Escalation is Inevitable

As a follow-up to his essay from March of this year, Emmet Scott analyzes the antecedents and current status of the Russo-Ukrainian war, and its likely future trajectory.

Escalation is Inevitable

by Emmet Scott

When a war begins, if one side or both has no interest in a negotiated settlement, then escalation is inevitable. This is the case with the current conflict in Ukraine where, right from the beginning, the Ukrainian side (and its Western backers) has shown no interest in a peaceful resolution. If things continue on this trajectory, then a wider and much more devastating war will most certainly be the result.

I lived in Ukraine for almost a year, between August 2017 and June 2018, and, while I do not claim any special knowledge of the country, I did learn a few things which surprised me. I learned, for example, that virtually all of the country speaks Russian — this in contrast to Western media misinformation which habitually portrays Russian-speakers as a small minority. I learned too that the country is almost evenly divided between those friendly toward Russia and hostile toward Russia. Those in the north and west of the country, while speaking Russian or the Russian-Ukrainian dialect Surzhyk, do not consider themselves Russian and are generally hostile toward Russia; those in the south and east, while describing themselves as Ukrainians, also see themselves as Russian. Their attitude is somewhat analogous to North Irish Protestants who, whilst describing themselves as Irish, also see themselves as British. This being the case, it became clear to me that the Maidan revolution of 2014, which overthrew the mildly pro-Russian Viktor Yanukovych, could have no other result than setting the two halves of the country on a collision course. In short, the Obama administration, in helping to topple Yanukovych’s government, knowingly and deliberately fomented inter-communal conflict. This being the case, an unbiased observation of the facts, readily available to everyone with access to the internet, leads to several straightforward conclusions.

First and foremost, every government in Kiev since the Maidan revolution of 2014 has been defined by its hostility toward Russia and all things Russian. As such, and inasmuch as Maidan overthrew a democratically elected government, then it is reasonable to conclude that the current war began in 2014. This is all the more clear when we realize that roughly 14,000 people — mainly Russian-speakers and mainly civilians — were killed in the aftermath of the Maidan coup. The current phase of fighting began two days before the Russians launched their Special Military Operation, when Kiev launched an intensified artillery bombardment of the breakaway territories of the Donbas, which Moscow had recognized as independent just two days earlier.

Secondly, the initial phase of the Special Military Operation did not by any means constitute an all-out war against Ukraine. On the contrary, it was as much a political/propaganda statement as anything else, apparently intended to shock the Ukrainians into coming to the negotiating table. This is made very clear from the fact that the Russians went out of their way to avoid civilian and even Ukrainian military casualties. Soldiers were not attacked; military hardware and installations were the main target. In making a somewhat mad dash towards Kiev, which the Russian forces almost completely surrounded within a few days, Putin evidently hoped to demonstrate to the Ukrainian regime what Russia was capable of, and thereby persuade Zelensky’s government to begin serious and meaningful talks. And there were signs, to begin with, that some elements within the Kiev political establishment were willing to consider this option. But, rather than go down that road, proponents of negotiation were labeled traitors and executed, or simply murdered. Several prominent Ukrainian politicians suffered this fate in the first few weeks of the campaign. By mid-April it was clear to Moscow that the softly softly approach was not working. A series of meetings, described as “negotiations” by the media, did take place, but the fact that the Ukrainian delegations habitually arrived late, and dressed in t-shirts and jeans, made it perfectly clear that they had no serious intent. Indeed, their attitude can be seen as a calculated insult to the Russians.

Thirdly, the new phase of Russia’s Special Military Operation, which focused on destroying the Ukrainian forces in the Donbas, represented a major escalation of the conflict. Russian forces, overstretched and in many cases isolated, suffered significant casualties during the first “shock and awe” propaganda phase of the campaign. While the Russians at that time made little effort to kill Ukrainian troops, the Ukrainians by contrast made great efforts to kill as many Russians as possible. This evidently caused considerable anger within the Russian political and military establishment, and by late April the kid gloves, so to speak, were off. Ukrainian troop positions within the Donbas were now subjected to intense artillery and missile bombardment, leading ultimately to colossal Ukrainian casualties. It is possible that Kiev has been losing anywhere between 300 and 500 men per day since late April. By now many thousands have been killed. And still there is not the slightest hint that the Ukrainians are willing to negotiate. It would appear that Zelensky and his government are perfectly happy to fight to the last Ukrainian. (He of course can always retreat to his beach-side mansion in Miami or one of his palatial residences in Israel.) But why is there no appetite for negotiation within his government?

