Batik Witches Rule!

In Sweden, the phrase “batik witch” (batikhäxa) is a colloquial term for a progressive woman involved in refugees-welcome activism. I presume “batik” refers to a clothing style favored by such women.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Fria Tider:

“Grumpy batik witch” convicts Katerina Janouch of defamation

September 22, 2022

Immigration critic profiler and children’s book author, Katerina Janouch was convicted today for gross defamation of a teacher who she accused of forcing pupils to profess Islam.

“Of course, I was convicted in the Uppsala PK court,” Janouch commented after the conviction.

Katerina Janouch wrote a blog post in March 2020 about an assignment that pupils received in the third grade at a school in Tierp.

A parent had contacted Janouch about the way schoolchildren were forced to write texts from a Muslim perspective and, among other things, describe how they pray to Allah and visit the mosque.

“9-year-old forced to confess to Islam,” read the headline of Katerina Janouch’s post, in which the school and teacher were named.

“I myself am so mad I am boiling. How can they do this? We are Christians and my child should not be forcibly Islamized in school teaching,” said the mother of one of the children that Janouch wrote about.

The district court finds that Katerina Janouch — who has a large number of followers on social media — by posting the teacher’s name, is guilty of gross defamation. She is sentenced to a suspended sentence and fifty daily fines of 150 kronor [$14]. She must also pay damages of 50,000 kronor [$4,500] to the teacher.

On Twitter, Janouch comments on the verdict and reports that it will be appealed.

“Of course, I was convicted in the Uppsala PK-Court by a grumpy batik witch who has no problem with the Islamization and humiliation of small children. The teacher wants 50,000 in “damages”. An appeal to the appellate court, for sure!”, she writes and continues:

“I expected to be convicted, since the judiciary is a wreck, and we already have sharia law in which it is forbidden to criticize Islam and its apologists.”

3 thoughts on “Batik Witches Rule!

  1. This is the first time in world history that a democratically elected government has forced its own people to pay for its own colonisation.

    Life in Balance,Politics
    Posted by Leo Tue, March 03, 2020 12:38:35

    It’s not the government that is behind the closures of YouTube channels. It IS the MSM – mass media and the Bonnier group . with SAP,s recognition!

    Islam is being used as a tool by the Bonnier Group to crush the nation state of Sweden . Off the map!

    Bonniers is a plague for the former country of Sweden. The expansion of the Bonnier Group in Sweden is a long drawn out nightmare for the whole of Swedish society.

    The Bonnier Group is not only interested in doing business and making money, it and they want to control the economic and political development!!! It has been clear for a long time that the Bonnier Group uses all its resources to oppose nationalism and defend multiculturalism and mass immigration.

    It is not only the ownership itself that is dangerous, but how the Bonnier Group, through its ownership, exerts political influence over our country. They exercise their power by propagating that Swedish Sweden should fade away and be replaced by a multicultural society.

    The Bonnier Group has promoted the People’s Party, the Moderates and the Green Party as its favourites. These parties are even more international than the Social Democrats. This is despite the fact that the Bonnier Group and the Bonnier family have been (are?) close to the Social Democrats.

    It is no coincidence that the Bonnier press was behind campaigns to introduce the Hate Groups Act.

    The attacks on those of us who are critical of immigration in Sweden and other countries are a constant theme not only in DN but in all the Bonnier newspapers, where the propaganda for multiculturalism also overflows across the board, regardless of the subjects covered.

    Islam is used as a tool by Bonnier to destroy the nation state of Sweden. Politicians in the political aristocracy have been corrupted into puppets by these Bonnier forces. That is why Bonniers hates nationalism, Sweden and Swedes.

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