Shoot the Anti-Vaxers!

The mayor of the German city of Ostfildern has authorized the use of physical violence to prevent citizens from going on forbidden “Monday walks” to protest the Corona vax mandate. His order is understood to include the possibility of using firearms if it becomes necessary.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the regional news site Tag24:

Use of Firearms Against Corona “Walkers”? S***storm Against OB [Lord Mayor] After Tweet!

Ostfildern — Christof Bolay (54, SPD), mayor of the city of Ostfildern near Stuttgart, is currently under heavy fire. The reason: a general decree against the so-called “Monday walks”!

But first things first: Tens of thousands of people have been taking to the streets across Germany for weeks, protesting during “walks” against the Corona measures taken by the federal and state governments.

In Baden-Württemberg, too, thousands are always on their feet.

The “walks” are often a thorn in the side of politicians, and numerous cities have banned the unannounced protests.

This also applies to the 39,000-inhabitant town of Ostfildern. And that’s when the trouble started for the head of the town hall, Bolay.

The 54-year-old posted the corresponding general decree of his city on his Twitter account.

“There’s no other way,” he noted, “from January 28, unregistered ‘walks’ staged to oppose the applicable Corona rules are prohibited in Ostfildern — no matter what day of the week.”

But the users took a closer look at the general decree and discovered one passage in particular that raised blood pressure.

Politician fumes: “Asocial and anti-democratic!”

It says there: “In order to ensure that the ban on assembly is observed, the use of direct coercion, i.e. the influence on people through simple physical violence, tools of physical violence or the use of weapons is threatened.”

After weighing up the conflicting interests, this is proportionate. And: “It is necessary because there are no more lenient means that would prevent potential meeting participants from holding the prohibited meetings.”

Use of weapons against measures critics? All hell broke loose under the tweet!

Almost 700 comments have been collected so far (as of 2:10pm).

For example, one user wrote: “Is this the mayor’s secret dream, to shoot at those who think differently? I remember it from before…” He posted an animated image of the DDR flag.

“Asocial and anti-democratic!” fumed Alexander Hilger, chairman of the Munich district association of the Bavarian party. He asks Bolay: “Do you no longer notice it yourself? Freedom of assembly?”

Another user commented: “Anyone who wants to curtail or even abolish the basic right, which should protect the citizen against state attacks, cannot be a democrat. Only fascists do that. No one can get that through in court and you know it.”

In the meantime, the s***storm has long since spread to the Facebook platform.

There, too, the general decree is shared with all kinds of angry words. So the storm is unlikely to calm down anytime soon…

3 thoughts on “Shoot the Anti-Vaxers!

  1. If a bunch of mean or angry tweets is all he gets, he can do as he wills. Did nobody demand he at least step down? I have the feeling the world is more of a tinder box than what anyone is willing to see.

  2. The scary part is that he is not forced to resign. This guy is actually openly propagating for murder, on innocent citizens who only exercise their constitutional right to free speech. And no comment is heard from the officials, and no mention in the MSM. Nothing. Imagine a party member of the AfD having proposed that islamic terrorists or criminal migrants should receive harsher sentences in court than they do now (now they mostly get released in Germany). The entire political establishment would shout “nazi” and this person would be pressured to leave any posts (s)he may have.

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