The answer to that lies across the Atlantic Ocean, in Washington DC.

Zelensky was elected in 2019 on a promise of making peace with Russia. At that time, the President of the US was a man who had repeatedly called for better relations with Moscow and had advocated working with his Russian counterparts on several issues of concern to America and the West in general. His efforts in this regard were stymied by continual and unrelenting attacks from the Democratic Party, which accused him of being a Russian stooge and of having been elected in the first place through “Russian interference” in the 2016 election. By 2020 Donald Trump was out of office and one his fiercest critics, Joe Biden, ensconced in the Oval Office. Biden, like the rest of the Democratic Party elite, had been consistently and almost pathologically anti-Russian for much of his political career, and his election signaled a return to an openly hostile attitude towards Moscow. Meanwhile Zelensky, who had made little or no effort to fulfill his promise of normalizing relations with Russia in the previous few months, immediately took his cue from Washington and resumed the antagonistic stance of his predecessor Poroshenko. Indeed, he went even further; accelerating the expansion of Ukraine’s army in the Donbas and importing massive amounts of offensive weaponry. Not once did he make any attempt that we know of to implement the conditions of the Minsk Accord, which would have provided for the recognition of Lugansk and Donetsk (the two provinces of the Donbas) as semi-autonomous regions and would have ended the sporadic artillery bombardments against those territories which had been ongoing since 2014. Observing these developments, the Russians made repeated efforts throughout 2021 to have the West, and the American administration in particular, listen to their concerns. Such calls fell on deaf ears, as Biden, echoing the incessant demonisation of Putin in the Western media, described the latter as a “murderer” and a “thug.” Meanwhile, the arming and supplying of Ukraine continued unabated, as did the calls for admission of Ukraine into NATO — the very step described as Russia’s “Red Line” by Putin in 2008.

It was against this background that Russia began major military exercises near the Ukrainian border in late 2021. In hindsight, this would appear to have been Putin’s last attempt to have the West listen. If such was the case, it proved utterly futile. Far from backing off, the Russophobic rhetoric in the Western media went into overdrive, as did the calls for the accession of Ukraine into NATO and the EU. Meanwhile, the bombardment of ethnic Russians in the Donbas resumed, as Zelensky apparently believed that the anti-Russian bombast of Western media and politicians would be backed by armed support if things came to a head. And this may explain very much of what has been happening: The Ukrainian leadership, convinced that the West “had its back,” went out of its way to provoke Moscow. Not only did the bombardment of Donbas intensify in late January and early February, but Zelensky now proclaimed his wish to make Ukraine a nuclear-armed power, as well as to gain NATO membership at the first opportunity.

It is impossible to believe that Western governments and intelligence agencies did not understand that such actions were guaranteed to produce a military response from Russia. But if such be the case, it means that the West, and Washington in particular, actually wanted the Russians to attack. That they knew Russia was going to attack is beyond question, for they warned about it repeatedly in the weeks beforehand. (Curiously enough, Zelensky himself seems not to have believed them.) But all of this begs the question: Why would the West apparently want such a war?

The traditional Left answer to such a question would be: It serves the interests of the “military-industrial complex,” and there is no question that arms manufacturers have been running a handsome profit at the American taxpayers’ expense since hostilities commenced. However, such an answer is inadequate. The Biden administration, as well as its allies in Europe, must have known that war with Russia in Ukraine would have potentially devastating economic consequences for the West — and most particularly for America’s European partners. I need not go through the list of commodities and raw materials which Europe imports from Russia and on which Europe depends. Natural gas from Russia, alone and by itself, is crucial for the survival of much of the European economy. That the West, and Europe in particular, not only sided with and armed Ukraine, but went so far as to launch an economic war against Russia, could only have been prompted by a positively suicidal impulse on the part of those in control. And this is all the more true when we consider that the economies of Europe and North America were already reeling from two years of enforced lockdowns and the impact of colossal money-printing to finance them. Thus with America and Europe facing hyper-inflation and economic meltdown, the latter two regions deliberately make things worse by provoking a war with Russia and then waging an economic war on that country which could only backfire on the Europeans and Americans. Just what exactly is going on here? Do the powers-that-be actually want an economic collapse in Europe and America?

