And they care little for the graveyards of the innocent they scatter in their wake for their utopian “ideal” world. After all, those who presume to speak for the good of mankind are those who, more often than not, are wedded to EVIL.

There will be no easy solution. This will be an continuing fight, one that has been going on throughout the whole of humanity’s existence. Technically, it’s a fight between “good and evil” when it comes down to it. Just as in Tolkien’s “Middle Earth”, when Morgoth is being replaced by Sauron, one evil is simply usurped by another.

13 thoughts on “The Gagging of Dissent in the EU

  1. This stupid woman yowling for censorship is more an illustration of just how worried the elites are about losing their grip on the narrative than any expression of power.

    Granted, there are always going to be normies who will believe unconditionally everything vomited or explosively [defecated] from the orifices of the state, but anyone with an ounce (or gram) of sense is already seeing through their tripe. The imminent defeat of Ukrainian forces by the Russians and their allies will be such a shock to the western public who have been led to believe that Ukrainian forces are already at the gates of Moscow, that the credibility of the official orifices will be shattered beyond repair.

    Anyway, whatever European elites contrive to do, or bleat about to their lapdogs matters less and less, as Europe is made increasingly irrelevant by their economic suicide vis-a-vis the Russians, and the perfidy of their American masters.

    • I am Ukrainian, and you are talking nonsense, Russia cannot win, and she herself knows about it, Russian soldiers do not want to fight and they are demoralized, only small groups like the Wagner PMC are fighting. They can’t do anything even in Bakhmut, Russia can’t win this war.

  2. Vera Jourova, an old “Czech” politician, who is my case in point that what we are dealing with is some kind of crazy MK-Ultra stuff. When she was leaving the Czech politics for the EU, she was sort of handsome, and smart, and talked sense. But down there in the Brussels belly, she became one of the worst EU apparatchiks possible. And she has also grown ugly face.

    The Current prime minister of the Ukrainian Government of the Czech Republic, Petr Fiala, has undergone a similar change: When I see some older videos of him, he used to be at least a little bit “charismatic”, speaking fluently, talking sense… But since some undefined time, his “charisma” became that of a beaten puppy, who can talk only that which says nothing. He is now famous for “sending signals” => i.e. “We shall send a strong signal that we care!” or “We shall send a strong signal to Putin…” and similar useless sentences.

    It’s almost like some kind of invasion of body snatchers. And those body snatchers, I suspect, have a lot of blackmail files on everyone who makes it into the highest politics.

  3. I’d suppose that these good Europeans would consider it unjustified and outrageous that some people refer to them as The Fourth Reich. A reincarnation of the Third Reich and USSR combined.

    • Not quite a reincarnation…

      The Third Reich and the USSR at least paid lip service to the welfare of its citizens, and in the case of the USSR made a serious effort to improve the material well-being of its citizens even if the effort was clumsy and uneven in application.

      I don’t think anyone in their right mind could say that the EU kleptocrats and elites are interested in anything other than stealing everything that isn’t bolted down while simultaneously fellating their master, Uncle Sam.

      • Yes, one has to admit that the EU is turning into something more sinister than the USSR.

  4. From the article: “”especially in the USA…the so-called “First Amendment”, which contradicts the creation of regulations against alleged “hate speech”, is often still taken very seriously:””

    Unfortunately, tech cencorship and cancel culture have enabled an end-run around the First Amendment. The First Amendment is now only for old fashioned Americans.

  5. The communists studied us carefully. The First Amendment makes reference to the Press. Their infiltration and complete saturation of the Press has made inroads into the 1st Amend. that will prove its’ ultimate undoing. A little leaven, and so on. As noted in other comments, tech censorship, and cancel culture have been the end around play. A surprise play in football, a hideous nightmare for free speech proponents. All those silenced voices is what our dictatorship wants. Odd, to me, is the desire by so few to rule absolutely over everyone else. We shall have to carry on, and give them something they didn’t want.

    • Yet, this is a hollow victory. Suppression and stasis are deadly to an innovative, problem solving society.

      The unreasonable person, not satisfied with the status quo, advances collective mankind. Muzzle that person, and progress stops. Plenty of examples from the last 10 years apply.

  6. Americans should not be fooled into thinking that Europeans enjoy the same free speech protections that we do. My contacts in Sweden tell me they can lose their jobs if they are perceived to be against the government’s immigration policy, are Islamophobic, or guilty of “hate speech”. In addition, they can be blacklisted for further employment. Thus, many Swedes are silent.

  7. We in America have the first amendment ,with the 2 amendment backing it up. The current crop democrats want to do away with both amendments to remain in power ,they are the darlings(really tools) of the real ruling elite ,the unelected and elected leaders meeting in Davos.

  8. With “We didn’t see it coming” the treasonous, social democratic power elite excuses itself over the current state of affairs in the failed state of Sweden.


    read here:
    Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/24/2023 Replyes

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