The Progressive Islamization of Germany

Below are two articles that provide snapshots of public discussion about Islam’s place in German society.

The first piece reports on the debate about the ululation of the muezzins who call the faithful burghers to prayer every Friday from the minarets of Cologne. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit:

Muezzin’s call in Cologne: Islam expert accuses Reker of naïveté


Islamism and integration expert Ahmad Mansour has accused Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker (independent) of being naïve about allowing the public muezzin call. To place this only in the context of religious freedom is “criminally naïve,” he told the dpa news agency. Rather, it is “a demonstration of power by political Islam.”

The background to this is negotiations between the city of Cologne and the Turkish-Islamic association Ditib about a regulation that would allow the imam to call for prayer once a week from the central mosque in the Rhine metropolis. That could be the case for the first time this Friday.

Mansour fears that conservative Muslims will feel vindicated by this and will see it “as an important step towards the Islamization of Europe.” Further demands will then be the result.

Muezzin call is a concrete religious message

The question of the public muezzin call also raises the question of equal rights for Islam in Germany. “Is it really equal? If that is the case, then Muslims should also be able to demand public holidays and much more besides. And that’s what’s going to happen now,” Mansour predicted.

The Islamic scholar explained that, unlike church bells, calling the muezzin is not just about the sound. “The muezzin call is about concrete religious messages. So that is a clear difference from simply ringing the bell.” Mansour also reminded that the Ditib* is the extended arm of the Turkish religious authorities.

The cathedral city has been busy with the initiative for a long time. In the past there had been several criticisms of Mayor Reker. In other cities in North Rhine-Westphalia, too, similar initiatives have already aroused bad feelings. In a survey from October 2021, a majority of Germans rejected the muezzin call.

Afterword from the translator:

The gradual Islamization of Germany is always vehemently denied and, according to the politicos and NGO’s, does not take place. After all, Islam with its numerous believers and mosques belongs to Germany, doesn’t it? And so Islam can demonstratively spread, especially with the help of ideologically retarded politicians, who in more and more cities — not only in Cologne — allow the call to prayer and delight the rest of the locals with the loud and alien wail calling for the massacre of the infidel.

The ringing of the bell is also not comparable to the muezzin’s call. The church bell does not send any religious message, whereas the muezzin call features a sung or spoken message with an exclusive claim to absoluteness. Sharia Law will be next, enforced by your local police station and agents for the “Protection of the Constitution”.

The second article, also translated by Hellequin GB, recounts the actions by the leftists in charge of the political establishment of Berlin, who are redoubling their efforts to stamp out Islamophobia and “anti-Muslim racism”.

From Der Wochenblick (the translator’s comments are in square brackets):

Islamization is progressing

Berlin creates committee against “anti-Muslim racism”

As if there were no more urgent problems in Berlin that actually required the full attention of politicians, the red-red-green Senate administration still finds the time and leisure to set up another left-wing ideological committee — this time on (alleged) “anti-Muslim racism”. This was announced by the left-wing Justice Senator Lena Kreck last Thursday in the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives.

According to Kreck, the task and goal of this new permanent body is to recognize “structural discrimination” and to understand which wheels one has to turn in order to “change these structures”. In addition, Kreck called for the abolition of Berlin’s neutrality law, which bans the wearing of religious symbols in large parts of the public service, especially in the police, judiciary and in the education sector. This alone makes it clear what is actually at stake here: the implementation of Islamization by all means.

Significantly, the basis for the establishment of the committee is the recommendations by an “expert commission on anti-Muslim racism in the state of Berlin,” which was set up in February 2021 — still by the old Senate administration under the governing SPD mayor Michael Müller — and delivered the published final report on 1 September 2022 to Kreck. In addition to the abolition of the neutrality law, the commission also recommended the introduction of guidelines on “Islamophobic crimes” for the State Criminal Police Office.

Allegedly spread “in the middle of society”.

