Éric Zemmour: “We Will Replace Little Macron by This Great Nation”

Earlier this month I posted a video of the opening of the speech given by Éric Zemmour in Villepinte to launch his candidacy for president of France as the leader of a new party, Reconquête (Reconquest). The following video shows the entire speech given by Mr. Zemmour in Villepinte. It runs for an hour and nineteen minutes, but much of that time is taken up by applause, chanting, singing the Marseillaise, etc. I’d estimate the actual speech to be about forty-five minutes long.

Mr. Zemmour has attracted an impressive audience that seems to consist mostly of Millennial and Generation Z supporters. The setup at the venue demonstrates that there is a significant amount of money behind his candidacy.

I’ve been watching his videos for long enough to be fairly sure that he is sincere in his “far right” beliefs. The big money behind him, however, may be promoting his candidacy out of entirely different motives. I can’t discount the possibility that he’s being pushed forward with the goal of splitting the vote of the Right, and thereby assuring the re-election of President Emmanuel Macron.

The last poll I saw showed that Éric Zemmour was significantly more popular than Marine Le Pen, the leader of Rassemblement National (National Rally, formerly Front National). Ms. Le Pen condemns “Islamism”, rather than Islam itself, without qualifiers. Mr. Zemmour is not so skittish — he doesn’t hesitate to target Islam itself. Which may be one of the reasons he’s so popular.

If Marine Le Pen withdraws from the race and endorses Éric Zemmour, then we may conclude that his candidacy is the real deal, and he may well become the next president of France. If, however, she stays in the race and campaigns against him, then in my opinion we may assume the fix is in. In that case, we can expect to say “French President Emmanuel ‘Toy Boy’ Macron” for another five years.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Hello to all! Hello my friends!
00:08   Thank you, thank you for this welcome! It’s incredible! What an atmosphere.
00:15   What a pleasure it is to be here in front of you in Villepinte.
00:20   Thank you, really. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
00:34   President Zemmour! President Zemmour!
00:48   I heard the words of those who spoke before me. I thank them. Thank you my friends.
00:58   Thank you for being here. Thank you for your support. The great gathering finally starts today.
01:07   You are close to 15,000 people today.
01:24   15,000 French people. 15,000 French who braved political correctness,
01:30   the threats of the extreme Left and the hatred of the media.
01:39   15,000 French people who do not lower their eyes
01:43   and who are determined to change the course of the history.
01:56   However, let us not succumb to false modesty. The stakes are immense.
02:02   If I win this election, it will not be an alternative version of business as usual,
02:06   but the beginning of the reconquest of the most beautiful country in the world.
02:22   We’re going to win! We’re going to win!
02:37   And yes, this country suffered so much, forgotten by our successive leaders on all key issues.
02:46   It will be necessary to repair the innumerable errors that were committed the last 40 years:
02:53   the economy, ecology, purchasing power, public services, immigration, and national security.
02:59   None of the major areas of the actions that we must carry out escapes the serious
03:05   and complete project that we will begin today to reveal to the French.
03:21   So following the indispensable time of observations and a wake up call,
03:27   the time has come for this project. Who could have imagined that a few months ago?
03:38   The Powers That Be had already decided it,
03:43   the journalists wished for it, and the Right had accepted it.
03:49   The next presidential election had to be a mere formality to usher in five more years of Macronism.
04:08   France had to continue to go quietly, exiting history, and the French
04:15   had to disappear in silence in the land of their ancestors.
04:23   But a small grain of sand came to jam the machine.
04:36   No, this grain of sand isn’t me! This grain of sand — it’s you!
04:52   I’m going to tell you, I’m going to tell you a beautiful story.
04:59   I’m going to tell you the story of what you have accomplished these last few months.
05:06   Last June, on all the platforms, at all the dinners in town, in all the polling institutes,
05:13   what was being heard and known by everyone was that in the second round, only Macron could win.
05:27   This presidential election was of no interest and then, and then a rumor started to spread.
05:40   Yes, yes, I admit it, I hesitated for a long time,
05:47   but you made it here, we’ve made it here and we have upset the plans they had established for us.
05:54   We have broken the tacit pact among all the actors of this farce.
06:10   No one dares to predict the results of the upcoming election.
06:15   I weigh my words by pronouncing this sentence:
06:21   Your presence honors me. It gives me honor because by coming here, you are living proof of courage,
06:29   of verve, of audacity, and I dare to say it,
06:33   by your commitment you have shown greater urgency of commitment and resistance
06:39   than that of the quasi-totality of the political leaders of these last 30 years.
06:55   In Bordeaux, Lyon, Lille, Nice, Ajaccio [Corsica], Nantes, Rouen, Biarritz and today in Paris.
07:10   France calls for help and the French people have answered the call.
07:15   For months, our meetings have disturbed the journalists, angered the politicians
07:22   and have made the Left hysterical.
07:28   On each of my trips, they are enraged to see people that will never accept disappearing forever.