I would suggest that they do.

In order to understand the reason for this, we need to consider events of the past two-and-a-half years. In March 2020 Western governments, propelled by an unprecedented media campaign of scaremongering, locked their countries and economies down. I need not go into the details of all that happened at that time; suffice to say that the lockdowns were demanded by a relatively tiny elite of billionaires and trillionaires who, though their investment corporations of Blackrock and Vanguard, and a few others, own virtually all of the media, as well as the banks, pharmaceutical companies, arms industries, oil industry, etc. Their control of the media gave them control of the narrative, whilst their vast wealth has permitted them to corrupt and gain de facto control of important international NGOs such as the WHO and much of the UN. The purpose of these economically ruinous and wholly unnecessary lockdowns was specifically to wreck the Western and ideally the world economy. This was essentially a controlled crash. But why did they want to do this? In order to understand that, we need to cast our minds back to the last economic crisis, in 2008.

In 2008 years of greed, dishonesty and criminality on the part of the corporate globalist elite produced its inevitable result. Major banks began to fail and the stock market crashed in a way not seen since the Great Crash of 1929. However, rather than let economic reality assert itself and run its course, governments across the West declared that the banks were “too big to fail” and commenced bailing them out with billions and ultimately trillions of dollars and euros. This of course was money the governments of America and Europe did not have, so they began printing it. “Quantitative Easing” is the preferred euphemism. It was pointed out at the time, by more than one respected economist, that this was the worst solution possible — equivalent more or less to putting a plaster on a cancer. Money-printing, they said, was only a delaying tactic — one that would make the day of reckoning, when it finally did come, so much more traumatic. And by early 2019 it began to look like that day of reckoning had arrived. Trump’s two half-hearted attempts to end money-printing and raise interest rates even by a tiny percentage immediately produced chaos in the stock market, and it was clear that healthy interest rates could never again be established without utterly demolishing the entire financial systems of Europe and America.

The events of 2008 terrified the plutocrats (or oligarchs, or Davos set, call them what you will). Populism, both of the right and the left, was on the rise, and revolution was in the air. Banks and the corporate world in general were being openly blamed for the fiasco, and there was genuine fury on the part of working people — who had lost livelihoods and homes by the million — when they saw banks and bankers being rewarded rather than punished for their criminality. This was exacerbated by the knowledge that the bill for the newly-printed billions which bailed out the “fat cats” would ultimately be picked up by the taxpayer. The question for the plutocrats was: How to avoid taking the blame for the next and much worse crash which money-printing made inevitable? The answer they arrived at, apparently, was: blame a virus.

That, in essence, was the raison d’être for the media-created “COVID crisis” and attendant economically suicidal lockdowns.

But a problem arose. By some miracle, the complete economic meltdown had not fully materialized by the end of 2021, and the COVID-scare showed every sign of having run out of steam. Sure, there was already massive and accelerating inflation, yet still, there was food in the shops and people were not yet reduced to bread-lines or rationing. A new scapegoat, and the job of economic demolition completed, were needed. How about a war with a nuclear-armed power, say, Russia?

And that’s precisely where we find ourselves today. The proxy war against Russia will continue because “the West,” or rather the oligarchs who control the West, want it to continue. It will continue until the economies of the West go down in flames — because that is its very purpose. If the war damages Russia’s economy too, so much the better; but that is not really the point. The point is, when Europeans and Americans begin to die of cold and hunger either this winter or next, the Davos set can always say, “It’s Russia’s fault.” Meanwhile, the commodities, gold, and real-estate which they purchased using the trillions of newly-printed money which the American government so generously gave them, will cushion them from any ill-effects of the collapse. On the contrary, they can then buy up everything for a song. And that is their “Great Reset.”

