Thierry Baudet: The Netherlands is on a Path Towards Totalitarianism

Thierry Baudet is the founder and leader of FvD (Forum voor Democratie, Forum for Democracy), a populist conservative party in The Netherlands. He has become the most prominent figure in a political niche that was previously occupied solely by Geert Wilders and the PVV. He is also the only major Dutch political leader to oppose the global “pandemic” hoax and the experimental mRNA treatments that accompany it.

The following interview with Thierry Baudet was originally published in German at Politically Incorrect on January 19. Many thanks to Thomas Landen for the translation:

Thierry Baudet: The Netherlands is on a path towards totalitarianism

Many in Germany were deeply shocked, early this month, by pictures of how a police dog mauled a peaceful anti-lockdown protester in Amsterdam as officers brutally beat him up. (Videos:, Ruptly on Twitter)

The leading voice of the protests against the lockdown and anti-Covid measures in the Netherlands is Thierry Baudet, a member of the Dutch Parliament and the leader of Forum voor Democratie (FvD). At the same time that the demonstrator was being mauled, a group of policemen accompanied an Antifa gang marching to the Forum party office in Amsterdam just a few blocks down the road. The police stood complacently by and did not interfere as the Antifa militia vandalized the party building with a burning paint bomb.

What is the matter in the Netherlands? Last week, PI-News went to Amsterdam to interview Mr. Baudet. He is one of the most outspoken politicians against the Covid hoax in Europe and is looking for allies in Germany.

How do you explain the behaviour of the police forces in the Netherlands?

It is part of the strategy of fear that Western authorities are using against those who question the narrative of the authorities about Covid. They are savagely beaten up by the police, while the criminals who vandalize property are left unhindered. Similar intimidation methods were also used against the dissidents in the former Soviet bloc. They are characteristic of all totalitarian regimes.

Has the Netherlands become a totalitarian state then?

Well, it is shocking, but it is on a path towards it. What happened since 2020 has made me painfully aware of this. I became a member of Parliament in 2017. During the previous decades, national sovereignty had gradually eroded, national governments were supplanted by supranational organizations and our society had become ever more globalist. This has facilitated the growth of giant multinational corporations that are more powerful than national governments.

Since the 1970s, Big Business has convened with politicians in organisations such as the World Economic Forum (WEF), working out strategies to increase the power of both Big Business and Big Governance. Big Business aims to swallow up small and medium-sized companies; Big Governance aims to eradicate national identity. Their mutual enemy is the nation state, because national sovereignty and national borders not only safeguard local democracy and self-governance but also protect small and medium sized companies against multinational giants. The common goal of Big Business and Big Governance is the abolition of nation states, mainly by three means: the promotion of mass immigration, the hollowing out of national sovereignty, and the invention of so-called looming catastrophes, such as climate change, which need to be tackled on a supranational level.

Until 2019, I was optimistic because I thought we were going through a Conservative Spring. I thought that voters in the West had had enough of immigration, the undermining of national sovereignty, the climate alarmism. There had been Brexit, the election of Trump, the electoral triumphs of mainstream populist parties such as the Lega Nord, the Sweden Democrats, the AfD, and others. And then, all of a sudden, there was Corona, which became the perfect alibi for Big Business and Big Governance to attempt to turn the whole world into a quasi-totalitarian state modelled on the Chinese neo-Communist template and to trample our fundamental liberties. At this moment, I have become very pessimistic about the future. I fear politicians might not be able to do much to counter the process we are in.

Surely, that is not a message people want to hear from a politician?

Perhaps not, but it is an honest message. Before 2020, we knew that the ruling powers were pushing transnationalism through immigration, climate hysteria, the dismantling of the nation-state. But now, a new element has been added to this. The so-called pandemic has become the perfect alibi for what Klaus Schwab, the chairman of the WEF, calls “the Great Reset.” By 2030, they hope to introduce a Sinofied society over the entire world. They try to sell it to the people as a utopia in which, to quote the WEF, “you will own nothing and you will be happy.” Unfortunately, many people either fall for it or do not understand the implications.

Politicians can do little to counter this via political means. Even if an individual leader were to try to safeguard his nation’s freedoms, he would be blocked by the international system. I have become very cynical, not only about the ruling elites, but also about the electorates in the West. It is not difficult to see what the next steps are going to be: the introduction of QR codes, the abolition of cash money, biometric authentication through which everything we do will be permanently controlled. But most people do not seem to realise this. They have been paralysed by fear of “the virus”, and they fall for the lies of the media. The majority thinks that without lockdowns, without masks, without vaccinations, boosters and QR codes, they will become ill and die.

You are not afraid of Corona?

No. In the early stages of the so-called pandemic, even I was initially fooled by the media, but very soon it became clear to me that Covid was far less dangerous than we were told to believe by our governments and their so-called experts. I soon realized that the coronavirus was being used by the regime to paralyze the people with fear and force them into submission. When the experimental anti-Covid vaccines — which are not true vaccines anyway, but dangerous experimental stuff with terrible side effects, which destroy the natural immune system — were introduced, I immediately warned people: Do not take the vaccine!