07:41   Because from the four ends of this country they saw these rooms full,
07:46   bursting and overflowing with enthusiasm. They see your flags, they hear your chants,
07:51   and they are stunned by your applause.
08:19   Ultimately, the political phenomenon of these meetings isn’t me, it’s you.
08:31   Your presence is that of a people who have never given in and who remain standing against all odds.
08:42   The people they’ve forgotten, they’ve underestimated; they even thought they had gotten rid of you,
08:50   far from the city centers, far from their beautiful neighborhoods,
08:54   far from their media. They were wrong.
08:57   The French people who have been here for a thousand years and who want to still remain
09:01   masters of their home for another thousand (?). Yes.
09:36   Your courage honors me, because for months not a single day has passed without
09:43   the establishment and their media agents attacking me. They invent controversy
09:49   about books that I wrote 15 years ago. They break into my private life. They called me names,
09:58   but don’t get me wrong, the real object of their wrath is not me, it’s you.
10:05   If they detest me… if they detest me, it’s because they detest you.
10:17   If they hate me, it’s because they hate you.
10:25   Against me, against me, everything is allowed. The pack has launched
10:30   its weapons and are on my heels. My opponents want my political death.
10:34   The journalists want my social death and the jihadists my bodily death right away.
11:03   However, in their rage, they made a considerable mistake.
11:09   They exposed their position. They attacked us too early.
11:14   In a few weeks I’m sure the French will open their eyes to their stratagems
11:20   and their attack will become ineffective.
11:27   They made the mistake of designating me as the only opponent. They believe they are our enemies,
11:33   but in truth they are our best allies.
11:43   We have become used to it now: every election, the system carefully excludes the candidates
11:51   who displease it, with its judges and its militant journalists.
11:59   We knew that they were going to attack us and we were waiting for them.
12:06   They want to forbid us to defend our ideas. They want to make me ineligible.
12:11   They want to steal democracy from you. Let’s not let them do it.
12:22   They still have a last hope. They don’t want me to obtain the required 500 sponsorships.
12:30   So I say to the mayors of France, dear elected representatives of the people,
12:34   men and women of good sense, volunteers of the republic: you have the power
12:40   to give voice to millions of French people. Use this power;
12:45   don’t let yourselves be robbed of the election.
12:59   We’re going to win! We’re going to win!
13:24   By attacking me they made a second mistake: Underestimating the French people.
13:30   They imagined us asleep, tired, submissive, and afraid, but this extraordinary people
13:39   has a unique capacity of resistance in the history of humanity.
13:43   France should have disappeared many times, but each time we held on and each time we came back.
14:03   They imagine us in their image, full of resentment. They are wrong.
14:10   In our hearts there is neither hatred nor resentment, but only determination and courage.
14:26   At the heart of the French revolution, at the heart of the French revolution,
14:30   Danton declared, “A nation that saves itself does not take revenge.”
14:35   We do not want to take revenge; we want to save, save our homeland,
14:40   save our civilization, save our culture, save our literature.
14:48   Save our school, save our landscape and our natural heritage.
14:52   Save our companies, save our heritage, save our youth.
15:18   And yes, but before all that, we must save our people.
15:23   For the last few months you may have heard many things about me.
15:29   Some have said I’m brutal. Yes,
15:33   that may happen because I’m a passionate person and I am totally committed.
15:39   France is on the verge of collapse. During these three months,
15:43   I wanted to force the question of the survival of France.
15:49   If I was wrong, frankly, do you think that all the others would have started to speak like me?
16:06   So, you may have heard that I’m a fascist.
16:12   That I’m racist, that I’m a misogynist.
16:23   I’m pleased to see that you weren’t fooled by them. Fascist. So, me, I’m a racist?
16:45   Let’s see! Let’s see!
16:59   You’re right. Let’s see.
17:04   So, really? I’m the only one defending freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom to debate,
17:11   freedom to use words to express reality, while they all dream of banning our meetings
17:16   and getting me convicted.
17:22   All right then, I’ll be a misogynist. So there.
17:46   Do you understand how ridiculous this accusation is?
17:52   As a child, being in the midst
17:57   of these large families from Algeria, I was always surrounded by women. My mother,
18:02   of course, but also her sisters, my grandmothers, the women of my childhood,
18:08   even more than the men, forged my character. It was, how might I put it,
18:15   both loving and demanding. Tender and imperious. It was my mother who instilled in me
18:24   a desire for effort and excellence. It was also she
18:28   who transmitted to me an immoderate love of France.
18:41   Yes, yes, when I remember my childhood,
18:46   I remember above all that my mother transmitted to me this immoderate love of France.
18:51   The elegance of its art of living. The refinement of its morals and its literature.
18:56   It is still she who gives me the strength to resist everything,
19:00   to defend this France that she loved passionately.
19:10   I’ll tell you a secret:
19:14   It is thanks to her experience and her memories that
19:19   as a child I was able to understand before others
19:23   the untold regression that women undergo, still undergo today in neighborhoods
19:29   where a mass immigration imports Islamic civilizations.