Emmet Scott is the author of Mohammed and Charlemagne Revisited: The History of a Controversy and The Impact of Islam. For his previous essays, see the Emmet Scott Archives.

24 thoughts on “Escalation is Inevitable

  1. Agree completely.

    Although I think Putin is too smart of a character to get pulled into a wider war. Undoubtedly him and his advisors (all of whom are straight) know the West’s game plan and are already several moves ahead. And a wider war wouldn’t be only between Russia and the West. Much of the global south is lining up behind Moscow and chances are very likely that the Saudis, India, China, Venezuela, Turkiye, and Brazil wouldn’t support the West or would actively oppose it. Putin already has a firm hold of Europe by whatever passes for testicles among Europeans and is squeezing for all its worth. Their usefulness in a war is less than zero since without fuel there’s no piece of military hardware that’s going to be moving and on top of it there will be a seriously angry population that without fuel, heat, and electricity will be in revolt in almost every European country.

    I think there might be one more layer to this among the elites since a cutting off of Europe from Russian energy means they are even more dependent on America as a source for what little gas gets delivered while they are destroyed completely as economic competitors. And just like that Europe is no longer independent but becomes a colony of the USA.

    As to the Great Reset destroying American domestic wealth and economic collapse being used to buy up houses, land, etc at firesale prices by the elites, I don’t understand one thing. Just how exactly do they think they’ll take possession of these assets when those they are trying to take them from have nothing left to lose? The Great Recession should be illustrative of this. Many people just simply stopped paying their mortgages and after a short time of this banks were loathe to evict someone from their house since the bank would then be on the hook for taxes, maintenance, security, etc. In many cases it was just easier to leave the people living there alone to avoid these expenses. I think this time around there would be a serious chance of anyone trying to enforce evictions getting shot since the scheme is a lot more transparent now and the level of anger is much higher than it was back in 2008-2009.

    • To your last paragraph: . Just how exactly do they think they’ll take possession of these assets when those they are trying to take them from have nothing left to lose?

      Maybe if nearly all of us are dead (the VAXX!) then it is easy.

    • The only secure option Russia has is to annex the whole of Ukraine, repatriate it. Anything less will only keep them vulnerable. The West is playing right into Russia’s plan. It’s a trap that the West, kindergarteners and dullards, cannot perceive or resist.

    • I agree with your point in the final paragraph. Yes, they do plan to take everything. Their plan for the rest of us is to own nothing and be happy serfs. But yes, I don’t think it will work in the way they envisage. When Europeans are starving and freezing, they will be blaming neither Russia nor a fake virus; they will be blaming those in power and their billionaire puppet masters. The oligarchs do no understand this because they do not understand themselves. Technically speaking, they are highly intelligent but, lacking humility, they also lack self knowledge and, not understanding themselves, they do not understand others.

  2. What these so called elites and the corrupt do not realize and they won’t until it is far to late, is that they will not survive the coming chaos. That is for certain, for the people, militaries won’t allow these traitors to live to fight another day. The elites think they will rule in the end, well it is the end for all of them to the last family member and wealth will be confiscated. Let it rain!

      • Have you ever heard of propaganda or Mass Formation Hysteria/Psychosis/Delusion? Look up the latter with Mattias Desmet.

      • Sara, because there won’t be a coup against Zelensky, end of story, but when things get bad this winter, I would bet good money that there will be military coups throughout Europe.

    • I disagree. The military will do whatever they are told.

      There are no more Stauffenbergs or Pattons who could disagree. They have all been purged.
      And if the money is worthless the elites will pay them with food – that is stolen from us.
      So, they will obey.

      • Au contraire ! My friend Alex, what people and politicians don’t realize is the military are nationalistic bunch and absolutely hate current politicians and what they are doing to the west, namely destroying it, and when the train comes off the rails, they will take over their respective country, because it will be completely necessary to do so in order for people to survive. Who is in the military? White, straight, conservative alpha males, for the most part, despite the politicians best efforts to destroy that ethos, they will act when the time comes, especially in mainland Europe, Britain will rot because of the woke Monarchy.

