The Revolution Has Begun

In the following video Paul Weston discusses the Freedom Convoy of Canadian truckers that converged on Ottawa this weekend, and Prime Minister Justin “Baby Doc” Trudeau’s ignominious flight from the capital.

Mr. Weston sees the convoy as the start of a revolution that may spread to other countries where oppressive Corona policies are in place (which means most countries). Success is not guaranteed, so he urges his audience to support the GoFundMe initiative that helps keep the convoy going:

14 thoughts on “The Revolution Has Begun

  1. This is certainly an interesting and welcome development, but the enemy also gets a vote.

    If I had to guess, I would say that the Empire will just try to wait them out in the hopes that empty store shelves sour the vast numbers of proven morons who voted for Mr Blackface twice against the truckers and their supporters. I think that for the revolt to succeed it needs to turn into a general strike, especially against those elements who are enabling government resistance.

    As for Nova Scotia and their hurriedly passed laws against demonstrating in favor of the truckers and the truckers themselves, there needs to be a blockade of all major roads leading into the province until the laws are rescinded, and indeed the mandates themselves are lifted within the province.

    It is a very dangerous time for the covid fascists indeed, as the vulnerability of the regimes are revealed by such actions as the truckers convoy.

    • Neah.
      They gub’mint is going to confiscate the money raised for the truckers.

  2. The “protest” from these truckers is exactly that….a protest. The criminals in power are NOT FRIGHTENED by protests. They simply disappear for a while and allow the protesters to run out of steam….which they eventually do….every time. Then the criminals resurface to continue their assaults on our freedoms. Rinse and repeat.

    Want to actually DO SOMETHING? Sack up, saddle up and go hunting. The ONLY
    language the criminals in power hear or care about is the universal language….violence.
    And as long as they are allowed to continue turning O2 into CO2 they will continue doing what they have been doing…..assaulting our freedoms.

  3. Nothing will change until we bring back the guillotine, and place about two hundred heads of politicians on pikes. UMMV

    • Only two hundred heads? You think small.

      A proper restoration of constitutional principles would likely run out of pikes long before it ran out of heads to place upon them.

      • Well, when all is said and done in the coming Great Purge, the body count will be in the millions.

  4. Sigh. What a waste of time and diesel fuel. These Canuks should read and heed the words of T.E. Lawrence: “An opinion can be argued with. A conviction is best shot”(H/T to Thomas Chittum).

  5. Dweezil is right. The leftists know exactly how to respond to the normies using their methods (demonstrations) against them. Ignore it. The leftists are all schooled in protests, and use them to delegitimize a govt. Normie govts. get all catty wumpus when protests occur, and cave to leftist demands. As soon as leftists get wind of an upcoming protest, they plan their counter moves, and delegitimize the protest, and the subject. Playing by the leftist rule book gets good results for leftists. I don’t think anything except naked force is going to get the leftists to back up, or leave. Sooner or later, the leftists will use a lot of violence to get their way. They always do. They will make mass arrests, no charges or trials, and begin shooting their enemies, to stop the enemies, and remain in power.

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