19:40   Yes, that’s probably why I am the only one today,
19:45   along with a few courageous associations, to establish without false modesty
19:51   the obvious link between this immigration from the other side of the Mediterranean and
19:56   the threats that increase more with each day against French women and their freedom,
20:01   their integrity and sometimes even their lives.
20:15   While that’s happening, feminists look the other way and talk about inclusive writing.
20:31   So, I’ll be racist, too.
20:37   I’ll be racist, too.
20:45   Let’s see! Let’s see!
20:55   I’m racist, even though I’m the only one who doesn’t confuse the defense of our own people
21:03   with the hatred of others. Racism, racism: what is it?
21:13   It’s imagining that those who are different from us are inferior because they are different
21:19   and that only those who are straight descendants of Clovis could be French.
21:25   How could I think like that? Me, the little Jewish Berber from the other side of the Mediterranean?
21:42   So, no. No, of course I’m not a racist.
21:50   No, of course you are not racists. All we want to do is defend our heritage.
21:56   We are defending our country. Our homeland. The heritage of our ancestors.
22:02   The one we are going to entrust to our children.
22:05   The preservation of heritage is not the enemy of modernity.
22:08   It is the very precondition for its existence.
22:11   Yes, we are engaged in a fight that is bigger than we are,
22:14   the one of transmitting to our children France as we have known it,
22:18   France as we have received it.
22:48   That’s why. That’s why I’m presenting myself today
22:53   to the French people, to become their next president of the republic.
23:10   President Zemmour! President Zemmour!
23:22   It’s for this reason that we are engaging today in a great battle for France.
23:29   Our movement is launched. It is structured and organized
23:33   in all our regions, in all our departments.
23:37   Every day, every hour, every minute, we welcome brave newcomers
23:41   into our ranks, ready to fight for France.
23:50   They will be able to count on the precious support
23:53   of the VIA networks and the conservative movement.
23:57   Lawrence and Jean-Frédéric, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
24:06   Yes, yes, yes, thanks to them and thanks to all of you,
24:12   the reconquest is now launched. The reconquest of our economy. The reconquest of our security.
24:18   The reconquest of our identity. The reconquest of our sovereignty. The reconquest of our country.
24:52   Reconquest! Reconquest! Reconquest!
24:58   We’re going to meet in our abandoned villages, in our damaged schools, in our sacrificed companies
25:05   and in our degraded natural and cultural heritage.
25:09   We are going to reconquer our country to find it again.
25:19   Reconquest is the name of this movement that I wanted to found. Join us!
25:33   Reconquest! Reconquest! Reconquest!
25:45   Join the reconquest of our country. Our campaign will be different from the others,
25:52   because I’m different from the others. Yes.
25:58   Yes, I want it humbly. I don’t have 40 years of political cunning and media language behind me.
26:12   They think that’s my weakness. I think it’s my strength.
26:17   The strength of this campaign is to touch the hearts of the French
26:24   in my style, with my personality, my sincerity and now my project.
26:35   My strength is to lead our country without compromise, without cowardice, without weakness.
26:42   Within my concept of politics, sincerity, coherence and honesty have never been defects.
26:50   In my vision of politics, the battle of ideas, convictions and enthusiasm are the surest assets
26:57   for keeping one’s promises and not betraying the voters.
27:06   In my concept of politics, we address ALL the French people.
27:11   I refuse to choose between the wealthy classes of the metropolises and peripheral France.
27:18   I refuse to choose between the France of the cities and the France of the countryside.
27:22   I refuse to choose between the metropolis and the overseas territories.
27:26   I refuse to choose between the retired and the active. I refuse to choose between my memories
27:31   of yesterday, the stakes of today and the challenges of tomorrow.
27:46   You are President! You are President!
28:01   In my vision of politics, when one is president of the French, one is president of all France
28:07   and all the French. Our campaign is launched; from now on it will be the most beautiful of all.
28:14   Yes, now I want to pay homage to all those who have believed in me for the past months.
28:22   With their feet on the ground, campaigning with fliers,
28:26   approaching the mayors to make possible this great fight.
28:38   Thank you! Thank you, friends, thank you friends of Éric Zemmour.
28:44   Thank you to Generation Z.
28:57   Gen Z! Gen Z! Gen Z!
29:08   I had planned to say, let’s applaud them, but as usual you only do what you want to do.
29:19   Very often it was their enthusiasm that motivated me to lead this battle.
29:29   Impossible is not French, wrote the Emperor. You have proven once again that he was right.
29:53   Yes, your fight is noble because you’re not committed just for yourself.
30:01   For your small privileges, for your small existence,
30:05   you’re committing yourself to something much bigger than yourself.
30:08   You are committing yourself for France.
30:21   Like the builders of cathedrals, we work for tomorrow, we work for the day after tomorrow,
30:26   we work for our children and our children’s children.
30:30   We know that history is relentless and we will do our utmost to live up to it,
30:35   so that in a century France will once again become a beacon of light
30:39   that illuminates the world and that our people will once again be envied and respected.
30:56   Long live France! Long live France!