  3. Re: “And that’s precisely where we find ourselves today. The proxy war against Russia will continue because “the West,” or rather the oligarchs who control the West, want it to continue. It will continue until the economies of the West go down in flames — because that is its very purpose.”

    Kudos to the author for a fine essay and excellent analysis. He has obviously done his homework.

    Although it is as much art as science to predict the precise time at which a great civilization, nation or empire will fall, we know from history that most great empires last about two-hundred fifty years at their peak, two and a half centuries, give or take. There are exceptions, many of the ancient empires of the antiquity for example, but over the last millennium or so this pattern has held up fairly well.

    The West is as prone to this pattern or cycle as any other great civilization, and so is the United States. The West has been dominant for much of the last five-hundred years, with different nation-states and empires having their respective moments in the sun – France, Germany, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain and finally the United States.

    Now, however, the West as a whole has begun to decline under the weight of the years, corruption, criminality, manifest societal problems and apathy of its native peoples, and so too has the U.S.

    The ruling class oligarchs, the richest individuals, families and organizations in the world, have ridden the vastly profitable U.S. economy and the Bretton Woods economic order about as far as it is going to go. The “banksters,” as they are sometimes called, have debased the real inflation-adjusted value of the U.S. dollar by some 95% since 1913, the year the Federal Reserve was formed, and the entire West is awash in a sea of red ink and debts which cannot be paid. Over that century or so of time, the greatest upward flow of wealth – “looting” – in history has occurred, as the plutocrats siphon away what remains of the economic vitality of the U.S. and the West.

    But now, having drained the host of his “blood,” the parasites risk dying off themselves if they cannot find a new host and a new source of wealth upon which to feed. That is where the motive for the globalist take-over since 2020 originates.

    In brief, the globalist oligarchs have decided upon a scheme to topple the West, including the U.S., rather than wait for the entire edifice to fall over of its own accord. A “controlled demolition,” if you will. By systematically toppled various parts and sectors of the economy of the West, they hope to seize and retain control of events, rather than having events control them.

    Climate change, perpetual warfare, manufactured pandemics, uncontrolled migration and immigration, civil unrest and manufactured disorder within the West and the U.S. – all of these are part of the Great Reset, the so-called “fourth industrial revolution” being touted by the likes of Dr. Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, et al.

    The globalist billionaires are not stupid, and they know that if they simply march in and go on TV worldwide and announce that they are taking over, chaos and pandemonium will erupt. No, the ground has to be prepared for what it is that they wish to plant. And in order to prepare the way for what is coming, they are tearing down what remains of western civilization and also pummeling the people therein into submission, or so it is hoped.

    Step by step, incremental movement by movement, they are nudging the U.S. and the West closer to the Great Reset. But in order to finally spring the trap and slam the cell door on the ‘proles trapped inside, they need something big to reset conditions, to give them a clean slate with which to work. A global pandemic, a major – perhaps even world – war, financial crisis and insolvency, etc. serve as their “four horsemen of the apocalypse”…

    However, things are not going to plan for the globalists. Although Putin, Xi et al. were once part of the WEF and thought to be globalist stalwarts, it seems that a split of some kind has occurred between the western oligarchs and the emerging bloc of new powers – China, Russia, and their allies.

    The torrents of anti-Russian rhetoric and propaganda flowing out of the western media and deep-state seems genuine in its hate and acrimony. Unless the oligarchs and their collaborators are much better actors than we suspect, the only reason for it to be happening is that there is now genuine hostility between the two sides. And now, the deep-state has started attacking the PRC, too, something we have not seen in many years.

    The globalist oligarchs have backed themselves into a corner, and there are no easy ways out of it which preserve the status quo in the manner that they wish. They have killed the proverbial goose which lays the golden eggs, i.e., the U.S. economy and that of the the West, and now find that such “golden geese” are not easy to come by at all.

    The western oligarchs naturally assumed, having been on top and kings of the hill for so long, that they would remain in place once the global economic center of gravity shifted eastward into Euro-Asia, but Putin, Xi and the others are having none of it and have their own ideas about how the future should look.

    It gets worse: The emerging Euro-Asian economic bloc controls many of the world’s most-crucial commodities, from supplies of fertilizer and fossil fuels to arable cropland and staple crops such as wheat, to rare earth minerals needed for high-tech manufacturing and products.