At the beginning of the debate, Left MP Elif Eralp explained to the plenum that “anti-Muslim racism is not only widespread in the extreme right, but also in mainstream society”. They want to “strengthen” the “fight “against it. Green MEP Tuba Bozkurt contributed the completely unfounded claim that people who are seen as Muslims are “cheated of their rights” in society. [If only, but what we see here is a clear cut case of the politically correct implementation of taqiyya.]

Cihan Sinanoglu from the German Center for Integration and Migration Research recounted the myth that racism not only kills, but also leads to social inequality. He referred to a study that found that women with headscarves have to apply four times more often than women without headscarves with equivalent qualifications — and often even seven times more for higher positions. The non-party Secretary of State for Diversity and Anti-Discrimination, Saraya Gomis, announced that the body should be funded in such a way that studies on the problem area would be possible.

Missing open discussion

The author and psychologist Ahmad Mansour emphasized that the work against Muslim hostility is “enormously important”, but criticized the recommendations of the commission. The debate on the subject should not lead to any criticism of religion or certain communities being dismissed as Islamophobic. It is neither Islamophobic nor anti-Muslim to take a critical look at the headscarf. He misses an open discussion on the subject in Berlin and in the work of the Senate.

Mansour became even clearer on Twitter, saying that it was “terrifying how naïvely and uncomplicatedly the topic was treated by some MPs.” In the debate, the CDU MP Alexander Herrmann explained that he saw the border between criticism of Islam and anti-Muslim racism as unclear. In a democracy one has to endure certain criticism.

Typical left-wing orchestrated farce

The legitimate and more than appropriate question from the AfD MP Marc Vallendar, to what extent certain groups and also the work of the commission were infiltrated by Islamist groups, was seen by Eralp as an example of how “anti-Muslim racism is used” to spread hate and use hate speech to carry it into society.

The debate can once again be seen as a typical left-wing orchestrated farce. The ultra-left government in Berlin is setting up a commission to confirm exactly what it wants to hear. Completely legitimate and, in view of the almost daily reports about Muslim crime and excesses of violence, justified criticism of Islam is declared a criminal offence.

A body is being formed against this fantasized danger, conveniently also creating artificial jobs for ideological pseudo-academics. The media critic Norbert Bolz put this in a nutshell on Twitter back in 2018:

The most dangerous enemies of truth are the complacent scientists who fetch the exact results the government wants.

— Norbert Bolz (@NorbertBolz) June 25, 2018

[Sounds like Covid, manmade climate change and the rest to keep the people frightened so that they can skim the cream and milk from the tax-cows and then leave them out on the pasture for the halal butchers.]

So you invent discrimination, which you then fight, confirming your own worldview and doing away with the religious neutrality of the state at the same time. The next “expert commission” has already been announced for the spring of 2023, which is to “accompany the implementation of the present recommendations for action and advise the Berlin Senate on the development of a comprehensive prevention strategy”. [ Are they going to raise the “White Flag of Islam” over the Reichstag now? Sounds like it.]

Even under normal circumstances, this further bureaucratization and institutionalization of Islamization policy in Germany’s capital would be a nuisance, but now that the country is stuck in the worst economic crisis of the post-war period, has enough problems with illegal Muslim mass immigration, and Islamist terror is a major problem, the establishment of de facto special rights for Muslims by creating blanket defensive claims against targeted alleged discrimination is the completely wrong signal. [I don’t know; it’s definitely the right signal for the invaders.]

Berlin actually has completely different worries

Berlin in particular is also overloaded with problems of all kinds, without being able to solve a single one of them: The German capital is the only one in Europe that not only does not contribute anything to the wealth of its own country, but actually reduces it. It is also governed by a mayor who was convicted of cheating on her doctoral thesis.

The Berlin city government was unable to organize the 2021 Bundestag and House of Representatives elections without causing unprecedented chaos, which is likely to lead to at least partial re-elections. The current government is therefore de facto in office only because of electoral glitches. [Why don’t they call the rat by it’s real name — election FRAUD?] Nevertheless, she gets lost in Muslim clientele politics and constantly burdens the administration with new costs and functions that are only driven by ideology.

Afterword from the translator:

Well, what do you know, “anti-Muslim racism not only in the extreme right, but also in mainstream society.”