31:27   The power and sovereignty found within allows us to express that power and influence
31:36   without, on the stage of a world that has changed. We must face it, and without fear.
31:43   To achieve this goal we are going to conquer those powers, tomorrow the Élysée,
31:48   the day after tomorrow, the national assembly.
31:59   Then we’ll go to every region, department and municipality.
32:04   One by one, we will dislodge all these left-wing elected officials, all these socialists.
32:16   All these socialists who have become Macronists, Macronists who have become
32:22   ecologists and all these ecologists who have become Islamo-leftists.
32:32   To dislodge each of them, we will have to convince each French person.
32:38   So, that’s our mission and that’s your mission.
32:45   We have a clear plan, based on undeniable findings and now we will present solid proposals.
32:55   I’ve often said that one of the factors
32:58   that pushed me to this candidacy is what my son said to me.
33:01   One day he said, “Dad, you’ve been observing for 30 years, now we must take action.”
33:15   Yes. At 63 years of age, I will move from making observations to taking action.
33:27   I’m ready to take hold of the control levers of our country.
33:30   We are ready to answer the expectations of the French.
33:34   As you know, for months I’ve been crisscrossing France.
33:38   I meet the French, and they have two fears.
33:42   The greatest fear is the impoverishment of the French,
33:46   the decline of our power and the collapse of our schools.
33:50   The other concern is about the Great Replacement,
33:53   the Islamization of France because of mass immigration,
33:56   and permanent domestic insecurity.
34:04   We know that France has been terribly impoverished in recent years.
34:09   We feel the difficulties of the many French people struggling to make ends meet.
34:14   We understand the pain that business leaders have in the midst of taxes, laws and regulations.
34:20   We suffer from the decline of our power in the world. I want to respond to all these fears,
34:27   so that our employees stop getting poorer. I want net salaries to be higher.
34:34   it’s not normal to have such a gap between the net salary and the gross salary.
34:53   It is not normal that the gross salaries are so high for the bosses
34:58   and that net salaries are so low for the employees.
35:05   I want to give back purchasing power to the lowest wage-earners.
35:09   I will reduce the contributions they pay in order to give back each year a thirteenth month
35:14   to the employees who receive the minimum wage.
35:20   That’s €100 more that they will receive each month.
35:26   It is not only just, it is the fruit of their work.
35:30   I do not conceive that our employees, especially the poorest,
35:34   finance a social system that has become obese because it was opened to the whole world.
35:49   Solidarity, yes, solidarity must become national again.
35:54   Throughout this campaign, I will not stop saying it: the French must exit this spiral
36:02   of the decommissioning of our companies, which are also that to impoverish.
36:10   From the first weeks of my mandate,
36:14   I would massively lower
36:19   the production taxes for all companies,
36:24   because it isn’t normal to tax a company even before it is able to make profits.
36:30   I want more small companies to benefit from a reduced rate of corporate tax. Why?
36:40   Why do large companies with their armies of tax experts
36:44   manage to pay less tax than small companies and TPEs [très petites entreprises, very small businesses]?
36:52   I want them to have margins to maneuver in so they are able to invest and hire,
37:00   so that our country stops being impoverished — I choose re-industrialization.
37:17   I’ve been saying it for years. At that time, the supposedly serious economists would mock us.
37:27   I want France to become a large global industrial power again.
37:38   Yes, yes, to become powerful again, France must become a country of industry once again.
37:45   That’s because industry is a creator of jobs, a generator of innovation, a source of wealth,
37:51   and a guarantor of our independence. General de Gaulle and Georges Pompidou understood it well,
37:57   because it is synonymous with societal advancement. We want to reinstate this industrial France
38:02   for workers, engineers, small- and medium-sized businesses, and larger groups.
38:16   So in order to help our industrialists, we propose less taxes, fewer standards, fewer regulations
38:23   and more orders. In addition to lowering production taxes,
38:27   we will force public regulators to favor French companies.
38:37   There is no reason why all the countries in the world should reserve their public contracts
38:44   for their national companies, while France chooses
38:47   to go abroad due to a European budget and dogmatism.
38:57   To implement this policy, I will create a powerful Ministry of Industry,
39:01   responsible for foreign trade,
39:05   energy, research and development and raw materials.
39:17   We will also initiate a process of administrative simplification
39:21   under the direct aegis of the Élysée.
39:25   Why is our government so powerless against criminals, but so ruthless against honest people?
39:39   I want to cut through this forest of regulations that spoils the life of our companies.
39:46   For that reason, I will rely on our economic actors, thousands of intermediary bodies,
39:52   scorned by previous governments. We’re choosing tax reduction, and our industries choose
40:01   to create wealth with a goal of re-investment instead of subsidies.
40:12   This different economic concept is coherent and favors entrepreneurship at the service of all,
40:20   and is grounded. Yes, grounded. This is why we’re going to favor the passing down of companies
40:27   from generation to generation, as in Italy.
40:39   This is why I want to abolish the inheritance and gift taxes
40:43   in regard to passing down family companies.
40:59   President Zemmour! President Zemmour!