    Putin, Xi, et al. are planning the final downfall of the USD – the U.S. dollar – which has remained the reserve currency of international trade since 1945, and the petrodollar (dominant since the 1970s) will go down with it as well.

    The globalist elites in the West need a war with Russia, perhaps a world war involving China and other nations as well, in order to postpone the inevitable and – it is hoped by them – a chance to reset conditions to their advance, economically and otherwise.
    If they can’t run the global economy to their benefit, they’re certainly not going to let the Russians, Chinese, et al. do it. The billionaires would rather burn the palace to the ground than even think of sharing power with someone else.

    • You are very familiar with much of what’s happening. I would point out that white people were 90% of the US population in 1965, and are around 58% now, and an absolute minority among young people. That was not an accident. Most of the propaganda of the last 60 years has targeted the nuclear family, fertility, and relations between men and women (Black people pay no attention to feminism, “toxic masculinity”, etc). Whites are also being intensely demonized by every part of the federal govt and media, and all of it is lies. It’s being taught to young children and university students. In many parts of the country, persecution of Whites in the legal system is open and aggressive, as if they want us all to notice it and feel intimidated.
      If I thought the “elites” were just trying to prolong the empire based on greed, I would be immensely relieved. I believe it is far more sinister than that. I think they’ve decided that about half of white people are just too difficult to herd, so they all have to go. It’s the only explanation that makes sense. Also notice that “climate change” and associated measures have a perfect overlay with white countries, and no others. USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand are the only places where this is pushed to the point of wrecking economies. Half of us know it’s a hoax. The other half is so brainwashed that they are literally terrified of imminent environmental disaster and become very hostile to anyone who points any of this out.

    • Excellent analysis. What these WEF types did not take in to consideration in their effort to control the world is, human nature, and human nature is tribal and nationalistic to it’s own tribe, and that will be the one world governments downfall. They also think they can defeat Russia, nobody has defeated Russia since the Mongol empire and various people have tried leaving millions on the Russian steppe as a result. The Russians are also not afraid to take casualties and flatten cities when it comes to it unlike us weak sensitive westerners. Oh let us not even start with the red chinks with almost 2 billion people who are overwhelmingly male since the one child policy of the communists, so where else are they going to thin their herd? War of course.

    • Georgia, Great analysis. There is one thing these globullist did not take in their considerations of taking over the world, it is called human nature and nature is tribalistic and nationalistic and once unleashed, these globullist will know what true fear is, for none will survive the coming Great Purge.

  4. I also completely agree.

    Especially the statement that political leaders “must have known that war with Russia in Ukraine would have potentially devastating economic consequences for the West… but went so far as to launch an economic war against Russia” after “reeling from two years of enforced lockdowns and the impact of colossal money-printing” that likely would “Cause economic collapse in Europe and America,” and yet intentionally provoked it then have done everything to keep it going.

    That is why every politician, which includes most of Congress, is either incompetent, corrupt, or both for enthusiastically voting for and promoting unprecedented sanctions vs. Russia and endless arms and aid to Ukraine (after heavily arming, aiding and training them for 8 years to boot).

    This war would have ended very quickly without much loss of precious Russian and Ukrainian lives and much less destruction of the country of Ukraine if the corrupt & incompetent boobs in Congress would have voted for no more weapons and aid to Ukraine at the onset of the war and instead telling our corrupt president and Ukraine, that you Ukraine, have broken the Minsk Agreement for 8 years and militarily attacked ethnic Russians in the east then provoked Russia big time in February, so Ukraine, you made your bed, come to a reasonable peace agreement with Russia or suffer, we’re not getting sucked into this and suffering with you. And it could still end quickly if Congress cut Ukraine off and demanded they seriously negotiate the best deal they can make while having no more military or financial aid from us in the meantime.

    I can forgive gullible voters for playing right into the globalists’ plans and hands in supporting their own future destruction by believing the propaganda media that this war was unprovoked, and supporting Ukraine is worthwhile and just, but the politicians have more information than the average voter and it’s their full time job to make sure that hostile and potentially devastating actions are not only a last resort, but absolutely necessary, will not do more harm than good, and the only resort. They didn’t; they just jumped on the bandwagon, idiots!

