6 thoughts on “When your kids holler for more bugs, make sure you feed ’em…

  1. I can’t help but think of the scene from the movie “Seven” every time I hear of one of those filthy elites prattling on about how we will have to eat bugs.

    Every one of those elites who talks in such a way should be force-fed insects like a foie gras duck until their stomach bursts like the fat man face down in a plate full of spaghetti representing the deadly sin of gluttony.

  2. All it needs is for the people to say No and rise up, Schwab, Soros and co will have no-one to defend them. We will yet see them dangling from lamposts as they deserve.

  3. I can already see the adverts for “Kellog’s Crunchy Crickets”

    Personally I don’t eat that crap, never have and never will and could never understand how anyone could eat that stuff for breakfast.
    The bloody cardboard packaging has more nutritional value.

  4. If you scroll down out the menu of the “New Midway Food” at this year’s Calgary Stampede, you will find both a Cricket Hot Dog and a Meal Worm Hot Dog, the latter lovingly sprinkled with whole worms on top:


    Description: “All-Beef Meal Worm Hot Dog, made using meal worm protein, whole roasted meal worms, and beef, topped off with your favorite condiments (Meal Worms are high in protein and safe to eat)”.

    Midway to what, by the way?

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