41:11   It isn’t normal, nor acceptable that the owner of a French company prefers to sell his company
41:19   to a Chinese industrialist or an American investment fund
41:22   rather than hand down the fruit of his labor
41:25   to his children, out of fear of being robbed by the taxman.
41:35   This great decline not only affects our least well-off workers. It not only affects our companies.
41:44   It has also affected the power of France. In order for France to get out of this downward spiral
41:52   that our elites have put it in for a long time, France must renew our tradition of independence.
41:58   That’s why I want France to leave the integrated military command of NATO.
42:20   That’s why we must jealously preserve our overseas territories.
42:30   That’s why New Caledonia will remain French.
42:39   I say “No” to all the renunciations of this government on this subject.
42:44   I want France to regain a position of balance in the world. We are France.
42:50   We are NOT vassals of the United States.
42:54   We are NOT vassals of NATO, or of the European Union.
42:59   We must speak with all countries, the United States, China, Russia,
43:04   but we must also be wary of all of them,
43:08   because geopolitics is never a long quiet river.
43:12   We must regain our rank and reconnect with our power.
43:25   President Zemmour! President Zemmour!
43:39   Throughout this campaign I will continue to reveal my project. Throughout this campaign,
43:45   I will continue to make public the measures that I propose for France.
43:49   Our political project is a long-term one.
43:53   We’re committed to the next decades and to the next generations,
43:57   and in the long term, power rhymes with education.
44:01   For schools, we will be on the side of excellence.
44:13   The French school model must return to its fundamentals,
44:18   with a particular focus on mathematics and the humanities.
44:26   We must rediscover the model that made us successful yesterday,
44:29   that is now a success in Asian countries,
44:32   which have imitated us. Classical culture, scientific studies,
44:36   valuing know-how, passing down knowledge,
44:40   creating a culture of merit and excellence.
44:48   As of the start of the next school year, we will once again
44:52   make school the instrument of French assimilation
44:57   and drive out of our children’s classrooms the pedagogists, Islamic leftists and the LGBT ideology.
45:35   We will provide teachers with the means to work. We will re-establish their authority.
45:42   We will prohibit the use of inclusive culture and we will banish any form of discrimination.
45:52   Yes, yes: I promise. I promise. The school will no longer be the ideological laboratory of the Left,
46:01   and our children will no longer be their guinea pigs.
46:10   Schools of our Republic must once again become the sanctuary they were.
46:16   Free schools, to which we owe so much, must remain free.
46:23   School must regain its prime objective, the transmission of knowledge,
46:28   the only true way of reducing inequality.
46:34   The greatest possible inclusivity must no longer be forced. On the contrary,
46:43   a culture of merit and achievement must be re-established.
46:51   Passing on knowledge and re-establishing
46:56   a culture of achievement and merit is the only
47:03   effective way to fight against social inequalities.
47:11   I want to end this pedagogy.
47:16   For the last forty years Kynarou hasn’t ceased lowering school standards.
47:23   All in the name of the equality among pupils, they have deprived them of culture and
47:27   they have prevented evaluations. They have banished classifications.
47:32   They thought they were doing the pupils a favor. They have deprived them of excellence,
47:37   preventing them from demonstrating their talent, their intelligence and their work.
47:50   It was the school of my childhood, as I’m sure it was with many of you here,
47:59   this school which allowed one generation to climb the highest ranks of the republic.
48:05   Remember Georges Pompidou, a graduate of language and modern literature,
48:10   who became head of state, whose parents were teachers
48:14   and whose grandparents were modest farmers.
48:18   This is the type of destiny that I want for the next generations of French people,
48:22   whatever their social background.
48:30   Yes, yes: this France, forgotten, our forgotten France, has the right to find a quality school.
48:38   This France, despised, has the right to find public services.
48:42   This France, abandoned, which lacks police stations,
48:46   which lacks trains, which lacks doctors and hospitals.
48:49   It is also deprived of schooling at the height of its dreams for its children.
48:53   It is as unjust as it is inadmissible.
49:00   However, “Impossible is not French”.
49:08   Governmental power can be reconquered in these abandoned parts of France.
49:12   It is necessary to propose to each village, each town, each department,
49:17   this model based on excellence.
49:21   Industrial excellence. Scientific excellence. Educational excellence.
49:25   Excellence in our public services.
49:33   Yes, our fight is that of excellence, but our fight is, above all, for France.
49:42   Faced with demographic changes that are accelerating, we are the only ones
49:47   who dare to speak the truth. The only ones to pronounce the words that cause anger, and who alone
49:51   propose the measures that are necessary. In 2019,
49:57   France allowed between 350,000 and 400,000 foreigners onto its soil.
50:03   That’s even more than the population of the city of Nice, which is the 5th largest city in France.
50:07   So, the next five-year term will represent two million more arrivals.
50:12   That’s the equivalent of the city of Paris.
50:16   The main issue of the next presidential election is whether we want
50:22   to let in two million more during the next five-year term.
50:30   According to the INSEE [national statistics institute], while less than 1% of newborns
50:36   had a Muslim name in the 1960s,
50:39   today it is 22%. 22%. What will the percentage be tomorrow?