    And not to downplay the loss of lives and destruction in the two countries in actual fighting, the double digit inflation is the least of our worries. By over-playing our hands on sanctions, the dollar has been greatly eroded as the world currency and reserve and this may be the final nail in the coffin. The federal reserve note has such unfathomable national debt and printing to make it much more worthless (exacerbated by 10s and 100s of billions of spending on Ukraine in money we don’t have) but it’s value has been propped up as a world exchange. But that is changing. Try triple or quadruple digit inflation, or no value.

    And when we have a collapse and the globalists make their power move, bye-bye freedoms, prosperity, and the World as we know it.

    And what about war. Congress’s decision to so openly support a proxy war against Russia could easily suck us into direct war. What will that do to American and Western lives and livelihoods. And who’s to stop it from escalating to nuclear holocaust, which could be the desolation of the abomination of desolation to come some years down the road if this drags on and gets worse, or because instead of having a mutually beneficial relationship with Russia we just made big-time enemies with a nuclear power that would join China vs. us when Red China makes their threatened Taiwan move. And is anyone so dumb as to think we can wage a proxy war against Russia and they will sit idly by and do nothing to defend themselves and fight back in a proxy war? Has no one heard of the Spetsnaz and wondered if there might be some involvement with the widespread destruction of food and energy facilities? It’s well documented we did that very thing to the Soviets under Reagan in trying to push them into their collapse, and Russia warned biden of Cyber war if Ukraine escalated. No surprise two weeks later the Colonial Pipeline that supplied the East Coast was shut down by ransomware in late 2021. Dr. Pry, who is the Chief of the Congressional EMP Task Force, a scientist and former CIA employee said the Colonial incident was absolutely a cyber attack by Russia.

    There are so many ramifications for feeding this war monster, and this could go horribly south. People better wake up and start applying pressure to their Congressmen and politicians to reverse course, or things will just get worse, and the globalists may succeed to a degree in their plans.

    Oh, and this article looked only at western ramifications. I think the globalists also have their eye on taking control of the Russian central bank like they have done one by one with all the Western central banks and the central banks around the world. While there is a good argument Putin is playing his role as a loyal integral part of the WEF, I think they want to remove Putin and get complete control of Russia’s finance, media, etcetera, putting them under the influence or control of the NWO freaks, just like they’ve done with western governments and institutions. People may think Putin is a devil (and like many world leaders, he might be), but sometimes it’s better to have the devil you know than the devil you don’t know, as the expression goes. I’m ambivalent about Putin. As far as I’m concerned Bush was at least every bit as bad as him, probably a lot worse.

        • The author made the arguments. Do you expect me to copy and paste them here for you? You are the one who said they are nonsense, *without an argument*, of course. You people deserve nothing but mockery.

          • Copperhead:

            I am not “you people”. Who are “you people”?

            The fact that I visit this site shows I find the information on it to be interesting. Most of the things reported here are factual. But this article strikes me as being a nonsensical conspiracy theory. It presents no evidence, only assertions. I do not accept its premise at all.

  5. Boris J. is daring Russia while he drains the UK. Why is this round creature still around? Will his last day have to have him walking around unzipped?


    Posting this as a curiosity. It’s from a Breitbart post headlined “LGBTQNATO: Send Arms to Ukraine to ‘Make Pride in Mariupol Possible’”. Two things jump out:

    1) The hand held sign in the center reads “Make Love, Not War” immediately underneath is the organizers printed sign which reads “Arm Ukraine”. So what’s the message, “Screw me or I’ll kill you?”; or is it, “Don’t pay any attention to us, we’re just a bunch of clueless idiots who had nothing better to do today.”

    2) If this is a grassroots protest in Berlin why are all the signs in English? Say what you will about BLM I don’t recall a single sign in Minneapolis, Atlanta, Kenosha, etc. in German.

    The answer to #2 is obvious. They’re clearly asking for Sugar Uncle Sam to break out the credit card. We supply the bodies and they’ll supply the bags (they’ll throw in the Monkeypox for free) because Russia, Russia, Russia!

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