And she openly admits it. The center of society is right-wing! That means that the average person is a dangerous right-winger and a potential terrorist targeting the “Religion of Peace”! Not really surprised by this; they fight against the center of society because the center is to the right of the loony Left.

Although — and I’m pretty sure about that one — the main thing is that Tax-Michel pays for ALL of it. That’s why this is primarily about a non-performance-related cash withdrawal!

And there’s the big question; Why do people immigrate to a society if they don’t feel welcome there? Does that make sense? No LGBTQ+/-? will go to Qatar with their flag, now, will they? What about Turkey — will he/she/it go there? I think not, right? So why would Muslims want to come to us if they see us as anti-Muslim, if not for the sole reason to live a life of plenty on the backs of the kuffar?

*   Ditib: Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (Turkish: Diyanet İşleri Başkanlığı; German: Türkisch-Islamische Union der Anstalt für Religion).

13 thoughts on “The Progressive Islamization of Germany

  1. In an otherwise admirable translation I fell over the phrase” Muslim hostility” in the quote from Ahmed Mansour.

    I checked the German and sure enough, it read “Muslimfeindlichkeit”, which is not at all hostility BY Muslims but hostility TO them.

    In theory, Muslim hostility could be rendered as Muslimenfeindlicheit, the extra -en in the middle being the genitive case of the plural noun, that is, “OF”.

    But I have never seen that noun, doubtless because Muslims in Germany are always said to be victims of this or that and victims can never be hostile, irony:off.

  2. My brother explained the islamisation is caused by government and industry requiring capital or borrowings from the Middle East and a condition of the supply of that money is open borders to Muslims. This is the only rational explanation I have ever heard. All the other crap is to cover up the truth. IT IS ALL ABOUT MONEY.

    • NO,its White race replacement because of ww2,jewish power. They want us looking like Brazilians

    • @ Sara

      Re: “My brother explained the islamisation is caused by government and industry requiring capital or borrowings from the Middle East and a condition of the supply of that money is open borders to Muslims.”

      True, but it may be even simpler than that: It is almost certain that the nations of Europe, in order to secure a continued supply of fossil fuels from the Sunni Arab oil states of the Middle East, have had to agree – not for public attribution, mind you – to roll out the proverbial welcome mat to the believers.

      Don’t forget also that most of the European elites/ruling class are globalists, in the mold of Count Richard Coudenhove von Kalgeri – the founder of the EU and the ideological wellspring of globalism in Europe today. These individuals also favor open borders and the erasure of Old Europe and her people.

  3. At various times in my life, I have associated with muslims and people who had lived in muslim countries. We were pretty much friends, and they were open and honest about islam. From them, I learned two important lessons:
    1: The fable of the camel’s nose in the tent and the straw that broke the camel’s back are not quaint stories, but rather, they are military strategies. While free countries plan years ahead and communist countries decades, muslims plan for centuries in advance, wearing their enemies down until the camel is in possession of the tent, or the infidel camel’s back is broken.
    2: The other lesson is something Americans know, but never understood. “The friend of my enemy is also my enemy. The Enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend.” Think of how many times western countries have made alliances for the convenience of the moment, only to have to fight their “friend” later. Muslims regard everyone as a potential enemy, even other muslims.

  4. Will the borders of the former nations be kept open during WWIII?
    External enemies are not indispensable Ubermensch so they will never exploit the sieve of non-existent borders. (sarc)
    Internal enemies AKA government parasites could use the open borders to crack down on ID and personal mobility.
    Maybe the enrichment will be used to usher in the world ID that Gates is funding.

  5. Islamization at the behest of whom? Until you are willing to name them our homelands will be continue to be overrun with this human detris. Did the ethnic Germans ask for their country to be filled with Muslims? I think not. A jealous, vengeful lot filled with ethnic hatred for Europeans is behind all of this.

  6. If the Islamic call to prayer is allowed, all Christian churches should drown it out with bells and carillon music. Would they dare? Probably not as they’re too nice and tolerant, which is a disguise for cowardice.

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