50:48   Imagine the magnitude of the unprecedented demographic
50:52   and human cultural change we are going through.
50:55   Yesterday, the media system denied it. Today, it celebrates it.
51:01   Tomorrow, it will tell us that we had no choice. They lie! We have the choice.
51:06   We have the power to choose the civilizational fate of our country.
51:19   Our migration policy is based on three pillars.
51:25   The first is to immediately stop the flow of immigrants. In the first few weeks of my mandate,
51:32   zero immigration will become a clear objective of our policy.
51:42   Before next summer, I want to limit the right to asylum to a handful of individuals
51:51   each year, to re-establish the meaning of this right to enter.
52:03   I want to require that asylum applications be made in our consulates to avoid the settlement
52:08   of rejected applicants who never leave.
52:14   I want to abolish the right to family reunification
52:19   and drastically reduce family immigration.
52:30   I want to carry out a better selection of foreign students and establish the principle
52:35   of their return at the end of their studies. I want to dismantle the illegal immigration networks
52:41   and stop the actions of the organizations that bring migrants to Europe.
52:54   The second pillar of the migration policy is simple.
52:59   I want to put an end to the suction pumps that makes France an Eldorado for the third world.
53:06   France must become generous with its own people and stop opening its social system to the world.
53:20   I want to abolish social assistance for non-European foreigners.
53:27   I want to abolish state medical aid.
53:35   Why, my friends, should we be the only ones in the world to be so generous?
53:42   I want to abolish the right to nationality based on territorial affiliation.
53:52   I want to drastically tighten the conditions for naturalization.
54:06   The third pillar of this plan concerns foreigners who have already settled in France.
54:15   I want to systematically expel all illegal immigrants who are illegally present on our soil.
54:30   I want to expel immediately foreign delinquents, who will no longer enter French prisons.
54:43   I want to deprive those criminals with dual nationality of their French nationality.
54:54   I want to deport unemployed foreigners after six months of unsuccessful job search.
55:02   Time for democratic reform, this time for us.
55:08   All these measures will be subjected to a referendum which awaits the French people.
55:23   As consequence of the enshrined universal suffering,
55:29   this will supplant the Constitutional Council, the EU judges
55:33   and the diktats of the technocrats in Brussels.
55:45   Our existence as French people is not negotiable.
55:55   Our survival as a French nation is not subject to the goodwill of the treaties or European judges.
56:06   It is the moment to take your destiny into your hand.
56:10   Now I would like to address those who are French.
56:14   Yes, I make a distinction between the two, those who are French and those who are not.
56:20   No, no, I won’t send back certain French people. Yes, I reach out to the Muslims
56:27   who want to become our brothers, as many already have.
56:43   For all those who want to be French and who show in their daily life their attachment to France.
56:50   For all those who haven’t come to France to take advantage of the generosity
56:54   of its social system by habit or by spite. For all those,
56:57   like me, with ancestors who came from elsewhere
57:00   but who want the future of their children to be written here, to all of you I propose assimilation.
57:14   Long live France! Long live France!
57:28   Assimilation is the most beautiful gift that France can give you.
57:35   To be part of its immense history. It’s the most beautiful gift that France offers you.
57:41   Imagine becoming the compatriot of Montaigne, of Pascal, of Châteaubriand, of Balzac.
57:52   The choice of assimilation is certainly a demanding one,
57:59   because from now on it is necessary to speak in terms of “us”, and speak of a past
58:04   which our ancestors weren’t a part of, just as my grandparents and as my parents did.
58:09   Yes, assimilation is demanding, but it is the only way
58:13   that will allow us to find peace and fraternity.
58:17   Yes, assimilation is demanding. Yes, assimilation is demanding,
58:24   but why are the Algerians, the Malians or the Turks exempt from making the same efforts
58:31   made in the past by the Spaniards, the Poles or the Italians?
58:39   Why are Muslims unable to separate
58:45   their spirituality from the temporal,
58:51   like Jews and Christians did before them?
58:57   Yes, we reach out to the French of Muslim faith who want to become our brothers.
59:06   For them our hand is firm and without compromise: if you make France your mother,
59:11   and every French person your brother, you are our compatriots.
59:35   Yes, yes: in our reconquest, we set the bar very high and we’re demanding,
59:43   because France is not an à la carte menu. France requires a total adhesion,
59:49   and for those who refuse, for all the dual nationals and foreigners who violate
59:53   our laws, the door out is wide open.
60:06   So here are the solutions that the French have been demanding for decades.
60:11   To remedy great evils requires great remedies. France cannot procrastinate any longer.
60:16   This is a fight that I cannot lead without you. I need you.
60:21   A formidable struggle awaits us. In order to save our homeland, each one of us
60:25   is needed in this immense battle. I call upon all French patriots, all those whose feet
60:34   are firmly rooted in their land. I call on all those who haven’t abandoned France. I call…
60:46   We are here! We are here! We are here!