Unfortunately, many people have become so scared as a result of the relentless propaganda machine of Big Pharma and Big Government that they seem to be incapable of thinking critically and rationally. We need to counter the lies of the media. Alternative media are increasingly being censored by Big Tech, another branch of the regime. The mainstream media have all been gleichgeschaltet. They no longer inform or introduce people to a variety of opinions, but have become servants of the regime. Unfortunately, many people tend to believe what they see on television. Even good people do, even some of our own people did.

When I told our FvD candidates for the March 2021 general elections that we were going to focus our campaign exclusively on the Corona hoax, half of them ran away. Which, in hindsight, was a great thing. Such a relief to have the fainthearted gone. We can now focus on what needs to be done.

Which is?

We need to build parallel structures, beyond the control of the authorities. FvD has to be more than a political party. We have to establish our own woke-free schools and universities, our own healthcare centres, our own housing blocks, dwellings, cities even; we need to introduce our own crypto-currency and perhaps create our own trade unions. FvD has just set up its own publishing company and we are currently creating an app called Forumland, soon to be found in the app store, through which our 60,000 members — we are the largest party in the Netherlands in terms of party membership — will be able to contact each other and set up initiatives. The political battle can only be won if we win the battle of ideas first. The battle for the democratic rights of our nation, the freedoms and values of our society, the heart and soul of our civilization, can only be won by moving beyond politics.

Obviously, all our initiatives in this regard should not be limited to the Netherlands and can also be applied on an international level. We have recently launched The Movement, a series of videos in English, and Forum for Democracy International. We would like to collaborate with like-minded parties and organizations abroad, such as the AfD. The network of European patriot parties, to which Lega Nord, Marine Le Pen’s party and others belonged, is deeply divided about Corona. Even many of these parties and their politicians seem to believe in the benefit of vaccines and fail to see the danger we are currently in.

What about Geert Wilders, the leader of the Dutch Partij voor de Vrijheid, who is well known in patriot circles in Germany?

I have always admired Geert. He is right about the danger of mass immigration, the need to defend our own culture, the benefits of leaving the European Union. FvD and Wilders agree on many essential issues, but even he has gone along with the narrative of the regime. He encourages people to get vaccinated, he encourages people to get boosted, he supports the WEF.

But what about your own narrative? If new variants of Corona become less harmful — as they appear to be — soon the pandemic might be over and the world might return to normal?

I do not believe that they will allow that to happen. Nothing that happened in the past two years had anything to do with Covid, anyway. So, if the number of cases diminishes, or the number of people that fall sick decreases, they will come up with something else to push the Great Reset forward — a hack attack, a war with Russia, some false flag terrorist attack… you name it. The QR system, which is what it was all about in the first place, will not be abolished. Corona is used as a convenient tool in the strategy of fear. If the virus no longer serves the purpose of frightening the people, the regime — this conglomerate of Big Business and Big Governance — will find something else to scare the people with. Perhaps by increasing tensions with Russia, perhaps by intensifying the climate hysteria and introducing climate lockdowns. I honestly believe that they will do whatever it takes to introduce their totalitarian control state by 2030.

What do you say to those who, like Wilders, have said that you have gone “crazy,” that it is all a conspiracy theory?

But it is not. In the Netherlands, we are fortunate to have legislation allowing citizens to force the government to disclose internal documents to the public. One of our FvD parliamentarians asked the government to hand over the correspondence between the authorities and the WEF. At first, they refused, but ultimately they had to give us what we asked for. We have unearthed several documents in which the WEF thanks Dutch government ministers for their “contribution to the Great Reset.”

It turns out that the Dutch government has even made legally binding contracts with the WEF, virtually outsourcing certain competences to the WEF! This is truly staggering, because the WEF is a private organisation. Nevertheless, the mainstream media do not consider this to be newsworthy. I am certain that similar contracts have been made between the WEF and other Western governments, including that of Germany.

You said that you are pessimistic, but surely you would not be doing what you are doing if you believe that it is useless.

I am pessimistic, but I have not lost hope for a miracle. Pope John Paul II brought down Communism in Poland with a very simple but strong message. He told his compatriots: “Be not afraid!” I am convinced that if our peoples take this same message to heart, we will win. Do not be scared! Do not be invisible! Frightened people can be easily manipulated. That is exactly why the regime uses a strategy of fear. Fear of police brutality, fear of the virus, fear of climate change, fear of war with Russia… The battle can only be won if the people stop being afraid. It depends on every single individual. Hence, allow me to directly address you, reader of these lines. Once you decide to no longer be afraid, their strategy of fear collapses. That is the miracle I am hoping for. It all depends on you! Be not afraid!

Also: an article by Thierry Baudet was published last week by Taki Magazine.

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  1. This politician gets it! He knows damn well we ain’t getting out of this mess without a lot of bloodshed, voting is an exercise in futility, for no matter how you vote, the same people always seem to hang on in different jobs doing the same thing that got us to this point. The only way to get rid of international socialists is by nationalist means. Franco or Pinochet come to mind.

  2. There’s only one way out when the powerful turn against us, we must act as the powerful act, which is one’s own interest, and without morality or mecry, especially since they have shown us on an almost daily basis for the last 2 years now that they have NONE and actually are killing us willingly for Profit.
    Althoug they claim that their devotion to all of these arbitrary measurments are for our own good but only a fool will confuse their “devotion” to the greater Good with morality.
    Unfortunately this world of ours is mostly inhabited by Fools it seems.

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