61:10   I call on the supporters, the executives, and the voters from the National Front, who watched
61:16   their ideas vegetate in sterile opposition for decades.
61:20   I call on the campaigners and the voters of the Republicans,
61:25   who are tired of seeing their elected officials bend to the injunctions
61:30   of the Left and to political correctness.
61:36   Those on the right who are in love with France and are the majority in our country.
61:44   They’re placed in a category, but haven’t cast off the moorings with their fatherland.
61:50   These are the people who have not given in
61:55   to the uprooting of the middle classes, and refuse to be replaced.
62:01   I extend my hand to the voters and supporters of the Republicans,
62:10   many of whom have been represented by my friend Eric Ciotti [member of the national assembly].
62:19   Ciotti! Ciotti!
62:37   Your place is among us. Among us, by our sides in this fight for France.
62:47   I want to speak here to the orphans of the RPR [Gaullist party founded by Chirac].
62:53   To all those who remember that, here in Villepinte, exactly thirty-one years ago,
63:00   the entire political right was united, gathered here to organize a General Assembly on immigration.
63:07   I was there. I was barely thirty years old.
63:14   Yes, yes, I was there. I was observing. I was taking notes.
63:21   It was mostly Chirac, Giscard, Juppé, Bayrou, Sarkozy, Magnon and many others.
63:31   There we promised that immigration would be reduced to zero.
63:36   That national social services would be reserved for the French
63:40   and that the “right of the soil” would be redressed.
63:53   We vigorously affirmed that Islamic laws
63:58   were incompatible with the laws of the French Republic.
64:03   The coincidence is malicious, my friends.
64:09   31 years later, we find ourselves here in Villepinte, saying exactly the same thing.
64:21   The Left, the media and the Macronist power, the center and even the current leaders of LR [Republicans]
64:28   label me, label us infamously as “extreme” right. So here, I would like to pose a simple question.
64:42   Was Jacques Chirac “extreme” right? — No.
64:49   Was Valéry Giscard d’Estaing “extreme” right? — No.
64:54   And were Alain Juppé and François Bâillon extreme right then? — No.
65:00   Yes, yes, my friends the coincidence is malicious. We find ourselves together today on December 5,
65:08   the very day of the anniversary of the foundation of the RPR in 1976.
65:16   We should not even be here in Villepinte, and yet we find ourselves here. What a coincidence!
65:26   On those two anniversary dates, with those memories, and the symbolism.
65:31   However, this lesson of Villepinte does not stop there.
65:37   Three years after the General Assembly of the right, the RPR and the UDF [center-right]
65:41   won the legislative elections.
65:47   In 1995, Jacques Chirac entered the Élysée.
65:52   Yet all the beautiful proclamations of Villepinte
65:57   remained dead upon delivery.
66:02   All the beautiful promises were forgotten. The Right, as usual,
66:08   submitted to the behest of the Left, the media and the judges. The right, as usual,
66:15   betrayed its voters as soon as it gained the podium.
66:22   Thirty years later. Thirty years later, nothing has changed.
66:27   Thirty years later, the RPR and the UDF have become the LR,
66:33   but they still make the same promises, and still make their martial declarations.
66:38   Do you expect these politicians to keep their commitments,
66:43   if they haven’t kept them for the last thirty years?
66:49   The same causes. The same causes, you can be sure, will produce the same effects.
66:57   Valérie Pécresse [Republicans] constantly reminds us.
67:02   Valérie Pécresse repeats incessantly that her political start
67:06   is intimately bound to the person of Jacques Chirac.
67:09   She constantly refers to him. Take her word for it.
67:14   She will act like her mentor. She will promise everything and deliver nothing.
67:23   Yes, yes: Chirac said, “I will surprise you with my demagogy.”
67:33   Chirac said, “Promises only engage those who listen to them.” Yes, believe Valérie Pécresse
67:40   when she repeats that she is the heir of Jacques Chirac.
67:52   We’re the exact opposite of their political betrayals.
67:57   We make promises, and we’ll keep them. We’ll commit ourselves, and we’ll get it done.
68:02   So my friends, let’s say that this will be our oath of Villepinte.
68:13   Yes, the oath of Villepinte, which will erase 30 years of renunciation and cowardice.
68:21   30 years during which the people were divided, separated, and ostracized.
68:27   Voters from the National Front were treated as pariahs and voters of LR intimidated and terrorized
68:34   by the Left that sovereignly decides who’s a real Republican, who isn’t, who’s in the good camp
68:40   or who’s in the bad camp. That time is over.
68:56   We must gather. We must unite. I want to return the right to vote to National Front voters and
69:10   I want to return that right to the voters of LR.
69:17   It is not the time for Byzantine quarrels. Tomorrow France could disappear.
69:24   Our duty is to stand up. Our duty is to fight. Our duty is to commit ourselves.
69:35   A commitment, a very particular commitment, because we’re not going to fight against people.
69:42   Unlike our opponents, full of hatred and contempt, we’re not fighting against individuals.
69:49   Our fight is harder, more difficult, but more noble.
69:54   We’re fighting against ideas. In 2022,
69:58   it’s not only the person Emmanuel Macron
70:05   that we’re going to defeat, but better yet,
70:08   his ideology and this system of which
70:12   he is the flag-bearer, the spokesman and executor.
70:15   The person Emmanuel Macron doesn’t interest us, because he’s fundamentally uninteresting.
70:30   Find me just one French person in this country who can explain Emmanuel Macron’s thoughts.
70:37   Just one. There is no one, not even he could. Nobody knows who he is, because he is nobody.
71:00   Behind the mask of perfect technocratic intelligence,
71:05   behind the mountain of superficial ideas, behind the contradictory slogans,
71:10   behind the name synonymous with disorder and creating ruins. There’s nobody. There’s nothing.
71:23   Macron has emptied our substance, our economy, our identity, our culture, our freedom, our energy,
71:32   our hopes, our existences. He has emptied everything,
71:36   because he alone is the great void. The abyss.
71:39   In 2017 France elected the nothingness and she fell into it.
71:47   My friends, my friends, it is time, it is time
71:50   to take our country back and get our people out of this bottomless pit.
72:00   We will leave this plastic mannequin in its window,
72:04   this automaton that wanders in a labyrinth of mirrors,
72:08   this faceless mask that disfigures ours. We will leave this teenager to look for himself eternally.
72:27   President Zemmour! President Zemmour!
72:43   Yes, yes leave him with his obsession for himself. Our courage, our intelligence, our force and
72:51   our engagement; we’ll reserve them to fight against globalism, to counter “coexistence”,
72:56   to counter mass immigration, gender theories and Islamo-leftism.
73:00   All these infernal machines which have only one goal, one mission and one ideal:
73:05   To deconstruct our people in order to better destroy it.
73:13   Tirelessly, tirelessly, we will get rid of this ideology,
73:18   which only lives on public money and militant journalists.
73:24   Yes, we will make Macronism a bad memory.
73:33   So after this phantom has left the Élysée,
73:40   when the Left has lost its last puppet, we will replace it with France. We will replace it.
73:53   Vive La France! Vive La France!
74:09   Yes, we will replace little Macron by this great nation.
74:15   We will replace the emptiness with our identity. We will replace the insufficiency with excellence.
74:20   We will replace the derisory with history.
74:30   A task, a marvelous and exceptional task awaits us.
74:37   The commitment of a lifetime. France is at the crossroads. It is this moment or never.
74:43   French people, I want enthusiasm. I want songs. I want joy. I want pride.
74:47   Be strong! Be joyous! Be happy!
75:52   Yes. Yes, my friends, you are right, you are right to sing the Marseillaise,
75:58   because we are going to retake France from the cynics and the conceited.
76:02   Stop those who have only contempt and death behind their eyes.
76:06   Fight against all those who want to make us disappear. We arise. Let your hearts be lifted!
76:10   All my life, all my life I’ve refused with all my strength the melancholy which brings despair.
76:17   One that robs you of courage and that paralyzes action. Bernanos wrote,
76:22   “Hope is a heroic determination of the soul, and in its highest form it overcomes despair.”
76:30   Yes, we must overcome our anger, our doubts accumulated for so many years,
76:36   to transform our despair into hope. A colossal and magnificent task awaits us.
76:42   To rebuild France, our beloved country.
76:52   We have the focus. We have a plan. We have the strength and we have the courage.
77:00   We have the ideas. We have a project and we have a movement.
77:04   They will not be able to do anything against you, they will not be able to do anything against us.
77:11   In front of the entire world, we can now raise our eyes and shout loud and clear: France is back!
77:29   Vive La France! Vive La France!
77:41   Yes, France, a country of scientists who have transformed the world.
77:45   A country of writers who allowed us to dream.
77:48   A country of courageous workers and ingenious innovators.
77:52   This unique country in the world, with a perfect balance between beauty and strength,
77:57   between elegance and vigor, between survival instinct and generosity,
78:02   between freedom and equality, between genius and levity. Yes, France is back,
78:09   because the French have risen up. The French people are standing up to all those
78:14   who want to make them disappear. Standing up to all those who want to deprive their children
78:18   of their heritage and greatness. These French people will never lower their eyes
78:23   facing those who have sworn to bring their downfall. Yes, France is back!
78:27   Long live the Republic. Above all else, above all else — Vive La France!

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  1. He sure is someone with character – dubious or otherwise.

    There is no downside for him personally – book deals and speaking engagements will follow if he “loses”. He also becomes a figurehead for “the right” or white people and replaces Le Pen. If he “loses” he also strengthens his position without the encumbrances of office.

    If he were to “win” he would simply be another puppet for his backers who seem to be able to get him on any tv show they like.

    No matter if he “wins” or “loses”, Le Pen is finished.

    It is all very clever.

    • It all doesn’t matter, we ain’t voting our way out of this mess, the French military are just waiting to jump in and take over when it inevitably goes to hell and they will rule, one way or another. Then the fun really begins, for the military won’t be forgiving and they will do a massive Purge.

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